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4:16 AM
Q: Lower reputation cant completely edit first posts of other

Cool CloudIm currently at 680 rep and when i go to edit others question and i find code not identified properly, i try to mark it as code, then they give me an error saying ur code is mostly error. Obviously, i cant add in more description to the code so i leave it there and hit skip and they say this was ...

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7:10 AM
Q: Stuck in a question ban but i don't know why

juls07i am stuck in a question ban and i don't know why The help desk says Begin by improving your existing questions: do as much as possible to make them clear, specific and on-topic. but I think my questions are fine you can check them here, I am unaware of how to contact staff if even possible. I ...

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8:52 AM
Q: Being downvoted continually by a specific user who doesn't provide any feedback

Lxer LxIf a user is downvoted continually by a specific user without getting any feedback or comment on the reason of downvoting, is it possible to submit a complaint about that specific user?

Casting super-downvotes, are we?
9:07 AM
I like trains
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10:28 AM
Q: Surprising behaviour on Stack Overflow website

bigbountyToday I found this surprising behaviour on all my questions on stackoverflow. Suddenly I see most of my questions are downvoted. I'm not sure why. After some time, some of questions got upvotes. I have attached a screenshot. Is this stackoverflow algorithm or can any other user be doing this?!!

2 hours later…
12:52 PM
Q: Unsalvageable flag missing in triage

Thomas GRegarding this triage question https://stackoverflow.com/review/triage/26652582 My answer is "unsalvageable" because this is not a question about programming and thus it doesn't belong to SO, and might be redirected to another site of the SE network. Unsalvageable for questions that cannot or sh...

1:52 PM
Q: Why was this "Very Low Quality" flag declined, when the answer seemingly doesn't address the question?

blackgreenI flagged this answer as VLQ and the flag was declined with "a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it". In review, it was also marked as "Recommend deletion" twice. In my view, this answer is not attempting to address the OP's issue in a very meaningful way ("it works f...

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6:10 PM
Q: In jobs feature of stackoverflow is there a way to filter in only "EasyApply" jobs?

SumitI want a way to see only jobs which can be applied directly through stackoverflow, means no need to first go to indeed or any other website in order to apply. If it is already implemented then please some-one tell me how to access that feature. If not then I think it should be implemented.

6:40 PM
Q: Access in programming is more than just vba. Leave them separated

BraiamMicrosoft Access is a mixed bag of topics: you have a database file, a database viewer that can read from any database provided it knows how to, forms, reports, etc. There are way many disparated programming problems that involve MS access than VBA. You can have C# questions, you can have python ...

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8:46 PM
Q: Disambiguate all ms-access questions

BraiamMicrosoft access is a mixed bag of topics, which most have tags for them, but MS access (the program without database capabilities) isn't software development without these topics. So I propose moving all ms-access questions to their respective and more specific tags: Questions about forms: ms-a...

9:04 PM
Q: Should the purpose of the rule be considered when the rule is violated?

Daniel KaplanHere's the rule: Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it. Here's my...

9:46 PM
Q: Let's not have [legacy-code] be our legacy

Ryan Mlegacy-code has 427 questions, 53 watchers, and the following tag wiki: Originally legacy code meant code 'inherited' from authors or from a previous program/system version. Since Michael Feathers published his "Working Effectively with Legacy Code" book, new definition came to be, where code wi...

Q: Pandas: appending by other index

MabadaiSuppose i have a table made of 6 rows and 3 columns. I also have an empty list. My target is to append a specific value that is found in column "3", by a referance from a different column (suppose column "2") but on the same row. Suppose that the referance chosen by a specific values from column "2"

10:10 PM
Q: As an ordinary user on SO, what, if anything, can I do to campaign for my supported moderator candidate?

Ian CampbellAs you can gather, I am a new contributor to Stack Overflow. However, in the relatively short period I have been here, I feel that I have identified one or more candidates in the current election that I feel exemplify the qualities that I want to see in an elected moderator. Is it appropriate fo...

10:52 PM
Q: Why is there a discrepancy in the reputation reported on this profile page?

ex nihiloI was looking at another user's profile page and noticed a discrepancy in the reported reputation. The graph on the Activity tab shows a reputation of 189, but the number reported in the top left corner for reputation is only 89. Looking at their daily reputation change log, 89 is reported at th...


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