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12:01 AM
@rgchris Two MORE whole hours? What, was I asleep? (Oh, yes. I was.)
@HostileFork thanks for your explanation.
@YuShen In StackOverflow chat you can edit your messages for two minutes, by the way. See our FAQ for some chat basics.
I used have Rebol 3 installed, but the Virus Scanner claimed that Rebol 3 was infected, had to be removed. Is it normal, or just rare incident that only happened to me.
print [reverse {nehSuY@} {read also about me!!} http://stackapps.com/questions/3960/rebolbot-a-chat-bot-for-the-chat-rooms]
12:03 AM
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> print [reverse "nehSuY@" "read also about me!!" stackapps.com/questions/3960/…
@YuShen read also about me!! stackapps.com/questions/3960/…
@YuShen What virus checker? Let us know when these things happen, so we can figure out what the deal is. Unless @earl has gone rogue, those builds on RebolSource should be trustworthy. You can also make your own and check that.
@HostileFork OK. I'll watch for it. Thanks!
@YuShen Which virus scanner?
Often I feel like virus checkers themselves are the virus. Which is true of those "download a virus checker now" sites from a "your computer is infected" pop up, of course. But I am suspicious even of the big ones. But if a real one thinks our open source Rebol3 builds are bad, we should look into that and fix it.
@HostileFork (Last time I checked, my rogueness-level was still fine :)
12:13 AM
@earl Keep us posted. I'm sort of living like the Unabomber these days, so I don't know if I'd trust any executables I made if I were someone else. :-)
1:00 AM
Say I have the following:

local-func: func [] [ print {Inside %local-func-definition.red} ]

Needs: [ %chat-api.red ]

do %local-func-definition.red

lib/exported-func: func [] [ local-func ]
lib/exported-func says local-func is not defined in the current context
My approach to define words outside %some-other-file.red is not working, I thought using do would set the word definitions under the same context as the one that's calling the script
1:36 AM
@AstDerek With questions like that here, you'll have to ping @DocKimbel and @Respectech... I can answer a few abstract questions about how Red works, but don't use it for practical work at this point in time. In fact, it's not clear I do anything practical. :-)
I did a preliminary port of Red to Rebol 3, and it raised a lot of issues, which we need to resolve.
@HostileFork you make great logos :)
@AstDerek I thought you were using rebol at the moment?
@AstDerek if so, these posts by brianh may help, but it is an area I am still learning about as well. stackoverflow.com/questions/16462904/… stackoverflow.com/questions/14420942/…
@johnk I thought that was REBOL, I'm trying to slice rebolbot's functions & logic
@johnk Thanks. :-) I also edit great videos, but as the last edit took a week and was a lot of work, I didn't say a whole lot about it. It hasn't been starred but it was picked up by Google+ for Red. I'm sort of pondering my next project right now.
@AstDerek Red under Rebol3, needs updating. Doc likes to say this is superfluous work as he wants to bootstrap quickly, but I say ground-up bootstrap is not a customer-facing issue. I think it can be a waste to toss your scaffolding and lose the bootstrap before there's a really compelling case. It's only a performance issue, really, to build Red from a Rebol3 bootstrap, even if the build process tosses Rebol at one of the steps.
@HostileFork It is also a test case to build your product on your product.
@Respectech There are many other better test cases to do first, which are customer facing. Like sorting out your concurrency primitives etc. Each of these are points of potential redesign.
@Respectech And as the saying goes: "He spoke with the wisdom that can only come from experience, like a guy who went blind because he looked at a solar eclipse without one of those boxes with a pinhole in it and now goes around the country speaking at high schools about the dangers of looking at a solar eclipse without one of those boxes with a pinhole in it."
1:50 AM
@HostileFork Agreed, but on the other hand, he has to enjoy what he does -- if his desire to build Red on Red is his "cup of tea", then I'm going to respect that.
Given Turing Completeness, I can assure you that bootstrap is always possible. I'm more concerned about Rebol3 encap, getting the indexing story symmetric between Rebol and Red, how to encode literal hexadecimal integers, future-proofing bitsizes, heck even figuring out if we call it SPLIT/EVENLY or flip the bias to SPLIT/SKIP.
@HostileFork is there a way to upload the videos unedited, and leave the editing for a later time? Just give us the screen with the speaker's audio?
Otherwise this is going to be a huge endeavor
@GrahamChiu Well, what I have for each speaker varies. Remember, I wasn't in control of A/V and it wasn't done "my way". Yet we are in a situation which I could have predicted, which is that I'm winding up having to figure it all out anyway.
@HostileFork oh well, I was hoping that there might be some that could be done that way.
Really need unified messaging. I have googlechat, facebook and SO chat running .. and my laptop beeps, and I have to figure out which one it is :(
@GrahamChiu I'm going to leave Max to editing his own talks or uploading them as he wishes. He gave two. I may redo the audio on Carl's, which will be a hassle, but the link isn't super-widespread at this point. My non-Rebmu talk was more internal than anything and I don't think it needs repeating. My Rebmu talk I'll see what I can do. The industrial automation talk is good and I may do that next.
I was told by some that the Rebmu talk was their favorite. :-)
2:02 AM
@HostileFork and also one of the ones that you can see from the live broadcasts!
Are you guys behind these 3 sites? rebol.com rebol.org rebol.net
@HostileFork I wisnae goin' to talk to mysel' for twa hours.
@AstDerek As a community, we'll be producing rebol.net and rebol.org (we're not quite there yet). rebol.com is still owned and managed by Rebol Technologies.
@GrahamChiu I have internalised the SO ding, the GChat chime, and the Skype whatever-that-is...
2:20 AM
@rgchris do you mean that when you speak, a ding comes out?
@GrahamChiu This ding...
@rgchris Nice to hear you again
@AstDerek not yet .. working on it
@GrahamChiu Yes, this is actually what I sound like!
@rgchris so are you always so monotonous ?
@GrahamChiu Yes, but people around me don't seem to mind.
2:24 AM
@rgchris If you'd skype me, we could enjoy a polytonic conversation
So, after watching Carl's talk .. has anyone gone out and bought an Insteon device/hub?
Or are we waiting for the source code to be uploaded?
@GrahamChiu Do you think you'd try it (if you had the source code)?
@rgchris Well, 230V versions are available from Australia. So, yes, I'd like to control my heater in my office so that it warms up the office before I get there.
2:57 AM
@GrahamChiu You might mention that to Carl the next time he's on, he created a repository for sources that may not be ready to be integrated yet, although I don't know what the factors would be for not just taking it into the main for serial devices (besides the fact that most people don't use serial devices). But if it's not much code, why not?
@HostileFork I see that he now has 2 repos .. though the other just contains the tcp testing code.
@GrahamChiu He said he'd put the TLS code from Rebol2 in there. See stars. Presumably also where there'll be console code, etc.
@HostileFork I shared the Recode Red talk with my alma mater's Computer science department google+
@HostileFork ahh .. I thought it was just for 'call
3:16 AM
@GrahamChiu I need to check to see what temporary insteon devices are available
@kealist Temporary? Don't you just need a hub and then a device to plug into a wall socket to control the power to any device then attached to that socket?
@GrahamChiu On closer inspection, yea, they have more than I initially saw. I'm just used to the X10 stuff @eFishAnt installed in our house when I was growing up
although I hate having more wall wartish type things on outlets
4:03 AM
@RebolBot do reverse toBlobeR@
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> reverse sirhcgr@
== @rgchris
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> reverse toBlobeR@
== @RebolBot
@rgchris My invention of the reverse trick was to create a single notification, and not two, when talking to people. :-)
Demonstrate feature, remove noise.
Just figured (rightly) could be done with the email! literal :)
@rgchris even better!
But even better would be us getting this "things that start with @" sorted, pronto. I only got scared off from "new type" by @BrianH and something about a 64 limit, but that's tail wagging the dog... looks like new type is the answer. Just name it.
@RebolBot do reduce [reverse kroFelitsoH@ "Would be nice if 'reverse wasn't the only way to make it work :)"]
4:09 AM
And get it cleared with @DocKimbel so Red uses the same.
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> reduce [reverse kroFelitsoH@ {Would be nice if 'reverse wasn't the only way to make it work :)}]
== [@HostileFork {Would be nice if 'reverse wasn't the only way to make it work :)}]
4:26 AM
Aug 14 at 7:49, by DocKimbel
@johnk I just voted for nick! ;-)
@GrahamChiu need some help with the css? the site looks not ok for me
@HostileFork Though I think Ladislav was right in saying we should concentrate on core issues to get to a solid beta before adding new features
@johnk Seems a joke, related to Nick's financial support for Red. Perhaps better interpreted as a vote for what Nick thinks on this issue.
@HostileFork :-) could be
@AstDerek I don't think we have control yet of these sites. It's a work in transition
4:29 AM
@AstDerek Not even close to that point yet—lot of reinvention to come. See the proposed help site for a small sample of the direction we're headed.
@AstDerek If you wish to volunteer to help with CSS, then the red-blog is in sore need of that ...
@GrahamChiu @AstDerek it's just an administrative issue, the word has been said: Carl keeps rebol.com, but we have to sort out amongst ourselves how rebol.org and rebol.net are managed. It's easier said than done, though I have tried to lay out a plan we rely on people like @rgchris to set up the (open source) backends for the new schematics.
The sticking point right now is packing the existing content so each part can be moved to a new home.
And I pushed with recode.rebol.net ... in the uploaded video frames... those uploads take quite a long time, y'know.
REBOL docs are confusing, I'd like to help so I can read them easily, and some other idea I cannot redact in english right now, he
4:36 AM
@AstDerek We are really, honestly, trying... I'll direct you to my Recode slides if I haven't already: E Rebolus Unum... and your help is very welcome. I share your frustration. Note my comment: "Let us not Leave Montreal until any of us can see a typo on rebol.org and see it fixed by the next day"
@AstDerek A goal of our endeavours is for most every bit of content to be accessible to edit—be it by repository or CGI (or similar). Organising docs is not something we have ready access to right now.
It's nice with conferencing that now people like @rgchris, @onetom, @DocKimbel, @rebol, @adrian, @paultarvydas, @respectech and I can speak with an understanding of the personal realities that comes from extended "experience" in a country that doesn't speak your language, finding hotel rooms, going to bars, etc... it helps quite a lot. But it's not magic dust. Always work left to do.
I do think my outline is solid and generally agreed upon by this point. I'm supporting by trying to make the videos, and keeping the heartbeat here.
And I'll do things if people specifically ask me to.
which reminds me .. was @BrianH detained at the border and not allowed back to the USA?
@GrahamChiu No, but Canada held me up for a bit on the way in due to my weirdo status, and when I tried to re-enter found out immigration forgot to stamp my passport.
Not really a problem for the US border when I went to Canada though. They don't care.
@HostileFork I didn't get a stamp in either direction. Pissed.
4:44 AM
@HostileFork so no record of you leaving the country? A draft dodger?
@GrahamChiu I'm sure there are copious computer records, license plate camshots, etc. of everything. The fact they don't care enough to stamp it is a sign that they have lost interest in the paper portion of the theater.
@HostileFork Good point. so, who here on chat now is part of NSA?
No comment.
@rgchris Hmm. A redacted no comment
It has been suggested that we BCC to the NSA all of our email to help them out.
@GrahamChiu I'm from an interdimensional museum task force, we're investigating largely the theft of Amiga computers, anything you say will be used against you or not, depending on a digital coin toss. We're funny that way.
4:50 AM
@HostileFork You're a pixellated fork !
@GrahamChiu Look closer, I'm higher res than you think. (Note the subtlety of the shadowing.)
It's all about the details, Mr. Moth.
@HostileFork Pixels are a function of my screen, and not your image
@GrahamChiu That's a rather solipsistic statement... if the bits are there, they are there...
5:22 AM
@HostileFork I'd go with @GrahamChiu, pixels are more like an interpolation of bits
@AstDerek Bah, semiotics, the medium. See Arecibo ASCII a.k.a. USCII, from the same mind that brought you Rebmu. :-)
@AstDerek The spec is Rebol2, I should update it. Sigh. Too much to do.
2 hours later…
7:49 AM
I could blame pathetic dog for that. Although it was actually "laptop elbow".
2 hours later…
9:51 AM
posted on August 22, 2013 by ladislav

Tested in Linux (0.4.4)

10:18 AM
posted on August 22, 2013 by Ladislav

[Comment] Fixed in https://github.com/rebol/rebol/pull/134

7 hours later…
5:15 PM
@vanangamudi Hey, I just looked at your blog. "When I started reading programming books, I did not have computer to test my skills. For almost 5 years, I learned only the theory. No practice at all." That's a long time! I voted up two of your questions so you should be able to chat in a bit here, but I also voted to close one of them as "too broad". We'll be happy to talk to you about Rebol.
why + isn't defined as JOIN on strings?
>> "asd" + "x"
** Script error: cannot use add on string! value
** Where: +
** Near: + "x"
@vanangamudi Note that it takes a while, sometimes on the scale of an hour, for reputation to propagate from the main site to the chat accounts. In the meantime, you can check out Rebol in Ten Steps and see our downloads page. Rebol requires no installation and is under half a megabyte! Crazy!
im using join/rejoin so long i totally forgot about this and i couldn't explain a newbie why is that
@onetom Well, this is a linguistic choice... the two operations are not really related. Some languages put them together, others do not. It would tie in very unrelated codepaths. Being an issue of aesthetics, I guess Carl went with the more architecturally pure choice...because it's a slippery slope. Do you have to define subtraction, division... ?
So I would point out that "asd" - "x" doesn't make any sense, nor does "asd" / "x", and Rebol doesn't feel the need to carry forward legacy shorthand... instead favoring making the code cleaner and more literate where it really counts.
I'd also show how to define an override that had that behavior, but last time I tried an infix operator override I didn't do it right and it didn't work.
I don't recall if I just did it wrong or if there was a bug.
in r3bol u mean? in rebol2 u can override an operator, can u?
with another operator, i mean
5:30 PM
You're supposed to be able to make your own infix operators IIRC.
So a foo where x foo y will actually invoke what would usually be foo x y
I just said I don't know how, but I think you're supposed to be able to.. :-)
i remember quite the opposite. u couldn't extend the operators in rebol 2
Feb 5 at 17:13, by HostileFork
So you can't make your own infix operators, right? Anyone looked into what exactly makes this hard?
Feb 5 at 17:21, by earl
I think it should be possible with R3, just not implemented/buggy at the moment.
@HostileFork @DocKimbel had a similar experience, as did I. We both learned the theory for quite a while because we didn't have computers. I had some acquaintances that had computers, so I would type up programs on my manual typewriter from the 1930's and give it to them. They would come back to me and tell me if they worked or not, and then I would fix it and retype the changes. :-)
5:35 PM
@Respectech Interesting, I guess I was lucky, my Dad got an Osborne 1 and a book on BASIC, so I could use that right away.
Or maybe unlucky, as computers then took over my life, and if I had played sports or something I might be normal and happy. :-)
I was just awarded a contract on a rush project to develop a vineyard harvest payroll system that handles complex math to evaluate how much to pay workers based on which crew they worked with, how much tonnage that crew picked, how much the grapes from that vineyard sold for, and some additional obscure factors. It needs to be done next week. :-O
@HostileFork sometimes i also wish to be a prawn farmer or monkey trainer... or something normal, you know ;)
@onetom I've taken a fancy to blacksmithing. Quite the opposite of computer programming.
@Respectech Congratulations, I think. :-) Using a Rebol/Red solution?
@Respectech Beating crude material into rough and irregular shapes, and getting splitting headaches, is a lot how many programmers work. :-)
@Respectech my grand dad was a blacksmith. he built his own tools and he was making fancy curly decorations on sliding iron gates. i was involved in it too sometimes. i was helping to turn the gate from one side to the other :)
or bring more coal on the fire :)
5:39 PM
@HostileFork Rebol 2. I need solid GUI and database connectivity.
Here's a testament to the power of Rebol 2 and VID. I actually wrote the interfaces for the proposal in Rebol 2 because it was quicker than using a prototyping tool for the GUI. Then I just took screenshots of the Rebol windows and pasted them in the proposal. :-)
@HostileFork I suppose you could look at it that way.
@onetom Yes, a cool thing about a true blacksmith is that with only a hammer, forge and anvil, he can make all his tools from scratch.
@onetom It's a very important job to keep the fire burning and blowing air into the fire.
We used a welding torch, clamped stationary
My son is also interested in blacksmithing, so we designed and built a traditional-style bellows, but it is different from a traditional bellows because it pumps air into the fire on the up and down stroke. It has a series of valves to keep air from flowing the wrong direction. :-)
but actually helping with blacksmithing makes it a less attractive things to do and u want to go back to your keyboard... at least as a 16yr old kid...
@onetom My son started blacksmithing at age 15. But he also likes his computer keyboard.\
well, building the tools might being interesting but then using them it day by day is a different business :)
1 thing i've learnt. im not bothered by constant hammering and i still can sleep ;)
5:55 PM
So regarding the future track of Rebol, here, I think we have a situation unlikely to go away soon as with @Respectech where Rebol2 serves the needs that people who have historically used Rebol have.
This is why my plan is going and finding entrenched open source tools that do not need GUI, implementing a drop-in replacement, and pushing that replacement to the people already using the existing tool. No modifications needed to the files they're using, no "learn a new set of command line switches". Just drop in the replacement.
@HostileFork I'd be perfectly happy to do it in Rebol 3 (and actually moreso) if Rebol 3 had a solid GUI and database protocols (or better yet, a built-in database with at least common SQL-like functions).
Well, we'd get there faster with Rebol3 or Red with more hands on deck interested in the language and the ideas... and I think that means becoming more aggressive in outreach.
6:30 PM
btw, SKIP's offset parameter can be a pair! where is it documented what does it do?
6:41 PM
i also often find myself wanting this:
any [attempt [load dst/builds.reb] []] | tail | insert file | skip negate keep
instead of
skip insert tail any [attempt [load dst/builds.reb] []] file negate keep
it's a bit longer, but i find it easier to make sense of...
what do u think?
it allows gradual understanding of the transformations
7:07 PM
@onetom Skip is an "action", it doesn't appear to have it's own function in the source but rather is in a large switch list as A_SKIP in a single function... f-series.c line 81
Does not appear to have any sensible handling for a pair at that point. I'm not in a buildable environment at the moment, so I'm not sure where the "invalid argument" decision is being made... browsing...
so it doesn't actually handle the pair...
@Respectech What database connectivity of R2 do you use?
@earl MySQL mostly.
@Respectech Via ODBC, or directly?
@earl Directly. I'm not a big fan of ODBC.
7:15 PM
skip make image! [4x4] 2x2
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> skip make image! [4x4] 2x2
== make image! [4x4 #{
@onetom It's not for series!, it's for images.
Isn't it nice to have C programmers around? :-) See the code under t-image.c line 936
@Respectech You use the mysql script from Nenad for this, correct?
@iArnold Yes.
@HostileFork ah... i used that in form of 'AT, i think... cool, thanks for tracking it down. now u just have me some braveness to browse the rebol3 source code more often ;)
@HostileFork i was thinking the other day that the pair type can be used for copy/part on 1 dimension series too
7:27 PM
@onetom It's pretty transparent, but lacking in documentation of the general map of what is where and how the dispatch works. I hadn't looked at the source in a bit, so it took a couple hops to find that.
We need a place to put that documentation. @earl - where do you think it should go? I am not a super huge fan of the GitHub wiki. Something like developer.rebol.net as a wiki?
I don't like the name "docbase", and I dislike MediaWiki. I don't feel that wiki.rebol.net is good because when you make a wiki without a real purpose it just sprawls, which is why Carl disabled the wiki feature on GitHub in the first place; he wanted build instructions there only
Bah, I have to go "downtown". It takes a half hour to get anywhere from this corn field.
@Respectech Works perfect indeed. Use it in my REBOL script on my site too. Do you think it could work for Red too, with little adaptations made?
@iArnold Red doesn't have ports yet, so it wouldn't work. Although it wouldn't be as big a job as writing it from scratch, it would still be quite a lot of work right now to adapt it.
(now a know what caused that ping sound) @Respectech
@Respectech <Sorry I keep hitting enter-key> Sure would have been nice and certainly easier to generate some money making websites using Red technology
7:45 PM
@iArnold I've been able to do fine with Rebol 2 so far, but look forward to the improvements of Rebol 3 and Red as they get the features I need for something like this.
@iArnold edit your last post with up-arrow, or other posts with hovering and a drop down menu arrow on the left. (2 minute time window allowance for doing so)
Welcome back @YuShen
8:01 PM
print [reverse {nehSuY@} {as you may have found out, as of Rebol 3} to string! #{E68891E8AFB4E4B8ADE59BBD} {(binary values, literals, etc, are converted to unicode code points as UTF-8 when you do TO STRING!)}]
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> print [reverse "nehSuY@" "as you may have found out, as of Rebol 3" to string! #{E68891E8AFB4E4B8ADE59BBD} {(binary values, literals, etc, are converted to unicode code points as UTF-8 when you do TO STRING!)}]
@YuShen as you may have found out, as of Rebol 3 我说中国 (binary values, literals, etc, are converted to unicode code points as UTF-8 when you do TO STRING!)
Which brings up another issue: how well are we promoting or adapting Rebol to Chinese users? Giant market. Can we get Jerry Tsai on here, by chance?
@HostileFork wasn't he here a few times already as @Tsai or something?
@onetom You may be thinking of @WayneTsui... haven't seen a Tsai
@HostileFork then Jerry something?
i searched for it in the logs but no hit indeed... i must have been dreaming it
but in any case i will email him
8:17 PM
Is the Hong Kong meeting still on the plan? Date set?
@HostileFork still on but not no date set. im still working on my visa too. might apply next week and get supported by this company: pqx.hk
they are generating offline/online mobile web apps for small, local newspapers
Not too talkative, though. :-) Immediate graphic design correction for contrast: the pqx should be white.
@HostileFork their web presence is irrelevant at this moment. their customers are coming thru real-life social connections
Cool, well hope the visa works out. If you have a meeting it would be nice if we can get the open source Recode website backend and have it running for that. That's one case I really feel we should have up by now... it's already been done!
The site should be announcing the tentative vienna and hong kong plans
People should be able to register interest in being notified of news, etc.
8:55 PM
@onetom, you're planning a Rebol devcon in HK?
9:11 PM
A question to the Gurus! Atm I'm playing with Carls basic tcp test scripts and would like to know: "How to get the IP-Address of the clients connecting to the server?"
Any ideas? A probe of a client subport at the server-side doesn't show the remote-ip.
Can somebody give me some hints on gathering that information. I'm not familar with the R3 port model.
9:27 PM
@TGD I could tell you how to do it in Rebol2, but not 3. Sorry.
@TGD this would make a good Q&A on the main site! I'd like to encourage people to use that... All the questions and answers show up in here via the feeds as well...
@HostileFork I thought that was part of the appeal?
Another quick point on Q&A—we are the best judges on or matters, it's up to us to make sure the appropriate questions/answers are rewarded. If questions have 10pts instead of 1pt, it's a better reflection on us and Rebol/Red. (envious at seeing a crappy php question get around 60-odd votes)
Still sucks that the top ranked Rebol question is 'Anyone use Rebol?'.
Despite it being closed.
10:39 PM
@DocKimbel no, im not planning. i doubt there would be enough interest in HK. maybe in china, but that's jerry's court. btw, did u introduce me to him? i can't find his email address.
Q: How do I handle network timeouts in REBOL?

Darrell BrogdonI'm making a connection to several servers in my script and currently if one of them is down I get a ** Access Error: Network timeout error and the script stops. I'd rather be able to detect and move on instead of having it giving up altogether. Is there a way to do this detection?

@onetom Introductory email just sent. ;-)
11:23 PM
@DocKimbel thx
@DocKimbel btw, i was working on the automated cheyenne builder script. i made it as shell, hence OS independent as possible
@RebolBot do [li>a]
@onetom That's very interesting.
@RebolBot do [li>a:]
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> [li>a:]
== [li>a:]
wtf? how come it can be a set-word but not a word?

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