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I like every other potato chip.
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Q: Edit own post with review privileges' suspended

Owen KelvinI unfortunately had my review privileges' suspended on SO for reviewing a post as 'Requires Editing' rather than 'Unsalvageable'. Now I am unable to edit my own post due to a pending edit. This looks not right. I should be able to edit the post even if there is a pending edit

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10:13 AM
Q: Python Openpyxl Reduces Spreadsheet size

Vignesh RajendranI have load workbook using Openpyxl python, without doing anything i have saved it back and closed it.the size of the spreadsheet is reduced after this process. do you know why? there are no changes in the data of the spreadsheet.

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11:37 AM
Q: Been suspended in error I believe

Ludovit MydlaI am posting this as per Why was I suspended from the Review Queues? -> What can I do in the meantime? I have been suspended for reviewing triage/27425015 and marking it Requires editing. My reasons for this were: the code OP entered needed some formatting to be properly readable. I understand t...

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12:43 PM
Q: Are error messages required to be posted in English?

NickRecently a conversation arose in a chatroom regarding an error message in a post: Skript: C:\Users\<omitted>\AppData\Local\Temp\Signatur.vbs Zeile: 274 Zeichen: 1 Fehler: Typenkonflikt: '[string: "+49 173 <omitted>"]' Code: 800A000D Quelle: Laufzeitfehler in Microsoft VBScript The erro...

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1:43 PM
Q: Review triage took the action I recommended, but suspended me from reviewing

Adam HunyadiI recently received a triage suspension due to the following misjudgement: The goal of this question is not to discuss what the proper action here would have been. My recommendation was that the question needs editing, the other reviewers' judgement was less strict, stating it was OK. However, i...

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4:19 PM
Q: Burninate [elixir-framework]

glennsl[elixir-framework] is a vague and pointless tag. There are currently 145 questions with this tag. This is its excerpt: Frameworks for Elixir like Dynamo and Phoenix, that leverage the power of the Erlang VM to build high performance and concurrent web applications. Elixir is a programming langu...

4:43 PM
Q: Request for moderation convention: can answer collections receive first class status where respect is due?

John MeyerI've found frequent cases where moderation regarding questions that beget "answer collections" A primary benefit of answer collections is that they could prevent accidental false flagging of issues that look like duplicates but that are not. Examples I can recall of these are: Java null pointer...

5:31 PM
Q: Topic closed after 8 years. Really

Mike WeirIs this justified closing of a useful Q&A 8 years later, that resulted in 5+ on the question and 8+ on the answer? It's not like it isn't a specific API either, and the answer ended up being very useful. How to embed a browser control inside Visual Basic 6? And why is there no way to simply have...

6:01 PM
Q: Undo Review Within Time-limit

admcfajnIs there any possibility we could edit reviews within a certain time-limit of submitting them? Asking because my last two review-bans came from questions that I had accidentally clicked "Requires Editing" on but then immediately revisited and flagged more appropriately.

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11:37 PM
Q: Why can't I see details of deleted answers?

jtbandesOn this question, I posted some comments, and later a full answer. The OP and I had some normal back-and-forth discussion in the comments. I later noticed that there were two deleted answers posted by the OP (EDIT: oops, I now realize that the comments are all posted by separate accounts), and th...


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