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12:01 AM
* that small set being something like: data representation, evaluation model, parse/dialects, small/self-contained (Tiny Elvis) and ports. Would also add 'embeddability' based on your own efforts in honing the API and the Amish constraint on the source.
** embedability?
12:23 AM
Reformulated as a forum post ⏱↓
posted on September 21, 2019 by @rgchris Chris

@rgchris wrote: From chat Well you know Rebol PORT! was crap There's obviously a wider context for this statement with that discussion, however there's something I'm not clear of in your (@hostilefork's) port! critique: for sure the TCP scheme is flawed—you've found plenty of work in evaluating HTTPD alone It's likely the file scheme will have

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5:04 AM
The download link, metaeducation.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html, in the upper right is borked for me
I see a very brief flash of some text and then the page blanks out. Only me?
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6:28 AM
@Adrian For me also
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9:14 AM
I was going to work on drone code today, however, I was roped into a favor. But, I still will make the drone code my next priority.
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5:02 PM
@rgchris Well, what was getting my goat in particular was the complete absence of rigor--the impossibility of writing correct working code. My stress test is probably the first of its kind; and I find it baffling because I just don't know what the mindset someone could have when writing code that is incorrect from the get-go.
5:15 PM
I do have an emerging model of how I think things can be improved, but I really was (naively) waiting to see what SoftInnov--of uniserve fame--was going to do in Red and weigh that in with what I thought.
Having trouble differentiating "correct" and "working".
I understand that there are lots of scenarios that could cause working code to break.
But as long as the scenarios in which it doesn't break are useful, the code is not "incorrect" IMO.
(I can take any code and put it in an environment where it won't work.)
Is all unrigorous code incorrect?
@ingo Hrm? Well you can say alert(reb.Spell(reb.R(reb.Value("do", reb.Spell(reb.ArgR("a")))... but... the whole point of the design is to save you from that with alert(reb.Spell("do", reb.Spell(reb.ArgR("a"))). e.g. the "extractors" all evaluate.
And then we have to define rigor ...
Anyway, just wondering. I am not impressed by the port design either, but @rgchris and others seem to have been able to make it work in scenarios that are important to them.
@giuliolunati Woo! Well the big thing I guess to keep pushing on is to find out just how easy we can make this to install, and take as many steps out of the process as possible. I do like the idea of figuring out how to get people straight into a keyboard that can actually be used for programming, because the default Android keyboard is basically unusable...so if we come up with some kind of trick where that comes along with the APK that would be super neat.
@MarkI Well it's been very frustrating since the beginning because it has this "sound and fury signifying nothing" aspect to it...like "let's define 10 constants for the sake of defining them" and there's no explanation about why those 10 are a complete set, and then there's obvious holes which would jump out at anyone who actually tried to use it to write something.
Socket programming isn't necessarily trivial, but neither is it rocket science.
@HostileFork Totally agree. And correcting these flaws via a full redesign was always on my roadmap.
But I still need requirements, and I don't know how to get those.
5:24 PM
Well, no one is going to want a web server that can't do https
So the case of rebol-server as the backchannel to give native phone powers to the wasm front end is probably the only requirements we will realistically have until TLS does writing vs. just reading.
And I'm okay with that.
Not that writing would be that hard; it's basically somewhat symmetrical
5:37 PM
@HostileFork PS Should I have your email address? Need to chat about something less publicly.
5:57 PM
@MarkI You can also call if you feel like it
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8:13 PM
Thanks Brian. I will contact you soon.
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10:17 PM
posted on September 21, 2019 by tommy737

[Reddit] I've made tons of research and can't find anything like Red but the only thing that I'm worried about is that creating interfaces with other languages than English is not possible. This is a problem for me, I wonder when Unicode support will arrive to red so I can create buttons with Arabic labels?

11:11 PM
So no one spoke up for stories of how grateful they were that they couldn't say x: print "Hello" and accidentally assign a void to a variable, vs. how annoyed they were that any time you have black box code doing an assignment you can't use a SET-WORD! to do it... because it will trip up on VOID!.
11:31 PM
@GrahamChiu Hm, so in theory we should be able to control the drone on Android, right? The network calls will be made by the rebol-server. @giuliolunati - we should generalize it so that you can ask the rebol server to run arbitrary Rebol code on the web REPL's behalf... some kind of HTTP post?
The idea being that each time you have some new feature you want to add you don't have to touch rebol-server. You just do <drone-controller>.
loop 10 [
    tello #take-off
    wait 5
    tello #land
    wait 5
11:59 PM
Let's see if we can do that. Being able to fly the drone programmatically from the phone is better than having to have a laptop.

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