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@gparyani Those are all cv-pls requests for questions which are now closed. The requests will be automatically selected to be moved to the graveyard the next time one of the ROs runs the Archiver script. There's no need to specifically inform us in that circumstance, unless you see it's not being moved after it's been closed for a while and the Archiver script has been run (i.e. something's wrong). However, if you want a request moved prior to completion, then please do ping us to remove it.
@Makyen Ah, sorry, I wasn't aware that a script was being used.
2:14 AM
from an 8K user
3:08 AM
I remember when we didn't have a script for that. We just didn't move anything
Now only if I could build a userscript to physically go to work for me every day...
3:36 AM
Hmm does the updated Unclosed Request Review Script not auto-hide (grey out and make smaller is a better definition) closed questions here anymore?
No that wasn't the one that was updated... Now I'm just confused.
@K.Dᴀᴠɪs Yes, the beta version of that script does shrink-fade completed requests, unless you've changed options from the default such that it does not.
@K.Dᴀᴠɪs That's called engineering yourself out of a job
@Makyen Hmm it was set to Hide (not yours) but I didn't change it. Strange... It's fixed now
@TinyGiant I already automate 70% of my job anyways. And they don't even know lol
@K.Dᴀᴠɪs I tend to do similar
So that's why I'm usually on this site during work
3:39 AM
I'm chatting in Magic Overflow right now. It's wicked. Horrible, but wicked
@K.Dᴀᴠɪs That's strange. You're the second person that's reported something has changed in their options. However, the other person reported it reverting to a default, whereas "Hide" is certainly not the default. That's just weird.
@TinyGiant Cool.
I'm slowly getting the kinks worked out.
I wrote out the whole browser library without testing a single line, and was like "hope it works, click. nope"
:-) Yeah, it would be quite impressive if it worked, though.
3:44 AM
Darn tootin
4:26 AM
Oh, that's nice. The tag just changed from to automatically. That's something
5:09 AM
it's probably a genuine Microsoft employee who doesn't know how to use this site, not a bona fide spammer
but the question is deleted now, so no way to follow up
It's not spam. It's an email on a microsoft domain and provided an answer to how to obtain a mac version of the application. At worst it could be a troll trying to get a Microsoft employee's inbox spammed... but it's not spam. That said, it was attracting a bunch of flags, so I just got rid of the question
OP changed from blurred images to formatted text. Question makes sense now.
@tripleee it is "the" question :)
5:24 AM
you still need to link to it though (^8
@tripleee yeah thanks. (facepalm) - I did nt realize that I missed entering the question link
sure C-:
@tripleee Does it make any difference that the target is for IPv4 and the proposed dupe is IPv6?
@K.Dᴀᴠɪs not sure actually, don't have an IPv6 where I can test
one of the answers specifically says "With the increasing popularity of IPv6, and for servers with multiple network interfaces, using a third-party Python module for finding the IP address is probably both more robust and reliable than any of the methods listed here."
which also I guess is pretty much a valid answer regardless
@Makyen Is asking for screenshots of deleted MSO posts allowed here?
@gparyani If you are wanting it for some moderation purpose, that sounds like it should be OK.
@Makyen Unfortunately, it doesn't fall under that purpose, so I won't ask here.
6:11 AM
Q: Is Google Sheets topicality and burnination of [google-sheets]

Evan CarrollThere are a lot of questions about Google Sheets (essentially a hosted version Excel on the cloud, with less functionality). We even have a tag for it. google-sheets Many of these questions seem like it's way out of the purview of the site, and more fit for something like WebApps.StackExchan...

6:57 AM
oh still needs one more downvote, sorry ^
7:19 AM
^ certainly a duplicate, but perhaps this one should be the canonical, rather than the other way around?
7:33 AM
@TemaniAfif ^
@tripleee the first vote was me ;)
brilliant minds
7:45 AM
^ another openInvent / Ember Leona sock
this is apparently the original actually
8:17 AM
Looks like General Computing / Software related problem - stackoverflow.com/q/53222024/2469308 ??
@MadhurBhaiya marginal, developer tools are grudgingly accepted
9:12 AM
^ NAA after vandalism reverted
1 hour later…
10:39 AM
@tripleee OP concurs but I am out of close votes myself; somebody please actually nominate the duplicate?
2 hours later…
12:40 PM
Would I be justified in rolling this edit back?
Rolled it back. Revision 3 worsened the grammar and formatting IMO
1:19 PM
Quick question: just noticed an NAA flag that got declined by a mod(here), imo it was obviously incorrectly declined, even though I left a comment explaining my flag. Which is most productive: modflag/meta-discussion?
@ErikvonAsmuth Honestly not sure, I don't think it would be well received on meta. I can see why it made it out of the review queue alive though, it would need knowledge (which I don't have) to see why it's not an answer
I'd say modflag, but be very thorough with your explanation. It'll still be a gamble though
there's a 3rd option which is to let it go. there's plenty of other stuff to clean. not recommending, just sayin'
Though combine the two answers together and you'll get a better answer - that second one at least explains the code from the first
@MichaelDodd That's why I put in that comment, it's unrelated to the question, it's an improvement on an answer and that's not an answer on its own. I mean, you can see it's a modification on the code provided in the accepted answer. But I don't really see how I could add upon my existing comment.
Yes, but the problem is, modifying the answer causes an incompatibility with VBA6, so that would require even further modification (conditional compilation), which would substantially change the answer...
@ErikvonAsmuth Modflag or drop in that case. It would definitely survive another wash in the VLQ queue, and you'd likely need to generify the scenario a bit more for it to gain traction on meta
1:28 PM
My issue is: it got mod declined, it didn't get disputed in the queue, but I guess a mod flag is still the way to go
(and apologies in advance if anything I say seems incoherent or rambled, got a few things on my mind, and maybe I should stop contributing further in this comment chain)
@ErikvonAsmuth Right, sorry, I didn't catch the mod decline bit at first (see my previous comment). That changes matters
Meta might be a slightly better option in that case
1 hour later…
Not sure how to handle this case: https://stackoverflow.com/a/53019456/3702797
That user keeps posting the same code-only answer (with minor edits ? didn't really checked).
For <10K there are 5 more deleted answers by the same user.

Should this get flagged to mods or VLQ or just downvoted?
@Kaiido If it's exactly the same answer posted over and over, modflag
No they are different actually
my bad
Code-only answers aren't VLQ, they're still answers even if they're bad answers. Downvote and move on
Yeah? I feel something is wrong in not even letting them know that there is something incorrect in there behavior.
Seriously, I can't even tell if they really are trying to answer the question or not.
3:07 PM
I dropped an auto comment on those three answers there
I left a comment on one of the answers as well
@eyllanesc I think electrics or electonics, not programming.
just remember bot to pile on in the comments
@NathanOliver Comment piler 3000?
3:31 PM
@MichaelDodd You commented on an answer that there were 3 code only answers, I also see 5 other code only answers that have been deleted by their owner. The oldest is dated 8 October. All 8 are by the same user. That person is keen on writing something!
@MadhurBhaiya yeah
@MadhurBhaiya Common spam link
thanks. handy link
@MadhurBhaiya A good rule of thumb is that if it is a 1 rep unregistered user and all the answer does is promote a product, it is spam.
3:57 PM
I generally follow this thumb rule, but sometimes my spam flags have been disputed/declined by Mods
Now when I try to flag, I get this reminder message that some of your previous flags have been declined. so do it carefully
4:21 PM
Please don't put plain text (or even hashed) passwords in your URL. That's extremely insecure. — gunr2171 1 min ago
@gunr2171 dont worry. After I figure this out I will convert the password to sha256 using jquey and then send it to Action — Danial Ahmed 38 secs ago
slaps forehead you're going to do encryption ON THE CLIENT SIDE!?!!?!
remind me to never hire you
After all it is a bug that has been fixed
@Masoud uh, you actually voted to close that?
@Masoud has it been fixed in vs2015? If not, still valid
@gunr2171 That's what I think, sorry mate, of course if I am wrong people won't close it
@Masoud That's not really what the close reason is for. If it was a real bug, then people with that version will still have it.
4:25 PM
@NathanOliver point taken, will retract!
we had this same problem on meta
also an interesting physics question regardless ^
@gunr2171 Intel actually forces this to resolve the latest CPU encryption vulnerability
@NathanOliver would you show me the meta post, wanna read it out of curiosity
4:31 PM
@Masoud There were people voting to close bug reports as no longer reproducible, this just says the status tag should be added. Also see this for SO Q's.
^ sigh
peers in from behind the curtains
@NathanOliver thanks
shines laser pointer on the floor and moves it around
@Masoud You're welcome
@Compass I read that without a starting "R", might have been appropriate behavior for a cat.
4:45 PM
I think the appropriate measured response for a laser pointer is to attack it viciously with the Roomba.
@NathanOliver Kitty shark (doo doo de doot de doo)?
Jaws meats Claws ;)
Yay! Now when I refresh a tab, it doesn't restart the whole application. Makin' progress
4:59 PM
@TinyGiant still using that experimental platform?
I've got ~1600 LOC atm
time to rewrite it all in Haskell, then!
5:05 PM
The tab selectors, tab close buttons, and new tab button all work
Tab switching works
It autofocuses the newly created tab, and has a "new tab start page" option
Does not have spellchecking though
> Does not have spellchecking
Literally unusable
@TinyGiant Oh I like that
@TylerH Agreed
5:07 PM
@TinyGiant Does it include the option to not switch to a new tab on creation?
@K.Dᴀᴠɪs Thanks
@TylerH Not yet, but that's easy to implement
@K.Dᴀᴠɪs I don't use userscripts
(with the exception of unclosed request script)
Also the githubusercontent domain is blocked for me at work *sadface*
@TylerH well hey, soon you'll be able to have a whole browserscript
5:09 PM
@TinyGiant does it make coffee?
@rene does not do that.
@TinyGiant fancy
did you seriously linked me to coffee script?
5:14 PM
The larger eyed deer is to lock the chat browser to only Stack Exchange chat hosts, with a switcher to switch between, and similar with the main browser it should be locked to Stack Exchange Main/Meta sites and have a switcher for the host, and main vs meta
be sure to advertise that over in room 17, too @TinyGiant I bet they would love it
any links that go to a page outside of the lock would open in either a normal browser window, or an "unlocked" browser set
@TylerH for sure, when it is reasonably stable
@rene Be thankful, I could have linked you to Node.js :P
Thank you
5:18 PM
Hi, I have question to moderators. My question has just been marked as duplicate by a person that clearly haven't read the very first sentence (which directly explains why this question is different). Usually, I don't mind such things, but this case just scratched me the wrong way. What should I do to prevent this in the future?

Here's the question in question (sorry): https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48871467/binary-diff-algorithm-for-small-binary-blobs
It's still POB
@MaxYankov Your question isn't closed. I would leave a comment to the original voter to explain why it's not a dupe, so anyone else voting on closure knows your side
Your existing comment really doesn't do this. "It seems that you did not even read my question" is an ad-hominem attack
@Machavity I have, but I want to prevent this from happening in the future. My question clearly addresses the difference in the first sentence. I feel very annoyed that such clearly harmful actions can happen on SO without any repercussion.
So I would delete that comment and leave one explaining why it's not a duplicate. If you do this, you should get better results, even if they don't agree with you
@Machavity "ad-hominem" is an attack on some quality of another person that has no relation to the conflict. But the fact that the person clearly haven't read the question is very relevant.
5:24 PM
@MaxYankov Closing a question as a duplicate of another is not a harmful action but a helpful one. Remember you are supposed to always assume good faith; that user clearly thinks the target applies
Closure isn't harmful. Duplicate closure is meant to be helpful. It doesn't negate any votes and doesn't delete it
@Machavity The question already has an explanation about why it's not a duplicate. I've gotten used to these flags and now always start my question with such an explanation. If somebody reads my question and still thinks that it's a duplicate, he would need to address already existing explanation first.
@Machavity closure of a question that only appears to be a duplicate but is not - is clearly harmful. As someone who reads answers, I've often found SO to be less helpful because relevant question was closed as a "duplicate" and original question was not really relevant. This is exactly what's happening here.
To add insult to injury, my question has just received a negative vote after almost a year of inactivity, which clearly seems related to this dispute, and not the quality of the question.

To clarify, the reason why I'm so annoyed by this is, is because it's a very typical frustrating experience on Stack Overflow, and I finally want to find out the proper way to fight this kind of abuse.
@πάνταῥεῖ gobbledegook is tp
Just because you say it isn't a duplicate doesn't mean that anyone else has to agree with you. You make your case in order to convince the masses, not to put a wall in front of them to prevent them from closing your question.
@πάνταῥεῖ 1 rep unregistered user posting gibberish == nuke with a rude/abusive flag
5:31 PM
@TinyGiant I completely agree. However, I think that if I already made my case, then somebody with a different opinion should actually address my arguments and show why they're irrelevant. If instead he completely ignores them and marks it as a duplicate without any acknowledgement of them, then I don't know how to see it in any way other than clear abuse.
@NathanOliver OK, I'll registered for future.
That would be nice, but not necessary. I don't have to get into an argument before I cast my vote. If your case is not sufficiently convincing, I am within my purview to vote to close
Not everything is inheritly abusive because it targets you. If your question gets flagged as a dupe, that means one thing: The person who does thinks it is. Whether it actually is or not is up to the community, unless it's a gold hammer. This isn't a hammer, it's a single vote. I can't tell if it's a dupe or not, but it still looks POB to me. But any votes or flags aren't necessarily abusive, unless you get directly targeted by the same person on multiple posts, and there's no foundation for it
@TinyGiant I would never consider this abuse if this person would write something like "I read your point about file size, but I disagree with this because...". It's the fact that he didn't pay any attention to it, and clearly didn't even read it, that irritates me this much.
I didn't say that it's abusive because it targets me. This is not in any way what I said. I said that it's abusive because it doesn't respond to arguments that I've already put in question, instead of engaging in the conversation.

Don't you think that this should be a requirement for using a flag?
@Max They don't have to say anything at all. What irritates me is when people assume that someone else must not have read what they wrote when in reality the person just didn't agree with what the other person wrote and didn't feel the need to get into an argument about said disagreement in order to cast a vote that they are perfectly within their purview to cast.
5:38 PM
@MaxYankov no response doesn't mean abusive either
No one is required to respond to any arguments that you put anywhere, ever. And it can never be considered "abuse" for someone to not respond to such arguments.
Like: "That guy didn't start/engage in a flame war. That's abusive!"
5:54 PM
@MaxYankov To be honest, I don't see that 'large files' vs 'small files' is a worthwhile distinction for such a tool request. You mentioned that you're looking for one specifically for small files but you don't bother explaining why you think the difference matters
You should clearly indicate "the answers there do not work well for small files because...[insert reasons here]"
6:43 PM
ctrl+click on a link opens it in a new tab. Yay!
jeez, implementing all the minutiae of a web browser is tedious
like, I just went to type a google query into the address bar, then I was like "oh yeah, it doesn't do that yet"
Are you writting that all in JS?
but I went ahead and made it type-safe-ish
6:52 PM
So far, no external resources required other than electron. I'm going to need an autocomplete library as well as a spellchecker library at least though
7:04 PM
I hope that my comments on this question stackoverflow.com/q/53231790/2469308 are fine (and not trolling) ?
no you are fine
HAHA @Madhur he edited his post
I mean, it's technically an answer.
7:40 PM
TFW you come back home to relax except the prod glitched and ran into a critical failure
Now waiting for my fix to deploy
This weekend will be restful.
Plop everyone
@PaulStenne Fun friday
@PaulStenne o/
I'll be gone starting tonight and returning the 17th. I'll be at the "happiest place on earth".
So if you don't hear from me, that's why.
Ha, duckduckgo thinks my browser is Brave
I've got myself in some time serving troubles to push the SECRCVR, whilst being heavily involved with theater rehearsals for Woody Allen's Death. Looks like I am really busy these days (not to mention what I am doing at work actually).
7:52 PM
google thinks it isn't a browser at all and tells me to use the google widgets api instead
@gunr2171 Basement with beer?
@gunr2171 Low dripping information channels and communication these days, yeah.
@PaulStenne :D
but for clarification, Disney World
@gunr2171 You're going to the meeting place?
7:54 PM
If that meeting happens on a roller coaster, yes
business meeting while on Space Mountain
Space Mountain is the business meeting
Business at hand: coasting on rollers
@gunr2171 "Here's the contraaaaAAAAAAH"
@πάνταῥεῖ With some work i think you could improve that acronym to SECURECOVER
the most secure flower around
@Tyler The acronym is somehow awkward. Though that room seems to be necessary :3
8:00 PM
@TylerH Translate pls
COde REview Close Vote Reviewers
Or just CRCVR
8:16 PM
@StephenKennedy CRCQR at least.
@TinyGiant Yeah, the SE could be dropped.
I won't bother to rename the room for better proposals.
8:33 PM
@gunr2171 Florida isn't the happiest place on earth. They're doing an election recount.
@gunr2171 No, I concur with @PaulStenne (who's this dude? Where's Kyll?). Although an attic with beer might be slightly more preferable
@K.Dᴀᴠɪs You might wanna do that in Charcoal. We don't get all the SD notices in here
Sorry I am somewhat sidetracked at work and thought I was in CHQ :/
@Adriaan Depends on the season
@PaulStenne Have you seen the views from Zürich? Doesn't matter the attic, it's going to be gorgeous!
Or do you mean your Paul/Kyll duality depends on the season? :D
Ah, good point
@Adriaan It depends on the alcohol concentration in my veins, actually
@PaulStenne does the hair come back with alcohol as well?
@Adriaan It certainly feels like it does.
So, you got till the end of the year to drag the fish over here and meet up at @rene's
8:49 PM
@SmokeDetector I just voted to delete
9:24 PM
I'm now out of downvotes, too :(
9:42 PM
@Adriaan Calendar year?
@PaulStenne well, I move to Switzerland somewhere in January. The first one or two weeks I might be around, but no promises.
Mh good point
You're of course welcome to Zürich from 1 Feb onwards, but the tax for lodgings at my place will be a bottle of Ardbeg (which costs the same as the cheapest hostel per night I could find)
As long as I get to drink the tax...
Depends on how much I like your presence :D
@SmokeDetector looks like an honest attempt

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