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4:32 AM
Q: How to recognize voice to text in android for specific word of template

MARSHI am trying to convert voice to text speech will be in India pronunciation and voice format will like this 1. Create template fileName column Satish,sagar,sandip.... 2.create title freeItem serial 1 item tuna specification fresh ,mh size 1 1 size 2 2 grade a unit kg satish 1 sagar 2 .... or...

@MARSH Welcome to the Java Chat, the room for Java enthusiasts! I'm Oak, one of the room's bots. If you want to ask a question, just ask it and someone will respond if they feel like it. But remember that this room is not a help desk or tutoring service! If you want to just hang out, then welcome aboard! Oh, and the room's full list of rules are posted here.
Hi any one can help me in this
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6:01 AM
Not an Android room
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6:19 AM
Q: After installing net tools on debian (Kali Linux), Basic networking commands do not work

Freduah GideonKali say's net tools are already installed but still basic networking commands such as ifconfig iwconfig arp are not working freduah@freduah:~$ sudo apt-get install net-tools Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done net-tools is already the n...

Q: No `ifconfig` or `ip` command on Git Bash on Windows distro

qxzsilverI am trying to learn how to script in bash using shell commands (using Git Bash installed on Windows). I noticed that the tutorial I am going through used ifconfig, which is a deprecated and thus I tried using the ip addr config as noted in the following: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/...

6:46 AM
Q: Wireless connection randomly disconnects and asks for password on Ubuntu

Mohammad KhosraviI have a problem with my HP Pavilion laptop. Randomly, the wifi disconnects, and a prompt appears on the top of the Ubuntu screen that says you need to authenticate, and by clicking on the prompt, the password entry for the current wifi shows up. By clicking on ok, or doing nothing, after a minut...

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2:15 PM
@TylerH Yeah, i've linked it before here but one of the reasons I originally removed my avatar here was that disgruntled people had harassed me on my SE account and were attempting to dox me, so now I keep my online identities pretty separate
Oh wow, that sucks.
Some people got really obsessive and vindictive when banned
Hey, I got a death threat today, so... I hear ya! :-)
At some point we had a situation where the police had to get involved and iirc the guy who did it ended up doing time. He did do a lot worse then attempt to dox me though (he did do that as well, but wasn't prosecuted for it)
Wow, that's... I'm sorry to hear that.
2:17 PM
honestly wtf
He swatted another admin on the discord server, made falsified reports to ICE in an attempt to get him arrested/deported, and filed numerous false police reports
@magisch oh yikes, that sucks
Hopefully he's in jail now?
all over getting banned in a fan community for a game
@TylerH not sure if he still is but he ended up getting nailed for all that
especially the swatting got him into a lot of trouble
Yeah it's a felony
2:19 PM
I knew that would draw Kevin out :-P
@Machavity mind moving this discussion out of here into a trash bin?
I might be overly paranoid but I'm still paranoid and should have not talked about it in public

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