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12:41 AM
Q: Closure clarification

OverLordGoldDragonI don't understand what's unclear in this question. From what I can tell, it's a yes or no. Comments have asked "why", perhaps suggesting I don't need to do what I'm trying to do, but that doesn't invalidate the question. I'm not asking if it is the best way of solving a particular problem, I'm a...

12:59 AM
Q: prevent wrapping inline code

wimI've just made an edit here but the way the inline code wraps is not sensible. Is there a way to indicate that " ".join(map(shlex.quote, sys.argv)) should not be broken over lines? Don't want to actually change the code by e.g. putting in a non-breaking space character or some other unicode tr...

1:41 AM
Q: The [customer] is always right. Unless it's a tag

Daniel WiddisI happened upon the customer tag today. It presently has 202 questions, 36 of which were created in 2022 (about 6 per month). The questions, predictably, revolve around eCommerce software. The top overlapping tags include php, magento (and magento2, magento1.9), and woocommerce. In all of thes...

2:20 AM
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4:48 AM
> SO is a social media site
Today on MSE...
> asking and answering questions about your favourite questions IS social interaction
@VLAZ ...yeah, okay, fine, Meta's a social network.
double meaning somewhat intended.
2 hours later…
6:47 AM
Q: Is it possible to send private comments to multiple people?

DominiqueI have just deleted a question, as the root cause of the entire problem made the question irrelevant, and I wanted to thank the people who have spent effort investigating the problem, Chetan and ChiefTwoPencils. In order to do that, I started a comment, writing "@C" and immediately, a popup appea...

@VLAZ, Do you mean localizations? — ouflak 10 mins ago
How do I accept a comment as the best one?
2 hours later…
9:14 AM
When I cast the first delete vote for an old question, does it go into any kind of queues or other system to get attention?
@KarlKnechtel no, there's no review queue for delete vote, only 10K+ tools
4 hours later…
1:35 PM
Q: Was I too rough

Josip JurosWas my attitude bad in terms of asking a followup question and suggesting a for loop in the first comment, and later on the response on the persons rudeness All possible 5 letter strings but with vowels and consonants in a specific order

@NewPosts What's with people asking a discussion question on Meta and then not wanting to discuss things a few minutes later?
Yes, both users were rude and the comment thread shows another clear-cut case for more flags and less words.
No wait... It's the same user who posted this.
I guess some people never learn.
2 hours later…
3:21 PM
@E_net4-MrDownvoter And it's back
3:33 PM
Any way to say "half-assed" in a more tone-neutral way?
Never mind, I'll go with "superficial".
there is no way to tell someone they're lazy without it being rude
Something like "could use [some] improvement" tends to be a bit lighter. Though it depends on the context.
that's the point, :p
focus on how to resolve the being lazy bit, not the fact that they're lazy
@KevinB Thus why not saying anything is the way to go.
I mean, it's a perfectly valid choice.
People want to take such matters by their own hands, but I'd rather not let that happen.
4:39 PM
In other news, related to the Loved/Dreaded thing on the dev survey:
When we introduced this question series in 2015, we said "By comparing status quo vs. aspiration we can see how developers perceive available programming tools." The questions and the way we look at the data do reveal a perception of the technology. While the terms Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted are strong terms to describe the emotions felt, and the questions as posed don't directly map to these emotions, we've felt they are lighthearted enough that people understand that developers don't run away from the Dreaded technologies, but aren't making excuses to build more things with them either. — JNat ♦ 4 mins ago
5:16 PM
(7 years later)
5:48 PM
@E_net4-MrDownvoter they're required to choose a tag; "discussion" is the closest fit; they want to argue their case
@KevinB I rely on depersonalization, fwiw. big difference between "you have shown no effort" and "this post shows no effort". I save the "you"s for "did you try [specific thing]?" "what happens if you [do that]?" I'm sure it's still condescending but I have IMO a much stronger case that I tried
I don't think "this post shows no effort" is any more useful
1: shown effort isn't a requirement. It can certainly help you get a positive outcome, however the idea that effort is required has often been used as a bat
6:04 PM
Q: Python advanced

user19497472I'm searching for a Python book, but for advanced level. Not beginner stuff like: "Hey, you see these squared brackets, there are called Lists. You can store them." Something really cool. Expert level. Any suggestions?

@NewPosts Not for the weak-minded: the Necronopythanicon
1 hour later…
7:30 PM
Hmm, why would a user vote to delete and vote to reopen the same question, in the same state? Are they just clicking every button they can see? I would really be interested in knowing how far apart both those actions were. I can understanding changing one's mind, but neither of those actions were retracted.
@cigien The actions were 14 hours apart
The reopen vote was cast 10 hours prior to deletion
I can view that "timeline" page, but I don't see how to navigate to it from the question itself. At some point I figured out that the timestamp beside the word "modified" is a link (even though the identically-styled timestamp for "asked" and view count for "viewed" are not), but that link doesn't do anything for me - it just adds ?lastactivity to the url, which then redirects back.
I don't think you can see when some actions occurred though
I think
Actually haven't checked before
if I'm given that URL, or type it in manually, I can see exactly what cigien was talking about
@KarlKnechtel Click the "clock" icon just below the voting buttons.
7:39 PM
@KarlKnechtel Screenshot?
it is indeed the clock icon.
I find more reasons to complain about the UI every day.
@ZoestandswithUkraine Interesting. So they thought it should be reopened, but then changed their mind and decided it should be deleted. I can see that logic, I guess.
Thanks. Yeah, regular users can't see exactly when actions were taken by individual users, we can only see when the action was completed.
Wait, no
Sorry, I thought you were talking about OP for some reason
oh. but by my parsing of the (non-diamond) information, it is the other way around. someone agreed with the deletion, then agreed with reopening after it was undeleted by others.
undetected Selenium cast a reopen vote at 14:17:35 and a delvote at 14:17:45 (both UTC); I looked at undelete, which is what OP did
7:44 PM
@ZoestandswithUkraine Ah, as I suspected. That's very strange behaviour. What exactly are they trying to achieve, I wonder?
Might've aimed for deletion, hit reopen, banner blindnessed the message, and accidentally reopened instead
Yeah, I guess. Puts a strain on my assumption of good faith a fair amount though.
@KarlKnechtel It's hard to work out for us, because reopen votes can be cast while a question is deleted. We can only see the completion of the action in the timeline.
Does anyone here have the new vote buttons on a computer?
I have them on my phone, and I tried to vote on a locked post
Because science
The buttons were completely unresponsive, and no banner showed up either; just wanna make sure it's like that elsewhere too
8:16 PM
I had them briefly.
i do not have them atm
hope that information helps
@KevinB Thanks you in advantage!
2 hours later…
10:10 PM
Q: Where do questions about hashing belong?

Sockpuppet683If I were to ask a question about hashing, would it belong on Stack Overflow, Computer Science SE, Cryptography SE, or Math SE?

stackoverflow.com/a/3919711/523612 Is this answer actually acceptable per current interpretation of policies?
1 hour later…
11:40 PM
Q: Question 72890693 is voted to be closed based on _opinion_ but not actual valid reason

trusktrMy question, HTML attributes regex almost works, missing a couple edge cases is clearly factual, not opinion-based, however the close votes seem to be due to the opinion that regexes should not be used on HTML. Normally opinion questions should be closed, but in fact the total opposite seems to b...

@OlegValteriswithUkraine it looks like my proposal for meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/419062 fails, so regardless of what happens with the original question, a new canonical will be needed for the JSON syntax issues.
I would like to use the Python room for any further discussion of that.
@NewPosts This points at a broader issue, where OPs are insistent upon using a suboptimal or even nonsensical tool for the job.

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