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12:01 AM
yawns I guess I'll have to go. it's 2 a.m. 'round here
good night everybody
@NickCraver You're notifying me (and perhaps not @Tomalek) by using @Tom. xD
nah, you're both getting them.
A: Stack Exchange chat name mention inbox confusion

Marc GravellThat follows the standard rules of @blah conflicts, I'm afraid. You would also have got a highlight inside chat for that. That was a reply; if they had just used the explicit reply (rather than adding the @Mark), it would have known who it meant, but that @Mark was ambiguous so all the "Mark*" w...

12:48 AM
hello all
oh sweet
you can upload something
now all they need is the ability to paste a code sample
for() {
for(;;) {
cout << "lol\n";
@ZacharyBurt You can, by pressing the fixed width button with multiline messages, it'll turn that message into a code block
like this:
for(var i=0;i<n;i++){
    console.log('Stack Overflow!');
1:52 AM
i am confused as to how to have good JSON support in node.js
it appears to have some builtin JSON object, but where are the docs for that
2:15 AM
1 hour later…
3:30 AM
has anyone ever heard of backbone.js?
@misterMatt No, what is it?
"Backbone supplies structure to JavaScript-heavy applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling, and connects it all to your existing application over a RESTful JSON interface."
4:38 AM
yeah backbone sounds neat
i am about to use it
4:55 AM
I don't really use javascript for anything, but I think I would like to try something with backbone
I'll just have to figure out how exactly to do that
5:16 AM
ok that's a dumb idea
it's just nice containers for js
they do a lot of javascripty things you would want objects to do
10 hours later…
3:17 PM
Q: Why does iterating over jQuery objects with .each() not give me jQuery objects?

badpThe following works as expected: $(".foo").first().text("hi!") ...because first() returns a jQuery object. However, if I want to work with the text() method for all matches, I need to do: $(".foo").each( function(idx, obj) { $(obj).text("hi!") } ) ...because each() gives you DOM object...

@AndyE @NickCraver Thoughts?
4:15 PM
hi guys :)
i need help with css thingie..
the footer doesnt occupy the whole width of screen on all resoultions..any fixes?
@Amitd Well, what seem to be the problem?
the green and black footer at bottom of site
doesnt cover entire width of page on all resolutions
amitd: .wrap has a fixed width of 965px
if u change display to 800 x 600 it gets cut off
...because it's exactly 965px wide
4:20 PM
if i make it 100% will it work?
it doesnt when i tried
block elements automatically fill the available width
.greenbg .wrap {width:auto;}
same for .blackbg
width:auto; is default?
But you've overridden it
lol not mine actually a friends..but i will convey him
thx :)
but he told to me it doesnt work on all resolutions
anyone trying FF 4 beta
4:39 PM
4:56 PM
jQuery FTW!
whats the most complex jquery expression?
@Amitd You mean selector expression?
Or just very long chains?
Anyway, there's no limit for both
It can get messy if it gets too long though, a bit like regex
day to day example?
@Amitd I'll see if I can find one
Nah, everything I have right now's pretty tame ;P
lol regex..never get them hehe
is JS regex as strong as perl ones?
i dunno both ..but i have heard perl is amazing with regex
5:04 PM
@Amitd Should be, there are minor differences. There's should be a SO question on that
thr is?
@Amitd Not sure, the SO search engine sucks.
cant find any
hi guy, does any one here has already play with jsonp and httpbuilder?
5:35 PM
ok just out of curiousity posted the question
Q: Javascript Regex as Compared to Perl Regex

AmitdHi all, I'm just a noob when it comes to regexp .. I know Perl is amazing with regexp..and i dont know much Perl. Recently started learning JavaScript and came across regex for validating user inputs..haven't used them much. Just curious to know how JavaScript regexp compare with perl regexp...

wow quick answer:P
5:55 PM
@YiJiang Just a few:
A: Why does iterating over jQuery objects with .each() not give me jQuery objects?

Andy EThere's the obvious performance hit that would be taken per iteration. Creating a new jQuery object each iteration would be much slower and probably noticeable over large collections. Quite often, you don't need the added convenience of the wrapped object, especially when accessing single attri...

Always thought jQuery .each should have a way to default to creating jQuery objects for each item
@Ballsacian1 how would it behave? For example would the .prevObject refer to the set your iterating through or its .prevObject, same for the .context?
Hmm interesting question.
I think $(this).prevObject would be the same the set
and I'm not quite sure why / if context would change
@NickCraver Ok now I think I'm starting to understand what your talking about in reference to .prevObject and .context. Can you think of any reasons why it would be bad to have those to variables point to the same set?
6:16 PM
@Ballsacian1 it's not that it would be bad to set them, just that it would he heavy, since I would think 99.99% of the time they wouldn't be used. Also given $(this) is the absolute cheapest way to make the object (ignore the original set)...well that's how they left it. Plenty of times I don't need a jQuery object in the loop, just DOM properties will do, e.g. this.id, etc.
@NickCraver I wouldn't want to make it mandatory... More like an optional feature. I do see your point though.
So does anyone here work with ExtJS at all?
1 hour later…
7:32 PM
@NickCraver, you around?
7:42 PM
for a bit, what's up?
Back to the input event plugin I was creating
I've implemented bubbling but I've hit an issue (which I knew I would) and I'm wondering if there's a "jQuery way" of fixing it. When binding to multiple elements in the same tree, a propertychange event is attached to the input element for each ancestor that is being bound. So the event fires multiple times
I was considering using event.stopImmediatePropagation(), but this would interfere with handlers that weren't set by my plugin.
This is the fiddle I'm working with at the moment: jsfiddle.net/XKVdt/13 (test it in IE to see what I mean)
so basically this is the issue? $(this).find("input, textarea").bind(evts, handler);
that's running for each ancestor bound, causing multiple triggers later?
You could "tag" them so they don't get double bound, like this:
$(this).find("input, textarea")
       .filter(function() { return !$.data(this, 'input-bound'); })
       .bind(evts, handler)
       .data('input-bound', true);
sorry for the delay, NC State/ECU game is on, overtime
8:34 PM
Hi... new to JS.
I fairly well know how event handling works in js, can anyone point me to a good read on how event detection part in js works?
@NickCraver I was thinking something like that. The only problem is if the event is unbound from one of the elements later, it would be unbound for all.
> sorry for the delay, NC State/ECU game is on, overtime
no worries, I'm gonna mull it over for a while anyway. Thanks again :-)
9:00 PM
@AndyE instead of true/false you could keep a bound/unbound count and just increment if already bound, only unbind at 0
9:24 PM
@NickCraver Good idea, I think I might just do that :-)

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