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1:00 PM
but the week just started
loooong way...
hope i'll see 1 pic of you with family
yeah its MEAT
nothing for chewcat
but very good
its pork
yeah i'm reading
your pigs look totaly different
they have dark skin
like people
while ours are pink
1:08 PM
german pig
that reminded me of one thing that's pink cc @TheLittleNaruto @berserk
@DroidDev Welcome back!
//afk hiding from @Hans1984
does it start with p?@DroidDev
@DroidDev Cya later
1:09 PM
@Hans1984 yeah ;P
@DroidDev Welcome back!
fox is now hiding inside a banana
1:13 PM
//afk learning opengl es
@LunarWatcher Welcome back!
@LunarWatcher Cya later
1:32 PM
Q: How does the SQL injection from the "Bobby Tables" XKCD comic work?

BlankmanJust looking at: (Source: https://xkcd.com/327/) What does this SQL do: Robert'); DROP TABLE STUDENTS; -- I know both ' and -- are for comments, but doesn't the word DROP get commented as well since it is part of the same line?

for wannabe hackers :D
@Dro @Dro
@TheL @TheL
@Hans1984 lol
heheh fox
its you
1:37 PM
!!Will i figure this multiple search field out ?
@Hans1984 Yes!
yaay \o/
@Ramona a while ago, you asked how programmers know what to write next. It is like a book. The author knows what to do, what needs to be done. What exactly is written to handle a given problem (say some person in a book runs down a street) varies from person to person, but sometimes also by timing. Same with coding: We have a problem/thing we need to do. What is written to achieve that problem depends on the tools at our disposal. And often, code is different if there is a library available.
For an instance, if oyu want to parse json data and then do something based on that data, you write
//afk learning opengl es
@Hans1984 @LunarWatcher
1:42 PM
@ChewCat LunarWatcher is away: learning opengl es
back from BREAD
did you see fox?
@ChewCat damn all those pings
hes hiding inside banana
tea break and i'm ate BREADDDDDDD
yup banana fox
1:43 PM
Every time you ping me (not bot user, real user) I get a notification
And every time I reply, I break out of AFK
you will convert to bread religion soon
so I have to reenter
and waste time
1:43 PM
i'm eating this in break nw google.co.in/…:
lol ha ha ha ha ha
1:43 PM
@ChewCat I'm going to eat this for dinner later
@DoggyBot is that enough?
@DroidDev Type //help to see all my commands.
looks more like a burger@ChewCat
@DroidDev I usually eat 2 of the meat though
1:45 PM
he he he
it's called DABELI @Hans1984 like a burger
@LunarWatcher That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
yup our old command
@ChewCat :3783857
1:47 PM
@ChewCat pointless pinging
ha ha ha
who ping a lot here
@Hans1984 @LunarWatcher
you @ChewCat
And it isn't a good thing
widout u i'm nothing
days gonna too long
yeah 10 minutes left
wht abt u?
1:50 PM
lol breadcat forgot about that
@ChewCat LunarWatcher is away: thank you and good night
ha ha ha
1:50 PM
Can I ask Java related question here?
ohh I guess yess
yeah also we frrgt doglove command hansu
missed this command
Jun 13 at 12:26, by LunarWatcher
@ChewbaccoCat Because you clearly don't understand the difference between (NSFW link-->)doglove and doglover
and u kne !!home
1:51 PM
!!lick chew
@LunarWatcher That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
hahahahahahahahahah @LunarWatcher
@LunarWatcher Mmmmmmm @chew tastes just like schinkenspeck!
home gonna lost by HORSEFACE
//lick @ChewCat
1:51 PM
@@ChewCat licks your arm. Woof woof! (It is OK, I'm a dog)
//poke ChewCat
Bacon is a meat product prepared from cured pork. It is first cured using large quantities of salt, either a brine or a dry packing. Fresh bacon may then be dried for weeks or months in cold air, or it may be
@LunarWatcher Unknown command: ping
@ChewCat I said a poke, poke, pokety poke I said a poke poke pokety poke
1:52 PM
==========| Commands |==========
//8ball               Simulates a magic 8-ball.
//GoToBed             Terminates the bot (admins only).
//about               Displays information about this bot.
//afk                 Allows users to mark themselves as "away".
//announcements       Shows recent updates to the bot that are important
//cat                 Does sumtng magical
//dog                 Displays a random dog picture. :3
//dogclub             It's the dogclub! Use //dogclub to list members, //dogclub join to join the club, or use //dogclub leave to leave the dogclub
//work chewcat
I am able to successfully maven clean install my project, but eclipse gives error on line using diamond operator...in maven I am having jdk 8, but then somehow eclipse is checking source against lower versions...what am missing?
@chewcat Get back to work!
time to gO
@Mahesha999 Diamond operator: <>
@ChewCat CYA
@chew do you know chewbacca?
1:53 PM
@Hans1984 busy concentrate in work because last month boss told to him for increase a capabilities & etc etc
@LunarWatcher yess am talking about <>
yes lazy crab
yeah my oldname here is chewbacco cat :3
always lazy
1:54 PM
@Mahesha999 What is the line?
:D :D :D
never busy
public Class1<Class2> method(
return new Class1<>(new ArrayList());//gives Type mismatch: cannot convert from Class1 to Class1<Class2>

The code compiles fine. But the editor underlines with red color
A: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

bobinceYou can't parse [X]HTML with regex. Because HTML can't be parsed by regex. Regex is not a tool that can be used to correctly parse HTML. As I have answered in HTML-and-regex questions here so many times before, the use of regex will not allow you to consume HTML. Regular expressions are a tool th...

making good progress on prototype last 8 days@ChewCat
1:58 PM
improve cat
Does Class1 use a diamond operator (e.g. public class ObjectsManager<O3D extends Object3D> extends AbstractCollection<O3D> {)?
@ChewCat @Hans1984 @DroidDev It's fallout!
for user icons

public Class1<Class2> method(
return new Class1<>(new ArrayList());//gives Type mismatch: cannot convert from Class1 to Class1<Class2>

The code compiles fine. But the editor underlines with red color
@Mahesha999 this has nothing to do with the method. What does the class look like?
@Hans1984 @LunarWatcher
2:02 PM
cya later @ChewCat igator
@LunarWatcher thank you so much for your info on subject. im pleasantly surprised that you remembered my thoughts from a while ago :) From my perspective i notice that there is a gap in recources (books,tutorials) between basics and advanced stuff. If i'm wrong please suggest where to look :)
@Ramona Basic and advanced aren't really good terms. The basics is a good one, as it covers the basics. The rest of Java isn't either intermediate or advanced IMO, it is complicated. Tutorials break up things into basic pieces for easy understanding, while other docs (javadoc) doesn't show usage in context
2:20 PM
@LunarWatcher class look like means?
@Mahesha999 Class1 has to be some kind of collection or in some other way use the diamond operator in teh class declaration
Look at ArrayLsit for an instance
It isn't declared as public class ArrayList extends ... implements ...
@LunarWatcher it gets compiled and code is running, so I guess somehow eclipse is trying to check syntax against older jdk versions isnt it?
so what is the next step to do if you know the basics already. Where to look for explanation of e.g. 'wrap text around image' code so I can do it on my own rather then copy it from post at 'stack' and still wonder why it doesn't work in my case.@LunarWatcher
You look at the stackoverflow post
Figure out how it works
and then write your own version
2:26 PM
@hans hey bud
@Ramona Some thigns aren't well documented in how you use several methods/tools/libraries to do something, so you often have to find a stackoverflow psot or a post somewhere else covering it. then you figure out how it works before you add it into your code to make sure you learn
@Joe'sMorgue Welcome back!
@DoggyBot Cya later
2:36 PM
//afk gone learning opengl es
@LunarWatcher Cya later
@DoggyBot Welcome back!
@LunarWatcher Cya later
@LunarWatcher Welcome back!
@DoggyBot LunarWatcher is away: gone learning opengl es
@LunarWatcher Welcome back!
@LunarWatcher Cya later
2:38 PM
@LunarWatcher right Lunar.
@Ramona LunarWatcher is away: gone learning opengl es
Boo @Joe'sMorgue nice car :)
Love that thing...Almost as much as my first Prius
It's better, but the interior kinda sucks
it's never perfect :)
I hear the Prius Prime is pretty sweet
2:42 PM
well, let's take into consideration that your way of seeing perfection might have nothing to do with perfection :) and maybe the same thing applies to toyota designers ;)
but nowhere close to as sweet as me ;) haha
It's FAR from perfect, but it's very nice
ive seen that one! :)
at ur son's place now?
Nope. At my house....His house is 6 hours away... [He's still asleep, so we can't leave yet]
2:48 PM
what age is he?
He's a young....22
and got the house already.. that's nice
No...Apartment outside of school
his own?
apartment? not school ;)
2:49 PM
Sometimes, he got a two bedroom so he could have a roommate to help share expenses, but he hasn't found a good one...
I have the same problem right now...
I have two roommates, but they don't help with ANY bills, just add to them.
@Joe'sMorgue Don't pay their bills
@LunarWatcher Welcome back!
nice roommates :)
I've even asked Toto to bring me things...He just purrs... [both roommates are cats]
2:53 PM
Maybe I should look for a female human roommate...
2:59 PM
!!Did hamsters eat loafcat ?
@Hans1984 Certainly
3:11 PM
!!Did hans eat the hamsters that ate loafcat?
@Hans1984 Those poor hamsters
@Joe'sMorgue good one :) he is/used to be an actor, right?
@LunarWatcher could you look at this code paste.ofcode.org/33qAXMMx3hrswvZvkWDBgEM and help me to set it for viewPager?
@Ramona Do //groups to find a list of programming langauges. Then do //[programming language name] to get a list of people who can help you with your issue. Woof woof! :D
3:34 PM
@Hans1984 hey sorry about that had a meeting right after saying hey -__-
I JUST got a great pic of my two cats together, but photo bucket doesn't show it
dont mind
im busy anyway
Looking right now to buy some protein powder
There's a site where you can buy 11lbs of good New Zealand whey isolate for like 100$
Only issue is that the Vanilla is flavoured with Sucrose (puke) , so I'm going to get it unflavoured and add my own vanilla powder to it
3:37 PM
i like vanilla though
Yeah same here, I just hate protein powder that has artificial sweetener in it.. especially sucrose
I see
@Ramona was away, but that is really good code
The only thing is that you need to take into account the scaleFactor when you drag
the coordinates should be divided by scaleFactor
leaving now
bye Hans.
3:49 PM
bye @Hans1984
@LunarWatcher ok. and how to connect it with MainActivity..using Intent?
You created a layout
you need to add it to your xml file
You add this tag: <make.appaplication.ZoomLayout [attributes here]>add content here if you need</make.appaplication.ZoomLayout>
ok. thank you Lunar, i'll try :)
3:52 PM
This stinks ... The pic I uploaded to photo bucket only shows on my phone's app, not the website, even after SEVERAL refreshes...
@Joe'sMorgue CTRL+F5
What will that do?
force refresh
OS X, not Winders
directly from website, not cache
no clue
command + f5?
Apple + R according to some website
Cmd (Apple) + Shift + R
4:00 PM
change it for code and place it in past.of.code :)@Joe'sMorgue
well all 3 same guys
@Hans1984 lmao
@ballBreaker yo crabs
FIVE MINUTES for PhotoBucket to stop with the STUPID ADS "PAY US and we'll let you use our site" CRAP!
roommates!!! :)
There's my two roommates!
4:06 PM
handsome guys :)
Toto is the big boy, and Blondie is the little girl...
and Toto is the one who doesn't pay bills..woman has nothing to do with it :)
and that is the river too...
Let me see if Ican find a pic... (it is a specific one, it may be hard to find)
She doesn't pay bills either.
Yes, that's my view of the river, it's a little dark because of all the rain we got the other day.
risky to live that close to the water
4:13 PM
It would need to go up over a meter before I really have to worry....
A foot or two is an annoyance...
u there?
hey @LunarWatcher are u from android?
@FranciscoMelicias ?
so, i have one question in android
@Ramona Your turn
i want to do a alarm clock app, but i want to choose the days of the week that it disperts, for example, i choose monday and friday, every friday and monday it plays
but how can i get this picker?
the datepicker show a date and time picker only shows the hour
4:20 PM
@Joe'sMorgue for cats?:)
To share a pic
a pic of me?
why me? not for example Lunar? :)
4:38 PM
Any pic? Sure, hold on
@Ramona @Joe'sMorgue ^
beautiful one :) so there were cats...now a dog..what's next? :)
how many dogs u have Lunar?
Pet's or selfie's
4:46 PM
One border collie and one finnish lapphund
two dogs
Also, that's the second time Lunar posted a pet pic today.
he loves his dogs :)
But remember!
Jun 13 at 12:26, by LunarWatcher
@ChewbaccoCat Because you clearly don't understand the difference between (NSFW link-->)doglove and doglover
4:47 PM
as much as you ur roommates :)
Doglove != doglover
Don't be a @ChewCat
say the correct thing
You hear that @chew ? :P
@Joe'sMorgue don't have pets now :)
Selfie then...
I can share a selfie
Never said of me @Ramona @Joe'sMorgue
uuu... :)
4:52 PM
It was implied...
I'm out for SEVERAL hours...
//afk learning GLSL
@LunarWatcher Cya later
//afk Driving...
4:53 PM
@Joe'sMorgue Cya later
see ya Joe
going for supper too.
5:26 PM
@LunarWatcher For some reason my brain interpreted that as "GIRLS" lolol
@ballBreaker LunarWatcher is away: learning GLSL
@ballBreaker lol
@LunarWatcher Welcome back!
figuring out GLSL is hard
harder than figuring out girls?
5:31 PM
@ballBreaker lol
5:56 PM
one more question, how to apply your line <make.appaplication.ZoomLayout [attributes here]>add content here if you need</make.appaplication.ZoomLayout> to this activity_main.xml code paste.ofcode.org/aZdDN4cyuHSuJuANhgbq6n @LunarWatcher
@Ramona you add it to your XML file where you want zoomable content

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