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3:47 AM
4:18 AM
@JeanneDark Agreed, 100%. Flag these "testing" attempts as abuse in the future, please. We don't allow "testing" on the main site. @cigien (That's not to say it's the only flag you can use. But it's definitely how I would handle it, and how I have now handled that one. And how I would prefer them handled in the future, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is preventing more of the same nature.)
4:34 AM
@tink That is not general computing. In my opinion, as a subject-matter expert, booting of embedded devices is sufficiently within the realm of software development to be on-topic here.
OK @CodyGray .... and d'oh. He deleted his question.
@tink Huh? No, it's still there... I just reopened it!
Oh, sorry. Not the "poodle attack" one. That's off-topic.
Oh, sorry ... so you were referring to the zImage thing?
Please feel free to cull my request, then.
Working on it. :-) Just wanted you to be able to figure out what I was referring to. Obviously less than 100% success on that front. :-)
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null (objection to validity of request by mod/SME)
Heh. Sorry, the temporal proximity got me .. I didn't even read your whole message ...
4:42 AM
How worried should I be that this sqlserver answer looks A LOT like the bottom of this answer? I don't even know if the new answer even applies to the new question because sql dialect wasn't expressed.
4:59 AM
@CodyGray Sounds good. I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
5:25 AM
Is "Share Feedback" on blatant spam worth flagging as bad reviewing?
@RyanM Not anymore.
@CodyGray but, had you not presumably just offered them the opportunity for a no-expenses-paid review vacation, I assume it would be?
@RyanM In my opinion, yes.
But that may be colored by the fact that I not-so-secretly think that "share feedback" should not be an option in the review queues.
5:42 AM
@karel Am I missing something useful in this suggested edit?
@RyanM They're adding a tag. It looks like an invalid/inappropriate tag. (Why ping karel?)
@CodyGray They voted to approve it, and I was curious if there was some reason that tag was useful.
@RyanM How can you see that? I can't see them listed as having voted to approve it.
@CodyGray It shows after you do the review (though I'm surprised that it hides it for moderators...)
@RyanM Ah, wow, OK. Yeah, it seems to be hidden everywhere I look. That is odd.
5:46 AM
Possibly a useful feature request.
I believe the functionality around when you can see other people's reviews was changed with one of the recent review queue updates.
@RyanM I thought the suggested edit was inconsequential at first, however according to his profile the editor is a member of Google Cloud Support Team, so I went with it because I thought the suggested edit might help potential answerers of the question to troubleshoot the GCP server error.
the editor has made a few other rather dubious edits to add rather generic tags, but just a few
Does this merit an upvote and "Looks ok"?
@JeanneDark definitely not
@tripleee I spent about 5 minutes researching this one edit because it was so borderline that ordinarily I would have rejected it. I'll watch him for dubious tag edits from now on.
5:55 AM
@JeanneDark Um, that NAA? Why do you ask? Did you suddenly develop amnesia?
Thank you
6:14 AM
Why is it so early in the morning now? I am barely awake and they expect me to work.
It gets that way once per day. I solve that problem by sleeping through it.
6:47 AM
good morning
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11:34 AM
How would you handle the update here? stackoverflow.com/q/68434923/1839439
Edit it out
What about the answer?
I'm no SME. Maybe wait for the author to come back. They can roll back if they wish to.
They rolled back my edit to the question
No idea why
I won't be poking the hornets' nest anymore. If someone has some opinions on what to do there, let me know.
@Dharman The fact that they have completely replaced someone's answer with their own seems more of a concern.
11:48 AM
I know, it's what I am asking about
@Dharman The 'correct' path must be to roll back, and hope that the OP takes the hint and posts a separate answer as @tripleee has already suggested. That's easily defensible as the correct course of action of it goes to mods/meta
One could consider it that was just finishing touches
I am not an expert in Qt so I don't know if this was just small edits or a complete rewrite
The user has a lot of reputation so I would assume they had a reason to edit the existing answer instead of posting a new one
@Dharman User has now rolled back the answer to its original form.
... and posted their own answer.
12:13 PM
Maybe just a passing "moment of madness"?
12:33 PM
Is this NAA?
I would not flag that as NAA
Thanks. Same goes for this?
Why should they be NAAs?
Because they are already on SO. The authors copied from the target's answers
Doesn't make them NAAs (which are posts that do not attempt to answer a question). They are duplicate answers.
12:43 PM
@JeanneDark But this one is borderline a "thank you" answer, right?
I my comprehension, duplicates are same answers posted from a user on different questions, not someone else's reposted answers
@Vega I would say no, because they are not thanking an answer on the same question.
If it was on the target question, wouldn't we say they are NAA?
Ok, I stop here :) Thank you for the guidance
@Vega It can mean both, which makes searches on MSO not so easy.
@Vega Yes, when they just thank another answerer on the same question, I flag as NAA and often leave a comment with a link to the answer they thank (in case they quote the solution).
@Vega Here's a relevant MSO post: How to handle answers which copy its whole content from another answer with proper attribution (but with only one late answer that didn't receive much attention)
1:01 PM
@JeanneDark I am jealous of your friendship with Google; my relationship with it is not as good ;)
Great find. I went ahead and mod-flagged, I don't mind my flags ratio :)
@Vega I think a mod flag is appropriate. With a score of 32, it would take a huge effort for mortal curators to delete it. Also, I think that the mod should have the post dissociated from the account, before deletion, so that the user doesn't keep the reputation earned from simply copying another answer.
@Vega Jeanne doesn't need Google. She knows all the Meta posts and how to find them.
@AdrianMole That's great info, thanks
1:45 PM
2:05 PM
What would be the correct action here (see the comments)?
@JeanneDark flagflagflag
The question is what and how, eg. just the comments or maybe even the post with mod flag? The last comment seems to threat harassment in RL.
Yes, I say we flag that last comment. I already reported it to Queen.
@Cerbrus You seem to be the answerer on this question.
2:12 PM
Eh yea?
FAQ rule #15: "Do not request action on posts or edits where you are involved or where you have a conflict of interest."
@JeanneDark Thank you I was looking for the link.
@TylerH @Cerbrus As has been mentioned already, this violates the "no requests for posts where you are involved" rule (#15) on our FAQ page.
Meh, that's stupid
We're just at the mercy of gold badgers then
2:30 PM
Isn't that target too broad @Cerbrus ?
That dupe target is just a general question about how regexes work with character classes
so yea
That dupe target doesn't even cover the shorthand, which is the problem in the question
(@Braiam pinging so I know you've seen my reply :D)
You've never seem me goldhammer that as a dupe target on meta?
The OP could edit the question according to bullet point 3: "Explain why the question isn't a duplicate. It is possible the question is similar and a good explanation and help clarify the problem. It is also possible you tried that solution and it didn't work. If so, then explain what you tried and why it didn't work."
@JeanneDark Considering that the JIT guidance is basically "reask your question", that FAQ basically became words in the wind
2:40 PM
Why does the OP need to explain it's not a duplicate when another subject matter expert is telling you it's not a dupe?
it's just a regex question
So the reviewers know and can vote to reopen in the queue
is this on-topic? stackoverflow.com/questions/36733638/… or should it be closed?
it'd be great if we could move it to DataScience or CrossValidated, but it's too old!
@KevinB Yea, let's just close all regex questions. This is actually about feature support instead of "write my regex for me"
2:42 PM
@Cerbrus There are quite a few question on Meta.SO about regex questions closed/reopened by gold tag-badge holders. Here's one with some element of overlap to your case.
OP is asking about the rollback we discussed earlier; do we have a specific meta or other guideline which discusses this scenario? I.e. updating the question with metainformation about the status of the problem (... maybe I'm paraphrasing that poorly)
I don't want to have to go to meta to re-open such an obvious too broad dupe...
Get a regex gold-badge and join the close/reopen bonanza
Then you'll just have to wait for the Reopen queue to do the stuff. As already mentioned, you can't ask for help in here.
@tripleee Search meta edit
2:45 PM
honestly it seems like somewhat of an... odd case. Yes, the dupe doesn't mention the unsupported feature. why should it?
it's... unsupported
It's valid syntax, just not in the language.
@Braiam you mean meta.stackoverflow.com/search?q=edit and find the right one out of 23k results?
The language has a specific error message for it
and the dupe shows how to do it correctly
@tripleee No, literally "meta edit" if you add update you find meta.stackexchange.com/q/127639/213575
2:46 PM
(just like your answer does)
@KevinB It doesn't explain why the shorthand is wrong
Or why it doesn't work
Or how to fix it
the, eh, error message does that, does it not?
@Braiam that seems like a cross-site dupe of the one I already found, rather than specific guidance about this particular situation
Apparently not well enough
for the record, the text I rolled back was "Update: Found the solution myself. However to draw attention, have put the code in bounty answer. It's possible and hopefully Qt can include such solution in their future versions."
my suggestion was to put this in a comment instead
but do we have a specific guideline to support this?
2:48 PM
Oh looks like it was re-opened :-)
@tripleee Ahhhh, yeah, I was thinking that it was something else.
@M-- I think it's off-topic personally and have voted to close it as such
@Cerbrus I don't see another SME saying that. You've said it in a comment, but you don't have a gold badge in any of the three tags on the question (SME on Stack Exchange means something very specific, mind).
Mate, look at my highest scoring answer
@Cerbrus The point of the rule is to prevent conflicts of interest exactly like this. It is not within the scope of the rule to consider a gold badge holder incorrectly closing or reopening a question. For those situations we already have an established remedy that you are already aware of: take it to Meta.
@Cerbrus look at the parenthetical in my chat message
That you "don't want to have to go to Meta" is not really our concern. That's the remedy.
@tripleee Is not all of that just fluff?
2:55 PM
A gold badge just means you've been very active in a tag. It says little about knowledge
Having been a regular on SOCVR for like 5 or 6 years at least, you should know very well that we don't allow requests for questions where you are personally involved. If it was a surprise, then I strongly suggest reviewing the rest of the FAQ as well.
I'm not exactly active here
And yea yea, don't need to repeat that
@Cerbrus you've been coming here for (at least) 6 years and have ~8500 lifetime chat messages in this room. That's... fairly active.
90% of that was in the first 10% of my time here
Be that as it may, given your experience here and especially given multiple users reminding you about a rule, I would appreciate you accepting that the room has specific, strict rules that we have to follow to avoid being set-up by a mob with pitchforks :-)
3:02 PM
I don't need multiple people reminding me. the first reminder was plenty
@JeanneDark thanks, added a comment with that
@Cerbrus Sorry, but it didn't seem clear from the continued discussion. At least this way you can't say a room owner never officially told you :-)
You did, twice now
Meh I need a break
3:39 PM
@Dharman I see you have a doppelganger
@Dharman You've spotted it before - and mentioned it already.
... IIRC, you even added a comment on one of your doppelganger's posts.
Ah, there are a couple of such users
Good, that's the idea to teach people to remove it
@Dharman You just edited their answer about 8 mins ago :-) here: stackoverflow.com/a/69725910/2756409
imagine not paying attention to the person posting the questions/answers
3:43 PM
@KevinB Well, there's a difference between noticing the exact same avatar as yours and, y'know, letting the ownership of a post influence your action on it
That's funny
I thought you were talking about users making edits like me
ah no, I mean literally a lookalike user :-)
you meant someone with the same avatar
@Dharman Yes, I saw that user once.
3:45 PM
What's the word for not rude, but lazy
@Dharman apathy?
I think the word is "lazy".
hmmm, are our avatar images CC-BY-SA too?
@Dharman In what context? Possibilities: inconsiderate, indifferent.
@tripleee It looks like it meta.stackexchange.com/a/278589
3:52 PM
@AdrianMole In the context of my del-pls
@cigien good find, thanks
@Dharman Ah. In that case, it's totally fine to use whatever word you want.
I like "jamboree". It's a nice word :)
3:55 PM
I like понедельник
You like Mondays?
just the word, I think it's funny
Definitely a code word, no one likes Mondays. Call the secret services.
@tripleee You think wrong. смешной is funny.
@ᕮ_ᑎᕮT4 KGB has been dispatched.
4:00 PM
or I could go really meta and say I like люблю
SOCVR = Stack Overflow Close Vote Russians?
@VLAZ In Soviet CVR, questions close you
When is the next Room Oligarchs meeting?
@VLAZ Likely once we have a couple more topics to talk about posted on the GitHub repo
5:59 PM
Hi everyone.
6:10 PM
Hi @Arcanis-TheOmnipotent, please don't ping a specific user out of the blue; general solicitation is typically frowned upon in chat.
6:40 PM
@Steve I'd say its RA
Yes, just don't want to be pitiless. Anyway it's gone now
The system-level restriction against users voting to delete a post multiple times has been implemented (@Machavity)
Yep. Been waiting on the official note. Just removed the old MSO rule from the FAQ. Am glad it's no longer an issue.
@Machavity The old rule had something about allowing you to revote to delete if it came up in review queue. Do you know if there is something in place to prevent these posts from appearing in your queue?
And also if the vote was cleared by the question being reopened, but the system rule includes deleted votes so it's not allowed there
6:50 PM
@gparyani what? I thought pending delete votes were kept when the question was reopened, in the event it is closed again
@TylerH Nope
Well, like close votes, I suspect the restriction is only on successful delete/undelete votes
I'd really like if there was a deletion reason menu (like close votes) it would really help clarify what the acceptable reasons for deletion are.
@HenryEcker All reasons are acceptable
That's the official explanation at least, since there is no list of reasons given
Outside of the general help center guidance about deleting posts, of course :-)
the official guidance is it should be used on very low quality posts, or posts that are "extremely" off topic
most cases where a post should be deleted, the roomba takes care of it anyway... casted delete votes are for when that won't happen or won't happen fast enough in extreme cases
7:01 PM
@HenryEcker See: stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/moderator-tools specifically the "When should I delete questions?" header
7:19 PM
@DavidBuck How is that primarily opinion-based??
@HenryEcker Really, the only acceptable reason for deletion is "This post adds absolutely no value whatsoever to our knowledge base."
I appreciate all of the follow-up. I meant more generally that (1) Closure votes clearly outline when casting the vote which reasons are acceptable for doing so and (2) (attempt to) provide detailed feedback as for why the question was closed. Deletion votes do not currently do either.
@CodyGray *Except when is popular
Ha. Did you see the added friction in the review queue UI, @Braiam?
7:34 PM
Oh god, what now?!
"Other action" doesn't auto-check now. You have to click it.
Since sometime today.
But... why....
I don't know. But I no longer expect to know.
Yes, I've just noticed. To close a question with a community specific close reason, you have to scroll (ok), click close (ok), click community (ok) click reason (ok) vote (ok) select other action (not ok) select send (ok)
Any of the other stuffs. Upvoting in FQ/FA enables "Other action" but no longer selects it. Daft!
Even if you then want to change to (say) "Looks OK", auto-selection would add nothing to the user's required click count.
Totally pointless additional click.
Possibly a minor script change that wasn't spotted?
7:46 PM
@HenryEcker Do you mean in the UI proper, such that a "delete reason" could be displayed in the blue banner indicating that the post had been deleted? Or do you mean in some sort of script used for posting [del-pls] requests in this room?
@AdrianMole I would say that's a good change? Often, a vote is not sufficient to complete a review.
@CodyGray That was just a trivial example. I'm not trying to claim that that should be sufficient. As Braiam already said, casting a close vote (in FQ) will also just enable the "Other action", rather than both enabling and selecting it.
@CodyGray The former. I was saying generally that perhaps if deletion votes functioned more like closure votes in the UI proper such that users clearly indicated their deletion reason, and such deletion reason was included in the blue banner (which currently only included the users involved and the time) it might be clearer to users as to why their question or answer was deleted.
@HenryEcker Well, I'm skeptical of your theory. It's not as if we don't regularly have close-reopen wars.
@CodyGray You always had to hit the "Submit" button to finish the review, it used to just select the "Other action" radio button automatically when you qualified. Meaning one click to finish, instead of an explicit selection then submit.
@CodyGray I'm not saying that it would prevent the types of issues between people trying to delete or undelete content. I was saying that it may give the person whose content was deleted more information about why it happened. That was all.
@HenryEcker There's a feature-request for this (focused more on explaining the deletion to other >10k users than the OP). It's highly unlikely to get enough support for that to happen though.
8:00 PM
@HenryEcker Ah, I see. Yeah, in that case, I don't really think there are any different reasons for deletion that could/should be called out. So that brings me back to my initial reply, about there being only 1 reason for deletion, which is already displayed. FYI, because you might not be aware: when an answer is deleted, there's a message that is displayed, visible only to the OP, that says something along the lines of:
"Why was this answer deleted? See here", with a link to stackoverflow.com/help/deleted-answers (I can't remember the exact wording, and I'm going into a meeting, so don't have time to look it up.)
@cigien Yeah the vote counts definitely show some mixed feelings on that post for sure. I appreciate your finding that link though.
@CodyGray Thank you. I had not seen that before. That is certainly more helpful than just the banner I see.
Congrats to Zoe and Stephen Rauch, the newest elected moderators!
Congratulation, @Zoe!!!
Way too many diamonds in this room! :D
Is there such thing as too many diamonds?
congrats @Zoe!!!
8:15 PM
@CodyGray I cannot think of an answer to that. I freak out every time that I look at your avatar!
why you'd change it? I am not good at coping with change :D
It's a seasonal thing... celebrating Halloween. The glasses are still there, they're just being worn by a jack o'lantern.
Hmmm, the bulletin suffers from caching
Well-known problem.
Broke the cache now; should be good.
Congratulations, Zoe :)
Do we allow answers that are a mix of Hindi & English? ... I flagged it for mod attention
8:24 PM
@tink Flag as VLQ.
@AdrianMole - cheers, done. Changed from "needs mod attention" to "VLQ".
Cool. That shoves into the LQA review queue. If it stays unchanged, I'm sure reviewers will delete-vote it.
@tink I'm gonna say that was spam, actually.
I don't know enough Hindi to recognize spam. Is it pure-veg spam?
It wasn't based on the Hindi, it was based on the link, which was published Oct 26, 2021.
8:30 PM
Well, I don't (always) click links.
Only when you don't understand the rest of the post :-p
So: "click here" - avoid it; "Clikken-Sie hier" - go for it.
@AdrianMole Chicken here? I'm game
@AdrianMole Clique aqui
@CodyGray ooops ... yeah, I'm not in the habit of following links, particularly when I have no idea what they're on about
8:45 PM
No problem. To be fair, I was looking for a reason to evaporate it.
@Machavity omg, being able to retract them will be nice
yay for quality of life improvements years later
9:11 PM
@HovercraftFullOfEels What happened to your userscript?
@Dharman is not work
^ since last upgrade of FF
Stack Exchange CV Request Generator 1.6.11
@CodyGray I considered it came under the auspices of a customer service question and that both the "I am wondering if anyone knows what could be the cause of this." regarding the operations of an API and the "there is some kind of a delay in YouTube's backend" answer all smacked of a request for opinions as to how the YouTube API was functioning
@Dharman I'm on my phone (time to join the 12 step program)
Is this spam? The image linked looks like an ad but I can't read it. stackoverflow.com/q/69730058
@khelwood Probably not, but it's delete worthy. I would cast one if I had one
9:38 PM
aw, man, the mods and cm flexing their ability to speak in frozen 2021 election room :P
Well, someone decided to use that room for toxic behavior, so I'm not super surprised
oh yeah, freezing it was totally based
I hope that person eventually gets to the point where... other folks using software isn't frustrating
halp, you english knowers, is it "that person eventually gets" or "get"?
Singular = gets; plural = get.
Hope this halps!
oh, cool, it did!
and, hopefully, will :)
Mod flags if user says they are under 13?
9:46 PM
It will have getsed you to the right place
@HenryEcker Typically yes
@HenryEcker Yes, or you can use Contact us form. Either way it needs to be escalated to Employees
@HenryEcker The rule says that such users can't use the site. The rule also says that mods are expected to escalate this to staff if they become aware of it. You can, of course, choose not to become aware of this information. If someone is acting immature, you should probably choose to let someone know. Otherwise... follow your conscience.
Can anyone explain to me how this works? It says review completed but the answer is still there. stackoverflow.com/review/late-answers/30185193
Why is it not flagged or deleted from review?
Deletion was recommended. It hasn't been deleted yet. There are multiple NAA flags there.
@Dharman First answers is always a single reviewer, that should kick it to LQA.
9:51 PM
@CodyGray Who was it recommended to?
@Dharman we can parse it with R ;)
the reviewer doesn't have the rep to actually take action
Ok, so recommend deletion is like NAA flag?
@Dharman The system.
No, it's not the same as a NAA flag.
@Dharman usually completed late answer reviews on posts don't result in deletion unless 3 20k users were involved in the review
dangit, I have to stop doing that today
9:52 PM
So what's the status of this post now? Is it in limbo? Should I flag it again?
What did you flag it as? If you flagged it as NAA, there's no need to reflag. Those flags are still pending.
I haven't flagged it yet
because no one else actually has the ability to cast delete votes on it
@TylerH but it's always a single user review, correct?
By the way! About flags, i have some pending flags from 21 oct.
9:54 PM
@Dharman Oh is it now? I thought it was still like 5 when it was the late posts queue
@manro Definitely do not pester mods about flags that have only been pending for a few days.
Some flags take months to resolve.
@manro Is this information relevant to the discussion? Why did you share it with us?
Months, wow
The oldest I have is from 3rd Oct
Sorry 😟
Again I'm bad :(((
@manro Don't feel bad. Learn and improve. We can't do anything here about your flags. If you want to share some information please explain how it is useful to users in this chat room. Bare in mind that we focus on moderation activities in this room, but we do not handle flags.
9:58 PM
Did y'all know we have some new mods to pester help out?
Hey, I raised a flag for them
I did my part
@Dharman I don't know how this works. I am confused. It looks to me like this review did nothing more than post noisy comment. I will flag it as NAA
@Dharman The Late Answers review queue resulted in a "Recommend Deletion" action. That sent it to Low Quality Posts. It's in that queue now. It has multiple pending NAA flags.
Yes, i will learn. I still have a time for learning...
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