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12:05 AM
Q: Let's "erase" this typo

0-1Type Erasure vs. Type Eraser I was doing some research today on Type Erasures. I noticed that there was not a uniformity based upon how it was spelled. Type Erasure Type Eraser Union of both searches... It's supposed to end in 'ure': Type Erasure It also has a tag: type-erasure Would anyone li...

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5:53 AM
Q: why this question closed?

user14615852 I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Can I use Vscode while every body else use Visual Studio in the team (Asp.net in particular)? this question is closed as its opinion based ! i'm just asking if vscode can cause a crash in normal visual studio projects!

2 hours later…
8:23 AM
Q: How to pretty print directory structure in a JSON recursively?

Vinay SharmaNote: Question moved here CodeReview StackExchange. I am trying to pretty print the folder structure defined in a JSON. I do have a solution using recursion but I'm looking for feedback on how this solution can be improved or if there's any better approach. Problem Statement A deeply nested direc...

8:47 AM
Q: Can't write "asInvoker"

Thomas WellerThe screenshot says it all: I typed "asInvoker" and it is previewed as "asevoker". (Also when I type it here on Meta). Why is that and how to fix it?

7 hours later…
3:29 PM
Q: Looks like the reviewers rejected my suggested edits. (Part 1?)

Henry WilliesSo I wanted to try and fix the titles of older Stack Overflow questions, to clarify the meaning better. Turns out only 3 edits of mine are approved, while the rest have been rejected, and 1 is still pending (as of the writing of this question). The reasoning for the rejects is: This edit does no...

2 hours later…
5:23 PM
Q: Merge and synonymize [flutter-http] and [dart-http]

Christopher MooreThe flutter-http and dart-http tags both appear to generally refer to the use of the same http dart package. I propose that we merge and synonymize the two tags so that flutter-http points to dart-http. flutter-http does have slightly more questions at 55 while dart-http only has 40. However, sin...

Q: How to deal with incorrect tag removals?

pawello2222Some users try to remove swift from SwiftUI questions, claiming that 'It is SwiftUI, not Swift'. However, SwiftUI is just a Swift framework (not a separate language) and if you write an app in SwiftUI you're essentially using Swift language. As stated by Apple: With a declarative Swift syntax th...

Q: How can I get back the privilege to raise questions?

Oliver PrislanThe privilege to raise questions was revoked from my account. It seems The questions I raised so far didn't get enough credits. The system recoments to withdraw questions or rephrase them. Both I tried without success. For rephrasing a question I got an answer already, I even got a down vote. Can...

Q: I think I'm a disgrace to this community

Henry WilliesI'm upset that my contribution to this community has failed severely. Here are the certain things that happened to me: Too many rejected edits: my suggested edits are mostly rejected (Can't they at least "accept/reject" and edit the suggestion?) Poor questions: I've done the best I did, 2 questi...

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6:41 PM
Q: how to add multiple references to the same text

bluerayI have multiple reference for the same text. Is adding references using superscript like the following is a good option. references 1 2 3 what should i do?

7:05 PM
Q: Is the description to "needs more focus" confusing?

kluttIt's very common that homework dumps gets closed with the focus reason. The description says: Update the question so it focuses on one problem only. Which in the case of homework dumps is not really accurate. If I were new here I would certainly react with "What? I only asked one question? I as...

7:41 PM
Q: Why is a duplicate question getting closed when it is asked earlier than the compared post?

CornelisI got a mail that one of my topics got closed because of being a duplicate question. After a small investigation I noticed something that raised a question. Because, when a question is duplicate, it means that there are always 2 questions asked that are the same. And I believe that in timeline, t...

7:53 PM
Q: Is there a stackoverflow.com android app?

MartinRHIs there a stackoverflow.com Android app? I have many tasks running right now on my Android 10 based tablet. I also have a poor short-term memory. I would normally visit the Google Play Store to find the answer, but since the last round of Samsung updates on top of Vanilla Android 10, my S6-lite ...

2 hours later…
9:29 PM
Q: What to do if somebody's comment is the correct answer

M-Chen-3I have asked 2 questions on Stack Overflow where one of the comments is actually the correct answer. In both cases, there is another answer which, while helpful, didn't solve the problem. So my question is, should I accept the answer just to be nice, should I post a comment clarifying that the co...


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