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12:32 AM
Hang about! split/into is already in r3 so this ticket is just bug fixes ... Given this I'll submit a pull using Gregg's original code from the CC ticket
Ok, submitted Gregg's split as a pulll request. If the semantics of /into are wrong then we can address it separately from this bug fix. @gregg @brianh - I hope this is ok with you guys.
12:57 AM
Pull Requests (R3)
Added Greggs updated split from http://issue.cc/r3/1886
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2:00 AM
@onetom gravatar changed, hope this one doesn't seem harsh at thumb size ;)
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3:04 AM
@AstDerek :) no, it's very nice
@rebolbot do a: func[][ a:3 print a ] a
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3:15 AM
@AstDerek Please continue.
@RebolBot do a: func [][ a: 3 ] a
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>> a: func [] [a: 3] a
== 3
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3:51 AM
@AstDerek are you trying to scream?
4:16 AM
posted on August 19, 2013 by no-spam

We've talked about this a few times before. Using .r creates confusion between Rebol and other software (and even in editor syntax coloring rules.) Using .r3 implies too much. Seems like .reb is about right. (And no, I don't want to use .rebol -- just a bit too much.)

4:33 AM
@earl (and anyone else who is involved) Congratulations on the rebolsource build farm. It is seeing a bit of stress now and it is working perfectly :-)
Thanks to help from Andreas, got Rebol3 running on ODROID-U2 Ubuntu 13.x ARM. Had to link a library to make it happen, and everything was happy after that. For future reference, here's the link:
sudo ln -s /lib/ld-linux-armhf.so.3 /lib/ld-linux.so.3
posted on August 19, 2013 by no-spam

It would be great to work out the remaining kinks in TCP for Rebol 3. I'd heard recently about a mysterious TCP bug, so as a test, I wrote basic TCP client server scripts today. They worked pretty well over the local network where thru-put averaged 61 Mbps between two Linux boxes running Rebol 3. While doing that the system monitor on the client (TX) was at 4% of the CPU (although, I think t

sorry to interrupt. I'm looking for some opensource project about car navigation which works with aid of gyroscope or accelerometer, but faild to find it in current popular website i.g. github. anymore, some website is banned in China, so could someone give me a help to seek some project like this. help, help, help
4:53 AM
@kealist nah, the problem seems to be stack overflow itself
@DarkHorse Hello. You mean, accelerometer, like in iPhone?
@AstDerek you mean creating an infinite self-referencing loop is the problem?
I had a stack overflow error on stackoverflow.com
@kealist mine was a bad joke about my code not being the problem but the chat
@AstDerek hehe it is too much of a self-referencing issue, what context is stack overflow bound to?
@DarkHorse You could google arduino car accelerometer
I finally started playing with parse again. Wrote 2 levels deep rules and parsed correctly on first run!
Been working through pragmatic programmer, trying to make an automatic code generator
5:05 AM
@kealist hm, chat context?
@AstDerek terrible joke....
stack-overflow: does [get stack-overflow]
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
; rebol.com/r3/docs/errors/internal-stack-overflow.html
>> stack-overflow: does [get stack-overflow] stack-overflow
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@AstDerek Thanks
@kealist I'm terrible at code-up comedy
PARSE Question: I wrote a video game emulator in REBOL. I use binary! to hold the programs and move around changing memory / register values. This may be too strange of an idea, but I was wondering if it would be possible to use parse as a kind of control for the program, moving back and forth over the program modifying it / executing it
5:22 AM
@kealist In theory the parse position can be a program counter. See my whitespace interpreter
I don't know if it's a great idea, just saying that I did it once. :-)
I know I could parse a particular opcode at a time for each cycle to execute the opcode, but I'm not sure of the difference in efficiency of that versus switch or whatnot
@HostileFork thank you, i will take a look at that.
Parse is relatively efficient. If you're willing to layer a virtual machine on top of Rebol in the first place, I wouldn't reject it for performance reasons alone.
@HostileFork It's probably worthwhile just for the practice with understanding parse better
5:50 AM
posted on August 19, 2013 by johnk

[Comment] Merged into mainline https://github.com/rebol/rebol/pull/130 Keep the ticket open to discuss renaming /INTO

1 hour later…
7:17 AM
posted on August 19, 2013 by Ladislav

[Comment] Yes.

2 hours later…
9:32 AM
posted on August 19, 2013 by onetom

[Comment] Why not break it out into it's own ticket with a back reference to this one? It's easier to search for it and the discussion can be more focused too. (Awesome work, Gregg. A gem! and it's burried here for so long...) Btw, are we not moving to github issues?

9:53 AM
posted on August 19, 2013 by onetom

[Comment] Like this: https://github.com/rebol/rebol/issues/131 ?

10:14 AM
posted on August 19, 2013 by abolka

[Comment] A separate ticket sounds good. But please keep the discussion here on CureCode for now, until we properly migrate this whole CureCode database to GitHub issues.

1 hour later…
11:25 AM
Hm, what about SPLIT/PIECES ?
11:36 AM
Heck, just call it SPLIT/ONLY and call it a day
11:57 AM
/only = use 'only, if you want to cover all possible other cases you can't find name for :-)
While SPLIT does always, by definition, "split things into pieces"... if I say "split into N pieces" that seems more tied to "split/pieces N"... whereas you could say the normal form is splitting into "runs of length N"
@pekr do/only [print "What will happen when you run this? DO/ONLY you feel lucky, punk?"]
there is certain point in time, when you start to like /only. It is our - lazy refinement - don't try to find any logic behind it, just get used to it :-)
split/parts would be another option, but I think split/into is actually pretty good already.
12:18 PM
@johnk It wouldn't be bad except /INTO has another meaning, as with REDUCE/INTO, and misleadingly suggests that the split blocks would be put in the middle of a series with no intermediate storage.
So therefore it is bad. :-)
it'll have to be /only then :-)
@rebolbot how are you feeling running on the new build?
@johnk Can you elaborate on that?
@johnk What do you mean?
@johnk Please continue.
@johnk That's very interesting.
(that will be not well then :-/)
@johnk I think my "safety mechanism" of scanning the posts and checking to make sure RebolBot does not speak out of turn more than N times would be a good idea before some sort of disaster happens :-/
We haven't quite triggered a core meltdown yet
12:28 PM
"yet" being the operative word, there. Also there needs to be a way for room administrators to say @RebolBot shut up
So it won't speak again until restarted
I ask, because I'd really like to see this take off on anagol, although I'm not sure how much effort it would be to allow an interpreter written in Rebol. — primo 7 hours ago
I don't want to launch Rebmu "for real" until the new sites are up, e.g. rebmu.rebol.net, and the video edited.
@rebolbot shut up
@johnk Can you elaborate on that?
@HostileFork Currently we have a wrapper script which restarts the bot if she dies (which is very rare I might add). Maybe I could set an exit code which will kill the wrapper too.
@johnk If it works, it works.
@alesguzik Welcome to the Rebol and Red room. See our FAQ. Cool, you have a reputation score of 28 so chat away!
12:42 PM
@alesguzik Our friendly bot has already greeted you. :-) But welcome, have you heard of Rebol or Red?
Sidenote: I thought Minsk was in Russia proper. It's in Belarus? :-/ Hmmm.
@HostileFork @earl sooo... i don't understand what is the situation with curecode vs github/issues. i see ladislav creating a lot of new tickets on github, so i thought i would help out with the migration, but then github.com/rebol/rebol/issues/131 contradicts this movement.
@onetom I think the point is that it doesn't matter so much if you create a new issue in GitHub, but if one already exists in CureCode you should leave it.
@onetom Status quo: all issues/tickets go into CureCode
@onetom I think the issues you see Ladislav creating on Github are only pull requests.
@earl that's true those are pull requests, but that's just +1 reason for transitioning
i remember @BrianH was also saying something he was working on migrating cc to ghi
We have a Trello card for that:
Paused on Rebol3 Community Development
To do: GitHub importer, Optional: map CC to GH users (via OAuth assocs), Test import (to a personal repo), and 3 more
☑ 1/7✍ 2 comments
12:56 PM
@earl thx. that's an answer :) reading it now
Also, there is a blog post by Carl summing up the status quo: Github for issues, not bug reports.
I'm all for migrating to GH issues as well. But I'm also strongly against splitting the bug database apart.
So until we actually do the migration, please report new bugs on CureCode, to keep bugs in a single place.
@earl well, i dont see a serious split if there are back references. u just have to start using it and eventually usage will move over
@onetom We have literally thousands of issues in CureCode, which are cross-referenced and tightly integrated. Losing this tight integration, would be very painful.
Fortunately, writing a migration script and moving the complete database over is anything but rocket science :)
@earl Given that Carl created a new project with "Rebol" spelled without the all caps, would you mind touching up the main project description here: github.com/rebol
I might even suggest calling it "Source code for the Rebol interpreter"
@HostileFork Done.
@HostileFork (Good catch, thanks.)
1:07 PM
@HostileFork it works. Room admins can tell the bot to shut up and it will ... permanently
@johnk Great. Well, I think combining that with the "don't speak out of turn more than N chat messages" failsafe would probably do a lot to prevent unattended disaster, and allow an attending person who notices something going on to stop further problems. I'd rather the bot err on the side of crashing or going down than irritating SO admins and having them ban the bot.
it sounds like we don't really want to migrate then.
im for keeping CC, btw.
it's a positive thing to have something serious implemented in rebol to showcase, even if it's a bit old school.
i had a quick look at the source and it's actually okay.
i don't think hosting is a big issue; im happy to help out with it, so doc wont be a single point of failure.
giving it a nicer css is also something im happy to contribute to.
the http://issues.cc is a very nice domain too!
@onetom I think we really do want to migrate :) The better integration with Github alone would certainly be worth it.
I think it is a big issue, and we should migrate, and whatever feature GitHub doesn't have now it will probably get later... or if we add some kind of indexing feature that augments GitHub then other non-Rebol projects might want to use it.
posted on August 19, 2013 by abolka

[Wish] SPLIT currently has an /INTO refinement, that toggles between splitting into parts of length N and splitting into N parts (cf. the example code). While aptly named in and of itself, this non-standard usage of /INTO conflicts with the intention to use `/INTO outbuffer` as a common refinement to pre-supply a result buffer to functions (to avoid allocating intermediate storage). This latte

posted on August 19, 2013 by abolka

[Comment] Created ticket #2051 to discuss the renaming of /INTO.

1:14 PM
@earl im still against git and github, so im not convinced by phrases like "better integration" unless we are clear about what does it mean. i guess user handling would be one benefit. (even hub.darcs.net allows logging in with github oauth :)
@HostileFork interesting strategy... i don't like to support closed source stuff, like github, though...
@onetom "Better integration" probably means lots of stuff that you're also not convinced about. Mainly it's lots of easy and handy and often automatic cross-referencing, extended beyond just issues to commits and code as well.
@onetom - the thing is, that @earl, by integration considers plenty of outer services, available via browser, having multiple apis, even if those services are pretty much disintegrated in its nature :-)
I don't like Git too, the thing is - everybody uses it. Other developers might be used to it, so although I like CC, Altme, I know what guys here mean, by using what is considered being de-facto a standard ...
OTOH - where is the boundary, when we give-up on in-house REBOL solutions? Why QM, if there is RoR? Why Cheyenne, if there is Apache, nginx, etc.?
@pekr It's a careful tradeoff about where we want to concentrate our strength.
@earl - I know. It is kind of paradox for me - while I don't feel comfortable, I know it is wise to agree and go that way ...
@pekr exactly. plus there are hyperlinks. that counts as integration for me...
1:21 PM
@onetom Usually I'm with you here, but GitHub--like StackOverflow--has up to this point, operated in pretty good faith. Also, some pieces of infrastructure are a lot harder to migrate out of... e.g. a large codebase built on a closed-source programming language isn't just a scrape away from a switch to another service.
If some of you want to spend their time writing and maintaining CureCode and making it a superior issue tracker, that's certainly fine. And if you execute well, I'd probably more than happy to use it myself.
Simply put - maybe our point is not to compete with Git, Apache, etc., but to use what is available to build our custom client solutions ...
But some of us want to concentrate on working on R3 here, and we are already relatively few. So for those, I think it's better to spend their time on improving R3 rather than trying to re-invent issue tracking and version control and everything else while we are at it.
I will actively reiterate that the small Rebol and Red community should not, at this time, focus on commodity services.
@pekr our boundaries of where do we give up on changing the world are different... i happier with darcs for example, just as the same way as im happier with rebol, than with ruby...
@HostileFork im with and against you on this. i agree we shouldn't try to compete with stuff which is already done and quite good, but on the other hand that's a test of our technology too. if we can build something similar, then we can measure how better are we. (plus our soultion can be open source, unlike github/so chat and friends...)
anyway, thanks for the orientation, guys, i won't disturb more. get back to the more important stuff! :)
1:26 PM
@onetom If you want to fix some relatively simple issues in CureCode right away, that would be more than welcome.
ah, Git and SO are not open sourced? What a bunch hypocrisy here then ...
@onetom For example, unbreaking CureCode's "back" button navigation would spare me hours of suffering each week.
@HostileFork can you remove @onetom from the trello board please? it's a bit confusing. i couldn't reclaim that account unfortunately, so i will just be @1tom there.
@earl can u give a more specific example of what does that mean?
@onetom So you hardly use CC, eh :) ?
@onetom Go to curecode.org/rebol3/view-tickets.rsp, select the "Recent Changes" filter, click on a ticket, press "back" in your browser.
And countless similar situations, where HTTP POST is used for navigational state.
@earl yeah, i was not that deeply involved in rebol. unfortunately... i was more in the "front-line" and trying to propagate it and teach it to people.
1:38 PM
@onetom that "front-line" work is great and invaluable. just try to work with CC intensively for a few days before you argue too strongly in its favour ... :)
@earl ok, got it, thx. i will give it a try
@earl :) well... i will remember that, although again i feel contradiction. u r still putting up with it just because of the current data in it... interesting mechanics
@onetom yes, the data contained in CC is rather important. so important that suffer through the crappy UI until we can do a proper migration. but i'm also working on scripts for migration :)
@earl where is the repo?
@onetom which one?
1 hour later…
2:51 PM
@onetom Curecode's at github.com/dockimbel/curecode
3 hours later…
5:36 PM
@earl your conversion script source
2 hours later…
7:10 PM
i just tried http://rebol.hackpad.com
it's pretty good in many sense.
* can insert images (via urls)
* tables
* simply bolding lines turns them into headings and an automatic TOC gets assembled
* u can login with g+ & fb
* authorship is marked on the gutter not via colors
* changes mailed when user is away
i think we should give it a try instead of hosting our own...
and red.hackpad.com respectively
7:30 PM
@PatrickCollins Welcome to the Rebol and Red room. See our FAQ. Cool, you have a reputation score of 140 so chat away!
@onetom You must sign in... We already have Trello for that. ;)
posted on August 19, 2013 by ladislav

Tested in Linux.

posted on August 19, 2013 by Ladislav

[Comment] Fixed by https://github.com/rebol/rebol/pull/132

8:06 PM
@DocKimbel signup is a little price for what they can provide
@onetom It looks to me very limited compared to Trello.
@DocKimbel but it's more free form. why do you compare it to trello?
You seems to use it for managing tasks, which Trello does well enough already.
??? are we talking about the same thing? :)
it's good for organizing documents collaboratively.
for example i just started putting together the DNS alternatives for rebol.org/net
@onetom Don't know, I just had a quick look at those hackpad.com URL. :)
8:50 PM
@onetom I can provide a stable, anycasted multi-user capable DNS infrastructure.
@earl cloudflare.com can do that too. the question is how do we delegate the responsibility of the dns resource record management
@earl amazon route52 seems like the best option (using IAM) but im still evaluating it
@onetom Again, I can offer multi-user capable management :)
@earl in more detail?
give me a user and i will move rebol.info
9:24 PM
@rebolbot present
@GrahamChiu onetom earl DocKimbel pekr HostileFork johnk AstDerek Respectech GrahamChiu Ladislav iArnold rgchris Adrian Henrik PatrickCollins
it may be even simpler to just set up an axfr-enabled dns slave, manage the zone using a dvcs and axfr'ing the zone to the live infrastructure on demand. could even write that axfr pusher in rebol :)
im ready to try route53, so if anyone has an amazon account, please let me know and i would add it to the RebolDNSAdmin group
(i have something similar with git and rsync, but not on an easily shareable infrastructure, i fear.)
@onetom The following URL gives a 404 error: onetom.rebol.info/2013/08/18/Interpreter-startup-times.html
9:34 PM
@Respectech probably because onetom is playing with dns :)
just try http://onetom.rebol.info
i took away the .html as @HostileFork recommended
@earl good guess, but even if rebol.info is just for playing, im trying to avoid any downtime, since it points to other's servers too
@earl I sent you my script that consistently causes this tcp error that @rebol has called "mysterious" :) I wrote it a while ago when I was separating the gui from the core functions for my SO chat client.
Of course we have the other scripts that demonstrate this error but they are mainly GUI based.
@GrahamChiu consistently, but unpredictably in how long it takes to occur?
@earl I just ran it now and it took 5 mins
@GrahamChiu got it, thanks
9:49 PM
It doesn't use https except to download a couple of helper scripts from github
@GrahamChiu did you see it crashing on linux as well?
Yes, but different error appears
@GrahamChiu could you please skype me some valid credentials?
Is https not supported in REBOL/core? I was reading rebol.com/docs/ssl.html but when I try to call 'load/markup https://...' I get "https ... not supported in this REBOL"
@earl emailed
@DarrellBrogdon Only supported in the Saphir builds
@rebolbot saphir for DarrellBrogdon
9:55 PM
@GrahamChiu Saphirion Rebol3 Builds @DarrellBrogdon
Thanks @GrahamChiu
@DarrellBrogdon And for Rebol 2 I think SSL is only freely available in /View.
@DarrellBrogdon There is a large need for https in the main builds, and hopefully this situation will be resolved soon. :-/ I feel like using the Saphirion build without source, and directing people to download that, is a bad solution. Carl has implied that excising the code from Rebol 2 and reusing it is an option, and seemed to think that would be better than borrowing an existing C library.
Yeah, in my case its easier to fall back to node for the SSL stuff than install another implementation of REBOL.
@GrahamChiu thanks. chat's running now, with the latest linux build. we'll see if/when it crashes :)
(if it doesn't, i'll retry with win32 builds.)
10:18 PM
@GrahamChiu fetching happily for 15 minutes, so far :)
@earl Definitely takes longer under Linux
10:33 PM
Probably helps if there are messages to download?
@GrahamChiu Always updates the toolbar since the first change.
@earl Yeah ... I haven't debugged it to actually run usefully. Just to try and isolate this tcp issue.
@GrahamChiu Mhm, no problem.
A pity that Bolek hasn't been around. His Redis-based reproduction sounded the most promising, so far.
Perhaps I should try a new win32 build ... I used one of your timer builds
Ok, grabbed the latest win32 build and started a run
Sent Bolek a message, meanwhile.
Hah, got a -12 error.
** Access error: cannot open: tcp://chat.stackoverflow.com:80 reason: -12
** Where: open mini-http forever do either either either -apply-
** Near: open port
(~40 minutes)
10:45 PM
Yes, that's the error I saw
and then you can't use some functions like 'ls etc
@GrahamChiu Right, seeing the same here.
so the question is, is this the same error in a different form, or a different error
My win32 run is now at 15 mins .. so perhaps something is better
11:26 PM
Hmm. Still running with no crash yet using the latest community build
Ok, crashed finally after 55 mins with #9910 error
So, the new builds exhibit the same problem.
11:45 PM
In contrast to Carl's tests, this does a lot of open/read/close client-side actions.
@earl So, a memory issue?
@GrahamChiu Well, it most certainly looks like some kind of memory corruption.
@earl Are you able to run some sort of debug version?
But I meant that maybe a simple test client forever doing open/small read/close will already get us closers to a minimal reproduction.
@earl You wrote a tcp stress test against a web server before and it was fine
Does Carl's test involve opening and writing to files ?
11:51 PM
@GrahamChiu I don't think I had that particular stress test running for 30+ minutes.
(Because the HTTP scheme crashed before that, IIRC :)
@earl Carl's example is all in memory testing .. no file use
@GrahamChiu And only a single open.
Gotta run now.
One final note, @GrahamChiu: read from http:// now always returns a binary! :)
@earl That's good

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