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12:00 AM
@graph It's a Wargames quote, when the computer trained on chess is assigned the task of playing a nuclear simulation with "number of players zero"
sorry for hijacking your room
@graph It's Saturday and people aren't really talking. I'm pro keeping things going despite people being slackers. Boo on spending time with your family!
Strangers on the Internet are much more important
It's supposed to be a chat room. If someone has Rebol stuff to talk about, then talk about it. If no one is talking, any topic is fair game.
my father visited me last week and he took some time to review my learning software (taht I showed to you guys 6 months ago). Family is fine
12:07 AM
You still working on that?
close to finish I hope
@graph So are you just hanging out here because Rebol people are awesome, or are you going to pick up Rebol programming for reals? :-)
uh oh. serious talk
print [reverse {hparg@} {you need to join the "rebolution".  Didn't you notice the careful dependency management?  Under half a meg, no dependencies.} rebolsource.net/]
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> print [reverse "hparg@" {you need to join the "rebolution".  Didn't you notice the careful dependency management?  Under half a meg, no dependencies.} rebolsource.net/]
@graph you need to join the "rebolution".  Didn't you notice the careful dependency management?  Under half a meg, no dependencies. rebolsource.net
12:18 AM
We are taking over the world, by the way. It's just that taking over the world all at once is not... well, it doesn't have the same dramatic effect.
That pattern makes very short movies. Depending on cultural expectations, a movie should be either 4 minutes... 2 hours... or if you're in India you better pack a picnic basket because they literally last days.
well I'm curious and fascinated what's going on here
but for now the whole thing is a little inaccessible still. And I can't see an immediate benefit from using rebol, since there are plenty of conventional technologies out there. Some harder, some easier, but ...there's so much of that alreaedy
@graph Well do you ever have a task... like "hm, I have some files and I need to process them, but no one else is going to run this script..." Rebol is a great swiss army knife, or even, a swiss army machete
I keep wanting newbies to think of it like this. Unfortunately, the grandiose presentation of Rebol often makes it get compared to Ruby and Python etc... and it's not that we cannot make that linguistic comparison... it's just that those aren't languages... they are ecologies. The Rebol ecology is small by comparison.
But rabid, I just want to get all the rabid weasels using the public internet instead of hiding in Rebol-based instant messaging systems that only they use.
yea recently I considered using PARSE for working with logfiles from work
@graph Ask us! We like nothing better than showing off. :-)
And I used to have a big "not open source" disclaimer on top of Rebol ideas, but that changed, so if something is messed up and a client is blocked, I'll go track it down. Even a free cilent. We're just in a little tussle about the priority of rewriting a few things that are high-priority and not open source... it's not about whether I could do it, it's about priorities and I just don't see any point in redoing work other people did who have more experience.
So I edit videos, draw icons, etc.
well I entered commands in that commandline. Many things were ..*different* from how I was used and in the end I did not follow up (partly because I don't have to do that logfile stuff)
12:28 AM
@graph Hm, do you have an example?
I would have to track that down
print [{I'm {different} but open sourced as of} 12-Dec-2012 {and really, y'gotta admit, this is cool.}]
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> print ["I'm {different} but open sourced as of" 12-Dec-2012 "and really, y'gotta admit, this is cool."]
I'm {different} but open sourced as of 12-Dec-2012 and really, y'gotta admit, this is cool.
it's been a few weeks and the data is on my work computer
now, with Notepad++, I could combine "regex" with just looking at the data, right? From the commandline, I would go back and forth and have a lot of what I want mentally figured out already
so more ecology would be nice
@graph We get it over and over that the console interface for Rebol3 is not up to par, it sends some people screaming back to Rebol2
@graph I just use an editor, and while I like to be an open source advocate, we've sort of standardized around here on Sublime Text and you might try it. I deleted all the other editors on my systems to stop me being lazy and not learning it
12:32 AM
I also thought of a script that would combine all searches and checks that I had ever needed /seen other people use etc., so that I can just fire one script and see a full "report" giving the statuses and typical log messages about everything around our systems.
so...more ecologies
yea I'm using Sublime Text occasionally, but for now..Visual Studio :)
@graph Well bring us some concrete things, it helps refine Rebol. Some of us are getting angsty about the alpha => beta thing but you can't really know unless you have a decently sized set of users banging on it.
I don't see us going beta this year.
Sorry (to anyone who thought that would happen)
You don't go open source with a codebase no one has ever seen in December of one year and then expect a sudden "oh, we fixed it" result before the next December. That belief would be what I would call "very naive".
I think the tutorial I found was not up to date and had some errors
In fact, most proprietary software that has gone open source has been a disaster story. If you were to judge Rebol by that alone you would say "this is death"
Almost every successful open source story started as open source. Not 18 years of closed development.
12:38 AM
and I read rebol.com/docs/core23/rebolcore-12.html to figure out how to read/write files. I found that quite different from how I was used to this stuff from other languages
@graph Well, so the interesting thing about that, and I believe I emailed you about it... Rebol types are tokenized and "they has a flavor"
It's weird, sure. But quite cool.
copy/part read hostilefork.com 80
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> copy/part read hostilefork.com 80
== #{
To determine if a file name is that of a directory, use the dir? function:

print dir? %file.txt
print dir? %.
@graph Makes sense to me. But look at my example. What happened, under the hood?
well. I know that both "files" and "directories" are both files from the file system point of view
but it's just odd from the user perspective. It's not even something I'd usually use that often. But of course it's more sophisticated and powerful on a different level
12:41 AM
@graph Your example seems correct to me. I am asking about mine. Can you explain it?
well I'm studying it right now
I don't know what it does.
@graph Well, this is a Reboly thing worth looking into.
help copy
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> help copy
    COPY value /part length /deep /types kinds

    Copies a series, object, or other value.
    COPY is an action value.

    value -- At position (series! port! map! object! bitset! any-function!)

    /part -- Limits to a given length or position
        length (number! series! pair!)
    /deep -- Also copies series values within the block
    /types -- What datatypes to copy
        kinds (typeset! datatype!)
I think I had read what "series" is but forgot in the meantime
@graph Rebol fancies itself to be an optimized language. Copying is not the default, so if you want to copy something you have to do it explicitly. Not copying is what usually happens.
12:44 AM
oh why does it return HEX though
I would have liked that it returns a string with the html in it. How about that?
@graph Because if you are being truly abstract, HTTP returns bytes encoded. How you want to interpret those bytes is kind of up to you. To turn it into Unicode Codepoints via UTF8 is highly presumptive.
There are many encodings.
Rebol's default assumption regarding binary to string translations, should you ask for it, is UTF8
copy/part to string! read hostilefork.com 80
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> copy/part to string! read hostilefork.com 80
== {<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.or}
@guraaku Welcome to the Rebol and Red room. See our FAQ. Sadly you won't be able to talk to us at present. You need a few more reputation points on Stackoverflow to join these chat rooms. If you answer some questions, or ask some, we might be able to help by upvoting you. In the meantime, have a look at a Rebol introduction.
Greetings @guraaku! I upvoted your question which is as much as I can do at present (if @graph sees fit he might do so, too). The bot has given you the FAQ. It would be nice if you came back and talked to us about Rebol. First time's free. (So's the second time...)
It's 3am almost
12:48 AM
@graph Well get some sleep but, point being, we are designing something pretty awesome here, and... trying not to sell out too hard
But at the end of the day, they chose Apache, against my advice.
so I can use sublime with rebol? And start the script from within the editor?
@graph We have a highlighter package, yup
But we are trying to get everyone to agree to use ".reb" instead of ".r"... because R pretty much owns ".r"
so which is the magic key? F5?
I need to know that
So our standard modules and distributions and syntax highlighters should use ".reb". We'll hit people with a stick until they do it. Rebol doesn't care, it looks for the rebol header, but we just do it.
is the rebol highlighting package part of the sublime community package thingy?
or is it special somehow?
12:51 AM
The magic key I got was "use the Textmate bundle" but we are going to make a really nice page at editors.rebol.net, AREN'T WE! And we are going to GET INTO THE PACKAGE MANAGER?
It's not turnkey yet, it takes a step of downloading a textmate bundle into a packages directory and then deleting a file that Sublime Text doesn't like
Seriously, we should fix this, I know.
Textmate and Sublime Text are mostly compatible
I think the PARSE thing as a standalone tool with nice environments could be a thing
it could get people interested
@graph Dunno if you noticed but we have an emscripten build now. Rebol runs in the browser. Tighter, leaner than the average repl.it. We're just in the thinking phase.
We're just a couple dozen guys with other lives, that's why I focus on growth not burning myself out....
@graph ...and I totally agree, someone just needs to put on their working gloves and spend the weekend and do it.
I know it seems stupid because Rebol is one binary with no dependencies, but, people expect sudo apt-get rebol to work. We need to make that happen despite how silly it seems.
And IIRC, the package has been made.
I think the task of getting all of this right is immense
1:06 AM
@graph The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If you happen to have legs that are a thousand miles long, it might not seem as much of a challenge.
night @HostileFork enjoyed the conversation with you, as usual!
@graph Nite. :-) Come back and when we have more Rebol people, let's do some Rebol. Nice to fill in the silence in the meantime...
1:45 AM
@HostileFork How is the emscripten build coming? Is it fully functional yet?
@Respectech Well I only helped it along a little, one day, to get it started. Very minor work. I was hoping someone else would take it further. :-)
As an overarching issue, I mentioned one basic problem with it...which is that there is no "linker"... it turns calls that C programs would link against stubs... so you don't know the stubs aren't implemented until you hit them. And some of our demos will need some level of proxying I think.
While we're all sort of busy with various things, I think the path @earl and I would like to see is getting Rebol into the repl.it ecosystem as a pull request, if we can.
2:01 AM
@HostileFork Yes, I recall that. Do you think that is resolvable without a ton of effort?
2 hours later…
4:53 AM
@Respectech Well I just think that's going to be one of those "it works!" and then you hit things for a while issue. RebolBot is pretty solid, but there will be bumps in this area.
5:12 AM
@AstDerek Is Reddit important?
@HostileFork symantec.com/connect/blogs/what-reddit-and-why-should-you-care it could be, and there's already a subreddit/channel for rebol
@AstDerek Hm. Well I have (obviously) focused on building the StackOverflow presence... I don't think I have the energy to pay a whole lot of attention to another community that I've seen. SlashDot was relevant at one point, but now I think they're more trolls than anything.
@HostileFork ping the mods, tell them about this chat room
@AstDerek On /. ? I don't think that moderation exists there anymore. I do think mentioning Rebol there would do more harm than good.
5:27 AM
@Brett I must have a bug in my index script .. here's the direct link r3gui.com/docs/network/Writing_a_Network_Scheme.html
@HostileFork No, reddit
Should Rebol want to spread it will be from things like the work of the Fiendish Dr @GrahamChiu on the bot to get around. Our job is to make the web presence and landing pad for people with questions not an embarrassment.
I don't think your average Slashdottor or Redditor is swayed by philosophy
@HostileFork Visibility is an option
or, what's the point of a bot that's able to tweet?
why not linking the bot to tweet about the feeds appearing here?
@AstDerek Well the point is that we aren't far from many configurations if someone comes up with the idea. The capability is there. We run in a zero-install executable that's under half a megabyte and can do some pretty impressive stuff. The contrast, and what people find pleasing, is how much you can do with a thought out system instead of a Rube Goldberg machine...
So sure, telling the bot to tweet isn't so interesting. I agree. But the functionality is there that the bot could tweet something else. It doesn't have any logic to tweet about stuff, but it could tweet starred posts for instance
And you could do it in any language, but what we like about it is showing that Rebol can do it better.
I don't mean to say that rebol does or does not the job, I think that it could be used for some marketing
5:37 AM
@AstDerek Well I'm all for marketing help. Though my focus is at present less on outreach and more on giving the people who do show up with interest a story and structure that is sensible.
The website transitions are key, and we're not moving as fast on that as I'd like
Yet, not many will show up here. I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to ask a quick question about git
@kealist wow .. VID for Rebol 3. Wonder why the SDK is required? Does it use definitions from there?
most SO chat rooms seem too relaxed, and non code/programming related
@AstDerek No, I don't generally think many people use the StackOverflow chat feature. It is not a business agenda for them either as a feature and they're not pushing it.
Lot of trolling in the rooms, yes
@HostileFork these chat rooms work much better than Moodle's, I'd like to have something like in Moodle
@HostileFork or too casual Did you see tv last night?, meh
5:42 AM
@AstDerek I'm okay with it but not if people have more relevant topics to focus on.
We could use some more pictures of @GrahamChiu's dog. I'm tired of looking at pathetic dog all day. :-)
@REBOLbot alive?
@HostileFork turn him around to get a different view
@GrahamChiu It's her, and I'm a photographer, and I don't think there's any angle where the patheticness does not permeate.
@HostileFork patheticness doesn't apply to dogs according to my wife. Lelación applies, too bad there no translation for that word
5:47 AM
@AstDerek I don't know what the right word is, but you can decide
@NullPoiиteя looks a little like my dog :)
@NullPoiиteя Welcome to the Rebol and Red room. See our FAQ. Cool, you have a reputation score of 19403 so chat away!
@NullPoiиteя Learning super freak, eh? :-) Well you came to the right place.
@HostileFork is this page stackoverflow.com/users/211160/… working for you ?
404 for me
5:50 AM
@HostileFork :P
@NullPoiиteя You're interested in bounties I have placed, specifically?
That is an odd interest.
@NullPoiиteя works if navigated from here stackoverflow.com/users/211160/hostilefork?tab=bounties
@HostileFork I'm still waiting for all those projects you said you'd do for me!
@GrahamChiu On the WebOS thing, I tried, but they really didn't seem to have the house in order -- so to speak.
I don't know if I said anything else. :-)
@HostileFork It was either fast-cgi or mod-apache
5:55 AM
Oh that. Well, we should have that.
just wanted to confirm :)
thankyou ..
@NullPoiиteя No problem, but if you want to be a real learning super freak we do have some stuff going on here.
print [{I'm here too, see my profile} stackapps.com/questions/3960/…
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> print ["I'm here too, see my profile" stackapps.com/questions/3960/…
I'm here too, see my profile stackapps.com/questions/3960/…
@HostileFork thankyou .... i ll try
@AstDerek I've got to go to sleep. Darn biology. But nice to see you coming back, and thanks for the evangelism ideas. It's a bit tricky because programming languages are a sensitive matter, but I do think we're on the right track with the culture and with the tone set by our Montreal conference
6:01 AM
@HostileFork I don't know how to Montreal :S
@AstDerek I don't think we'll be going back there too soon so it probably doesn't matter, but you might want to learn to HongKong or Vienna...!
Two more conferences in the works at the moment
@HostileFork I just know how to Xochimilco by now. Have a good night
@AstDerek Haha, the boats. I was there a few years ago
Good times
Someone needs to float by on the lake by the house here and bring me a taco and a beer.
@HostileFork Zombie fort? good! you'll sleep like a baby
I wonder if I still have my Mexico pictures. :-/
6:09 AM
@HostileFork don't worry, Mexico is still here
@AstDerek Just looking for a picture of me on one of those pole-propelled boats
@HostileFork its looks like a bug ... however i love to visit profile :P
Q: Bounty page is not loading when sorting by offered and earned

NullPoiиteяWhen click on view more in earned and offered bounty section it give Not found error message same happen with the earned. It happens when url have &sort=offered and &sort=earned param but when do not have those param, its working fine (?tab=bounties works fine)

@NullPoiиteя Good catch. Unlike other sites on the Internet, SO usually fixes this kind of stuff.
Okay, I couldn't find the pictures of me from Mexico. Note to self: find pictures from Mexico trip or ask my friend for his copies. But g'nite @AstDerek and everyone... cya later
You can however see the picture of me on the pyramids here. :-P
@HostileFork and not climbing the towers of hanoi?
@GrahamChiu Sounds more like a photo op for Doc
6:23 AM
there's probably a little hanoi in Paris
7 hours later…
1:40 PM
@respectech It looks like there's no feed from your cameras for David's talk, is that correct?
why don't we have delete-dir in rebol3? is there a plan to support it some other way?
as i see we have make-dir/deep for example
@onetom I don't believe that sort of thing has a good reason. Though I was hoping these top level routines could get turned into a "shell dialect" and taken out of the main namespace.
e.g. shell [cd %foo]
x: %foo
shell [rmdir x]
why would that be good?
Because I don't like CD and such being words in the main interpreter, just as I don't like Q.
and change-dir is not good either because it has a dash?
1:49 PM
Though perhaps delete can tell if something is a file or directory by looking... while creation has to be told which kind of thing you want to create
Yup, you got it. :-)
how would that shell command work? it would be like a do, but it would bind the given block to a context which has all these file operations?
Just a dialect, like parse or whatever
btw, open, read, load all operate on file! types, so i find it not obvious where should we draw a line
sounds pretty limiting if it's not a full do-dialect and unnecessary complexity to wrap simple functions into a block, just because they operate on files/dirs
Is parse limiting because it's not a full do dialect? You can signal DO code with parens...
it has a very different execution model, but for shell i dont see such a difference, UNLESS we actually implement piping to totally replace a shell
1:55 PM
Just trying to find a compromise for the fact that I don't really want CD and LS and such to be words that "come in the box". It's tangential to your deletion question, but did you try the asymmetry I note? Maybe delete doesn't need to be told the thing it's deleting is a directory and it is by design.
so how would directory creation look like?
make %dir ?
make %dir/subdir 'deep
make %dir/subdir /deep
would it throw an error if there is no %dir without the deep param?
@RebolBot do help "-dir"
@onetom It does and doesn't seem to fit the pattern of make. :-/ There is no case where it does not take a datatype as the first parameter.
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
>> help "-dir"
Found these related words:
   change-dir      native!   Changes the current directory path.
   in-dir          function! Evaluate a block while in a directory.
   lib             object!   [end! unset! none! logic! integer! decimal! p...
   list-dir        function! Print contents of a directory (ls).
   ls              function! Print contents of a directory (ls).
   make-dir        function! Creates the specified directory. No error if ...
2:12 PM
It seems that the port model is the right place for the functionality.
in any case, it seems like only delete-dir has been left out compared to rebol2, so it would make sense to include that until we have a better idea
Should be easy to add. Want to take a crack at it? :-)
that's what im thinking about
Q: How to delete a directory and its contents in (POSIX) C?

SetJmpI am most interested in the non-recursive case, but I am guessing others who might track this question would prefer seeing the recursive case. Basically, we are aiming to accomplish: rm -rf <target> However, a system call would be an immature answer.

since it's just a mezzanine
2:14 PM
Q: What is the Win32 API function to use to delete a folder?

SlapoutWhat are the Win32 APIs to use to programically delete files and folders? Edit DeleteFile and RemoveDirectory are what I was looking for. However, for this project I ended up using SHFileOperation. I found the sample code at CodeGuru helpful.

I would think you'd have to do that through the platform API. But I've outlined how to do that.
A: For rebol3: Want to get started with native extensions on linux. How do I write a hello-world?

HostileForkThat's two questions. :-) Regarding the first (about adding a native)... it's probably best elaborated as developer documentation on a Wiki. Questions in the rebol tag should generally be more about the language from a user's point of view. The answers regarding source code itself typically...

what's wrong w a mezzanine? it's simpler and requires less maintenance across platforms
Well if you do it as a mezzanine, you will need to use CALL and have conditional code in that way... I wouldn't think that's how the existing ones are written. If it is, sure.
2:35 PM
$ rebol2 -qws --do 'source delete-dir'
delete-dir: func [
    {Deletes a directory including all files and subdirectories.}
    dir [file! url!]
    /local files
    if all [
        dir? dir
        dir: dirize dir
        attempt [files: load dir]
    ] [
        foreach file files [delete-dir dir/:file]
    attempt [delete dir]
isn't it fine to just include this into src/mezz/base-files.r ?
(i tried and it worked)
Oh. So delete does delete a directory. Well then yes, you don't need to add a native. (I didn't use Rebol2 and haven't ever seen what delete-dir does)
Submitting a pull request is a good way to get review if there is opinion on why one wouldn't do this, so why not?
it was not clear though what's the proper way of recompiling after this change, because the generated - and .gitignored - src/boot/boot-code.r was not refreshed after make prep or during make, nor make make helped...
(i was obviously just shooting in the dark; i dont know yet how the build system really works)
Yes, we're all new to it. Did you try moving it aside (e.g. mv boot-code.r boot-code-backup.r) and see if the generation process was invoked by what you did?
i deleted it of course and some of the make prep/make/clean whatever regenerated it, so it works, i would be just curious what is the regular process
now im trying to make sure it works w the latest version, but:

---==| ~/p/rebol/make |==---
$ git pull rebol master
From github.com:rebol/rebol
 * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
Updating a99d2d6..4d9840f
error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:
Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge.
why is that makefile even committed? shouldn't it be ignored or named as something like .example?
it's a generated file, so i don't think it should be part of the repo
@onetom The reason some generated files are included is for build convenience, if you want to just type "make" it will work... sometimes... and that can make it easier. Rebol attempts to be as turnkey as possible, e.g. by subsetting the crypto routines from OpenSSL and packing them in one file instead of linking to it or requiring you to run a subsetting script to generate it from the main distribution.
But I would agree with you, personally--generated files should not be included, most of the time. In any case, @earl is working on the Cmake-based build, and Cmake is--like Rebol--sort of one-stop-shopping for a build toolchain. Single cross platform executable, produces Visual Studio or Xcode projects from a spec. It will change things when that gets in.
I'm sure his vision will tune and tweak these aspects.
2:48 PM
i heard conversations about this at the conference, but im not sure what does it mean
u must be referring to cmake.org , right?
Yes. It has its own language for defining makefiles, unfortunately named CMakeLists.txt. You drop one of those in the build subdirectories of your project. It doesn't just list the files and build dependencies, but has a broader language for looking for the required build tools or libraries being installed on your system. It has keywords for looking to see if you have Qt installed--for instance.
@HostileFork thx, i will study it
One of the build products it can produce besides your executables is project files for various popular development environments. So you can have a visual studio project or Xcode project built to assist in debugging/browsing/editing. Of course, you're supposed to go back and edit the CMakeLists.txt if you want to change the project... because editing the project itself will make it get thrown away
It kind of sucks. But it does not suck as badly as QMake (Qt's aging and similar tool) and it definitely does not suck as badly as GNU autotools. And it's self-contained. It's a necessary evil, I guess. But I think a Rebol-based alternative would be good to create...
@HostileFork phew, i thought u will never say it: "But I think a Rebol-based alternative would be good to create..." :)
what acute problem is it trying to solve, btw? ppl want to have an xcode/visualstudio project created for 1 key build and debug capabilities?
It's a receptive market. The self-contained, tiny download, to bootstrap projects into being built. That's a good thing to focus on; won't take long. A chatting/calendar app... we don't have the resources and I don't think people care how big that is.
The acute problem is that bootstrap issue I speak about. Building libraries, calling out dependencies, offering some prompting UI for config options on your build... being self-contained enough to download it and have it "just work" in one executable.
Making a project file to load into popular IDEs from the build description may be a less acute problem, but it's nice that the feature is there, and keeps you from doing it twice or tying your users into any particular set of project files you might make by hand.
It can make files for KDevelop, which is what I was using it for. But then I successfully took that same project and got Visual Studio and XCode projects too. So that was nice.
3:00 PM
how does this make it the build process simpler than downloading the right rebol executable and name it r3-make?
(it says 41 mins left for the download)
It does not replace that piece of the puzzle. It replaces the thing that processes makefile when you're done with that and run make.
Again, note my agreement that the better solution would be if there was a Rebol-based CMake-like tool
There isn't, but CMake is a baby step toward improvement. The negative consequence is that CMake isn't installed on platforms as ubiquitously as make is on unix systems.
@HostileFork okay, understood
Remember my apples-to-apples project ideas. Make a version of CMake in Rebol (rmake) that is layered such that there is a transformation of the CMakeLists.txt into a more natural and attractive native Rebol format.
Offer the ability to run rmake in a mode that does that conversion each time it runs.
Offer another script that will run the conversion permanently over your files, and allow you to toss the transformation code so the whole thing gets cleaned up.
These kinds of ideas insinuate Rebol into busy people's toolchains. As we said at Microsoft: "Embrace and extinguish."
Er, maybe I'm not supposed to tell you that's what "Embrace and extend" really means :-)
3:34 PM
btw, i found a delete-dir related cc ticket curecode.org/rebol3/ticket.rsp?id=1545&cursor=1
@onetom Intentional, then. I don't have a strong opinion.
As battles go, it's not one I'd personally pick.
btw, this is how can we pre-vet pull requests: travis-ci.org/onetom/rebol/builds/10596274
(i haven't set it up yet, just linked my fork to travis, so i can play with it)
3:56 PM
posted on August 25, 2013 by onetom

Since there was no strong opinions on this in the http://issue.cc/r3/1545 ticket I would keep it in Rebol 3 to converge towards the level of usefulness Rebol 2 provided.

2 hours later…
@earl and did it work for you?
ah, that's why i haven't found on travis-ci.org... because u dont call it rebol....
Well, that was long before the repository renaming.
4 hours later…
9:55 PM
@HostileFork I seem to remember recording David's talk. I wonder why you're not finding it in the directory.
10:32 PM
@Respectech If you can find the file, lemme know...
I have a lot of dead air before, and then Max's talk
11:17 PM
I'm offline for another week with house moving stuff
Why is it that gas, electricity and water just roll from owner to owner seamlessly, yet it always takes at least a week to get back online in a new place (assuming wired)?
@kealist Thanks for the update to the bot :-) She really is good example a how this community can run a project
@HostileFork I'll check, but I doubt that I have anything that you don't.
11:54 PM
A: How do I get the remote IP-Address of clients connecting to a rebol3 based server?

Peter W A WoodThe system/standard/net-info object includes two values - local-ip and remote-ip. I'm not sure whether that they get set though. Give system/standard/net-info/remote-ip a try and if it contains none, I would suggest submitting a bug report.


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