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1:57 AM
Q: Timing of downvoting/VTC for newbie questions

Ken Y-NA frequent pattern; a new contributor posts the incomplete: I am working on a program that reads lines of string from a .txt file. I used a while loop and when just attempting to output the text into a separate .txt file the first line does not show up. Is there any way to fix this? Of course w...

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3:02 AM
Q: Answer deleted for which I wanted to award a bounty

krlmlrI opened a bounty of 500 points to reward an existing answer to Finding current executable's path without /proc/self/exe. The answer (with 17 upvotes already) has been deleted (by a moderator) during that bounty period, without explanation. Link to answer: https://stackoverflow.com/a/32793556/946...

3:32 AM
Q: Suspended from reviewing for commenting on an answer that doesn't have any code

UniI got suspended for reviewing for 4 days. I didn't expect that clarifying a question with no code would get me suspended. (I only commented on the question). I was asking what programming language did he want his problem to be solved in and what has he tried to solve it. When I flag a question I ...

3:50 AM
Q: What to do when I can no longer ask questions?

Abdellah RamadanDue to some mistakes and probably wrong questions asked, I am getting "We are no longer accepting questions from this account" What are the steps to follow to get off this ban?

3 hours later…
6:25 AM
Q: How to handle posts not in English?

JohnI saw this post in Japanese today: C#リビルド時のエラーメッセージ I followed the advice of the canonical answer: Since I wrote the original answer, [...] Stack Overflow in Japanese. If the poster is posting in any of these languages, you can refer them to these respective Stack Overflow versions. So I respon...

6:37 AM
Q: What is "needs debugging details"?

DaImToThe following image shows at the top of a question which has been closed due to lack of Debugging details. The debugging details links points to the following closed question page. Which is great but there is nothing to explain on this page what debugging details are. What debugging details mea...

Q: Why is it taking too long to process this particular custom moderator flag?

Amit JoshiI raised a custom flag yesterday (around 22 hours ago by now). I think explanation is needed hence choose custom flag instead of NAA. This does not answer the question. "I realized that I need PACS and this is the PACS I selected" is no more than link only answer which is treated as NAA. Also, t...

7:25 AM
Q: Edit on answere got rolled back. Did I do something wrong?

sirzentoSo I was looking at a few old edits of mine and found that one of my edits got rolled back. Here are the revisions of this answere. I also noticed that the creator of the answere voted for rejection on my edit. A few hours later he just rolled back the answere to his original. Did I made an error...

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8:37 AM
Q: I am not able to asked question on stack-overflow?

kundan kamalWhen I was started then that time I was no idea how to ask a question on this platform. but now I posting the question which is easily understandable by other people but now I am not able to post here. so please help me with how can resolve the issue. Please help me?

9:01 AM
Q: Limited interface when flagging a question as better fitting for another stackexchange site

g_borWhen I try to flag a question as better fitting for another stackexchange site, I am only presented with a limited interface, that allows me to select from just a few other sites. Namely for example from stackoverflow I can't send a question to for example askubuntu, or to software recommendation...

9:55 AM
Q: Rename [azuresphere] to [azure-sphere]

AshokPeddakotla-MSFTCurrently the azuresphere tag is used in Stack Overflow. To make best practice for tag alignment across all channels including Q&A and Stack Overflow and also meet the Microsoft standards to keep all tags under same umbrella with azure- request is to change the azuresphere tag to azure-sphere For...

Q: The second click on the button does not work for else case

LizaEach part of the if else statement works individually in the initial stage, but when the if case is fulfilled with the first click on the button, the second click does not work for the else statement anymore. const showbutton = () => { if (mystery.killer == " " || mystery.weapon == " " || m...

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12:25 PM
Q: What to do if an edit of a post was rejected obviously falsely?

Deni JuricI am aware that some people might have other opinions on what is right or not, but as we all know, everyone can make mistakes. What opportunities does a Stackoverflow user have, if an edit of a question or answer was obviosly falsely rejected? Is there any way to get some feedback, why it was rej...

1:07 PM
Q: Is it possible to make my profile private?

user11909I haven't found an option to make my whole Stack Overflow profile private. There's only the option to hide certain other Stack Exchange communities. Does such an option exist? If yes, where I can find it? If no, why? And are there other privacy options than "hidden communities"?

1:55 PM
Q: Can we flag not useful comments?

87message.author.username7Comments only, not answers The most i respond to some questions the more i see comments with litterally no effort and probably not responding to the question. Yes there is the flag system yes the is the downvote system The thing is that people sometimes share for example enormous documentations w...

2:55 PM
Q: curl unsupported proxy

Swarnadeepwhenever i try to send data from my one local laravel project to another local laravel API it showing me this error: cURL error 5: Unsupported proxy syntax in 'php -r "copy('https://getcomposer.org/installer', 'composer-setup.php'); m not getting why this error is coming here is the controller ...

Q: Add a direct link to Super User if the question is closed as "About general computing hardware and software"

RobertS supports Monica CellioI noticed something weird. I recently voted to close a question as "About general computing hardware and software". Inside of the close reason section, we can find this description: There we can find a direct link to Super User to make the close voter a picture of Super User. The question got ...

3:13 PM
Q: Which tag would I use for questions about the FAQ itself?

GalaxyCat105If were to ask a question about the FAQ, which tag could I use? The faq tag is not meant for this purpose and is a moderator-only tag, so that rules it out. I've searched the tags for Meta (https://meta.stackoverflow.com/tags), and couldn't find one that matched the search term faq, except for fa...

3:31 PM
Q: Tidy up rails6 tag?

stevecIt seems the tag rails6 (14 questions) may be unnecessary given ruby-on-rails-6 has > 1000 questions. Should rails6 be combined into the ruby-on-rails-6 tag?

Q: Rename [azureblockchainservice] to [azure-blockchain-service]

AshokPeddakotla-MSFTFor Azure Blockchain service, currently azureblockchainservice tag is used in Stack Overflow. To make best practice for tag alignment across all channels including Q&A and Stack Overflow and also meet the Microsoft standards to keep all tags under same umbrella with the azure- prefix, my suggesti...

4:37 PM
Q: Why separate scoring between stackoverflow sites?

Rafael PizaoI use the main site more, but why separate the scores? I believe it should be a simple internationalization or not?

5:19 PM
Q: My question was marked as a duplicate

James NorrisI posted a question: Why can I not grant insert, select on db.table to 'user_name'@''? that was marked as a duplicate to question: How to grant all privileges to a user in MySql by "Your Common Sense". I don't think it is a duplicate, and even if it were, neither of the two answers at: H...

5:31 PM
geez, meta is on fire today xd
5:43 PM
6:25 PM
Q: Where to ask a mix of did I understood it or did I use it wrong questions?

rekireI checked yesterday that activity feed api, from Microsoft for Windows 10. I made all the required oauth requests and inserted the activity and I got a positive server response. However I was unable to read my inserted data nor I was able to see any changes on my Windows 10 installation. So I'm r...

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7:37 PM
Q: I don't like [nice] tags!

10 RepApparently we have a nice tag! So lets evaluate it for burnination! Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? Well, if we look at the description for this tag, it states, nice is a UNIX kernel call and the name of a utility employed to lower ...

8:07 PM
Q: Is the dup hammer the right answer to (any) simple, poor, or confusing question?

wp78deMany tags are suffering from poor questions and many duplicates. However, there are some tags like regex where the majority of the questions seem to fall into this category and therefore get closed (just look at the screenshot showing questions posted in the last 30 minutes). While this is a good...


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