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12:00 AM
@TinyGiant Working from a hunch, the comma (or any punctuation) caused that to not be picked up by Zephr
@TinyGiant you chose the wrong reason there... it's OT because it's a resource request
> Although to have more information on the topic would be good.
I couldn't even understand that it was a resource request, thought that would make it unclear.
rule of thumb - if you're unsure - just leave it
use your votes though as you see fit though
So If I can't understand what the post is asking for, I shouldn't vtc unclear?
12:11 AM
I interpreted that as "unsure what to close vote for"
if the post is "unclear" then vote "unclear"....
So I got my first MSE repcap yesterday
fantastic :)
congrats and \0/
Q: Award accepted answer reputation for finding duplicates

durron597Consider the following theoretical situation: New user asks a question: Why does my program process a sorted array faster than an unsorted array? I see this question, I can: Vote to close as duplicate Answer the question with a link to the duplicate, with possibly a little bit of extra e...

With bluefeet & shog saying they like it, I expect it will likely happen in some form
@JonClements Okay this question formerly had the back when that was a thing, what do you think about a historical lock? stackoverflow.com/questions/129599/…
(Okay @JonClements I'm starting to see your point :-P)
12:27 AM
The ones tagged seem to be okay
@KevinBrown Probably.
> SonarQube (formerly Sonar) is a quality management platform focusing on continuous analysis of source code quality.
1:13 AM
@durron597 History locks are a last resort as it were
Just rediscovered in that question
Q: We don't need [guidelines]!

bjb568guidelines looks like a meta-tag. It doesn't make sense for it to be the only tag, and doesn't help much with categorization. If a question is really only about guidelines, it's probably primarily opinion based anyway.

7 hours later…
8:19 AM
is actually a very popular tag - who would have thought that
I'll try to answer some questions in that tag for the rep...
I could too - did a few scrapers in nodejs + phantomjs
I have a SO chat room scraper that can be configured to scrape just messages with trigger words and post to twitter :D
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[scraper]"
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 15 hours to continue reviewing.
@easwee I don't seem to have the start of your review session on record. I might have not been running when you started, or some error happened.
I always forget the bot
8:47 AM
@easwee It is not so present. I think we created the full-automatic bot just for you ;)
9:25 AM
@rene: You could have fixed the typos while you were at it. I think there is still time...
9:38 AM
Never mind.
did I miss something?
Oh, I see, not enough coffee yet
10:32 AM
nike is a bad keyword but not in this context
10:43 AM
WOW! Smokey is here!
That's all I wanted to say after noticing that in my favourite rooms list. I need to get back to work now. See you later!
2 hours later…
1:11 PM
Q: Should we really reject migrations from main?

DeduplicatorFor your edification, the ten most recent rejections: Can we have the CKEditor forum back, please? A bit ranty, got an answer explaining why it's not in SE's bailwick, and some explanation for the perceived inferiority due to unfamiliarity. The stupidity paradox Someone misunderstanding SO and ...

I haven't yet seen a rejected migration (main to meta) which helped any.
1:38 PM
I agree
2:25 PM
@Deduplicator I was just thinking that.
(I was reading the CKEditor question)
afternoon all
@JonClements good morning!
also, good night everyone, as I'm sure it's night somewhere in the world.
tomato tomato and all that :p
2:43 PM
@durron597 good job (as normal) on the code quality thingy :p
3:13 PM
@JonClements I expect that you will turn out to be correct about itself soon enough
It's easy to burn a tag when you have a slightly less bad tag to burn it to
@JonClements For example, MichaelT felt so guilty about this edit that he apologized to me in chat
yup - and I've closed it
Okay wow that was fast
Haha, it has even got a 3 years old comment from @durron597 asking for it to be closed
Well, that post is now closed by a mod, opened by a mod and now closed again by a mod....
@durron597 I've updated my answer to meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/299574/…
3:20 PM
@Kyll I strongly, strongly doubt I had 3k rep in December 2012
(just to give a little bit more info about my reasoning)
@durron597 Already on the job still
@Kyll Imagine what I could have done with a diamond for those three years
wow - that post has a huge amount of history to it :p
answer: a lot of damage, not nearly enough good to have been worth it ;)
3:25 PM
@durron597 and with a diamond - you wouldn't really be able to do what you're doing now anyway :(
Plus - if you had unlimited close votes - you'd never get offline :p
@JonClements haha
@durron597 plus with a diamond you'd have to sometimes spend time explaining your actions...
4:23 PM
Just once though
@TinyGiant Why?
Or is that enough?
It's at 0 and your answer is deleted, so it's enough
you only need 0 not -1
4:24 PM
Good to know
@TinyGiant Can you see this page or only me? stackoverflow.com/users/1768232/durron597?tab=reputation
I'm starting to become a veritable "roomba expert"
I can see it
@durron597 everyone can see your rep page :)
Post was removed post was removed post was removed
No, can't see that
4:26 PM
for(int i = 0; i < A_BIG_NUMBER; i++) { "Removed"; }
I can only see when other people have either upvoted or downvoted one of your posts or accept/unaccept, I cannot see a -1 for downvoting answers or any post removed.
Err... can't see any either... maybe caching - always blame caching :p
oh wait
scroll to the bottom
click "show removed posts"
No, only you see the clicker box
4:28 PM
The general public doesn't have that option, @durron597
3 mins ago, by durron597
@TinyGiant Can you see this page or only me? http://stackoverflow.com/users/1768232/durron597?tab=reputation
@durron597 you talking about Q's or A's?
@JonClements I have a SEDE query that finds highly negatively voted, closed questions with exactly one answer that has exactly one upvote
4:34 PM
so I downvote the answer, roomba gets it the next day and my rep comes back
What is the link to that again?
only thing looking at it was you posted an answer on the 24th made it CW, then deleted it
I recommend setting "minscore" to -4 and scrolling way down if you want to find stuff that hasn't already been gotten.
4:36 PM
looked like a good answer to me as well - so not entirely sure of the context or why you did that...
@JonClements which question are you talking about?
Oh I remember that one
That one had nothing to do with the roomba.
What happened was, I was burninating and the question asker updated his question with an answer, and so I made a community wiki answer from his edit
Nah... didn't say it was... just cropped up when I was looking at stuff
The person with the accepted answer noticed that I had done so and was like "his edit was blatantly obvious from my original answer, you don't need a CW answer"
4:40 PM
ah... and I think your comment sums it up nicely...
Then he edited his answer to contain what I wrote, so I deleted it.
fair enough :p
without getting the context - just thought it a bid odd is all - no worries
@JonClements Yeah, it was a bit odd, I was stunned that the guy with the accepted answer even noticed. I bet he was subscribed to the tag in RSS, probably
Do you agree with the "question asker edits an answer into their question, so remove the answer and make a CW answer" policy? I've done it a few times.
I don't want rep for something I just cut and pasted out of a question
4:59 PM
can this question be edited into a good question? Is asking for something from the spec the same as a request for an off-site resource?
@TinyGiant I doubt it.
What about my second question?
@TinyGiant IMO yes, but that's just an opinion
I'm looking for a meta post but I think I'm sing the wrong terms.
@durron597 deleted the first one - can't see where that was going... the rest I don't have time to look at I'm afraid
5:12 PM
@JonClements Don't worry about it, I was looking for community deletion anyway
Oh oops, that was one of your dv sorry
@TinyGiant I saw that, it's a CW copy and paste of the tag wiki. It serves no value at all
I found it on another query
I thought that's where you pulled it from
no, its one I wrote
top 5000 answers to bad questions
something along those lines anyways, its the query from my meta post a little bit altered
@TinyGiant gotcha
5:16 PM
ordered by creation date so we can see new ones first
so really its the 5000 newest answers to bad questions
defaults to essentially the same query, but you can tune it to filter out the "better" bad questions
@TinyGiant bikeshed.
5:22 PM
It's basically a copy and paste of a quora thread
Probably linked to on quora
@TinyGiant if you're sure it's a C&P without citing then use flag->other - make sure to put in the source and a few words explaining it... someone will look at it :)
It does cite. It says something like "This huge blockquote is copied from this quora thread"
@TinyGiant doing MaxQuestionScore -3 reveals some nice gems
5:27 PM
> Copying from the source forum below:
real life calls - see you around later no doubt
Most likely :) have fun
@durron597 wow, there's some good questions there.
5:30 PM
Beautiful... honestly it's a work of art.
^ Sarcasm intended
@TinyGiant And because it's a desperate accept it will live on forever
@TinyGiant gotta run, take it easy
5:41 PM
Have fun
7:11 PM
Woah, Smokey runs in here too? Nice!
Only for SO questions
Yeah, the room would be much fuller otherwise :P
Yeah, only for SO questions and he doesn't listen.
heya @ProgramFOX
@JonClements Hi!
7:24 PM
@Closey starting
@rene Good luck!
I'm on source-code scraper
passed java audit
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "off-topic, unclear what you're asking, too broad, primarily opinion-based; [source-code] [scraper]"
@Closey next 5 tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@rene The next 5 tags are: 106, 98, 95, 90, 89
7:41 PM
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 4 hours to continue reviewing.
@rene Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@rene Your last completed review session ended 12 seconds ago and lasted 16 minutes and 30 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 24 seconds.
That's a good one
7:54 PM
That's a keeper
Straight homework copy-pasta
8:41 PM
@rene thx
Oops, they just edited their question
9:31 PM
@anshabhi if the referrer is stackoverflow.com that doesn't count as a shared link for the announcer badge. — rene 9 hours ago
Can anyone confirm this?
9:43 PM
Is SO really slow for everyone else or just me?
Not for me.
@TinyGiant Whatever was slowing it down isn't happening anymore
I'm being routed through nyc right now, where is it taking you?
@TinyGiant dunno, it's fixed now, don't feel like investigating anymore ;)
I hate competing for rep with noobs in bikeshed questions
I don't know why I started trying to get rep again, it's so demoralizing.
10:08 PM
I know why I've been trying, I just keep finding questions to close.
I've been trying to get to the point where I can cast delete votes. But it looks like unless I learn a new programming language with fewer complete newbs, I won't be getting there anytime soon
Thanks a lot @durron597 — LooseMoose 4 mins ago
Do you think he upvoted me? (he has 18 rep)
Do you think I got a checkmark?
No, why would you?
All the other answers are wrong, mostly because OP is completely incapable of explaining the problem
10:13 PM
It kind of looked like the questions was a cv-unclear candidate.
Usually if an answer has to start with "If I understand you correctly" or something similar, then the question is unclear.
@TinyGiant Well, my first answer didn't begin that way, because he didn't make it clear at first that it had to be pairs of rows
Oh, well, I have no Java experience, so I can't really vote either way.
Nope, but I have now.
I've wanted to answer some PHP questions, but I rarely find anything other than newbs that need to learn a lot more about PHP before they should attempt what they're asking.
10:19 PM
@TinyGiant Same is true in
I really want my gold java badge but the last 140 126 upvotes or so seem so daunting
I'm sure. And all of the web based tags like and . It seems like to find a user who has some kind of a clue about what they're trying to accomplish could be a full time job. I basically have explain the entire basics of the languages in order to successfully answer their question
And then the questions and answers are in no way useful to anyone else.
I've even started having two section answers. The first section will correct the main issue, and the second section will correct all the semantic errors, typos and general incorrectness of their code.
@TinyGiant Ha! That's a losing battle. I just try to change their code as little as possible, because they won't learn anything from the second section. And will probably accept a different answer they can understand.
I respect the effort, though
Usually it will be accepted. But it is interesting to see later questions from the same users showing the same sloppiness.
10:29 PM
@durron597 Oooo, I've been waiting for that one.
Thanks to all these burnination efforts lol
Just 700 more to go to catch @TylerH
I'm closer to marshal than I am to copy editor lol, 355 help flags vs 298 edits.
I only have about 170 helpful flags
I don't flag that much, trying to do it more.
Gotta go!
10:49 PM
Have fun.

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