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12:18 AM
I let SE generate a chatroom when it prompt me to. I was already getting lost in the dozens of comments, but I suspect I can't edit the room name because I let SE create it.
I could only find a 5 year old answer that didn't help. Outdated or was for user created rooms. Is it possible to get SE bit to delete that chatroom or allow me to rename? I am becoming a parrot telling others, that all are welcome to use the room instead of using comments.
I allowed SE to create a chatroom when it prompted me about too many comments on an OPs question.
oh I see
well, it's been a while since I've done this, but if you are a room owner in that room, that is, when you chat, your name on the left is in italics, then there might be some options in the "room" dropdown upper right to rename the room
Yea. a 5 year old post explained how, but it was for the room owner..
these automatically created rooms are intended (I think) to be places where comments can go when there are many people having a back and forth in the comments. if you want to create a room where you can chat with folks and invite them, better create a room yourself.
12:25 AM
Hmm . idea! I may not be able to change the room. but I think I can delte rweferences to it. Create my own room and divert everyone there. thanks.
12:45 AM
Q: "Preemptive vote reopen" feature

OverLordGoldDragonI see a question on verge of closure (2 / 3 votes), and don't agree with closing. If it were closed, I'd vote reopen. But I won't check back on the question over and over to see if it was closed. I think I should have a say on question's close status without having to revisit. A "preemptive vote"...

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3:33 AM
Q: Can I upvote or downvote my own question?

Rahul JakharCan I upvote or downvote questions and answers asked and given by me? And even if I am able to upvote them, will my reputation increase because of that? Also, if I answer my own question and then accept it, will my reputation increase?

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6:09 AM
Q: Synonym proposal: [uilongpressgesturerecogni] -> [uilongpressgesturerecognizer]

tripleeeThere was apparently a time when tags were limited to 25 characters, but that limit appears to have been lifted. Tag length limit may be limiting technology discoverability exhibits the old limit, but e.g. the Stack Overflow Data Explorer query help sidebar reveals that this is now Field Type...

6:33 AM
Q: Moving questions related to Unix/Linux text processing out of shell specific tags

InianAs a regular follower of question around bash, shell, linux tags, it is really getting tough to manage (tag correct) the amount of questions that get tagged for text processing questions involving awk, sed, perl or other standard tools. The idea is to encourage using a shell agnostic tag like tex...

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10:13 AM
Q: Community Ads for 2021

JNatWe're almost halfway through 2021, and in case you missed it, Open Source Advertising is gonna be a bit different this time! TL;DR: submit and vote for ad proposals before August 2nd! What are Community Ads? Community Ads are community-vetted advertisements that will show up on the main site, or ...

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4:09 PM
Q: UX: "Is this answer outdated?" is taking too much UI space

BasjWhen reading / mentally parsing an answer, we generally: want to focus on the content first (with as little distraction as possible) and then, sometimes, do an action: upvote or downvote, comment, flag, etc. Along the years, the "call to action" part has grown in UI size, grown, ... and now wit...

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6:03 PM
Q: Are questions of the form "Is there a way to do ..." not allowed?

PONPONIf I post that type of questions, it is said to "seeking recommendations" and blocked. Azure: How to protect consumption plan from DDos attacks

Q: Is there a way to know who voted to close my questions?

PONPONI want to know who voted to close my questions.

6:51 PM
Q: Would it help to give 1 rep for upvoting a question?

TheChubbyPandaI've noticed a significant amount of questions go unanswered, unappreciated, overlooked etc over my few years here. I've personally had questions go unanswered often despite getting many views. People look, see if it's easy to answer and if not, leave. I feel like there's no incentive to upvote a...

7:21 PM
Q: Why can one user ban someone else from asking questions?

gurkensaasNote: I don't think anybody will do this but don't go after anybody mentioned in this post TL;DR: A user downvoted all of my questions and the stack algorithm didn't pick all of them up. Now I'm banned from asking questions. Full story: So I recently asked a question on stackoverflow and since n...

7:39 PM
@VLAZ that was stated in the comment below mine
7:56 PM
I know. I just used the opportunity to show that the information hiding is a bit absurd at times.
Q: How can I enter another software through MATLAB and then enter some numbers and Enter?

tahgigat tahgigHow can I enter another software through MATLAB and then enter some numbers and Enter? without using keyboard


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