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4:30 AM
Q: Password reset confirm not work in Rest-Auth

jhon arabI use rest-auth for backend with django rest framework. In urls: path('rest-auth/', include('rest_auth.urls')), path('rest-auth/registration/', include('rest_auth.registration.urls'))-at when I access to http://localhost:8000/rest-auth/password/reset/ I get an email field. After providing em...

5:24 AM
Q: Markdown with fenced code blocks within lists has inconsistent previewed/final renderings

Rory O'KaneAbout the bug This is a bug whose effects you can see in the revision history of this answer. Specifically, it’s about the edit that created Revision 15 (click “side-by-side markdown” to see that edit’s changes). The rendered version of Revision 15 wraps the text following my code blocks within...

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7:40 AM
Q: I'm browsing Stack Overflow. Why do I see *first* questions from other communities?

Olivier GrégoireI'm on Stack Overflow, browsing as usual, but today I notice that when I go back to the home page, I get questions that have nothing to do with Stack Overflow. So basically the message I get is: Welcome to Stack Overflow, please look elsewhere. I get it, I can collapse, but it's cluttering th...

8:22 AM
Q: Is this question edit ok?

apokryfosI'm wondering if the edit (revision 2) made at https://stackoverflow.com/posts/40221029/revisions is an ok edit to make. The edit significantly changes the original author's intended answer, and while I understand it's making it more efficient and maybe more secure, I don't think an editor sho...

8:52 AM
Q: I can react on my own post in Teams

tripleeeI'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I just noticed Teams has reactions, and of course, I immediately had to test. I would have expected for this not to be possible, though I suppose there are situations where my own action can provoke a reaction.

9:10 AM
Q: How to handle Plagarised answers?

Martin NOTE I have searched for this topic across the SO Meta and the SE Meta but can't find anything that really fits what I wanted to ask; I'm sure this topic has been answered/discussed before, but somehow those relevant results are not being dug up by me :-(. I have found this answer which is ...

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10:21 AM
Q: cannot play stackoverflow podcast in my browser(s)

yohann.martineauI tried to play the following podcast with firefox, chrome and edge and it failed: https://stackoverflow.blog/2020/04/07/podcast-224-cryptocurrency-based-life-forms/ I tried with other podcasts but same problem. Here is firefox error message: "Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue Firefox ...

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11:33 AM
Q: Why is my avatar from stackexchange no longer used on stackoverflow?

Jens TimmermanSince I created my account years ago I used my gravatar avatar on stackoverflow and stackexchange. but since last month my stackoverflow avatar changed to something that looks like an automatically generated avatar. However my original avatar picture has not changed on my network profile on https...

11:57 AM
Q: White text on white background in the dropdown of the ignored and watched tags

NicolasI've had the dark theme on Stackoverflow since the first time it was available and I am loving it very very much. However, there is still a few bugs that I would like to report in order to make it even better. Notably, the drop down color seams off. There is white text on a white background. He...

12:21 PM
Q: Curious if lockdown in multiple cities resulted in increased usage of SO and other community platforms

taurus05I'm just curious whether lockdown implemented by government in various parts of the world has resulted in increased community engagement. If this is true, what are the most hot tags and what are the technologies people are currently trying to learn. As the situation after lockdown will definitely...

12:39 PM
Q: Why is Stack Overflow Jobs inaccessible to small startups?

Adam KurkiewiczI'm running a small startup (three technical founders, no employees), focusing on building a single cell genomics platform used by scientists in cancer and heart disease research. We are entirely bootstrapped (we didn't take any angel or seed investment), so we aren't exactly swimming in cash. Bu...

1:33 PM
Q: Should I answer an effortless but clear question?

Pedro LimaI see some questions like "how do I do this?" but shows no effort was made by the OP. Just a problem and the desired result. While I know this is bad questioning, because StackOverflow is not a solution giving site, maybe I do have the patient and free time to give the OP what they are asking. B...

2:09 PM
Q: Feedback on The Unfriendly Robot

Jason PunyonKevin and I just posted to the blog about automatically flagging comments on Stack Overflow with The Unfriendly Robot. We also talked about the robot recently here. After you give it a read we're interested in your thoughts/feedback and would like to answer any questions you might have. Thanks!...

2:32 PM
Q: Review Ban for 255 Days - Asking for Reconsideration

MattI recently earned review/triage privileges, was excited to start reviewing/triage-ing, and now find myself with a ban until December 20. After reading more about the nuances in the "requires editing" button, I see the mistakes I've made by looking at my review history. With that said, I can't f...

Q: Why doesn't the system prevent repeating the "exact" same question?

Temani AfifHere is one example among many I face regularly1: Decrease opacity of images which are not highlighted (2) As we can clearly see, the OP is repeating the same question because the duplicate wasn't suitable for him. I will not discuss if yes or no the duplicate is correct but my question is: Why ...

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3:45 PM
Q: Ban for triage/25812206

Dmitry KuzminovI guess that I'm not the only one who complains on banning for "wrong" Requires Editing verdict, but from my point of view this ban is completely wrong. Here is the initial text from the author of the question: I cannot import pygame into python i have a problem. So i tried going to com...

4:15 PM
Q: i don't understand why my question is closed

winter128 I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: how get an html from a website using python?(without requests or urllib)

4:27 PM
Q: How can we stop failing the users who we actually want to join, and remain as, members of our community?

Ian KempFor context, please read this excellent answer by Scratte, one of the very users this question is concerned with. What was your reaction to that answer? Sadness? Shame? Despair? Because those were the emotions that I went through, reading an account of an experience that has been so utterly mise...

3 hours later…
7:26 PM
Q: Eclipse : How to Type Unicode in JAVA Method comments

Arnab DuttaI can type few unicodes in Netbeans but the same doesn't work in Eclipse. And it looks like : The characters are U+25FC, U+2571, U+2598, U+2517...I'm sure there are many such. Why is it so that Eclipse is not supporting even after changing the encoding of WorkSpace to UTF-8? Is there any way...


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