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12:07 AM
Q: Should Information Security be added to flagging options?

peacetypeWhen you flag a question for the community-specific reason, "This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network", there is no option to select the Information Security Stack Exchange. These are the only options: Server Fault is also available as an option elsewhere in the flaggi...

12:55 AM
Q: There is no lightning bolt on amp pages in Google search results

kksal557 days ago, I launched amp pages on my non-wordpress site. When I look at Search Google, my pages are indexed without any problem and there are no errors in amp tests, they are all marked as valid. I am looking at the pages indexed on googl such as site: siteadresi.com/amp. Hundreds of them are i...

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8:43 AM
Q: Merge tags [composer.json] and [composer-php]?

Nico HaaseI just found the tag composer.json, and the questions there look pretty similar to those asked tagged with composer-php. Do you think it would make sense to merge them or create a synonym?

9:07 AM
Q: Does SO use `highlight` or `highlightAuto`?

T.J. CrowderWhen reporting a syntax highlighting problem to highlight.js, one of the questions is: Are you using highlight or highlightAuto? What's the answer for SO?

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11:01 AM
Q: How to lift my question ban on stackoverflow quickly

rishiI'm aware there are many similar questions regarding and revolving around this topic but I would really appreciate some personal advice or help.I have been trying to ask good questions recently on Stackoverflow but I've been banned from asking questions. All I can see is You have reached your que...

11:25 AM
Q: Delete tags [tensorflow2] and [tensorflow2.x]

displaynameThere is already a tag tensorflow2.0 which has the highest usage [tensorflow2.0] 3569 [tensorflow2.x] 175 [tensorflow2] 20 The other two are probably not necessary.

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4:37 PM
Q: Is it acceptable to make a post to find partners for a hobbyist project?

Kertis HendersonI would like to make a post to attract other developers/architects/strategists to plan and redevelop an existing web site. This has been a non-profit work, so the post is intended for hobbyists or perhaps students looking to learn. Is this type of post acceptable on SO? Thanks, -Kert

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6:25 PM
Q: Typo in Constable badge description? What is pro-tem?

patapouf_aiThe description of the Constable badge on https://stackoverflow.com/help/badges reads: Served as a pro-tem moderator for at least 1 year or through site graduation Is pro-tem a typo? And if it is not a typo, what does pro-tem mean?

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9:13 PM
Q: Abuses of "Needs more focus"

TimThe treatment by several high rep users on my post Why do pointer arithmetic and casting make it challenging for a compiler to optimize? is beyond comprehension. Questions and answers can be conducted at different levels: principle, concept, code. My question is very focus on pointer arithmetic a...

Q: Unity tags broken

TazgirlI've noticed that if you use the Unity2d or Unity5 tags on your post, they are automatically changed to Unity3d upon posting or well at least i have noticed it happening to my posts has anyone else experienced this?

Hmm. Our friend again.
9:34 PM
I thought I recognised them
The living evidence that high reputation users can get question banned. :)
manual question ban?
how can someone with so many highly upvoted questions get a question ban, that'd take quite a bit of work
i mean, just asking that many questions and not having them deleted is a lot of work
@KevinB It's a lot of questions over time.
i wonder who had the most undeleted questions asked
I assume temani was final delv given his comment
9:41 PM
unless the note order is off
Q: Significant reformatting of a question

AmessihelI reformatted a part of a question to make it more readable. The difference is quite huge, it transforms inline code into blocks. Is this kind of initiative discouraged, i.e. should we edit only "small" parts of formatting? I'm asking especially because since editing with enough reputation points...

Just good timing perhaps from whoever was last, /shrug
@Nick Let's just say that user is in a... little black book.
Not my words, but I'm afraid they still apply.
Oooh, I like little black books
10:25 PM
Q: What are the differences between the U+2019 (right single quotation mark) and plain ASCII single quotes?

TimWhat are the differences between the U+2019 (right single quotation mark) and plain ASCII single quotes? (Seen from https://stackoverflow.com/revisions/64104679/4) There is only one single quote key in my keyboard. How can I type the U+2019 (right single quotation mark) and plain ASCII single quo...

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11:34 PM

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