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7:01 PM
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Alfe
@KevinB I don't say we can't discuss them. I just say that not having answers to all details doesn't make the whole idea bad. Maybe in the end we cannot implement it because one of the open questions really has no answer. But I'm not at a point where I do think this. — Alfe 1 min ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by John Montgomery
If it's relevant to multiple versions, why do you feel you need to add a specific version tag at all? — John Montgomery 1 min ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by xinthose
well this feature crashed and burned quickly, lol — xinthose 23 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Temani Afif
I also don't agree with your answer edit here: stackoverflow.com/a/29479736/8620333 you later added the B4 solution after an answer that did the same (stackoverflow.com/a/57913075/8620333), you are making that answer a bit useless and they sounds like a copy/past of yours. The idea is to have different answers not to edit yours to include other answers. — Temani Afif 1 min ago
7:37 PM
[ Boson ] New comment posted by J...
It requires some heavy duty debugging This, I feel, is a major feature of low-engagement questions, whether they are well written and presented or not. Most nasty programming problems usually end up just needing a good honest debug session. Answering these questions is difficult because a useful answer is more about teaching OP how to debug rather than the actual problem itself, which drives the question into tutorial territory requiring a long-form answer and making it a poor fit for the site. — J... 19 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Erik A
Noooo! I clearly need this tag to get help developing applications that uncover the user's idErik A 1 min ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Greg Burghardt
@J... It's not so much the OP needs to learn how to debug, it's that the problem is so deeply rooted that even experienced developers cannot see how to debug the problem. The "good honest debug session" you are talking about is best done as a pair programming session, or screen-sharing. The OP needs another set of eyes, but maybe a Q&A post on the Web is not the best tool in this case. Sometimes you've tried everything else (including the good, honest debug session) and you are just plain stuck. Basically a large bounty on a question is the "Hail Marry" of programming. — Greg Burghardt just now
[ Boson ] New comment posted by J...
@GregBurghardt Regardless, SO is not a good platform for collaborative pair-programming, or anything of the sort, so well-constructed or not, deep esoteric problems rooted in tangled production code are probably not a good fit at all on SO. — J... 35 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by R.. GitHub STOP HELPING ICE
Regarding larger bounties, this! I've almost never lost rep on a bounty. The bounty promotes the question enough to get it new upvotes and (this is an unwanted effect but works to your advantage) bumps it whenever someone posts a low-quality answer hoping you'll award them the bounty, causing more people to see it again. — R.. GitHub STOP HELPING ICE 11 secs ago
8:21 PM
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Kevin B
What exactly is wrong with the trajectory that your linked question followed to being answered? You asked it, it didn't receive much interest, You bountied it, it received attention, and was answered. success? — Kevin B 1 min ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Roberto Caboni
I 100% agree with your analysis. In my opinion the community that has forgot the value in upvoting good questions. Not only those I understand, not only those asking something I would like to know as well. Upvoting them just because they are well written questions about a advanced topics. This lack of upvotes-to-questions is the root of the problem, as great questions are often 0-scored, at the same level as mediocre but answerable questions. As a paradox, bad trivial questions are upvoted just to make the OP reach the 15rep threshold so-they-can-upvote-my-answer. [continued] — Roberto Caboni 1 min ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Roberto Caboni
Having these complex question with score 5-7 rather than 0 would make A LOT of difference, as unanswered questions with good scores are quite popular and are often visited by experts. In order to encourage people to answer, there could be a "popular answers showcase" to say "Hey guys, come to see! A question with score X that has been unanswered for Y months has now an accepted answer!". This could attract visitors gathering the deserved upvotes for the expert who answered too. — Roberto Caboni 1 min ago
8:51 PM
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Roberto Caboni
I wrote in my comments to RobertS answer (have a look at them) before reading this answer: I would have offered a +10 upthumb if I could, as the lack of upvotes is exactly the root of the problem. I've seen a lot of emphasis to the importance of downvotes, lately, and it seems that the importance of upvotes (especially on questions) has been forgotten. As far as I can see looking to ancient questions it was different in the past: questions used to receive a lot of upvotes. Were they great quality questions? Not at all! Nowadays many of them would be closed in a couple of minutes.. — Roberto Caboni 1 min ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Julia
IMHO: if you only answer questions for the rep, you're in for a bad time. — Julia 12 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Andy K
I laughed, laughed and laughed. Ty. — Andy K 47 secs ago
9:43 PM
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Braiam
Anecdotal evidence but I kinda use the super user one when I really don't want to type the reason... — Braiam 21 secs ago
10:07 PM
[ Boson ] New comment posted by jrh
All the low hanging fruit at this point is probably gone, so I think at this point you're either posting something on a new (maybe niche) language / tech, posting a duplicate, or posting something that's too hard to answer. — jrh 30 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Oleg Valter
@oguzismail - yeah, without any (at least client-side) validation that is mostly a Sizyphian effort... — Oleg Valter 10 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by zcoop98
Honestly, I'm with you. Even if it's something I can reasonably help with, the length factor is definitely something to recon with. I'm not sure what the best course of action is with this, whether collapsing code blocks or otherwise, but it's still something I can anecdotally confirm affects whether I attack a given question or not. — zcoop98 27 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by zcoop98
As a counter-point, however, there might be a good argument that giant blocks of code is rarely actually required in a question... and as such, that otherwise good questions could benefit from some code editing to shorten their examples to only what's really required. Giant debugging challenges admittedly often make poor questions. — zcoop98 27 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Cody Gray
See here: "Do not use signature, taglines, or greetings." There are also numerous Meta posts about this precise issue, but I don't feel like searching for and linking all of them here. I don't know if you're saying that trying to set rules for the behavior of users is like trying to stop the flow of water, but I have to disagree with that. As you've seen, Stack Overflow gives users the tool for enforcement of these rules, which is simply editing the unwanted portion out of posts. It's a very practical solution, with no mess or fuss. — Cody Gray ♦ 1 min ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Adam Lear
@user3208340 I'm going through some of the older bug reports. Were you able to get this resolved or are you still receiving The Overflow newsletter despite trying to unsubscribe? — Adam Lear ♦ 16 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Cody Gray
@The I'm sorry, I don't understand your justification here. It seems you created that synonym yourself, mapping [gas-web-app] to [google-apps-script-web-application]. Why should it be undone? You didn't create "a smaller tag"; the master tag was always the longer one. And there's no real advantage in a shorter tag anyway. — Cody Gray ♦ 57 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Makoto
Maybe the player is role-playing as a number? Who's to say. If nothing else this is an opportunity to engage with the OP and ask for clarification to their question (e.g. closing the question and then posting a clarifying comment if necessary). — Makoto 56 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by AndrewL64
@JohnMontgomery That is exactly the reason why I posted this. If A has v1, v2 and v3, when do I need to specify say v2 tag or any version-specific tag at all? — AndrewL64 1 min ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Kingsley
The problem description talks about "players" moving. It seems incongruous that a player graphic is a huge digit. But yeah, who knows. — Kingsley 1 min ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by AndrewL64
@TemaniAfif True. But with regards to "posting a new question+solution just for v4 and v5 alpha simply stating that you can use a class name instead of adding CSS" , would the other answer (or my edited answer) that included the v4/v5 solution be posted in a new question that specifies v4/v5 in the title specifically since from what I can understand, the v4/v5 answer is irrelevant in particular question since the thread is (was?) v3 related? — AndrewL64 29 secs ago
11:15 PM
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Johannes Kuhn
Question 2 is hard to answer if the tag itself is ambiguous - "What exact concept do you mean?" is the only sane response to that question then. — Johannes Kuhn 1 min ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Braiam
As a general guidance, using "why my question is closed but X question is not" is a poor reasoning, since the most likely result is that both get closed. Also, what problem are you trying to solve? If it's about software design maybe you can check another site, since SO tries to be about practical problem solving, higher level design often eludes us. — Braiam 1 min ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Ryan M
Generally, software architecture questions in the form of "is this architecture a good practice?" are too rooted in the realm of opinion (rather than facts) to make good Stack Overflow questions. That said, I think this Meta question is a good question, because more guidance here is better, and I've seen different people interpret the rules differently. — Ryan M 1 min ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by rene
is it good to define the method that removes an element in a collection inside the class representing the element, considering a composition relationship? That is asking for an opinion unless to define what "good" is. As for the GC.SurpessFinalize() the consensus is you don't use that and you can reason and prove how the system reacts when you use. As such you keep a narrow band of use cases where that call will do what you want it to do. That is not based on opinion but on looking at the implementation and reason about the system. — rene just now
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Darius
I'm using SO often and mostly I just search for answers, not evaluate the correctness of the question. My intent was to figure out what I did wrong, not to blame some other question of being incorrect. I came across those kind of questions in SO many times when I was doing research and they seemed reasonable questions and now when I have something to post, I discover that they are unreasonable in the end. I've seen many questions here in SO related to OOP principles, that is mostly the field from where I expected the answer come from. — Darius 38 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by rene
As your question feels more like a design question you might read-up on the What's on Topic on Software engineering: softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic but do realize their rules about on-topicness are more insane then those on SO and I'm often told I got it wrong when I redirected users. — rene 25 secs ago
[ Boson ] New comment posted by Darius
@rene OOP can be viewed as an implementation pattern just as IDisposable and I was looking for the "consensus" on how to do it properly, just as you would ask for the right way to call the GC.SurpressFinalize method when following the IDisposable pattern. If you look at the answer I gave to my question, you can see that there may be some things that some might argue that they are logical faults or simply acceptable from an OOP perspective. — Darius 1 min ago
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