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5:43 AM
@NewPosts hhh......
6:09 AM
Q: I flagged a post as VLQ accidentally. How to undo?

AsociaI was trying to flag a post as VLQ but it didn't let me saying "You don't have the permissions to use this type of flag" or something similar to this. I got surprised as I could flag posts as VLQ earlier. I voted to close and moved on another question for testing. I flagged it as VLQ and it actua...

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7:40 AM
8:09 AM
Q: Why did a get banned from asking questions?

Anthony.What on earth is the point of sites like stack overflow if they ban you from asking questions when you've done nothing wrong and have been contributing to the stack overflow community for years? And who judges that your questions are no good. This is a very elitist and unfriendly way to operate t...

8:21 AM
Yay, elitism in a system the community can't change.
8:33 AM
Q: Do we want code review questions on Stack Overflow?

simonalexander2005I recently asked a question on CodeReview (https://codereview.stackexchange.com/a/260482/84737) , and the answerer suggested: P.S. In the future, please ask questions on StackOverflow, as more people are monitoring it, than StackExchange. I presume we don't want code review questions on SO (whi...

Q: Why do some very popular posts have few upvotes?

NHerwichI am new to SO and wonder why some popular posts with thousands of views have few upvotes. Some examples: "WARNING: Value for scheme.data does not match" when I try to update pip or install packages How to save image to camera folder in Android Q? The question seems quite interesting to lots of...

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11:27 AM
Q: physical data location

munHungerI've managed to figure out that Stack Overflow for teams is hosted in Azure, but I am wondering what their geographical location is? Is it possible to restrict the data's location to European datacenters or are there no guarantees as to where the data is physically located?

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3:06 PM
People upvoting comments which are in direct violation of the CoC. Great
i mean
There could be implications. Who is siding with that? Should the upvoters of the comment be held accountable?
When a CoC includes opinion based ruling... what I see offensive won't necessarily seem offensive to everyone.
@KevinB I mean, there are reasonable baselines of etiquette. The "no name calling" directive should be pretty reasonable to enforce.
3:50 PM
Did I miss anything?
dunno, i never actually saw the comments i was commenting on
Just the usual "downvoters are idiots" kind of comment reported by the heat detector.
Sad to see them coming from high reputation users too. Those have more to lose from being obnoxious.
i mean, that to me indicates they're quite destructive users
sadly they hold the same opinion of me
like i can't quite understand how someone can come across 16k things worth upvoting and not find more than 200 low quality posts, unless of course they just refuse to use the downvote button.
4:13 PM
Which people do (refuse to downvote), some people even announce that proudly.
But the hottest topic isn't this one, but the one from YT criticasters.
That one's a mental drain too. It's unbelievable how so many people just fallback to blaming the platform.
I haven't watched the video, though thanks to Yatin for the transcription so I don't need to...
Immense thanks indeed! Though I fell into the trap of checking a few comments underneath and it's a bunch of people validating the video. :(
4:39 PM
Q: The recent font change is most welcome

Will NessThank you for the font change. Finally I can read this site. It looks amazingly clear in my Chrome under Windows. I have no question here. Actually, what is its name?

@NewPosts first meta report, waiting for the next...
5:33 PM
Q: Updating product tags after a name change - Grakn + Graql

nydatamind007Our company Grakn Labs, has changed names to Vaticle and with this change, we are also changing our database and query language name, how can I request for a new tag to be created/old tag renamed? grakn should become typedb AND graql should become typeql We could go the route of adding/requesting...

5:53 PM
@KevinB You waited 5 minutes too? :o
seems ublock wont' let me make the necessary changes, so now i have to install another extension or make a gist that fixes it
Q: Why changing fonts on SO?

SoleilWhy did the fonts change ? I see Segoe and Cascadia for code, but it seems really bad to me (Cascadia). Why the change ? Can I revert just for me ?

6:34 PM
feels like i've spent the last half hour trying to look cross-eyed at the page
6:45 PM
Q: visa tag commonly misused

NifimThe tag for visa seems to be misused rather often, Is there anything that can be done to help reduce confusion about this tags meaning? Perhaps the fact that a mastercard tag does refer to the credit card adds to the confusion as visa does not, it refers to virtual instrument software architectur...

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7:59 PM
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10:33 PM
Q: Change to "1 question with new activity" display - bug or feature?

Dale KA while back I noticed that when the SO site shows me the message "1 question with new activity" (well could be more than 1, but thats not relevant), the layout has changed. I initially assumed it was a bug so ignored it, but its been this way for quite a while now so maybe its a feature? Looking...


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