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12:00 AM
Sometimes I really wish more of you were on C++
@PetterFriberg By our very own Kyll: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/306820/1743880
we can be c++
@AndrasDeak You want to clean C++?
haha, no:D
I'm too nooby in C++ as well, but all your constant java*-ing is making me feel weird
it would just be a less hostile environment CV-wise:P
12:11 AM
I wouldn't be so sure about that :D
But this is clear demonstration that Java >>>>>>>>>>> C++ of course.
:) I mean I would have a higher ratio of comprehending the questions enough to decide on voting
Obv solution: move to Java and leave the rest :)
oh, good idea
let me instantly get rid of long years of not using or learning any java whatsoever
we can do any tag you want
what's next?:P
12:14 AM
you choose
@AndrasDeak See? Easy enough :)
@Drew I know, but matlab's most convenient, and we're already working on that
great. We already established you have abandoned that tag ( :p ) what is the 2nd one?
I guess I could manage some python (numpy/matplotlib, mostly :P)
Found very easily thanks to my new awesome script :)
12:16 AM
Tuna, wow, didn't know you did userscripts too. Until a few hours ago.
@Tunaki You mean your new awesome script™
@Drew why?
@Tunaki seems almost like spam.. Linking his own post...
It's the 2nd also.
12:20 AM
@PetterFriberg 2k user
careful with spam
Yeah I'm not flagging..., but he better atleast get answer in shape
@AndrasDeak I can do python. But that has been tough in the past.
@Drew in what sense? Immense cesspool?
or lack of peeps?
no. Building a team that is serious
ah, that's OK, I'm not serious either;)
12:21 AM
We have Mr. Softie and Java down to a science
mr softie? help me out here...
wait, some letters are wrong
too lazy to fix
@Drew 2 for now. Beginner in that. One for the timeline, now one to find potential reflags.
Tuna do we have some guidance here for only 1 room guy on a post like what is going on
12:28 AM
not following you here
1:30 am, you'll need to be more explicit
The "don't gang up" thing
voting ring?
Or try not to gang up thing
Nah, not voting ring. But only 1 guy (hopefully) under a post responding to someone
haaa I see. Yes, we do.
> A post is to be actively handled by only one member of the room. (We don't need 4 members all leaving witty statements in the comments or in chat.)
Rule #9.
@PetterFriberg if at all possible. Do as I say, not as I always do ^^
12:34 AM
@Drew I do not get you?, when Tunaki responded to abusive OP?, I had clearly stated that I would move on...
Drew, it's 1:30 am for Petter also :D
maybe it will make sense tomorrow. Goodnight.
:) good night o/
:) good night o/
Yeah need to sleep to understand what went wrong
Don't even remeber the cmd
12:41 AM
@AndrasDeak It's Drew's fault.
lol, I would have guessed so..
good night btw:)
@ProgramFOX Oh, I think it's fine :D
And Morning!
12:53 AM
@KevinGuan morning
1:07 AM
does it make sense to flag as offensive and NAA?
I just did, just for next time...
I would go with the more serious one
oh, it tells me "I've already flagged it"
it's a bit odd...
flagging for offensive disables the spam/offensive options for that post
oh yeah, you're right
but attempting (the still enabled) NAA gives me a red note
@Tunaki It initializes the ajax editor, so you aren't redirected to the edit page.
1:10 AM
You don't notice after you have 2k rep, but prior to that you don't get the fancy ajax editor unless you hack it in.
Now, off to my other job. Back later.
1:50 AM
@TinyGiant on the room FAQ the link to the SE editor toolkit leads to your github, where it says it's deprecated. Shouldn't then the link point to the SOCVR repo?
2:02 AM
Can I get some clarification on a closed question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/35284654/eclipse-is-not-working-after-updating-java
The reason states the question is off-topic for SO, but I just don't see why.
@AustinD sure thing
@AustinD I agree that is not 100% "should go to Super User", but I can understand the intention.
@AustinD you did a great job with the question, I'm not sure I could've read through it all in its original state
rev1 was painful
@Drew Agreed! I think the original question writeup was a bit cryptic and that may have misled some to close it so quickly. But I think the current question is very much on-topic and useful for SO posterity
@AndrasDeak Thanks
2:13 AM
@AustinD is more of "this is not a programming problem" rather than "go to super user"
@AustinD I'd recommend that the answer stay here. Just my opinion
It is not like an exact analogy, but how it is so different than this
What the heck is superuser going to do with it
@Drew either I'm misunderstanding you, or you're misunderstanding Austin D. I think he's arguing that the question should be reopened.
@AndrasDeak Yes
I am reading the Tea Leave here. He wants SO points, not get it migrated
OK, so it's settled. I don't understand you:P
2:23 AM
If it was closed as Too Broad (that is just an example, don't over analyze it), he probably wouldn't be here
@Drew Partially. I didn't think it was a duplicate, so I put in a good bit of time to correct it. But really, I just don't understand the stated reason. I found many other questions dealing with Eclipse setup on SO, and I don't see what Super User would do with it
So, I'm trying to understand the reason as well as the appeal process
@AustinD I'll reiterate what Braiam said: the main point is the bold face "general computing software or hardware" bit
there are a few built-in reasons for closing a question as off-topic, this is one of them
the bit in the end noting that you may be more lucky on SU is more of a hint
Austin will now crack and just admit he wants those 5 points. :p
I think the close-voters felt that the question is about installing a programming language rather than programming
@Drew \begin{overanalyzation}it is not too broad\end{overanalyzation}
2:31 AM
@Braiam latex ftw!
@Drew 5 points?
you mean 50, which were never taken?
I knew even when disclaiming it someone here would argue the nonsense
@AndrasDeak Okay! That's I think what I was trying to understand... I couldn't understand how configuring Eclipse and JRE would be off-topic. But if it asked about installing Java in general, I can see that as a "general computing software or hardware" kind of question
@AustinD I'm guessing, but I can easily see it happening
and of course this doesn't necessarily mean that the close-voters were right, especially since that at the time of closing the question was much less clear, with all information buried in verbal polystyrene
@AndrasDeak especially given the state of rev1... ^^
2:36 AM
@AndrasDeak thank god for emacs and its latex-mode
(OK, I actually type everything in vim, but I know I wouldn't have to if I cared)
3:17 AM
well that settles that
I wonder how terrifying his next question is going to be
Faith and hope --- it will be better.
alright @Ian I know you are dying to help me with some c# batches. I will ping you when I get one put together soon
3:48 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels "I don't know how to program. Did you mean program files?" Oh man...
He's yanking our chain, that's all.
How can I play solitaire? Get some cards, learn how to play. I don't have cards.
@HovercraftFullOfEels These are the recent java ones to look at (batch140)
@AlexanderO'Mara In the OP's defense, "your question was deleted because it was a terrible question" might not be the most useful critique
3:54 AM
@Drew "dying to help me with some C# batches" O.o
@TylerH Yeah, I'll write something better.
The post was made purely to gain rep.
Yeah Ian we could use some concentrated help
@cricket_007 could you look at the java ones, batch140 about 6 lines up?
I need to get that last 2k rep so I can see deleted questions
@TylerH "I can't see your deleted question so I can't offer specific advice on how to improve it." Don't worry, it's un-salvageable.
3:58 AM
Yeah, I figured as much, just trying to sound helpful to the OP
Why has someone voted to un-delete it!
@MsYvette can you peek at java 140 in the hive if you have time
@Drew yo \o
looking at your files
@AlexanderO'Mara maybe, we should just suggest him to learn first how to make a text game before asking that question? ;)
4:01 AM
Screenshot for <10k-ers i.stack.imgur.com/ObEpq.png
@Drew looking at it now :D
@Drew can you repost/redirect?
@Ian I am kinda dense what ya mean?
@Drew sorry, I mean about java 140..
Oh brother i.stack.imgur.com/y2Zl5.png Kind-of wish I could thank them for helping raise my flag count.
4:03 AM
@AlexanderO'Mara how did it get an undelete vote?
@Ian I post the current things to focus on for those willing. I am not sure what you mean
People click on "View" and close vote if close worthy
@MsYvette High-rep troll?
@AlexanderO'Mara where' the meta link?
@Drew Ok, nvm... :) perhaps I got it wrong...
4:05 AM
@AlexanderO'Mara yes just found that sorry
I commented on his meta "answer" on why it was downvoted. I mentioned that one gains reputation by posting good questions and good answers. I said "So far, you aren't doing that". I then said "People won't upvote your posts just to make you feel better." His response: "@zondo But why???" What am I supposed to say to that?
@Ian when we have a few people looking at stuff, we can close 10 to 20 pretty quick
@Drew true, that's what this chat is all about..
@zondo nothing really ..
@Ian not so much in this room. But in campaigns
4:07 AM
@MsYvette Fortunately, it was deleted, so I don't have to worry about it :)
I just don't understand how questions like this attract so much attention
Check this. He is really trying hard, I think:
A: Pointless grammar-only edits on questions

grambelThe capital letters are important. So for me it's an important edit.

@MsYvette By being brought up in chat rooms ;)
@Ian Wonder if they know they can't get rep on Meta...
@zondo it has 6 answers!
4:09 AM
@MsYvette all the answerers save one is < 60 rep. So, yah, you know... it is their farm...
@Ian trying hard to be what? :D
And I don't understand how questions like this get up-votes. He's posted code that makes no sense to us.
@Ian I think so
@MsYvette to get points. Do you read his previous posts (on game)?
@HovercraftFullOfEels ttytt I don't understand the voting trends on SO at times at all.
4:11 AM
@MsYvette: you and me both.
@MsYvette I think, it because there isn't any actually. ;) people are quite... random (myself included)
I remember joking with someone on meta saying mention sockets, 3d and a few other trendy points and you get upvotes
4:23 AM
@Drew just got off the computer to eat dinner, sorry
@Drew: Two 10 question batches done.
batch140 is half closed nw
my o key is messed up
theres this and this
4:38 AM
anyone here familiar with GO?
Or heck, I bet anyone could probably help since it's really more like MySQL
i can do that
Q: Remote MySQL connection goes to my router instead of the remote server

Oliver QueenRecently, I have been trying to learn GO for the web, in doing so, of course I am trying to set up a DB to go along with it. The only problem is, when I set everything up the way it's supposed to, I get the following error: Error 1045: Access denied for user 'user'@'124-53-78-51.c3-0.pem-...

yeah I would wait a few minutes before going to a chat room :p Maybe wait days
@OliverQueen: why are you asking this here on the close-vote review site? Do you wish that this question be closed, down-voted or deleted, and if so why?
haha alright, thanks @Drew - it's just frustrating when trying to learn a new language.
4:43 AM
@OliverQueen please do not one box close votes requests or queries on posts in here, just add some text before you add the link.. thanks
Q: What defines a roll-back war and at what point do roll backs trigger auto mod flags?

Ms YvetteI answered this question An edit I made to a question's title was rolled back... Where and how can I discuss this?. In which there are two roll backs now to a SO question. There are references to roll-back wars and automatically flagging: If the user engages in a rollback war we get an autom...

^^ I'm one boxing this as a relevant meta post.
Ah, I'm a bit new to chat
@OliverQueen here pick one of mine ... I don't want to write a 15th one
how can you do it without the box?
4:44 AM
put like a comma and a space before the link
@OliverQueen that's fine and then there's the irony of me telling you not to and proceeding to one box
There's a discretion on one boxes, they're preferred not to be used, unless it's a meta post that is relevant to the room, even then they can be frowned upon..
My apologies
4:46 AM
you can also [add link text] (then link address) without the space between the [] and () @OliverQueen
@OliverQueen it's all good Oliver :D we all get pulled up at times..
@Drew please feel free to edit my meta post.. I'm trying not to be verbose.. but you know what I'm like :D
5:02 AM
@MsYvette when I get a chance I will look
can I get a reject on edit please "trying to close. The question is poor. It will trigger reopen queue potentially"
@Drew evening!
sir. Did a few more matlabs today
@Drew suggested edit is gone
@Drew OK, do you want me to help you VTC?
which, the one above or matlab
5:07 AM
I'll do the above, but yes the MATLAB.
Is it just me, or is this edit assuming too much?
It could be a sock puppet assuming the same user.... names between OP and editor are the same.
@rayryeng ok so matlab is batch 7b up in the beehive
@Drew 10-4. I'm going through them now.
@zondo way too much I edited/rejected it
5:11 AM
@rayryeng yes and flagged for mod to check the accounts.
@MsYvette 10-4
@rayryeng 10-4??
Sorry. That vocabulary is more likely native to North America.
They are police communication codes. 10-4 is the code for affirmative.
+1 for 10-4
ah k, yeh I'm an Aussie
5:14 AM
Sorry :) That's my fault to assume everyone here is from the west. Well pleasure to make your acquaintance nonetheless @MsYvette
@cricket_007 :D
@rayryeng please to meet you Mr Ray :D
@MsYvette :D sweet.
@Drew finished the list. Thanks.
@MsYvette voted.
Thanks! there was a couple of these question types deleted off the site.
For sure.
How does the triage review decide what post should be reviewed next? It just gave me a question that was asked 11 minutes before the previous post that I reviewed.
5:20 AM
@zondo I have no idea O/O
It is the middle of the night here at the Ends of the Earth, so I will go to bed. Good night all.
night zond!
@HovercraftFullOfEels just 4 java (new-ish) batch141 in the beehive
Otherwise apparently everything happy in javaland
@Drew I'm curious and please excuse this n00bish question. How do you generate those lists of questions to VTC? Manually or do you have some sort of automated script?
wrote a bot thingie
5:34 AM
5:45 AM
@rayryeng batch 7 is now down to 7 questions from 21 early today. It is now batch7c
Also, I have some close count 2 matlab if you want them
yup, send them my way.
@rayryeng matlab batch8 is up there
@Drew 10-4
@Drew voted on all of those already. oops!
hey even I can escape scrutiny on this one stackoverflow.com/questions/35603879
hehe oops :) yeah that definitely needed to be VTC
6:27 AM
^^ Read the comments too ^^
1 hour later…
7:49 AM
Is this answer plagiarism? It was originally a link to a blog post. Should it be edited to include attribution, or should it be flagged?
8:05 AM
@bummi Thanks. I'll return to it later when I'm in front of a proper screen.
8:26 AM
@Kyll Which is the recommended way to loop through an Array in JavaScript? I've found three Q&A on SO but they're suggesting so many different ways (and they're little old I think, at least posted 2 years before).
8:52 AM
How long does it take a mod to review a flag ;( this is sad that you have to wait over 2 days... Makes people run to meta much more likely
@Idos Well, I don't know. Mod have too many flags have to review everyday (maybe 5k or 7k)? Actually others can also review...NAA/VLQ flags by review queue.
I would really like to know how many flags they actually have. Seems like a mod flag should be very rarely used
@Idos Hmm...you can ping a mod and ask anyway :P
Ha well I'm not that curious. But hoping one would see these messages and decide to check out my flag ;p
@Idos lol, actually you don't need care since our flags will all get reviewed. Just wait .
9:26 AM
@Idos - depending on the type of flag, it may age away different flags take different lengths of time. 'Other' flags, which are only reviewed by ♦ diamond mods have a backlog and may take some time to review. I've had some 'other' flags (not many) that have taken about 4 weeks to be handled.
@AndrasDeak Yes it should. @rene would you like to change that?
@WaiHaLee Try two months
@TinyGiant that's quite some time.
@WaiHaLee I can be quite controversial at times.
@TinyGiant I think the longest-to-handle flags of mine have been regarding plagiarism - usually exact copy-pasta. It'd be good if a user's flags were accessible in the data explorer - I'd be curious to see a breakdown by type, time to handle, etc.
9:39 AM
@WaiHaLee Mine usually have to do with... controversial things...
What's this post talking about? stackoverflow.com/a/35680769/5299236
Email request; spam; trash?
@KevinGuan Alright!
9:59 AM
@Idos That's what happens when we have 1500 flags in the backlog, most of them noise.
10:14 AM
sd gone - that was very fast!
@MadaraUchiha this is very sad indeed :( So if my flag has a "limited time window" of being meaningful, I should just open a meta post about it instead?
@Idos Depends, does your post need moderator attention?
Or do a couple of 20k users can manage?
Moderator flags should be used only for things the community itself can't handle, and needs extra powers.
Only a mod can remove a review ban AFAIK
@Idos True. Although disputed reviews are actually something you should put on meta
10:32 AM
Okay so I'll just post it over there then, thanks!
11:31 AM
sd f edited
@TinyGiant fixed (cc @AndrasDeak)
CV Request Generator V2.0.0.0 Testing needs some bugfinders. It should work anywhere there is a question on the site, including places that I put them with other scripts.
cc @rene
Once I get this version pushed to the public, the next step is the ability to change the request tag, and adding it to answers. Both of which should be simple with the new version of the script.
11:45 AM
Err. Forgot to check the time.
@rayryeng yeah, some of us are from the East, you chauvinist!
@rene thanks
@TinyGiant Feedback: JavaScript's template strings (`string`) are well supported in all modern browsers
Template strings can have newlines in them, so you don't need to mess with concatenation of the CSS rules
if (false);
else if ("undefined" != typeof GM_addStyle)  GM_addStyle(css);
if(typeof globals.fkey === 'undefined')
consistent style plx
Prefer const to let unless you explicitly need the reference/scalar value to change.
if (!(scope instanceof HTMLElement))
  funcs.notify('Error building CV Request Generator GUI. Check the console.');
  console.log('CVRGUI expects scope to be an instance of HTML element.', scope);
Sounds like a job for throw new Error()
12:00 PM
@MadaraUchiha That is a hold-over from something else.
@TinyGiant Personally, I'd add a build step (gulp + travis?) to invoke ESLint and optionally in the future, unit tests
ESLint is a very good bug filter
@MadaraUchiha But I don't want to have to catch the error, I just want to log it.
@TinyGiant You should have a relatively centerlized resolution for errors
I'd imagine you'd want to invoke func.notify() for all errors, then followed by a console.log() (which should really be a console.error()) of the error message
for(let question of questions)
    let gui = new CVRGUI(question);
Given the amount of work you do in the constructor, this is probably pretty bad in terms of performance
You query and change the DOM repeatedly for each new CVRGUI object you create
12:04 PM
Yeah, but I have to.
That's a recipe for forced synchronous layouts
@TinyGiant Why?
if there are multiple questions on the page
@TinyGiant Why would there be multiple questions on the page? (we'll get to solving those problems later)
Pages like my NATO script
12:06 PM
Where I add the question related to each answer in the New Answers To Old Questions tool in the 10k tools
@TinyGiant That's still only one answer/question per page, is it not?
It's a list of answers, I add the question before each answer.
@TinyGiant Aha
12:08 PM
I guess in that case it doesn't really matter because those questions don't exist in the DOM until my script inserts them, the ajax listener picks those up.
@TinyGiant At the very least, I'd separate the constructor into 3 functions
But still, if it is only one, the loop will only run once.
1. setting variables and config (the constructor)
2. querying the DOM and getting information (getQuestionInfo())
3. rendering the cv-pls link and other DOM modifications
Yeah, I was thinking about that down the road.
Then you run two loops, 1 for constructing and calling getQuestionInfo()
and the other for rendering all the cv-pls links on the page.
The reason for the separation is that it's more performant to query the dom all at once, then modify all at once
Instead of querying, then updating, then querying, then ....
12:11 PM
Well, anyways the loop is going to have to stay because in the next version it will be applied to answers as well.
Shouldn't matter whether there's one loop or two.
It's the small architectural shift that might be a bit problematic to wiggle around
get all the info, then update all the info.
I don't actually do a lot of querying in the main constructor. Most of that is in the listener functions
Everything for this.question is querying the dom, then just the post-menu.
@TinyGiant I spot at least 6 queries that are run synchronously at constructor time
Everything after that is just building the cv-pls menu
12:14 PM
Unless you count createElement as querying the dom
Are you figuring that I should query the question info in the listener functions?
// This is a fun helper function

const withEventPrevented = fn => event => {
  fn(event); // a bit more trickery needed if you use "this" in the handler.
  return false;
@TinyGiant I mean things like this:
this.question.author.name = (() =>
  let details = scope.querySelector('.post-signature:not([align="right"]) .user-details');
  // snip
There are 6 like those
Yeah, that's all there is though
And while I could query that when the request is submitted, I thought it would be better at load time.
@TinyGiant Even 1 is enough when it's intertwined with modifying, that's my point
There's nothing wrong with querying the DOM a lot, it's not that expensive.
What is expensive is the first query after modification
12:17 PM
So you want to query as much information as possible in one go, before modifying
I see what you're saying now.
Well, it's 4:18am and I'm heading to bed. I'll work on that tomorrow, then I'll ping you.
Good night
12:20 PM
Good night
12:41 PM
stackoverflow.com/users/4105359/… I see that this user does some edits where he fixes links. Do we consider this already filling up the queue? And if yes should we tell him, that he might want to slow down a bit?
1:06 PM
how is Madara so smart and stuff
@Rizier123 if there is more to fix that is left I would ping the user to tell them to fix everything. If the link is the only thing to be fixed and the link works after that I would go meh
@M @tg I for one next to never even look at the question using NATO. That said, very impressive to pull off (in the eyes of a layman)
I would find useful a NATO screen that has a thicker more obvious line separator between Answers, a flag link, a comment box, and NO question block part .... that I would use
1:22 PM
@SouravGhosh Dup hammered
@Tushar right
legal advise sought at:
1:38 PM
@KevinGuan Which JS version?
@KevinGuan What browser support, and for what purpose are you looping the array?
1:56 PM
not spam, just VLQ
@ProgramFOX gone
I think it's abusive
flagged as such
Incidentally, user has 666 reputation...
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