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12:06 AM
@Dharman It was deleted by community, in other words the user asked for user deletion.
@KenWhite I would go off topic on that one.
@Braiam I get that, but it was undeleted by a mod.
@Dharman And can be deleted by a user ;)
Mods are humans, too.
Look at this angle: the moderator undeleted the question because it was the system that deleted it.
If it wasn't deleted by the system, but by users, would it overturned it?
Of course, there's a easy way to know why the moderator undeleted it, since they are pingable on comments
12:21 AM
@Braiam @Makyen is too fast. :-) Whichever post you were referencing is already gone, so I don't know which one you mean.
@KenWhite Fun tagging that one. One
BTW, if you click the little arrow it should show you the message i was pinging.
@Braiam I meant the one you pinged me about before - the one to which I responded. That was before the insanely-tagged general comp Windows Update cv-pls. :-)
12:52 AM
@KenWhite That's the one I pinged you about before, I just clicked the message you are replying to.
@Braiam Um, no. :-) The comment I replied to was made several minutes before the last one you pinged me about (the second time).
@KenWhite "Makyen is too fast" is a reply to "I would go off topic on that one." which itself is a response to this message. Are you sure you are not on mobile?
@Dharman I speculate that Samuel was undoing what appeared to be a self-vandalization and subsequent deletion by the OP once they got the answer they were looking for. IIRC the system raises auto-flags for suspicious editing patterns.
(or possibly someone like the answerer noticed and manually flagged the post, but that would be awfully fast for a custom flag like that)
@Dharman The question was undeleted because it was automatically deleted when the account was removed
That doesn't mean the community is prohibited from voting to delete it
1:07 AM
@Rob I didn't mean prohibited, but if a mod decided to undelete it maybe they saw some value
Sure, but if a bunch of other people don't, then they're free to overturn it
What Rob may be hinting is that while moderators have weight, they aren't word of god.
Also, they aren't experts on all topics and are likely acting quickly to deal with a long queue of tasks. Based on his tags, Samuel is an expert on JavaScript/HTML/CSS/PHP - I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't closely examine the merits of a Java question with what looks at first glance like a detailed answer, especially given that he was undeleting it, not removing potentially good content.
(and in the event that Samuel happens to stumble across this later: that's in no way intended as a criticism)
My usual reaction to acting contrary to a mod's vote is to double check to make sure I'm really sure I'm making the right call, but I've still gone through with it before, if I recall correctly.
1:23 AM
TIL: you can change the instance type without having to recreate the instance.
I hope you're talking about a cloud server, and not OOP!
I assume yes, but also I would be 0% surprised if some dynamic language allowed that.
@JohnDvorak aws ec2 yes :)
Probably thinking about programming was that I made that assumption (I discovered that I could do that after I did recreated the instance, fun times!)
I got around to rewriting it, and took out all the more obscure words while I was at it:
Your question is quite broad, and answering it would require describing how to do many things and/or designing a large program. While there's probably a way to do all of that, you should break the problem down into smaller problems, and try to solve those. When you get stuck, ask a question about that specific part. Include what you've done so far (with code!). Describe the exact behavior you want for that part, as well as how that differs from what happens with the code you have. Include the exact text
@Braiam or just thinking about normal computers...or heck, normal VMs...I wouldn't have expected that to be possible.
C++ has a cute feature in that if you assign by value to a variable of a supertype, it converts the value to that supertype ... by discarding variables that the supertype doesn't have.
1:56 AM
@Dharman Regarding your flag on Meta, I did half of it. I couldn't see a reason why either of those questions needed to be tagged [review], since it's not about the review queues. Feel free to reply to me here if you want to discuss.
@JohnDvorak "Slicing".
Fancy name, yes. Excellent way to introduce bugs, also yes.
No real alternative, though, when you're doing with assign/copy-by-value.
And that's why no other language uses by-value semantics.
Sometimes I'm sad that I don't have some of the powerful features of languages like C++. And sometimes I'm not ;-)
The thing about C++ is, you don't have to use any of it if you don't want it or it doesn't suit you. But it's there if you want it.
If you want by-value, then use it. If you want by-ref, then use it. If you want by-pointer, then use it.
2:01 AM
true, but when is slicing useful?
When you don't care about the extra members in the superclass.
If I need an A, then it doesn't matter that it's actually a B that has some extra stuff. All I need is the stuff that A provides, so why pay to store all that extra, unneeded stuff?
@JohnDvorak I thought Java uses by-value?
Java is by-object
meaning you pass references to objects. Primitive values are passed directly (by value).
Java uses entirely by-value semantics, but you can only pass references (the equivalent of C++ pointers) to objects by value, not the objects themselves (at least as of the JDK versions I work with, I know they're working on value types, but I'm not sure if it's released).
I like the term "by-object" for that
Pretty much every language does that. They disagree in what counts as a primitive value, but most of the time it's an implementation detail anyways, and mutable/immutable is what actually counts.
... except when comparing with ==, which in some languages can't decide if it's an identity predicate or an equivalence predicate.
2:17 AM
Java's == is terrrrrible
Kotlin fixes it nicely
What does Kotlin do?
== is equivalence, === is identity
In Ruby, == is equivalence, === is pattern match, and .equal? is identity.
Ruby also has a fancy metaclass for types that are just heaps of attributes, and the equality of those classes defaults to field-wise equality.
3:12 AM
In C++, == is whatever you want it to be.
1 hour later…
4:24 AM
@Vega Perhaps reconsider closure there. Looks like this is a relatively common issue. Three different people have run into it, suggesting that the question may have some lasting value, despite arising from a typo.
@CodyGray it still serves a useful purpose even when it's closed; closing it as unreproducible makes perfect sense to me
No question is reproducible once it is solved... :-)
Closure is the first step to deletion. If a Q&A has lasting value (i.e., if others might make the same mistake and thus find the answers useful), then it should not be closed or deleted.
then the conventional wisdom about the usefulness of duplicates is bogus?
4:45 AM
No, duplicates are different.
Duplicates serve as pointers to the master question, where all answers should be collected, including new answers (if warranted).
Closure for other reasons says "the question should not be answered because it is not a suitable question for SO".
1 hour later…
6:26 AM
While doing review on First Posts a few days ago I notice something strange. Most of the posts were posted within a few hours, some of them were posted several days before. The total amount of the queue did not seem to have accumulated enough numbers to account for several days of un-handled posts. Could this be caused by a glitch somewhere, so that posts that should have been added to the queue days before, just suddenly got added to the queue?
@Scratte not sure. I saw a post on MSE that reported that posts from years back were added to the queue. Maybe something get tweaked.
You want confirmation from us that you should blame caching?
@rene Thank you :) That would indeed explain it. I had thought that perhaps the posts were just skipped by everyone, but they didn't seem like obvious skippable ones. As in borderline. Some of them were code in images and such.
6:42 AM
@Scratte Do know that the exact order in which you get reviews is "un(der)specified". It might involve a SQL query where it is left to SQL what rows to serve you first (aka the query lacks on order by). Since SQL Server 2010 or so the order is indeed non-deterministic
Oh. Yes, that could also explain why some posts just never got their turn on the particular day. The quota on reviews have been going back and forth between 20 and 40 quite a lot lately.
I think there might be some bugs introduced to review recently.
I thought there was a rule that blaming caching had to come with the link :)
Everyone already knows the answer.
I did read that post about audits, but they weren't audits. I quite like audits.
6:57 AM
Said nobody ever.
I've been wanting to change my username, but there's already quite a new "Nobody"
There's no "Nobody Ever"
Nor is there an "Orangutan Slinger".
Not sure how you went from "Nobody Ever" to "Orangutan Slinger".. ?!?
Well, "Nobody Ever" was suggested by my previous message. "Orangutan Slinger" was just a bomb-ass name that I came up with while thinking of bomb-ass names that you could choose to name yourself.
Oh.. I have a long list of possibles. I've just added "ReviewSkipper"
7:06 AM
@Scratte ooooh. double meaning too...
21 hours ago, by rene
@CodyGray I think E4net is using that at the moment :) Yup: "E_net4 is downhausted"
Oh, heh.
right now I want "wants to change his close reason" on the end of my username, but I suspect that's too long...
I suspect that's silly. Why rearrange those deck chairs after the hull has already buckled?
7:13 AM
@CodyGray it's more this case although I don't have any dupehammer powers.
@RyanM It is. Seem it has to be limited to 30 characters. Try "RyanM needs dupehammer powers"
There is a better solution for that problem. Three guesses what it is. Anyone? Anyone?
@Scratte Not even dupehammer would work here if I had it, although someone else's dupehammer would work.
Expand the power of Mjölnir: give tag experts the ability to single-handedly reopen and then reclose as a duplicate.
Why is this a better solution? Because it's more versatile, and allows tag experts to also single-handedly close questions for being unclear (for example), a judgment that they are the most qualified to make.
and here I thought it was "apply for a job at StackOverflow to get the powers to fix the question and the problem"
7:17 AM
@RyanM You don't need to apply for a job at Stack Overflow. You can just run for moderator.
Then you can fix all of the problems. (And create new ones!)
well, I can fix all of the questions...but if I work for SO I can also fix the feature :-p
Oh... yeah, no. Apparently not. You apparently have to do a bunch of other stuff that nobody ever wanted.
@CodyGray Are you implying a "feature-request" that would be implemented in less than 6-8? I think there's a joke somewhere in there.
@CodyGray are you suggesting that gold-tag holders could also single-handedly close for other reasons?
7:20 AM
@AdrianMole Hmm? The word "all" doesn't even appear in the message you replied to...
@RyanM Yes, I firmly believe that they should be able to do so.
I think allowing a change of close reason plus your suggestion would be even better...although I agree that your suggestion would be a larger net gain than simply allowing a change of close reason.
@CodyGray I think it was intended for your earlier message and/or mine, as it was a simple mention rather than a message reply.
Allowing a change of the close reason requires a lot of superpowers that you wouldn't normally have. For example, what if 3 of us voted to close a question as "unclear". Now, you come along and say, "Ah! With the edit, this is a duplicate!", so you reclose it as such. But that isn't necessarily fair, because I might still think it is unclear. No consensus was reached regarding you new close reason.
@RyanM I see. It's...still correct. See section "The Grammar of 'All Of'".
In my hypothetical implementation, the voting algorithm for the close reason would still apply: two people would have to agree.
Hoo boy!
So now we have meta-closure going on.
(not that the current implementation of that is particularly good...)
(also, in the case I'm looking at currently, the question is not yet closed)
7:24 AM
Not only are people voting to close a question, but then other people are voting to re-open that question while a third group of people are voting to change the reason for which that question is closed. Sounds like a fantastic idea!
Maybe bronze badge holders can vote on the votes of non-badge holders. Then silver badge holders vote on the votes of bronze badges. And hold badge holders vote on the votes of silver badges. Then we need super gold badge holders to vote on the votes of normal gold badges. And so on and so forth.
@VLAZ Diamond badge holders?
it was a question that originally had wildly insufficient information: it was asking how to do something on "a smartwatch" without saying what OS the smartwatch ran. The OP then clarified, and it's now a clear dupe. If I could change my close reason, I'd switch it to duplicate and then cv-pls it to pick up a second vote for that duplicate (assuming people agree with me, of course).
@CodyGray They are at the top of the chain. We need another 10 layers to get there.
I'd actually go so far as to say that I'd be mostly happy to not have this power on questions that are already closed.
7:27 AM
If it's not closed yet, all you need, @RyanM, is a single gold-badge holder who can hammer it as a dupe.
(Or a moderator, but we don't talk about those.)
@VLAZ Rainbow colour-coded diamonds. Green diamonds have both yellow and blue powers.
@yivi Pray tell, how canst thou forsee into the future?
@Scratte perfect!
@CodyGray It's a monkey thing.
7:31 AM
Put infinite monkeys in front of keyboards and eventually you will have all possible typos.
So true. My morning work would attest to that.
7:52 AM
all my work ...
Pro-tip: Avoid working as much as possible. That has an enormous impact in the total number of typos.
8:14 AM
@VLAZ It would be faster to evolve them from functional code
8:52 AM
@Cody Prediction fulfilled: stackoverflow.com/questions/62146461/…
@CodyGray I think I posted a solution for that.
9:05 AM
Has anyone else noticed all the awful HMS tag edits with identical edit comments the last couple days?
@Nick I posted on Meta about it.
Perfect, thanks
9:38 AM
Have I been mentioned?
9:48 AM
@CodyGray I meant status-review, but I suppose it is not allowed yet on old posts. I would like that this be brought to the attention of the devs, because it is the only rate limit which is 5s long. Every time I flag something I get this message and it is so annoying. If only it was 3s then there would be no problem.
@Dharman Oh, sorry. Glad I asked, then, because I totally didn't get that you were thinking status-review. Sure, the tag is allowed on old posts.
I still think that flagging the post with a custom flag may be a better option than individually flagging a zillion comments, though.
Can anyone advice me on an internet matter? My speed is fine, by the time I get connected to a website, pings are 5ms, but getting the initial connection done takes a few seconds. Previously, also the initial connection took a matter of milliseconds, but now I e.g. see "connecting to font.static" in the lower left corner of the browser for several seconds before displaying the page. Is this an issue with my laptop, my router, or my ISP?
@Adriaan I can advise you on a grammar matter. "Advise" is a verb; "advice" is a noun.
Sounds like a DNS problem, actually.
You might try switching to a different DNS provider, like Google's free DNS service or OpenDNS, even if just temporarily.
@CodyGray thanks, will do. On the router, or the laptop?
@Adriaan Either one. Normally, your laptop is configured (via DHCP) to use the router's DNS. The router is configured, in turn, also via DHCP, to use your ISP's DNS.
So if you're going to manually override the DNS servers with something different, you can override on either one. The laptop is probably an easier place to do that.
9:58 AM
Is there a delay when recalculating reputation? A question was deleted 47 minutes ago and my votes were not yet given back to me
@Dharman I stole them. Better luck next time.
@Adriaan You could just watch the network tab of your browser, it should say how much time is taking each action.
Kids these days and their fancy tools. Man, when I was doing IT, we had to walk uphill in the snow, both ways.
@CodyGray My router displays a list with possible DNS providers (DynDNS.org is currently selected), would picking a different one there work?
@Adriaan that's probably DDNS, not the same thing :)
10:01 AM
@Adriaan Hmm, that's odd. DynDNS.org is a dynamic DNS provider; it provides an easy way to map your dynamic IP address (assigned by your ISP) to a fixed URL (www.adriaan.com or whatever).
You're looking for just DNS server configuration information. Should be wherever you configure your Internet connection information, along with IP address, subnet mask, etc.
Yea, it's under the dynamic DNS tab
Okay, that's not what you want.
@Adriaan if your ISP is like most ISP, it probably gets its dns from the ISP dhcp server.
I don't know if elephants use Windows, Mac, or Linux. But when you do an ipconfig/ifconfig, that lists your IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server(s).
So find where you can change those
@CodyGray Ubuntu 20.04 ;)
10:02 AM
In that case, your only option is to modify your internal network dhcp entries and make changes there
Ah, you picked the one out of those that I can't walk you through in my head. Haha
@CodyGray DNS are kind of a separated beast in windows and linux, you need nslookup instead of ipconfig in windows.
cat /etc/resolv.conf to know which dns servers your system is using on linux
Oh, are they? Hmm. Well, in Windows, I generally just use the GUI.
The only real system administration I do is on embedded systems, where I have something like nmcli or something, which centralizes all this.
I use EdgeOS (a vyatta fork) in my router and unifi products for switch/ap.
I have never heard of Vyatta
@Dharman Fire sale! Get your low-quality answers at 80% off!
10:08 AM
FIRE! Sale
Life is just too short to build/configure/administer your own network equipment.
I just wanted something that didn't suck, and the equipment provided by my isp sucks so bad...
"I just wanted something that didn't suck" <-- famous last words
Oh, how many times I have uttered those.
And still have something that sucks, mostly because I am still trying to build it.
@CodyGray Sorry if my meta edit was problematical.
Hahahaha, I'm pretty satisfied by my network equipment. So satisfied that I basically forgot it exist.
10:13 AM
@AdrianMole No, no. It wasn't really problematic. Just a separate issue, and one that is now obsolete. (The user who suggested the plagiarized wikis is not the same user who created the tags.)
@Braiam That's exactly how it should be
I found a checkbox Network->LAN-> DHCP Server, and (un-)ticking that (hides)shows a panel called IP Address Pool. That's not what I am looking for, right?
@Adriaan Nope. That's to have your router run its own DHCP server, so it will hand out client addresses to your devices.
If you don't already have that set up, then you obviously don't need/want it.
@CodyGray it was automatically ticked on, I haven't changed that tick mark ever
@Adriaan Do you know your router model?
@CodyGray Also, the tags are not all from the same user (according to the asker on those with only one question). But many/all the users seem to have created their accounts around about the same time.
10:16 AM
@Braiam I'll go check that.
Arris, Motorola, something nobody has ever heard before?
I assume you do have it set up, though. That basically enables plug-and-play when it comes to hanging devices off of your router. The "pool" is going to give you the option to change the pool of addresses it hands out dynamically. You could shrink that, if possible, to give yourself some IP addresses on your local network that could be statically allocated and will never conflict with the dynamically allocated ones.
@Adriaan Oh salt...
Never heard of that!
They are quite proud of the fact that it's Swiss.
10:17 AM
@CodyGray No wonder, they only operate in Switzerland IIRC
Yeah, was visiting my sister on Switzerland and her household had one of those.
Weird. Why would they need to brag about being Swiss then? Are Swiss that impressed by it?
@CodyGray I was surprised when I moved here that there are flags everywhere. On the Coke (made in Switzerland), most houses, butter, bread, you name it and there's a flag on it if it was made local
I thought you were from Scandinavia anyway...
It was my impression while visiting that the Swiss are very proud of their country.
10:18 AM
@CodyGray Netherlands actually
@Braiam You ain't been to 'Merica yet. :-p
@CodyGray I had, but in the circles I moved was mostly latin heavy.
Ah, South Florida
Nope, New York :D
I couldn't find a situation where I was forced to talk english outside the hotel :)
@Adriaan Probably easiest to avoid mucking about with your router and just change them on your local computer. See, for example: techrepublic.com/article/…. The article is already suggesting use of Google's free public DNS servers ( and
Here's perhaps even easier, since it's talking about the desktop GUI: linuxize.com/post/how-to-set-dns-nameservers-on-ubuntu-18-04
I don't imagine this has changed from Ubuntu 18 to 20.
10:24 AM
> Sadly, the Salt box doesn't have a configuration menu for the DNS settings to push to the clients. You can use other DNS servers instead of the CloudFlare ones ( and - Google's public servers ( and are a popular choice and you can find more by googling.
Reply With Quote
Those two sentences seem to contradict each other. How can I use other DNS servers if there's no configuration menu to select them?
> If you do have the DNS lookup issue, as the Salt box doesn't have a menu where you can configure this for the entire network, you will need to make the changes locally (i.e. on each device exhibiting the issue).
@CodyGray Probably translation issues.
This other quote is more specific.
@CodyGray that did the trick. GUI has changed slightly, but not enough to not find what I was looking for. Thanks!
So then the question becomes, does this fix your latency problems?
It did, at least from a quick test visiting some sites I had the problem on earlier today.
10:27 AM
Oh, nice
I mean, I really like salt mobile plans (30 bucks for all unlimited calls, internet and sms), but Switzerland fixed internet is lackluster
Köszönöm, both of you @Cody @Braiam
Oh boy, what language have we switched to now? That looks...Turkish, maybe? Definitely not Germanic.
Turkish was a reasonable guess: part of the Finno-Ugric group.
10:31 AM
@Braiam I only have their 10Gbit/s internet option; amounts to 250MBit/s on wifi and 600MBit/s on cable. But oh well, like I ever need more than that. Even loading a full movie goes fast enough with those speeds. Besides, they're 50CHF/month, where "traditional" providers ask at least 80CHF/month for way less than 100MBit/s. by the time you want anywhere near fibre speeds you get way above 150CHF/month (1CHF = 1USD btb)
@Adriaan I really didn't mean their speeds or prices. (I know salt is the cheaper one there)
Is more like the associated services that you need for internet. And it's more of a general complain about fixed internet in Switzerland.
@Braiam how's that with associated services? Do you mean that I got a package deal with landline telephone and TV, even though I don't use those?
@Adriaan More like DNS servers that don't suck :)
Well, up to this week I haven't been troubled by that
11:15 AM
@E_net4isdownhausted Yes. I usually talk about you when you least expect it.
@Scratte Better watch out, I am unsafe.
@E_net4isdownhausted But I do not rust. I corrode to wrinkly.
11:51 AM
Something seems very off with the First Posts. It's saying that only 5 posts were submitted today. While that may be correct, it seems unusual.
@Scratte also reported on MSE: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/348805/…
12:07 PM
@rene Thank you. I noticed the view count on that. Perhaps like me, users forget to check meta.meta
It's a new unannounced policy: No posting of your first post unless you have already posted your first post.
@AdrianMole If only there was a "pending" state before they hit the front page :(
That would be unfriendly.
Not sure if you're joking..
12:15 PM
@Scratte Triage was supposed to be that.
@Braiam It's not working either way. Posts are live until closed. I have ages away flags on posts that should not have been live at all.
Especially also because that first time when it's high on the page will bring in answers, and the post is even less likely to be edited. Now it's a bigger cleanup.
1:38 PM
^^ my own duplicate nomonation seems vaguely botched
1:58 PM
@Georgy I am not sure that "needs debugging details" fits here - it was clear, it has received an upvote, and it has attracted several answers that did not need to guess.
2:23 PM
I am trying to understand the logic behind this edit stackoverflow.com/posts/62116482/revisions
@Vega I'd modflag that.
@Vega they got stopped by the quality filter and they "tricked" the filter by adding noise
Instead they should have fixed the root cause
Ah! I was far from that. Thank you
I was thinking to just rollback and edit the post and the title
@Vega one of the things that should be done is have a blank line after the header (the ## bla ones) and before each code block. That is the reason the quality filter kicked in.
2:37 PM
@halfer I've read several posts on meta previously like Are there legitimate “fix my code” questions? and Why is “Can someone help me?” not an actual question? to have a better understanding about what should be done about such questions. And, I believe, the "needs debugging details" (previous no MCVE) reason fits the best here. Nobody will ever search for this particular question and find it useful.
@rene I see! Thank you :)
OP should've split their code to small parts and find that specific part that doesn't behave as expected.
@Vega glad I could help. I'm trying to find a meta post I wrote about this but I can't find it anymore :/
I tried to find it, but could've. Instead I found some other of your posts that will keep me busy reading for a while ;)
I'm sorry ;)
2:56 PM
@rene this is now fixed by @Taryn
Oh dear! Almost 2K First Posts.. at least it didn't re-start slowly :)
3:19 PM
time to work on my review stats ...
@Scratte Just spotted that. I'm sure it was about 80 last time I looked!
3:39 PM
@DavidBuck It was. Yesterday morning.
Is it a rollback war if it's only done back-and-forth once? Revision from 2 to 3 and 3 to 4.
@Scratte If it's a war, then it's a very messy one.
... possibly worth a mod flag for investigation?
@AdrianMole I sometimes see it going back and forth a lot more. Which is why I'm not sure if this constitutes a "war". Though I do not believe it's lacking any question marks :)
You could contribute a personal touch by changing the ??????... to ?!?!?!?!?...
All I know is that rollback wars take too much time to be resolved.
@AdrianMole I only do that in the summary :D
3:49 PM
@E_net4isdownhausted But mods can lock a post to prevent further messing around.
@AdrianMole That is what often takes too much time. ;)
4:07 PM
4:26 PM
Is it reasonable just to edit out the last two sentences of this question? It seems OK apart from the throwaway 'request for recommendations' at the end. stackoverflow.com/questions/61501221/…
@DavidBuck yeah, please do
Why does it say now "close (1) (2)" Is this one of my scripts?
@Dharman do you use Review Queue Helper?
@double-beep yeah
4:38 PM
then yes, it's a bug
5:03 PM
There is also thanks in anticipation?
5:39 PM
@Vega anticipate edits ...
Oh, malheur...
@Vega My tanks are in advancement
(I've armed them with Nerf guns and pea-shooters).
6:17 PM
Okay First Posts done, only H&I left for the final steward badge. ... I give up.
@rene There aren't many folks with the H&I Steward Badge. If I ever even get the (silver) "Reviewer" for that queue, I'll treasure it as the hardest-earned badge I'll ever have.
@rene nice
I also give up
7:23 PM
I've just seen a real live "Pls, halp." :) Am I in the club now?
As in, from an actual person? Whoa.
Was it a question posted by Machavity?
8:00 PM
It was from an actual person, and not Machavity :D
What does "O/p" in "Sample O/p" mean? Is that short for output? I'm seeing it in this sql question
looks that way
yep seems pretty clear that they're talking about output there to me
Thank you both. I tried Google, but no success :) I don't even understand why that needs to be shortened.
Anti-pattern: inventing your own, non-standard abbreviations.
Or: "AP: inv. ur own n/s abbrevs"
8:24 PM
Associated Press: inventorying your own name/space abbreviations
EWISMUA (Even worse is made up acronyms)
I'd click on that article probably
Heh.. Thanks. I don't like them even when they're standard. Except for a few well established ones like SQL, or UTC. <-- though I always have to look up UTC
@AdrianMole You could always take the 'edit something on 20 posts every day' strategy. Appears to be a strategy for some. I can't usually find more than 5 H&I worth doing on any day.
Indeed - that's the only way I can think of to get 7,000 reviews in 5 years (as has been done). But I just can't bring myself to edit posts that have no hope of lasting past about 20 or so views by folks with CV privilege. I have even started to edit some posts (spotted a few lowercase i or other grammar/spelling errors) and then, in mid-edit, realize I simply can't make it right and abandoned the whole attempt. Very tiring queue, if done properly.
8:33 PM
@Scratte When you look it up, do you find a meaning? It would be odd if you do, because there isn't one. It stands for "Coordinated Universal Time" or "Temps Universel Coordonné".
@AdrianMole Same. I've edited plenty to see if I could make any sense out of them once I could actually read the code and start to apply some grammar to the text, conclude that I'm never actually going to be able to do it. A few where it's just that none of the code is readably formatted, I do submit the edit so others can read it, but also close vote. At my current rate of progress I think I'll get to Steward by Easter.
@AdrianMole 7000 reviews in 5 years is less than 4 reviews a day :-)
you can get 7300 reviews in a single year if you do 20 a day
But even 3 a day in H&I is pushing things, in my experience.
1 a day in H&I is too much IMHO ;)
8:38 PM
I nearly made 20, once. Queue seemed full of sensible poorly formatted questions. Just one day, though. Today, I have made zero edits so far but a stack of close votes. Average is probably in the 1-4 range
@CodyGray I do. I find that it's the same as "London"-time without daylight savings :) Then I know what time is compared to my own timezone :)
I see.
"What would a Londoner do?" and all that
Words to live by.
I've had access to H&I for about a year and have so far managed 131 reviews. I quite rapidly earned the Steward badge in all other queues.
Anyone listened to the latest podcast ("Podcast 240: JavaScript is ready to get its own place")? Are they announcing js.so.com?
UTC = UK Time - Comprende?
8:41 PM
Are we finally making jQuery off-topic for SO?
@CodyGray also interested what that's all about.
@VLAZ Presumably, like me, not nearly interested enough to listen to a podcast.
It is like the antithesis of Q&A.
Exactly. The SO podcast isn't really within my top 20. Heck, my top 50.
Heavy on the nonsense; cannot be quickly read & digested.
There's an SO podcast?
8:42 PM
@VLAZ people listen to the SO podcast?
@TylerH I think he said 20 people do
Well, they keep making it, so I assume someone listens to it.
that sounds about right
@VLAZ you underestimate peoples' interest in hearing themselves talk
I dislike the "talk show" type of podcast.
Yeah....that's not a valid assumption.
What other type of podcast is there?
8:45 PM
Comedy, historical, audio drama
Feature Request: "Skipper" (Gold) Badge. Skip 5,000 reviews (one badge for each queue); count is reset to zero every time an audit is skipped.
Yes! :) Wait.. why reset it?
So you can't just click Skip 5,000 times in a row.
Otherwise you'd encourage robo-skippers.
Oh.. right. I think some Skipping audits should be OK though. Like 3 in a row resets it
8:52 PM
why give people a badge for mulliganing?
@TylerH Says the user that's never been review banned because as they once said.. they skip a lot :)
@Scratte yeah but I don't think I should be rewarded for skipping
it's the least I should be doing when I can't objectively review a post otherwise
@TylerH Not to worry. I think you should :) It takes time to Skip too. One need to at least get an idea what they have no idea.
otherwise you might as well also give out a badge for users who go a certain # of days not reviewing at all... the "lazy generation" badge or something
@TylerH In some cases...
8:55 PM
if anything I think you should get a badge for skipping all the audits. "Deft Eye" or something. Audits can waste votes...
That might actually reduce the deleterious consequences of gamification of review queues better than audits.
@CodyGray I'm sure Sam would welcome the relief from robo reviewers in certain queues...
How does the audits waste votes? It doesn't waste any flags. It just noticed I did the routine, but the flag count does not go down.
^ True - Close votes on audits don't come off your daily quota.
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