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4:12 AM
@HostileFork whoa read some logs sounds like your crackin down, I can still lurk around and contribute nothing right?
@JacobGood1 So long as you don't add more work, we're cool.
I wonder if I have the record for long time lurker...
@JacobGood1 Maybe. Well, I think the cracking down is good news. And I have some more good news for the Rebolverse... I am now parking my car and ending my road tour for a while. I have rented a place where I will be for the foreseeable future. And I have a good monitor to use as well.
posted on September 22, 2019 by brotherdamian

Hello! I’m trying to add tiles selected by the user to a gui defined with VID. I have an “mgui” block defined as follows: mgui: [     size: 300x500     backcolor 100.100.100     style tile box 40x40     origin 20x440     across     tile red [color: 'red ad

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11:05 AM
Q: Is it possible to simulate com port sending and receiving data using only C# programming?

abdolahI have a device which sends data by com port on my computer. I know how to simulate it, but the controller must be plugged in to simulate sending data (using Proteus) Is it possible to simulate the com port sending data without having any external device plugged in? For example: I want to writ...

@kealist ^-- In terms of this kick to get everything broken out into its own repo and having Travis CI for testing, I'm wondering if the serial extension could get fixed up on a real device and then kept tested by some virtual method. I may possibly have access to physical serial equipment where I am right now, and I'm in favor of fixing everything if there is automated testing.
Every one of these things are good test cases of how the core is factored; and often provide food for thought. So I'm not really looking to jettison things like the Serial, FFI, ODBC, ZeroMQ even if they're not priorities. It's just that it's not a good idea to let things atrophy and then have to come back and update them after a year's changes to the system; that has much more cost than keeping them working when the changes are happening in the moment.
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8:08 PM
@GrahamChiu Hi Sorry I just saw your message. Yes I am doing a research on SO chats. Hope I am not being intrusive here...
And how do you know my purpose is to study? By the irregular visits across different chats?
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10:26 PM
Hrm. What if type of ["Hello" ['x 10]] was @[block], and type/1 of ["Hello" ['x 10]] was @[[text block!]], and type/2 of ["Hello" ['x 10]] was @[[text ['word integer]]] or something

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