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12:47 AM
Q: I am unable to place question here

SkshivangiI really need help regarding post a question i read full article then i checked my question here i noticed that one question had not accepted and two question have found zero answer and five questions give me downward arrow. now i want to understand that which question are in wrong way sorry ...

8 hours later…
8:47 AM
Q: Find specific answer

NiklasI'm almost positive that yesterday I was looking for a way to answer interactive questions inside a Dockerfile. I found how to do it using echo. While browsing through SO main site I saw a related answer where somebody used a string of an evil laugh e.g. "Muhahahahahahaha..." as an example of a s...

7 hours later…
3:17 PM
Q: Blue minus sign besides my name

vulpini99I just saw that there is a blue minus-sign besides my username on my profile page. Here's an image to show you what I mean: What does that mean? Is this a bug maybe?

3:41 PM
Q: Is it possible to see the questions I have followed?

jizhihaoSAMAI don't know whether my question is duplicate.If so ,please flag it. Is it possible to see the question in my profile after I has followed it? I have checked it in my profile but nothing found.

3 hours later…
6:23 PM
Q: an error occured during submission but there was no error

political scienceI am facing a strange problem on https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/ask I typed a simple question the content of question is following I have Micromax E311 phone. For some reason the settings of phone have become unreachable. So on the display I see com.android.settings.Setting i...

7:05 PM
Q: Multiple upvotes in under a minute

userI just got 6 upvotes in under a minute, and they were all on my top answers. I'm very happy about it of course, but I was wondering if this was a glitch, because this seems like a bot just went to my profile page and clicked all the top questions. Screenshot of my reputation increase. As you can...

7:29 PM
@NewPosts Won't get reverted anyway. /shrug
Flagged some serial upvotes against my account. marked helpful, flag message said "Good for you. Keep them" xd
Not even kidding xd i.imgur.com/jtOOqfY.png
3 hours later…
10:53 PM
Q: Serial voter voted serially, then realized the system will undo them

Ann ZenIs this a case of where the serial voter voted serially, then realized the system will undo them, so the serial voter un-downvoted 2 posts, waited for some time, then down-voted them again? Yesterday:___________________________________________Today:


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