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1:17 AM
Q: I cannot ask any question, but I really need to ask something!

AGD CodingI want to ask a question on Stack Overflow, but it is not letting me. Why does this happen to me?

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4:29 AM
Does Stackoverflow have an API?
5:29 AM
Q: NodeJs API responding with incomplete object

AnuragI am trying to implement API using NodeJs that reads data from database collection and again form that data reads respective data from another collection and updating same object with new key value pairs. The objects are updating successfully but the API response that I recieve on Frontend is no...

2 hours later…
7:05 AM
Q: Make [esprima.js] a synonym of [esprima]

customcommanderThese two tags esprima and esprima.js refer to the same project. As you can see the project homepage doesn't refer to itself as "esprima.js". The NPM package is "esprima" too.

7:17 AM
Q: why am i unable to ask any question here

SkshivangiSorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more. how can i remove it

7:41 AM
Q: Where is best to ask my Linux-related question?

jonnybolton16I notice there are (at least) 3 different SE sites that a Linux-related question could get asked: here, Ubuntu or Unix & Linux. There could be others too. But where is best to ask my questions regarding Linux? I don't really know what the differences between Ubuntu, Unix and Linux are (I've only...

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9:05 AM
Q: Is it ok to give out SHA-256 checksums

PySnooI am developing an application, and I want to add a SHA-256 Checksum, so the user can verify the file integrity of the file. Should I give it out? Or is it not recommended

6 hours later…
2:41 PM
Q: Why is my question removed by moderator ChrisF?

fruitCoderThere is a question about a particular cmake problem concerning building support for a compiler. I struggle with the same problem that's why I stumbled upon this rather old communication. The guy who posted the question states that he has been helped with the hints that were given but it's uncle...

3:05 PM
Q: Do flags on old questions get ignored?

bravemasterI raised a flag for this question(How to increase the project tango tablet USB2.0 OTG output current/voltage ) a couple of months ago. This post was originally reported (or complained) by this question(Why is my question getting so much hate?) in MSO. I strongly believe this question is not sui...

3:17 PM
Q: Where is your incredibly difficult and not intuitive at all to find, DARK MODE OFF BUTTON?

suchislifeWhere is your incredibly difficult and not intuitive at all to find, DARK MODE OFF BUTTON? If I had to ask this question you have obviously got it so wrong... Where is the button? Like google has? Like Twitter has? Top right or at least in the menu? Where the hell is this God Forsaken button?

2 hours later…
5:11 PM
Q: What is [sql-match-all]?

DharmanI am looking for some guidance on how to use sql-match-all tag and what is its purpose. There is no tag wiki or excerpt. What is the purpose of this tag? The only helpful information I found is in an answer by Bill Karwin: Regarding matching multiple facilities when they're stored on separat...

5:23 PM
Q: Let's improve our [software-design]

Robert ColumbiaThe tag software-design (1528 questions) has a lot of low-quality and off-topic questions, many of them asking for software or asking "can someone help me" on a vague software design problem. Could we implement better [software-design] and clean up this tag?

5:47 PM
Q: Is making [icarus] a synonym for [iverilog] the best approach?

toolicThe iverilog and icarus tags are really the same; they are both used for Icarus Verilog, which is the name of the open-source Verilog simulation software. icarus is the informal name of the software, and iverilog is the name of the command to run the simulation software. I don't understand why...

Q: How to resolve tag name collisions for multiple tools of same name?

InianI've started using a command line tool recently in shell named yq which as of this writing has 22 questions tag-yq. I got to know that there are two versions of this YAML parser standardized (See Naming collision in package yq) kislyuk/yq mikefarah/yq Quick glance at the questions suggested t...

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6:53 PM
Q: What is the best way for Table filtering in Angular 2+

pc_coderI want to make custom filtering and pagination for table. I generally see people use pipes for filterin but after I read this article , I want to learn which filtering method approach is best for table filtering ? Thanks

7:29 PM
Q: Failing a review audit due to trying to add a comment

MichelleI'm not sure how many of you can see this, but the review item is this one. The answer was a code block, preceded by the text "I guess..." I tried to add a comment to the answer, requesting them to give more detail about how the answer solved the problem, and how "I guess..." probably wasn't the ...

8:11 PM
Q: Does this count as serial down-voting?

Ann ZenI've read about serial downvoting, but I'm wondering whether this counts as it or not: If it doesn't, sorry for posting, but I was just curious. But one thing that's strange is that according to the timeline, these votes were casted minutes/hours ago, but I only received the notification in m...

8:22 PM
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9:47 PM
Q: How to get reputation on StackOverflow?

Kushagra SrivastavaI am new here and i want to know how can i get some reputation here. I have seen all the pages saying you should answer and then get upvotes and accepted answers here but for all that, i tried doing it, either someone else has answered the question or it is too stale to be seen by anyone. The p...


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