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5:04 AM
Q: Why was https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68075046/how-can-i-add-a-number/68075184#68075184 Deleted?

David C. RankinThe new delete policy seems to be incredibly arbitrary. Why was How can I add a number [closed] deleted? There are multiple Upvoted answers that answer the specific question (and answer it well). This looks like a circumstance where something went very wrong resulting in a downvote dogpile on the...

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7:52 AM
Q: Make [compare] and [comparison] synonyms

oguz ismailSimilar to the [paginate] and [pagination] case, compare and comparison refer to the same concept and can be used interchangeably, there is no reason to have them both. Please make the former a synonym of the latter.

8:52 AM
Q: Burninate [kubectl] tag - it's off-topic

Syed Mohammad SannanI saw a question today to burninate the [kubeadm] tag Burninate [kubeadm] tag - it's off-topic and then It hit me that [kubectl] also has a similar condition. Let's see the last few questions tagged [kubectl[ kubeadm join failure: couldn't validate the identity of the API server [closed] How to ...

9:04 AM
Q: The Community user is a Recognized Member? Why?

41686d6564I just noticed that an article on the Google Cloud collective was "edited by Community ♦" (i.e., a suggested edit from an anonymous user was approved). To my surprise, I saw the "Recognized by Google Cloud" label attached to its user card: I can't see how/why the Community user should be a Recog...

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11:34 AM
Q: What tag should be used for the Kubernetes api?

BraiamGoing through some kubeadm I've found some that are arguably not off topic questions, since they sadly use the tag when they aren't asking about the tool itself. But when checking out the kube related tags, I couldn't find any tag about the API that kubernetes expose itself. Yes, I found kubernet...

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12:58 PM
Q: can I only see the last tag synonym suggestion?

Muhammad Dyas YaskurToday I tried to suggest tag synonyms below: [laravel-views] to [laravel-blade] [guzzlehttp] to [guzzle] This is first time I suggest the tag synonyms, I thought both tags are duplicated, that why I create it. Views in laravel is named Blade, and guzzlehttp has excerpt guidance said 'duplicate...

Q: How can I escape Suggested Edit purgatory?

tripleeeI have a bot account which I would like to bring up to 100 rep so that it can be made a room owner in chat. I was making good progress just by making simple grammar fixes to posts with common typos, but in chat, I got several suggestions to propose tag wiki edits instead. So I did that; but this ...

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3:46 PM
Q: Does Collectives reputation increase the global Stackoverflow reputation

Nenad MilosavljevicThe new feature Collectives is out. I saw that you can also create articles there and articles can also be voted. Does reputation that user get on Collectives become his global Stackoverflow reputation as well?

Q: How to post article on Stackoverflow Collectives

Nenad MilosavljevicThere is a new feature Collectives, and I saw a few people posted their articles. I also saw section My Articles, but I can not find an option how to create one. How can I create an article?

Regarding the recent Collectives... somehow it reminded me of the past "Stack Overflow for Facebook developers"
Q: Is it time to re-evaluate the Facebook-Stack Overflow partnership?

bkaidIt has been 6 months since the Facebook-StackOverflow partnership and mini-site were launched. Is there any data that can be shared publicly about whether the Facebook mini-site has been a success or a failure? To me, it has generally felt like there has been little, and now dwindling, support f...

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5:16 PM
Q: My question was wrongfully closed and I was redirected to an unrelated question

Cakeget I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How do I apply RegEx to a string variable? My question was about how I can ignore the part of a string variable that is inbetween two words "car" and "airplane". Somebody closed my question and then referred me to a different question Regular exp...

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6:46 PM
Q: Can opinion-based questions in Collectives tags be asked on the main site?

xptWe all know that opinion-based questions are not allowed in normal SO sites. However, from the purpose of collectives, I saw: how are they going to utilize this? I guess an example would be right, like you have a question about setting something up your new customer using Google Cloud. And you m...

7:04 PM
Q: The major component being removed from question title

xptI know some people have a strong opinion on removing the major component from question title -- what language the question is on. Their argument is that it is already there: However, the problem is that only when I click into it would I know it is on php. With all other searching methods, they...

7:38 PM
Congratulations on the Collectives announcement reaching a score of -100. 👏
7:49 PM
Geez, how unreasonable
Collectives are a perfectly balanced rep game with no bugs or exploits
8:44 PM
Spiffing Brit, check this out
Spiffing Brit x Ant, any% glitched 10k rep speedrun with articles :p
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10:44 PM

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