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1:32 AM
Is it just me or is the "all actions -> all" tab broken in profiles?
@Braiam You're not at all wrong, but also this is a large part of the problem :-) ...though 10 internet points to anyone who can get an SE staff member to read the help center in a pirate getup.
actually, profile loads are problematic as well
can anyone else open Hovercraft's profile? stackoverflow.com/users/522444/…
Ryan's loads for me, but Hovercraft's doesn't
@AndrasDeak ?? it works fine for me
I've got "Oops! Something Bad Happened!"
1:38 AM
@AndrasDeak Bad webserver
Restart the universe
enough to restart the EU part of the universe, I bet
2:45 AM
@AndrasDeak Same error both from my Indonesian ISP and when I toggle my Dutch VPN
Can someone help me here? chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/221845/…
@10Rep in what way?
@Nick To try and convince them. In retrospect, I don't want other people to waste time trying to convince someone else.
3:57 AM
Having read ~50% of the "discussion" I think anybody would be wasting their time trying to convince someone who has no interest in changing their mind.
4:42 AM
@Nick Yea, that's why I said: "in retrospect".
5:18 AM
5:43 AM
@DavidBuck seems more "general computing" to me...
@Nick I was in two minds about it. Reads as general computing but does talk about their 'patch' so I assume there's some OP-written software somewhere.
@DavidBuck yeah, you're right, it could be software related. So I guess it needs clarity as to whether it's general computing or in need of clarity :-)
@Nick I don't have an auto-comment for "Could you please clarify which close reason I should use?"
@DavidBuck That would be very useful! :-)
@Nick Although in this case, OP posted the question 5 years ago and never logged into SO again, so it seems we will never know.
6:43 AM
When a question is edited to add the answer after feedback and good answers are given, should the edit be reverted?
I would revert it, but seems a bit too harsh
@Cleptus Yes, it should be rolled back. You can leave a comment telling the OP about SO's Q&A format and ask to post an answer post. You also can post a wiki answer
@Cleptus Answers don't belong inside the question-box in any kind of situation
@Vega The accepted answer was better than the one I could have written, I upvoted it and left a comment regarding the Q&A format. thanks
7:07 AM
@Cleptus Great, yw! For the wiki answer, I should have been more clear, sorry, as I meant to been done with the OP's edit/answer. But in that case, it seems the accepted answer is already good, so your comment is perhaps enough :)
7:20 AM
@JeanneDark Anyone reviewing that, there's also a pending edit to reject before closing
A bit surprising since it's so short
Yeah I didn't even know the system would let someone suggest such a trivial edit. Maybe the length requirement isn't imposed on title-only edits.
@RyanM all resolved...
@Martheen thanks, good to know! Seems fixed now. Probably a small server failure in our region.
My c-vote on my cv request above is expired "You voted to close this question Sep 16 at 7:19"
1 hour later…
9:02 AM
^^ (SD report) is that link spam? I flagged as "needs debugging details".
@JeanneDark I usually treat posts like these as closeable. First post from a user, no history on the domain and text around the link which might be a (misgudied) question. When they post again or the domain pops up again I'll flag as spam.
Thanks you!
9:39 AM
^ Seems there's an NAA on that one of "mine"
9:55 AM
@Scratte Could be interpreted as an answer though. Question: What is the use of x? Answer: "This is used for formatting."
@JeanneDark Hmm.. I did not see that coming :) I think you are right.
How easy it would have been to just paste a small quote from that link and remove all doubt.
10:27 AM
Question on JS tag: this question should have been closed as duplicate. Is there something to do or it should be left as is?
@Vega Those are a little irritating. You need to get it reopened in order to close it as a duplicate.
I see you need another 300 points to get a dupehammer, so you'll need another 4 users to agree instead of just 2. (Or become a moderator ;)
I laughed for that last sentence :D. Dup-hammer is more 'affordable' :)
Yes, next election is probably not going to be before spring 2121. But it seems you have all required badges :D
Not sure if this is spam or just NAA stackoverflow.com/a/64007889
NAA not spam
10:39 AM
@DavidBuck its NAA
I went spam, as they offer a solution only through private means. Who knows what catch is in there
Flagged as NAA but wasn't clear if self-advertising
anyway, it's deleted =)
10:54 AM
Bhargav went with spam.
@AdrianMole No, Bhargav deleted as NAA
Ha! Somebody went with a red flag, though.
Bhargav is always right. The only problem for us is finding out about what :)
... or was that a red flaag?
Remember the test we did on my Answer that was flagged as spam, but not deleted as spam?
10:58 AM
I have the memory of a ... hmm .. erm, ...
If I remember correctly, the post was still hidden behind a spam spoiler for everyone else, but me, to see.
As mentioned above: I went spam on that post. And yes, it was marked helpful (thusfar, no idea whether mods can change it to disputed at some point)
I don't know if or what entry is made on a profile that gets a red flag penalty though. Or if it's public.
@Scratte I guess the only public indicator would be the 100 rep lost, but I'm not sure if and how that'd show up in the reputation tab.
11:13 AM
@Adriaan Yes, that's what I meant. It's almost only 1 reputation point profiles that gets it, and I'm not even sure that it's shown on the reputation page, since there's nothing to subtract from. Also, the accounts tend to get destroyed.
I'm looking at a 1 reputation point user with just one post that's at -1, and there's no entry on their reputation page at all. It also says "This user has no reputation changes"
Don't often see a spammer who has taken the tour!
Great minds @JeanneDark
11:40 AM
Can/should we un-delete reasonable questions that OP deleted?
Do they have answers from other users?
Tricky question. There may be a very good reason why OP deleted their Q ... for example, their company telling them to, or later realization that they were breaking some kind of NDA.
@JeanneDark yes
@Turing85 I say not if there are no Answers. Some say that even if it does have an Answer, it's the author using the features as they have been given, and one should not interfere with that.
for reference: this is the question I am talking about. (needs 10k+ rep to be seen)
11:42 AM
@AdrianMole They should ask for redaction. Deleting useful questions is vandalism and we should vote to undelete
Whoever posts here is giving SE permission to use that information/code
@Dharman I agree, actually, But many new users may not understand how the process of redaction works.
@Turing85 Yes, vote to undelete if you see the question as having lasting value for the community
@AdrianMole That is not our problem. They need to do research and deal with their problem
@Dharman I think the waters are divided on that one. On vandalism., users are told that they can delete their own posts if they have this option. Now you're saying that even if they delete, we will make it's undeleted?
@Turing85 That case looks like it could and should be undeleted. Seems like the OP posted their homework, got some answers, then deleted quickly before anyone could upvote the answers (thus preventing OP deleting).
11:45 AM
@Dharman I don't think that's reasonable. Then we should stop telling users they can delete their posts.
@Turing85 it wouldn't be the first time that a poster deleted a question after getting an answer because they were worried that their professor would see they had asked for a solution on SO.
@Scratte They can delete but we can undelete. We also tell them about the license and that they agreed to give right to SE to have this information
@AdrianMole How can they delete a post with multiple Answers?
uhm... stupid question... do we have a user script for undelete-pls requests?
@Dharman If they never had the right to agree with said license, then the agreement is invalid
11:47 AM
Sep 11 at 2:51, by Makyen
Alpha Request Generator update: version (GitHub) (install). Temporarily disable the request preview. SE changed the Markdown converter and trying to use it results in various other problems. I'll work on getting it working again, but for now we don't need the other issues. Update jQuery to fix a Violentmonkey compatibility issue.
I had a case some time ago where I answered a 'homework' sort of question (and it was a typically good answer, if I may say so). The OP asked a few points of clarification, in comment, which I addressed, then said something like "Thanks, Bro..." and deleted their post. I was somewhat disgruntled, to say the least!
IANAL but don't you have to agree to a license when using a particular service?
@Scratte None of the answers was upvoted. (Actually, one of the answers was deleted before the question was ... so only one left at that time.)
@Dharman thanks
I think it should be undeleted, it's an interesting looking question.... I got the last vote in. And I've upvoted the answer (a) because it is a good one and (b) to prevent OP from deleting the question again.
11:48 AM
@Dharman If you agree with the license and then post something that was never licensed to you, you are already violating some license, and have no right to post it under any license at all.
@AdrianMole Strange. I though the option was moot when one Answer was upvoted or there were multiple Answers.
See edit to my last post.
@AdrianMole Ahh.. now it makes sense :)
@Scratte Yeah! The timing of the deletions wasn't that clear until the Q was restored: All events just said "23 hours ago."
That's so annoying. Then you have to hover over the "23 hours ago" to get the actual time to find out what happened when. Unless you're looking at the timeline that's actually chronological :)
@Turing85 and others participating in the undeleting of my question, thanks a lot.
Sorry for any inconvenience in your workflow caused by it.
11:56 AM
@solid.py no reason to thank us =)
@solid.py Is it just me, or is there not a Math.abs missing from your stream solution?
Happy Equinox! :-)
Ohh.. about 3 months until 🎅 🎄 🎁 :)
@AdrianMole already?! Gosh... only three more months until days start getting longer again =)
12:09 PM
I take it someone is not living on Antarctica..
Or anywhere on the Southern hemisphere for that matter
you and your hemispheres! The earth is flat! </irony>
Well, if you're exactly on the equator, then days are continuously getting longer (but not by much) as the Earth's rotation gradually slows down.
@AdrianMole I was just thinking that if you're exactly on the equator, every day is equinox. But I do not think it is so.
Actually, it sort of is (other than the rotation slowing down). On the equator, days/nights are 12 hours all year long.
12:16 PM
@AdrianMole that's incorrect. Length of day still varies due to the non-zero inclination of the Earth. The Sun is anywhere between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. (The part about the Earth slowing down is correct though)
@Scratte True, it was missing, just edited it in the answer. Thanks again
@AdrianMole I was under the impression that the wobble made it impossible. That it had at least a small enough effect to be measurable in terms of day/night.
@Adriaan No! The tilting of the Earth is irrelevant on the equator. In fact, the name, "equator" has the same origin as "equinox" - equal (day and night).
@AdrianMole I think the origin of the word doesn't measure up in terms of scientific evidence for the length of the day ;)
... as you move from higher to lower (absolute) latitudes, the difference in day lengths between solstice and equinox get smaller and smaller ... reaching zero at the equator.
12:21 PM
Nvm, you are correct. Sorry. Sunrise and Sunset differ slightly (~40 minutes maximum) throughout the year, but indeed the time difference between the two is equal.
But - there is a very small change in day lengths globally because of the fact the the Earth's orbit around the Sun is not quite perfectly circular. You can Google "Equation of Time" I think.
@AdrianMole Yea, it's why I can't use UTC, as it's non-linear. Leap seconds have to be added/removed about two times a year to keep midnight at midnight. I need a linear time flow in my work, so I use Ephemeris Time, which is defined as "seconds since the J2000 epoch", i.e. that time frame is linear (and differs by a couple of hundred seconds from UTC nowadays iirc)
it was just a cheeky comment... what have I done? x)
@Turing85 Nobody understands that it's really just turtles all the way down and optical illusions :)
1:35 PM
Why do people upvote comments more than answers?
@Turing85 Some comments are better than the Answers?
@Scratte More often than not, I transform my comments in fully-fledged answers. And the comments have significantly more upvotes. So no, that cannot be the whole story.
@Turing85 laziness
you don't have to scroll as much to see the comments under the question
programmers are notoriously lazy people
folks who not only decided the ideal job was to sit in front of a screen all day, but also who are encouraged to be lazy because that can in some contexts translate to "better code"
@TylerH Oh come on! I am one of those persons that "pirate" a movie because they are too lazy to get the DVD from the shelve. But scrolling?
@TylerH No point being a good programmer if you can't be lazy.
1:40 PM
@Turing85 I think that's the FGTTW syndrome. If you had posted an Answer, it may have gotten the same votes. But.. upvotes on comments (tiny-votes as I call) them are low cost and no one gets any benefits. It could also be a fan of yours that do not want to serial vote you :)
(in the sense that, the more you can automate, the less you have to do, thus lazy = good)
@Turing85 I actually hate scrolling atm because my current mouse's middle mouse button is really noisy
clickity clackity screech screech every time I wanna view anything below the fold
@TylerH cursor keys for the win! Or PgUp and PgDown, your choice =)
@TylerH I'd like to introduce you to the two keys "PgUp" and "PgDown" :)
@Turing85 @Scratte I don't like scrolling up/down that much at one time
@Scratte I have no such keys
1:43 PM
@DavidBuck I'm sure they're just hidden behind some "Fn" key
@DavidBuck but you have a spacebar? =)
@TylerH There's the "Arrow up" and "Arrow down"
This (reported by Natty) looks like it is an answer but needs a bit of TLC. Anyone feeling un-lazy?
@AdrianMole That doesn't even make any sense to me.
@Scratte what does FGTTW stand for?
1:46 PM
Fastest Gun Typo the West
Finger Got Twisted Typing Words?
@Turing85 I misspelled it, as @AndrasDeak noticed :D I meant FGITW.. Fastest Gun In The West.
@AdrianMole sounds like all relevant info in there is more or less "Install Java"
@Adriaan :50516312 OK - probably not worth the trouble. But it isn't NAA, though. Just poor.
... I gave it the Double-D.
@Turing85 There's a meta post: What is FGITW and SCITE?
1:51 PM
@Scratte thanks =)
@Scratte yes if focus is in the right spot
The brilliance of the MMB scroll wheel is that it scrolls whatever window the cursor is hovering over, no matter which window has focus
I find your excuse to be.. bad. If you had a noisy o-key, you culd als just stp using that, n?
@Scratte Funny, I have that reaction to a lot of your concerns :-)
@TylerH I'm not surprised, but I can't think of a single excuse I've made :)
I didn't say I don't use the MMB because it's noisy, only that it is so noisy on my current mouse that I don't like to use the MMB as much, or I get mildly annoyed when I use it.
The point is, over time my behavior could subtly change because of a defective/poorly designed product
I could scroll less, meaning I could be more inclined to act on stuff that doesn't make me scroll so much, like comments under questions
in lieu of voting on answers
1:55 PM
But mice are pretty cheap, no?
It's a stretch, but over enough time most potential behaviors are observed
16 mins ago, by TylerH
programmers are notoriously lazy people
Yes, mice are cheap, but it's important that I know how the scroll wheel sounds before I buy a replacement for that purpose, which makes a no-brainer decision significantly more complicated
@TylerH so what you say is.... You buy a new mouse with a less noisy scroll wheel and we are going to reprogram you so you un-learn this behaviour of less scrolling? =)
I'd just go around the office scrolling every mouse I could find and listen to it. At this time of age I'd probably wait until every one had left and spray the mice before and after I touched it. When I found a nice silent scroll, I'd make a note of the model :)
@Scratte the office currently has one mouse in it, because I'm working from home
if I were to go into the office, all the mice would sound the same because they provide us with mice
In my last job I had a special mouse ordered.. just for me :D
If I remember correctly, I started a new trend. All the bosses probably remembers me..
2:01 PM
Can an upvote to this be anything other than suspicious? stackoverflow.com/questions/64011131/…
as I recall, I loved the Logitech SBF-96 model
I currently have a Logitech B100
I'm currently using a hp x4000b. It's very not noisy.
Can't fault the magic mouse as it has MMB functionality without a MMB, therefore silent...
@DavidBuck it's wireless tho so that's not really an option
@DavidBuck Yes. It's just one vote. It can be anything.. there's nothing else suggesting things are going on.
2:05 PM
I've heard you can get approximately 1 upvote per word for any Python question.
@AdrianMole So.. I just need to learn Python for my sock?
What? You have a python in your socks? Sounds uncomfortable.
@AdrianMole I think he just says that when you pull the string
2:45 PM
Presumably, putting strange character strings inside code fences stops Smokey from considering them.
@Turing85 Whats actually missing there? OP gives an example millisecond input, code and desired output. Because the given value is a valid date, I'm not sure the code which generates it is relevant. Very likely it is a duplicate though. Maybe of this. The second answer handles the question.
... maybe someone could add a command to SD so that we can report such "Luncheon Meat" as code.
@code11 true that. But now (as far as I can see), the problem is not reproducible.
@Turing85 agreed. I was staring at the code thinking it looked right.
2:57 PM
@Turing85 You didn't run their code exactly ;) I did though, and it's indeed not reproducible.
@Scratte you mean because of the timezone difference?
anyway @code11 and @Scratte if you think it's not reproducible, please vote. I cannot vote since I retracted my vote. But your votes are sufficient to close the question.
@Turing85 No, because you created the Instant first. It sounds stupid, but.. it's not exactly the same code to the T ;) I can't vote to close.. I'm only minor..
@Turing85 I'm in the same boat as Scratte. I flagged it but don't have enough rep to vote.
hmok... lemme re-cvs-pls this one
3:23 PM
This is NAA, right? Even though the poster is well-established and high(ish) rep.
@AdrianMole I would say 100% NAA
@AdrianMole I would not vote, I would write a comment
@Turing85 Done (and flagged).
Flag as VLQ maybe (so the flag gets marked helpful in case they edit it)
Some questions are almost asking for link-only answers (i.e. "where's the documentation for...?). That was my initial concern here.
@JeanneDark A bot will tell me if they edit! :-)
3:26 PM
@AdrianMole Those questions are off topic since they are asking for off-site content.
@Turing85 Not necessarily. There are "good" ones (not POB) asking for official documentation or download links (if it's not too trivial).
@AdrianMole Isn't that bot a little unpredictable?
Although I'm not sure how to answer such questions.
@Scratte No more so than a Mole! :)
@AdrianMole It's link only, not NAA. I'd flag as VLQ
@10Rep Link only is NAA (or VLQ, to some).
@10Rep See the FAQ
@JeanneDark Ok, didn't see that before.
4:13 PM
In english, does one write "Type safety is not an issue in either case" or "Type safety is not an issue in either cases"?
@Turing85 I would say the first option.
@code11 thought so. Thanks!
@Turing85 First option for sure
If you wanted to use 'cases' you would have to say 'either of the cases'
@Turing85 Found an English SE detailing this because I was just going by what sounded correct.
5:39 PM
@AndrasDeak Are you always adding [python] tag to questions tagged only with [python3-*]?
@Dharman No, but I should unless I want to hammer it
Frankly I don't care too much about site quality anymore. If I still cared I'd do that.
That's a lot of work isn't it? I think many people use either one of the three
Yeah, so is the CVQ :P Ideally everything should be tagged with the general tag, and almost nothing should be tagged with python3-x
6:00 PM
NAAs (link-only) posted as a Community-Wiki is still NAA, is not?
@AdrianMole Yes. I've flagged one once and it was removed with my flag marked helpful. Why would a post be less NAA just because it doesn't belong to a user? :)
@Scratte I don't disagree. But there are some circumstances where posting an answer as a CW has less strict rules (like collecting comments and making an answer). In this case, though, I was just being cautious.
@AdrianMole I don't believe there's a rule against doing that, so much as it's considered poor form. I believe the rule is that if you wanted to answer the question, you could have posted an answer instead of answering in the comments.
although sometimes you need the OP to confirm something and then it's weird due if someone sneaks in the same answer...
Well.. I just took that Answer and put it as a comment. How is that for reversed logic?
whoa :-p
6:11 PM
@Scratte Ha! The Squirrel that Squeaked!
@AdrianMole Community wiki or not, the Answer is forcing a click-through. There's no information in the post itself.
Did anyone flag it btw? Seeing as if no one did, I'll try my "luck" with it :)
I just did - you gave me the confidence I was lacking. ;-)
@AdrianMole Some times someone posts a link in a comment. Then someone else comes along and looks at it and creates an Answer from it. The link itself is not completely useless, as it's likely better than nothing. This is why I figured I'd post it as a comment.
Is "bitbucket" an OK website?
... generally speaking, that is.
I assume it's the same company as Jira and Confluence :)
6:18 PM
@AdrianMole yeah, it's an Atlassian product, their counterpart of github and the likes ....
Does a reasonable job (we're using the product in-house [not cloud based]).
I was going to create an account at bitbucket.org instead of github.com, since github didn't have private repositories for free for a long time. But I never got around to it and it seems github changed policy.
@AdrianMole I didn't let you down, huh? :)
@Scratte ^:)
6:45 PM
Though it seems Question flags are less likely to get declined, the very long time in pending mode is just urgh!.. the suspense is just killing me. They seem to just sit there timeless in a sort of limbo looking at me almost as saying: Help. I'm caught in the gravity of a black hole. Heeelp. I'm feeling time is standing still. Heeeeelp.. am I getting spagettified? Heeeeeeelp..
@Scratte First, you need to learn how to spell spaghetti.
... otherwise, you'll be spajettified.
@Scratte Oh, and, BTW: gravity is a myth ... black holes suck.
@Scratte I think you might have gotten spoiled by having your flags handled too quickly. :) At this point, the moderator flag queue typically gets quite low during certain parts of the day (depends on when/which mods are available), and empty or nearly empty on weekends. That's really not that bad.
Or, are you talking about close-flags?
7:01 PM
@AdrianMole I missed the h :) Oops. I thought spagetti was the Danish spelling, but apparently that also has an h :(
@Makyen I was talking about close flags on Questions, yes :) No moderators involved. I do like the 1-hour NAA handling though, but I can live with 8 hours that it used to take during spring in the queue :)
I don't know how Danes handle the letter, "g." But, in many/most European languages, "g" followed by an "e" turns 'soft' (without the "h"). (Do Danes do to "g" what Southern Swedes do?)
@AdrianMole Depends on the word. Leg means play and "jeg leger" means I'm playing and it has a soft g. However "gerne" means gladly and has a hard g.
It's one of the oddest letters in the 'Latin' alphabet, for sure! (Don't even get started with the Dutch!)
The most confusing part is that a soft g has the same sound as a j. Leje and lege is pronounced the same, but they mean two separate things. The same with Løj and løg.
7:34 PM
@eyllanesc I wonder how did you find that question.
7:51 PM
@Braiam What question are you referring to?
@eyllanesc I replied to the specific message
8:03 PM
@Braiam I do not understand you
@M-- What is left if you remove the links?
You might want to try this answer

which doesn't use google maps but instead uses a downloaded map. The advantage is that it doesn't cost anything but can be quite a slow way to do it if you have lots of points to connect.

There are some examples here
So not much context left.
already flagged, thanks
8:42 PM
It seems I'm the commenter.. :) I leave the flagging and deleting to others :)
@Scratte I was about to leave a comment, then saw yours, I was in the middle of reading it that the answer got ninja'd. It all happened so quick.
@M-- I had a canned one already in my clipboard :) But I didn't have time to flag it before it went :)
@Turing85 The answer to your question in the comments is this line: tokenAmount = scanN.nextInt(); - it's the only call to nextInt in the code.
...hmmm, actually, now I'm suspicious
@RyanM it is the only line in the code shown. I doubt that this is the source of the Exception.
Yeah, after reading again I agree. They must be confused. I spoke too quickly.
Also, I do not think that the question is missing a MRE, but debug details in general. The text was auto-generated by the new cv-pls script...
Assuming that were actually the line in question, I think it would've been fine, but I seriously doubt that, so they need a reproducible example.
Apologies for the brief incorrect disagreement.
9:35 PM
@RyanM no problem =)
@Turing85 I think the cv-pls user script picks your own choice. If you pick "needs debugging details", it's a no mcve. If you pick "needs details or clarity" it will pick that :)
@Scratte yeah, that is what I was talking about. "Needs debugging details" is not necessarily the same as a MRE.
@Turing85 Oh.. but I think that the idea with that close reason :) They will even change the link on the banner to point to the minimal-reproducible-example help page.
@Scratte then it should be renamed to "needs MRE".
@Turing85 Hmm.. maybe my brain is wired strangely, but I think it makes sense. If it's a debugging Questions, it must have an mre. If something is missing, it needs it. If it's not a debugging Question then it can't need debugging details.
9:49 PM
@Scratte well... then why have two different vocables for the same thing? Seems pointless and unnecessarily confusing.
@eyllanesc The question in the message I replied to, I'm asking how did you find it.
@Turing85 Ahh.. that's because one needs to have been at Stack Overflow for a longer time to know that those two are identical. Like "Need more focus" is the same at "Too broad" :)
Do we have an easy way to cross check all self-answered questions from a user?
@Turing85 SEDE? :)
@Scratte ?
9:52 PM
@Turing85 SEDE: data.stackexchange.com
@Turing85 Do you have any self-answered Questions?
@Scratte No
What do you mean by "cross check"?
@Scratte thanks
next question: do we have guidelines and "evidence sheets" for account puppeteering?
9:58 PM
@Turing85 I tried it on RyanM and it gives 2. So I think it only works with non-closed Questions.
Background: I have a user with some self-answered questions. Some of those questions & answers observe the exact same amount of upvotes.
@Scratte well that would still be wrong, because all four of my questions are self-answered... :-) it's looking for questions with an accepted self-answer.
@Turing85 You mean a checklist that you have to fill out before flagging for moderator attention?
@Scratte I mean a "best practice" checklist. Currently, I only have "self-answered questions with suspicious upvotes", which seems pretty weak.
10:00 PM
@RyanM It does, yes.. we need to find another then :)
@Turing85 I would most certainly mention that they all have the same amount of votes. And we need to find you another sede query :)
@Turing85 In your flag give the information you state there, say why you think they are suspicious, and give links to the questions and/or answers which you feel have suspicious votes. Basically, give enough information to indicate what the pattern is, how to see the pattern, and where you've seen the pattern.
@Turing85 here you go, this query should help: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/1297143/… - it gives scores rather than a vote breakdown because I'm lazy, but it should help :-)
@Dharman No, you should---wait, time warp, it's already deleted
It was no MCVE
I should what?
@RyanM thanks... Is there a way to get only the upvote count?
10:05 PM
@Braiam I still don't understand you, what question/post do you mean?
@Turing85 Yes, just modify the query to join the votes table ;-) ...one sec, let me see if I've got that code handy
as far as i see, there is an upvotes column... but then i get a No such colum error for the query.
@RyanM oh, forget about that. The column is on the user, not the posts....
@Turing85 okay, try it now. Same link.
@RyanM thanks again
I have done messed up I think. stackoverflow.com/q/64014964/1839439
I deleted old version of code, but it looks like OP added the new code as the fixed one.
Should I roll back?
10:14 PM
@Dharman looks ok-ish to me
maybe leave a comment so they can re-fix if needed
I think I am going to roll back. I am pretty sure I changed the meaning
I actually have no idea what would be best
I think best would be to close as unclear and delete
Is the new code not the solution?
I think it is?
I should have left it alone
Then rollback to revision 3 and ask them to add the solution as an Answer. They edited in the new code 20 minutes after the second Answer came in
10:19 PM
@Scratte Yeah, but then what about that comment? stackoverflow.com/questions/64014964/…
@Dharman I see, but your edit has put the same sentence in the post twice :)
@Turing85 It is pointless and unnecessary. Unfortunately, Stack Exchange decided that they wanted to make the close-vote/-flag dialog more "welcoming", so to gloss over the issues, they chose to change the perfectly good names to things which are longer, can be confused with each other, can be confused with the primary use in society in general (e.g. MRE), and generally are so unclear as to confuse users and not indicate what the actual problems are.
Sorry, if that sounds a bit like a rant. I'm a little frustrated by the ongoing problems which those changes have brought about.
@Makyen I am glat you ranted, I didn't want to, but I feel exactly the same.
I'm new. They make sense to me. The trick I suppose is to forget everything you know and start again :D
10:23 PM
@Scratte it's just something that annoys me. I am fine with renaming things. But then it should be consistent. Also, having a domain dictionary would be useful. Then at least we knew where to look for for "translation advice"...
@Turing85 Just ask here.. someone always knows :)
@Scratte OK. Try Googling "MRE" vs. "MCVE". Which set of results actually includes results that tell you what the acronym means in how it's used on SO (in something even close to the top results)?
@Scratte I... oh god...
@Makyen Oh.. I learned mre and mcve were the same after my two months on meta trying to learn everything about Stack Overflow :D
10:30 PM
@Braiam 1) I found it in the questions that appear on the main page. The title name attracted me and when reading the post it seemed to me that it does not comply with the site's rules. 2) I'm curious why you ask me how I found that post?
@Makyen I'll have one MRE. Please deliver it at noon today (2020-09-23) =)
@eyllanesc The only tag on the question is and since every part of the system uses tags to recommend questions (like homepage) it's unlikely that you would find it unless you already demonstrated interest in backticks
entered in error
@Braiam mmm, it seems that this is not true, I only have as Watched Tags those related to . A year ago I received posts related to continuously but for a few months they no longer appear so I have to search for them manually. Perhaps the tag is so unwanted that the system launches them randomly to any user.
@DavidBuck FYI Powerapps can involve programming, but this question is still off-topic as it's asking a licensing question
10:38 PM
@eyllanesc The system doesn't only look at your watched tags, but also to questions you answered. See the predictions here stackoverflow.com/users/tag-future/current
@Braiam mmm, I currently (for more than 3 years) only answer questions related to Qt (with some exceptions)
@Braiam How come I only learn about the existance of this page now?
Why does it say I like to avoid PHP?
"last updated Jan 8 '14 at 19:18" I don't think it is up to date
yeah, mine is blank :-)
Also for me there is a blank page :-)
I guess we're all "a high activity user" with no tags on our lists :D
10:44 PM
I thought Home Page were just random questions. I never look there because it only shows me Python questions and rarely any PHP
Hahaha, it seems so.
Wait... what is the home page suppopse to show? For me, it just looks like the "Newest questions" for all of SO... it has definitively nothing to do with my tags since some C# and jaavascript questions are shown.
I think in the past it was using some algorithm to predict interesting questions to you. I can't remember that time
It is.. the "Interesting" is always set by default. The nr. 2 on mine is currently "Opening different docker folder in vscode", and I have no idea why it's there. And if one clicks on "Interesting", it changes nothing.
10:49 PM
At least last year I received the most recent questions and with activity that interested me but now it is any recent questions and with new activity
Another stupid question of mine: where is the border between "general hardware & software" and "programming question"? Example, this could also belong to, e.g., superuser.
@Turing85 The border is -->|<-- right there. :)
@Makyen Oh okay! And what site is what? =)
@Turing85 Your question didn't ask that. :)
@Makyen of course it did! Maybe not my first, but my second :P
10:53 PM
I'd say Stack Overflow is fine for installing the Java SDK. I mean there's not a lot of use of it other than programming.
@Dharman That's a red herring meta.stackexchange.com/q/238231/213575
@Turing85 To a large extent, the "general computing" reason is used as a catch-all for things that don't fit into the other categories. Primarily, it will include computer related questions which don't qualify for being on-topic on SO. Mostly, that means that the question isn't "a practical, answerable problem that is unique to software development", but it could also be something which doesn't qualify under one of the other clauses of the on-topic statement.
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