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5:33 AM
Q: How can i make a post on stack overflow

lecrowpusHow can I post on this site I am new to this site and want to post about my knowledge about pyscript, I tried to post a question and answering in the same

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7:41 AM
@NewPosts @AndrewT. I found a second, probably better dupe as well
8:00 AM
@RyanM nice, that looks like a better canonical for self-answer
8:45 AM
Q: I want to make a Discord Bot which calculates the study time of 'n' number of people and sends it to a particular channel

Alyan ShaikhLemme talk in brief, I am asking for help , I'm starter with Nodejs . I want to make a Discord bot which calculates study time of me and my friends and displays it in a leaderboard. Something like When we type !login it starts a stopwatch and when we type !logout it stops the stopwatch and add th...

Is it just me, or have the Meta questions over the past few weeks gotten way worse than ever before?
The whining has been turned up to 11, as have the blatantly off-topic questions. The general caliber of discourse has just fallen off a cliff.
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10:33 AM
Q: Should I flag if I am not sure if a question is opinion-based?

S. DreI am not sure if this question is opinion-based. Should I still flag so a moderator decides or are flags only for when you are certain, so not to make mods lose time? My reasoning is that flagging can serve so someone else takes a look and make a more educated decision, but maybe it leads to flag...

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12:27 PM
Q: Add a profile section to save common comments

AserreFor a lot of new user questions, I copy / paste the same comments, for exemple : Welcome to StackOverflow ! You are expected to show your code, and explain your expected output. You can read more about this in the How to ask section of the help center. Couldn't there be a section in your profil...

12:39 PM
Q: How to log WHAT was not found on error 404

CarlieduI'm trying to capture and record to a file, WHICH page/file the user provided in the link and was not found, and therefore called 404 error page. Example, if someone types "http://example.com/indx.html" by wrong typing index, then Apache/Nginx will show the 404 error page. If I define ErrorDocume...

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3:33 PM
Q: alert() is not getting popped out with javascript variables

user14026527the alert() method is not getting popped out when used in javascript variables.However when alert is used only without any variables in javascript code, it got popped out. The Onclick event is working fine when alone alert() is used in javascript however when it is used with variables it doesnt't...

Q: Private Messaging Users

dwahwuiadhwaiu dwuhwaiudhwaI think being able to privately message a user will be useful, of course you would need a certain amount of reputation to message people to avoid spam. but let's say for example you are about to comment on someone's post and post an answer and it gets closed, the user has no way of seeing the ans...

4:03 PM
Q: How to post while blocked from posting questions when connected to a specific network?

JDawwgyI just started at a new job, I've been a long time lurker here on stack but recently some client requests have had me wanting to post to get more specific advice pertaining to my issues. However when I try to post I'm getting this error message Your post cannot be submitted at this time due to t...

are you freaking kidding me?
rip network
at least now we have live status updates :)
oh, well, not yet
@KevinB feeds spamming - an intermittent hiccup was just a coincidence
Q: This question needs to be re-opened

jmarkmurphyThis question, Looking for COBOL & IFS_WRITE advices (examples) needs to be re-opened. It is looking for an example of how to use a specific API provided by DB2 for i. The original close reason (asking for 3rd party tools) is invalid, as is the reason given for leaving closed (original reason not...

4:31 PM
I assume the hiccup is not on the chat, otherwise
Q: The Bridge chatroom is struggling with reopening after the browser has been closed

NzallIn The Bridge chatroom, me and a number of other users have the problem that when we close our browser (for me it's Edge 101) and reopening it (for example, when rebooting our computers or signing out of Windows), the chatroom doesn't load properly. It keeps hanging on the splash modal that shoul...

what splash modal?
The semi-transparent "Loading..." splash modal that partially blocks the chat
I was able to repro on first load too
works fine if you reload, waht's the problem
Q: Merge [vba6] and [vba7] into [vba]

TylerHThe vba tag has two version-specific cousins hanging around: vba6 and vba7. These two tags have a whopping 58 and 168 questions, respectively, compared to vba's ~200,000. VBA 6, which came out right at the turn of the century, is almost certainly going to be the oldest version anyone asks a quest...

4:48 PM
mostly works fine, but sometimes occurs very randomly and intermittently (of course, why does anyone want to reload a chat room many times...)
just never close it
yeah, that's what I have been doing...
5:33 PM
Q: Is it fine to mine/index SO?

Henrik ErlandssonIt's a tentative question, so I hope you'll go easy on me. I don't know much about it, I just happened to notice this 4th result of my Google search. The link gives a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN warning instead of a web page. http://https--stackoverflow--com.proxy.hongze.gov.cn/questions/186970/...

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7:09 PM
Q: Change Default Syntax Highlighting for [typescript] from lang-js to lang-typescript

Henry EckerThe current syntax highlighting for typescript is lang-js. This is presumably due to the fact that lang-typescript was not available in the mod dropdown menu of syntax highlighting options, however, it should now be available for selection. A simple example of the difference between JavaScript hi...

7:57 PM
Q: SO for Teams: unread filter seems broken, or the resulting stats message incorrect

sergeSO for Teams, when I click "For You" in the left menu , the filter "only show unread" does not seem to have effect on the results, as "0 unread items" is displayed, does not matter, is not not that filter active. I would expect that if the "only show unread" is not active (gray), the message i...

8:21 PM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine You pointed out that VSC is a different tool so obviously it should not be a synonym. For a site this mature, I expected there were best practices for solving the problem of inconsistent tag names within a topic. The solution I recommended purposefully allowed for flexibility because I don't know what those practices are. Maybe my assumption that they exist is false? Opinions from Tom and Ryan M are diametrically opposed. In either case, I did my part and raised the issue. Others can take it from here. — cb4 4 mins ago
^ can anyone tell me why a clarification question caused an unrelated tirade?
8:42 PM
I dunno if I'd call it a tirade, but uh...no, I cannot explain that comment.
The practices are...what I set out in my answer. And also that you ask meta questions with ideas and people agree or disagree.
posted a reply, critiques welcome:
In a sense, the tag names are mostly consistent: they're the name of the specific tool or feature. There are probably some things you've identified that are in need of cleanup (it looks like debug-diagnostic-tool and debugdiag should probably be synonyms, for one), but as a whole, the convention is that tags refer to specific tools or features, rather than what the user is trying to do at the time (e.g., debugging). — Ryan M ♦ 19 secs ago
9:01 PM
Does this comment say anything at all?
@KevinB it's because answer quality is relatively consistent as all answers are from me. i.e. that variable random range has been reduced. a controlled sample for purpose on analysing likelihood a new user understand question answered best practice — Rob Raymond 2 mins ago
my... rough interpretation is "all of these answers are of good quality because they're mine"
@KevinB s/good/similar/, I think
@KevinB welcome to the club
I am not sure the data is saying anything at all
1600 questions, 1300 of them python. I'm in the same boat, 2300 answers, 2000 of them jquery
answers mostly in tags where the majority of questions are duplicates/useless... doesn't scream quality content
but it might scream consistent content ;-)
9:39 PM
@KevinB I think the intention of the statement is that the quality is consistent because they're all a single user's not that they're all "good"
But I mean... is it? I can't even call mine consistent without devolving in self-indulgence
That said this would imply that they've never improved the quality of their answers the entire time on the site... which I'm not sure if an assertion I can get behind. I find that most users content changes over time. Either better as they learn or worse as they see what they can get away with...
As far as the data is concerned I don't know what's happening to the query given the invalid argument fromdata if it's failing silently or producing values outside of the range.
@HenryEcker it produces values outside the range from my experience with the API
The API is also going to give the user's current reputation not the reputation at the time the question was asked or the at the time of answer acceptance the impact of that is not addressed as far as I can tell either...
I recently had to fix a typo I made in the ElectionBot of a similar nature - the API simply discards the invalid parameter
9:43 PM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Okay so just unbounded on the start date. That's probably not too much of an issue then given the age of the account effectively compensating.
@HenryEcker yeah, definitely the results are unbound on the start date. Not that big of a deal indeed
@HenryEcker The other thing is that different tags probably have different acceptance rates. I'm not sure isolating to the single tag (or set of tags) that user interacts with is indicative of actual site-wide acceptance rates.
it's likely going to be wildly different depending on the tag
SEDE, brb
a sec, lemme finalize the query
if I haven't messed anything up, yes, wildly
10:00 PM
i wish i was better at drawing on canvases
eh, for example, i need an arrow, <, with various effects to make it not look too rigid, etc to hint to the user that they can swipe left/right to access the various parts of the app
i'm... not even sure where to begin with that
(flutter, not javascript, but it follows a very similar flow)
ah, you meat, literally, HTML canvas?
my initial thought is i need to draw a path
and it needs to be able to adapt to screen sizes a bit as well, so the height/width etc need to be configurable
looks like a case for writing some SVG instead - that would make it scalable
10:05 PM
i dont think flutter directly supports SVG's
ah, it's for Flutter. I guess not then.
graphical shtuff just isn't something i've done much with
but now that i'm working on mobile stuff, it's often more performant to draw something than pull in an image when i can
looks like you just need to draw two angled paths converging in a single point?
i'd also need to clip the top and bottom
well, not entirely necessary
but, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
not completely sold on any particular end-result yet on this component
Sounds like it should be quite doable?
10:11 PM
yeah 2 lines should be doable as a starting point, for sure
one path
start top right, go to middle left, and back to bottom right
No expert, but it looks like standard relatively clumsy Canvas API
this whole language has a very heavy typescrypt + react vibe
not unsurprising, given who created it
Well, it does belong to compile-to-JS family if I am not mistaken
Never worked with either Dart itself or Flutter for that matter, though
Huh. maybe just a simple icon wil do
probably, I would've just loaded google fonts icons or something and mangled to heart's content
10:19 PM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine What's the purpose of (1=1) in the where there?
@HenryEcker you will be surprised: no purpose :) alignment of and
A little trick I was taught a while ago
Okay. I was just checking that it wasn't some bizarre case of needing to sanity check direct equality on SEDE
nah, nah, nothing like that, thankfully
yes, icons are perfect
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11:33 PM
Testing something, please flag NLN: Test complete, thanks!
Test comment: please flag as "No longer needed" (except for moderators) — Ryan M ♦ 2 mins ago

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