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12:00 PM
@PiYusHGuPtA help me
@prabhakaran Yeah. ask
9 mins ago, by Harish
@rekire i have this view. when i click on the item the view changes in this way so in that how to change the page title and how to customize the left and right icons ?
@PiYusHGuPtA hii yes
@Ved @rekire @ItachiUchiha As an admin, You guys can also tell me if I am correct ?
12:03 PM
@prabhakaran Try to change your db version from 1 to 3
@Anjali has ur that project cmpltd?
I think people who were flagging posts must explain their reasons.
@PiYusHGuPtA no its not working
@berserk what is the reason
@berserk ya ya right.. can u help me
@prabhakaran sorry no idea abt your question.
@Anil idk.
12:07 PM
@berserk That's right. otherwise the messages should not be flagged.
@prabhakaran right now bit busy but i can give you my code in which i have fetch external db from assets folder pastie.org/9371372
@TheLittleNaruto Neither me or @BenjaminGruenbaum are mods
My argument is that Stack Overflow is an English site. We don't allow questions in any language other than English, we shouldn't allow chat in such.
Non-English chat is allowed in specific language sites, see French Language and their chat room.
However, Stack Overflow is English. This is the reason sites like pt.so were created in the first place.
@berserk :(
@PiYusHGuPtA k k i will check tht
This isn't to punish anyone, but Stack Overflow chat simply isn't the place for it.
12:13 PM
hello can somebody help me with a simple android layout that consist in a ad banner and a webview? I'm trying for hours...
@SecondRikudo well, you have a point ! But, AFA the people of the chat room have no problem, I don't think it will be a problem for SO/Moderators !
@AlexStanese what is the problem?
@ItachiUchiha It does become a problem as parts of the conversation here leak to the rest of the chat
@SecondRikudo how does that happen ?
@ItachiUchiha Most often by flags from this room
12:15 PM
@PiYusHGuPtA I really dont know how to inegrate the banner from startapp
Flags are visible to all 10k+ users on all rooms
tey say just to put this code in the mainactivity layout
but I dont have one.. my webview is actiolly phoneap
and it doesn't have any layout
@AlexStanese you should take one parent vertical linear layout and apply weight 0.9 for ur web view and .1 for your start app
I tried to create a layout for the main activity but now it shows just the bannoer on a black background and the webview isn;t showing..
@SecondRikudo Come'on ! The main site is specific to English. That I know. But the chat rooms should be independent of that. Because most of the people are not able to explain everything in English and that is why they talk in their language so that they can make their question more understanding to the person who can understand the same language. So, I dont see any problem with that.
As I said already, the problems are flags
12:18 PM
@PiYusHGuPtA so I should leave the new created layout.. Is this the correct way right?
@AlexStanese Show me that layout
@PiYusHGuPtA Not yet ,,,,,some more demanded to do from client side
@AlexStanese yes
@PiYusHGuPtA <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
android:orientation="vertical" >

android:layout_centerHorizontal="true" />

@Anjali Ohh. Okay
12:19 PM
@TheLittleNaruto Although I don't really want to start a discussion on this, but you cannot be a programmer without knowing English. You can't. If you insist on learning programming while refusing to learn even the most basic English I don't want you on the site. That's my personal opinion.
@SecondRikudo ahh I see !
@PiYusHGuPtA how can we make any spinner unselectable?
thats for now and the webview isnt showing.. just the banner over a black background
@SecondRikudo +1
Second, yes, the flags are a big problem, and the correct solution would be to fix the flags to be more useful. However, that is not happening
Not anytime soon.
12:20 PM
But i don't think thats what @TheLittleNaruto is trying to say here !
@Anjali setSelecetd(false)
I am asking to uphold the policy we set to ourselves from day one. Stack Overflow is an English site. Chat Stack Overflow is an extension of Stack Overflow.
Naruto : OK
@AlexStanese You should use Linear layout as a parent layout and add web view and start app in that layout
@Anjali got it?
Oh Is this not good when you do chat in other than English ?
12:23 PM
@PiYusHGuPtA you mean something like this?
android:orientation="vertical" >

android:layout_centerHorizontal="true" />

@SecondRikudo Relax Man ! Take a Chill !
@PiYusHGuPtA I don't know hot to add the webview (phnegap)
@AlexStanese In phone gap?
good evening all
@PiYusHGuPtA yes I have phonegap... thats why the layout.xml wasn't existent in the first place..
12:25 PM
@PiYusHGuPtA yes
@AlexStanese Oh then man i really don't know about phone gap.
@Anjali so hua?
@ItachiUchiha Have you ever seen me not relaxed?
@PiYusHGuPtA but isn't phonegap a webview? Should't it be implemented like a normal webview?
@SecondRikudo I am afraid of Madara's Power ! ;)
12:28 PM
@AlexStanese If it is normal web view then as i said earlier you have implemented
Your eyes are weird! ;)
@TheLittleNaruto hi u are not going man
@Anil I am online from mobile!
oo good man
12:29 PM
@PiYusHGuPtA avi to nhi hua.Perhaps I can't implemented it right
@Anjali May be try and let me know again
@PiYusHGuPtA ok
just kidding :P
12:31 PM
very nice @berserk
and sorry for spoiler naruto, but i really wanted to post xD
No one is my match in battle!
@TheLittleNaruto u crazy ..
for SF right
good Sprit
Many devs are. :) @Anil
@TheLittleNaruto you are a baby ! :P
@SecondRikudo How z things with Java ?
12:33 PM
@ItachiUchiha I hate Java with all my heart.
@ItachiUchiha A baby with his instinct power :D
@SecondRikudo hahaha, why Man ?
@TheLittleNaruto Because it's a horrible horrible unnecessarily complicated language with overly rigid structures and XML programming.
@SecondRikudo the overly rigid structures are its one of advantages.
@SecondRikudo Whats with XML ? Which framework are you using ?
@TheLittleNaruto +1
12:36 PM
@ItachiUchiha I can guess, It's Android
@TheLittleNaruto No. I am not a noob. I don't need the language to enforce my good coding practices. I want more flexibility.
@ItachiUchiha Spring
I see, Spring with xml!
@TheLittleNaruto PHP does that too little, Java does it too much.
@PiYusHGuPtA thanks a lot ... its working 1day fully wasted.. thanq thanq
@TheLittleNaruto is there any app of Stack overflow
12:37 PM
@SecondRikudo there you go ! Spring is full of XML poop !
or u online from browser
this is one of the reasons I hate Spring !
Spring + Hibernate = Deadly Combination :P
The one thing that you will like in Java 8 is Lambda Expression ;) @SecondRikudo
@Anil there is an app but it does not have chat functionality, so I am online from browser :)
@prabhakaran u r always wel come
12:40 PM
@ItachiUchiha The only thing I like about Java is that I don't have to use it every day
@PiYusHGuPtA :)))))))))))
There is literally no community support
@SecondRikudo Well, we are here ! ;)
12:41 PM
Anyway I am leaving now , I am flying to different state of my country. Just came because of @SecondRikudo 's question. Good luck to you, Sir ;)
@ItachiUchiha Up until now the only people who ever helped me with any Java problem I've had was you and @TheLittleNaruto
@TheLittleNaruto flying ? :O
@SecondRikudo my pleasure!
How to solve StackOverFlow error ??? I am using nested Fragments...
@ItachiUchiha Yes! ( by bus ) ;)
12:42 PM
@SecondRikudo Are you working somewhere? How is it that they make you work on different technologies on diff days ?
@ItachiUchiha Yeah, Taboola
class A<LightType>

List<? extends LightType> (...)

public void addLight(LightType l) (...)
Cya tomorrow guys and a very good evening!
How can I make this method get parameter that type is ? extends lighttype?
12:42 PM
Bye Naruto
I tried public <T extends LightType> void (...) but doesn't work
@TheLittleNaruto bye
@BenBeri public LightType
Will accept all derivatives.
like public void (LightType type ...) ?
12:44 PM
@BenBeri Yeah
The method add(capture#1-of ? extends LightType) in the type List<capture#1-of ? extends LightType> is not applicable for the arguments (LightType)
@BenBeri Well, you're trying to pass in a List, aren't you?
@TheLittleNaruto hm admin in which context?
public void methodName (List<LightType> listOfType) @BenBeri
@SecondRikudo yes
12:47 PM
Well then, hint for a List
Stackoverflow error, logcat : pastebin.com/HkEaDa5y
Wait no, im not adding a list
@TheLittleNaruto bye, cya in Mohali :)
I am adding any class that extends LightType to the list
And my list is declared like this
adding class ?
12:48 PM
private List<? extends LightType> lightPoints = new ArrayList<LightType>();
An object, fine
Now I need to make a method which will accept the type ? extends LightType and be able to add it to the list
then @SecondRikudo suggestion was correct !
The method add(capture#1-of ? extends LightType) in the type List<capture#1-of ? extends LightType> is not applicable for the arguments (LightType)
this error is because you are passing a List instead of passing an object
you must pass an object and add it to the List !
can anybody help me build an activity layout for phonegap and a add banner?
@AlexStanese did u tried any thing?
12:57 PM
bye guys @ALL
yes yes... Im trying sine yesterday and I know its very easy but I dont get it because I dont have android knowledge :(
right now its showing the banner but the phonegap content not
its just the banner over a black background
@Pans this is the main activity layout:
<RelativeLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
android:orientation="vertical" >

android:layout_centerHorizontal="true" />

but as I said its showing just the bannor over a black background...
how can I also add the phonegap view?
Im searching for hours and there's so less support for this... I also contacted the ad network but they're not responding
@rekire der ?
1:18 PM
what ? @TheLittleNaruto
bye @all
bye al
@berserk byy talk in de evening
1:39 PM
@AlexStanese just set back images
2:22 PM
@ItachiUchiha yes the right article for me. I'm male :)
2:43 PM
@Pans how to do that?
@Pans Im sorry if its too obvios but im a beginner in android.. :|
@Neil @rekire Ciao
@AlexStanese I am not sure whether your doubt is on Android or phonegap.
@Villan @Gajini there?
@Appu Heya
@Appu on android... I dont know how to add the webview (phonegap) in the main layout
3:05 PM
Shog9 has frozen this room.
Regarding this discussion on meta:
Q: Disallow languages other than English in chat

Second RikudoIt happened again. It keeps happening and no one is doing anything, so I've decided to. I don't mind other languages. In fact, גם אני לפעמים מדבר עברית בצ'אט. As long as it's contained and doesn't bother anyone, let them be. But it's not. It's very often now that I see messages in other languag...

We've previously discussed this issue:
A: What languages are we allowed to speak in SE chat rooms?

Shog9The short answer is: whatever language the other folks present in the room are comfortable speaking. All else being equal, if you jump into a room and start posting stuff that isn't understandable to the majority of the users there, you're probably going to get some pushback. And as a practical...

The hard truth is that we cannot effectively moderate non-English chatrooms.
Therefore, if a room develops a habit of generating lots of non-English commentary and flags are raised, it will be deleted.
Consider this a warning: self-moderate, or I will moderate. And I moderate almost exclusively via deletion.
Shog9 has unfrozen this room.
@Shog9 the main language here is still english just in some cases is here a fallback to Hindi or however that language is written
@rekire Please ask users not to do that if you see it. If they don't listen, then flag for a moderator.
@Shog9 I personally don't understand it too just english and german. however here is almost never a german person so I always write english. Just for cleaification a hello in the foreign language is still allowed? Here are some users which always greet me in german even if that don't speak german.
3:19 PM
@rekire if you know it's not a problem, then don't worry about it. But don't go too far to give the benefit of the doubt; sadly, we've seen folks being harassed here in chat, publicly, for weeks, because no one who cared understood the language and those being attacked didn't know how to escalate. That's not acceptable.
@Shog9 of cause you are right, however here are several "admins" which understand hindi and could moderate it. But I know the reason, people like me just could not stop it. I will tell it to the other to stop writing more than a hello in other languages then english. :)
thank you
you are welcome
Q: How to add a simple ad banner along a webvier (phonegap) in android

Alex StaneseI'm trying since yersterday afternoon non stop to add a simple banner ad to my app wich is created with phonegap 3.3. Im a beginner in android and I dont know how to make the main layout so that it includes both: the phonegap view and the banner. I followed this tutotial becaus eit describer a mo...

4:21 PM
@rekire It's not hindi. It's Italian.
@Shog9 I don't think folks got harassed in this room. I believe it never happened here.
@Neil How are you doing? (Sadly I am unable to speak Italian though I know only few sentences for How are you etc.,)
@Appu Do you want me to teach you something?
@AlexStanese I can help only if it's Android or something else which I know. I have never worked on phonegap. Anyways this is android's --> stackoverflow.com/a/18169850/1592160
@Neil Hmmm.. What to learn?
Hmmm.. Che cosa imparare?
Che cosa means what and imparare means to learn :)
@Neil Oh, good.
Ah, bene.
4:33 PM
I knew this as I learned sto bene. @Neil What else? How is your work going?
5:19 PM
@rekire @Appu thanks guys to make him understood. That's what I was talking about :)
I tried to explain everything to 'em, even though they froze the room. :(
Now Everything is alright :)
@TheLittleNaruto :) I posted a question, but I got very noob answer :( stackoverflow.com/questions/24660001/…
@Appu Ouu! That's wierd . can't we first hide the virtual keyboard window and then finish activity inside on back pressed ?
5:34 PM
@TheLittleNaruto I didn't get you. Hiding keyboard in the sense, can you elaborate?
Also I am online from mobile, So I can't do some research :(
The problem is with the keyboard. Right ? While pressing on back pressed ?
The back press event doesn't get called due to the keyboard
@TheLittleNaruto The problem is not with the keyboard. Here is the case. Suppose if the keypad is poppedup, when you press back button only the kepad gets disappeared and to finish the activity you have to press back button one more time. But I want that two actions in one press of back button.
Ah I see. Now I understood.
I again got one more answer which I already mentioned in my question that it didn't work :*(
You're right
The problem can be when you press back button it detects whether the keyboard is opened, if yes, it'll dismiss it first, then only second tap on back button will do the work for ya.
So actually the back press is being detected
5:43 PM
@TheLittleNaruto The thing is onBackPressed() is just for activity. Overriding it does work only in the context of the things that relate to our activity. But the keypad is not in our control, hence the issue. I tried two answered that I linked in my question, but those didn't work for me.
Now we need to know how it works in code so that if it detect whether virtual keyboard opened already dismiss it with the activity.
Let me see the two links you have shared
Traveling ?
Yes :) TGM
@Appu there are a lot of things done to achieve this single point, looks scarier in the link you have shared :(
@TGM will meet ya on Sunday ;)
If you're free then only :)
I am little tired now. Need few hours nap :)
Later guys :) and very good night :)
@TheLittleNaruto That's why I hate Android sometimes. To achieve simple things, it makes us feel lot of pain.
1 hour later…
7:07 PM
@TheLittleNaruto sure but I will go to Jaipur this Saturday and will be back here on Wednesday
I am free here on weekends

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