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12:53 AM
You guys should check out my javascript website clickersandbeyond.com and click on gti clicker
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How do you do bots?
2 hours later…
2:35 AM
when you are using js split into multiple scripts on a website, is there a "right way" to import all your js files, like pulling everything into a main.js file or etc.
feel like there's always so much to learn with js but every tutorial is deprecated in one way or another
5 hours later…
7:54 AM
hi i need help
is anyone available
||welcome KhwajaHussamQuasmi
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8:22 AM
thank you :)
the problem im facing is that my trigger change on a dropdown i change the value of another dropdown but i am not able to show the value of that other dropdown
i am not able to show the value of IsDropDown the icDropDown2 change, changes the value of the IsDropDown
8:55 AM
Hi guys,
since I'm new to using react with hooks I have some difficulties to rewrite this using them. Please help:

constructor() {
    this.state = {tags: []}

  handleChange(tags) {

  render() {
    return <TagsInput value={this.state.tags} onChange={::this.handleChange} />
I have tried this:

const [tags, setTags] = useState();

render() {
<TagsInput value={keyAspects} onChange={handleKeyAspects()}/>
But it does not work
<TagsInput value={tags} onChange={handleChange()}/> is the right one sorry
9:35 AM
Nevermind .... I already fixed my problem
@Richard cool
Has anybody ever used Dexie JS (For IndexedDB) ?
2 hours later…
11:40 AM
I used localforage. Never used dexie
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hello ?
what is the best way to read from a local JSON file ?
I read a lot about it online but it doesn't seem to be straight forward at least with js vanilla
some interesting suggestions were to load it as a JS file script.
@LoopingDev In the browser or in Node?
12:15 PM
@LoopingDev Hm, I guess this is possible with an <input id="yourJSONUploader" type="file"/>. Then select the file with this input. In JS, something like this can be used (this gets the contents of the first file you upload):
document.getElementById("yourJSONUploader").addEventListener("change", async ({target: {files: [yourJSONFile]}}) => {
  const json = await yourJSONFile.text();

  console.log(JSON.parse(json), "Use your JSON here.");
There’re also ways to do it with fetch, if you’re running a local server. If not, I don’t think it’s possible.
@SebastianSimon ok I've tested like 5 methods, all of which are with errors but it could be a mistake from my side or because of the CORS Policy , its quite annoying ..

so let me try yours
Yes, either "upload" the file (doesn't actually need to go to a server) or do a GET request for it. Option 1 is going to work but requires the user to do something. Option 2 can be automatic but might be limited by how you're serving the site.
@SebastianSimon of CORS!
I miss Flash…
12:23 PM
Like, with a flamethrower, or...?
not quite sure what this error means , but I replaced the "yourJSONFile" with the file name
and since then I kept getting this error.
@LoopingDev generic.json isn’t an identifier. This is a destructuring assignment, and yourJSONFile is a left-hand side identifier. That’s not the file name.
||mdn destructuring assignment
@SebastianSimon No one misses flash.. you just miss the games that no longer work...
12:38 PM
@LoopingDev ({target: {files: [jsonFile]}}) on the left-hand side means follow the target property (which is the <input> element), follow its files property (which is a FileList iterable), and get its first element (which is a File) and assign it to the variable jsonFile.
@SebastianSimon yes I got it now and It worked !! , I was able to read it on the console , thank you so much!

it's not as hard as I thought it would be
@SebastianSimon thank you for explaining it as well ! , now I know how it works <3
@LoopingDev You’re welcome!
12:56 PM
@JBis that was the right decision.. seems it's a "smoke bomb" from google pr, google does "stop individual tracking" but instead moves to behaviour based group tracking which is even harder to circumvent: eff.org/deeplinks/2021/03/googles-floc-terrible-idea
1:22 PM
@MisterSirCode There are a few Flash games that were honestly amazing. "The Company of Myself", "No-one has to die", "There is no game", "The End of Us" for example are the type of games that elevate the video game medium.
"One Shot" had a very interesting premise - you're a scientist and you are working on a cure for some disease (so topical now...). You have limited time left. You can choose to spend them mostly in the lab desperately trying to find a cure or accept everybody is doomed and spend the time for yourself. The gimmick is that the saves are permanent - if you die and reload the game it just shows you the same ending screen. (unless you delete the cookies).
"Bindings of Isaac" started as a Flash game. "Plague Inc." did as well but it was called "Pandemic" back then. It got some boost of popularity back when there were concerns about avian/swine flu. Pandemic 2 is where we got this from.
So, there were Flash games worth playing. But I still see the loss of Flash as overall good thing.
Yes, there were some amazing flash games, however, they couldve been made in more modern mediums and would probably be way more performant, and way more compatible.

For example, a lot of flash games are already straight moving to WebGL and HTML5
but for some of the good old ones, like Reach the Core, and other such goodies.. theyll probably stay flash forever
its a good thing apps like JPEXS can compile a flash projector into a small exe with a flash SWF, and keep the games running
someone just needs to design a javascript based Flash projector thats sandboxed, and flash could work again
I mean considering weve got raytracing renderers in webgl now... I think anything is possible
you can run flash inside wasm, though it's obviously not recomended
Well, I definitely dont want to run flash. However, yes, it is possible..
Besides... Id rather practice designing my shitty web games, because atleast then Im learning something about modern subjects
@BenFortune I saw that thing before, and its nice n' all, but all it does is load the first frame of an SWF and flash it. Unplayable
I tried it again just now, using the demo page, loaded an old copy of the Reach The Core game
same problem
Oh wells... I guess emulators only go as far as theyre designed
1:37 PM
What Im saying is it doesnt work
there's cheerpx that might work, but I've not tested it
there's some AS3 > js transpilers too
Its easier just packaging the Flash Debugging Projector (Which can still be downloaded from the adobe website)
And then building it into an application with an SWF built into it
@BenFortune Really? Thats interesting, however, I dont see how that could be useful unless you had all the assets of a game and were willing to build it from scratch in canvass or something
ruffle works well for some things but they are a long ways away
Then again, there IS JPEXS again, which can almost completely decompile every form of Actionscript and almost every version of flash, giving you access to every script and resource
1:44 PM
You'd obviously have to have the AS3 source, rather than the compiled SWF. But I'm guessing it just converts any calls to canvas/webgl
@BenFortune Well, like I mentioned, there is the option of decompiling SWFs
I used to decompile SWFs and edit the actionscript files to enable cheats ingame
They split most of the game events into named files
so its pretty easy to find exactly what you want and edit it
(atleast for the games I decompiled)
2:00 PM
Any idea about nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2020-15168 how this effecting React-dom version 15.
@Ashith it shouldn't
why would node-fetch be activated in a dom manipulation library on the frontend?
React dom have node-fetch as dependency
but it's not used

@JBis Thank you
Actually see one here snyk.io/test/npm/react-dom/15.5.4
@JBis i guess this is latest version ? Vulnerability is for version 15
@Ashith you can see that it's pulled in by isomorphic-fetch package, which uses node-fetch on server side and whatwg-fetch (polyfill) on client side (as mentioned here: npmjs.com/package/node-fetch#motivation)
so whats JBis trying to tell you: if you don't run your ReactJS code on server side, especially with fetch, it's most likely not using node-fetch but whatwg-fetch or the browsers fetch implementation
2:16 PM
@makadev Thanks , so as if am not not doing ssr am not impacted by this vulnerability ?
You are likely not effected by it regardless
Thank you @JBis@makadev
HTML folk
React shouldn't be making any network requests anytime. It seems node-fetch and friends are used during building scripts which makes more sense. But even those implementations aren't using the size option on redirect, and even if they were it still probably wouldn't create an issue because they aren't fetching anything substantial in size.
thank you ^
Happy Friday everyone
2:36 PM
Does this still work
Not what I was expecting, but ok
Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince?

quick question, So I have this code that reads file locally and it works fine btw
   document.getElementById("yourJSONUploader").addEventListener("change", () => {
    source = event.target.files[0];
    if (source) {

      readFile = new FileReader();
      readFile.onload = function(e)
        var contents = e.target.result;
        var json = JSON.parse(contents);
        return json
I wanna store the "json" value to use it else were but I dont know how to do so
This is kind of directed towards anyone in here. But (I'm assuming some/most of you have a portfolio), how do you come up with Projects to include
Aside from a WordPress site, I am having trouble coming up with fresh ideas almost like a "writers block" in a sense
2:47 PM
What's something you made, and you're proud of?
Or is it more in a sense that you wanna make something, but don't know what?
The second one, I don't know what
Try some simple games, mess with canvas or something
@BeerusDev Welcome to my world. I have "do something in Python" on my back burner for like a decade now because I don't have a good project in mind.
Also, because there are other stuff on my back burner
And not enough time in the day in general.
@Cerbrus thanks
@VLAZ literally
nvm my question , it was pretty dumb from my side.
2:55 PM
@VLAZ I did this because I wanted to "do something in python"
3:27 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier hello good sir
Hows it goin
it's going at a one coffee rate
going on seconds. how 'bout you?
Can't complain
3:40 PM
@LoopingDev Generally, you would have a variable in a scope that contains the onload function (so that said variable is visible from within the function) AND the "elsewhere" scope. Then, when assigning the parsed json to that englobing variable, you would be able to use it in that "elsewhere" place.
Whatsup @MisterSirCode
What are yall doing today?
Working on a few new landing pages then probably gonna watch some more pluralsight courses
Almost done with this Promise and Async course
Cool. Im currently trying to make an accurate delta time system.
Todays been pretty boring
Im also catching up on some school work, but honestly just considering not doing a single thing until this weekend
3:49 PM
You say that. Then the weekend comes. And here you are putting it off again
@BeerusDev probably.. Im usually like that
I have weird grade contrasts... On one card it says "124" (lots of extra credit), and then the grade next to it says "0" (New semester and currently nothing turned in + late work)
Guess it just depends on what Im actually interested in doing
I don't know if you are or not. I know I am, now is better than putting it off
Damn I thought this chat supported hexadecimal
Well, I always pass my classes.

I havent failed a class in 4 years
and its the first week of the last 9 weeks
so, I guess I should expect some bad grades
what are you taking
@BeerusDev Computer Science I, Honors Biology (like an AP class), Core and Sustainable Construction, and Math II
Computer science obviously has the highest grade, and math / construction are really the only two that are failing as of this minute
But again... its the first week of the last 9 weeks, Im tired and being lazy, so Ill have to catch up over the weekend
3:56 PM
That's pretty cool, I like the sustainable construction angle. God knows we'll need that going forward.
Nice seems like a good work load
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Its pretty much what youd expect. 90% male kids learning about powertools and terms for construction sites
heh ;) hope you'll like it all the same
Throw them off and ask if they have a left handed shovel
meh, I pass it, but Ive been doing electrical and woodwork in my off time in previous years (Me and my father built a 12x6x12 foot box out of concrete bricks and mortar, we built framework and layed down tar paper / roof tiles completely on our own
So Im already decent ahead in experience... This is just to fill in an extra term for my sophomore year, and learn some more definitions
Isnt that how highschool is for everyone?
just lazily picking the simplest courses and getting through them
3:59 PM
I graduated in 2016...
Haha I was huge into AP Physics that what got me through HS, then I never took another physics course after I changed my major from Electrical Eng. to MIS
@BeerusDev You gave up an Electrical Engineering major? Thatd be fun though
Whats MIS?
Management Information Systems
Ill be honest, that sounds like a human resources position, or something else relatively un-fun
@MisterSirCode it kicked my ass when I was pledging. So I didn't want to retake and be set back a semester
Used Java for everything
Hey, whatever works for you.
Ah, so it is IT related
in that case Im assuming you enjoyed it
4:02 PM
IS related
Honestly I think id take any position programming related
even if it just a low pay JS internship, Id take it
I did happen to find a very nice summer-contract position for 15-18 year olds with no degree and 1 or more years of experience in javascript... so we'll see how that goes
and it payed about 18 bucks an hour, far above minimum wage here (7 bucks an hour)
Thats pretty dang good, you apply?
@BeerusDev Its been available for several years, Im going to try applying for it within the next month
Its remote aswell
so all big things I was looking for
Remote is so good
Its promising that I was even able to find a remote job for programmers that are under 18. My parents kept telling me my first job would 99% of the time NOT be what I want
4:07 PM
they are 100% right
True.. But I found 3 ones that I qualified for in less than 20 minutes
Finding them is easy
Application process
@BeerusDev Applying is the hard part, Im aware, and Im sure I probably wont get the job
Is the bitch
However, simply the fact that i was even able to find them
it gives me hope
And I have about 10 more weeks till summer, so I have plenty of time to find something
4:09 PM
Don't go in with that attitude, "I probably won't get it". Positive outlooks brother. Just don't set your hopes too high
You have plenty of time
oh nonono, Im just preparing for not getting it
Im going to put on a good attitude for applying
Hmm, Ive actually taken a small training course for job information and application, so I know the basics of in-person-application, but what do remote jobs compare?
Do you know?
Im assuming its something done over a voicechat or a call, rather than a face-to-face application
I've done two remote interviews.
they dont really train us to apply for remote jobs at school, as I think they expect most of us to just go work at the local burger joint or whatnot
4:20 PM
They're mostly the same (I've only done 1 & got the job). Main differences is no hand shaking or anything like that, and you're in a different environment
I would assume so.
They'll either use skype/zoom/MS Teams. The processes I went through was in the first tends to be a screening, then the follow up tends to be along the lines of a task-oriented/behavioral interview
So make sure everything in view of camera looks nice, no distractions for you behind the camera. Look at the camera when talking, leave longer breaks when people stop talking as network isn't as fast as in person, so you could cut them off
@BeerusDev Makes sense. I tend to clean up and act decent proficient whenever I video-call people anyways
Guess its a good thing I invested in a good microphone and camera setup then
Have questions ready to ask when they ask you "Do you have any questions for us". Do some prior research see what you can find about company culture etc. to show them that you are displaying some sort of interest
4:23 PM
@Cameron Yeah that would exceedingly awkward.. Cutting off your interviewer. Its already awkward enough cutting people off in the real world
General process will probably be similar to in person interviews for that company. Any programming-related questions/tasks just won't have someone there with you physically, of course.
@BeerusDev So essentially I should show that I know a lot about what the job entails, and show an interest in working there
@Cameron Hmm, well, considering a lot of these jobs are summer-long internships for people with no official degree in a specific language (and only one or more years of experience in using it) I think I could pass the knowledge screening.
I've been recently looking into getting certified for javascript anyways, so thatll just add to my resume
1.) Not necessarily the whole scope of the job. But definitely have somewhat of an understanding. IF you don't know, questions are GOOD.
I wouldn't pay for a certification
Just because they are a waste of money, not required, and IMPO the experience is better than having the certification
if i am having a periodic fetch from certain api using setInterval and doing the fetch.. is this bad for my memory?
I guess I could understand that, but the certification organization Im looking into will actually provide and support people getting jobs if theyre certified
so essentially theyll test you, certify you if you succeed, and provide you with an on-the-spot job
Kinda unbelievable but my father's friend got into it, and now hes getting payed 20 bucks an hour
4:28 PM
Like on your resume or application. Put a % in front of all the languages you know declaring your comfortability to properly implement it
Or certainty/comfortability
@JoeSaad most likely not
Well, thats kinda what I did with my mini-portfolio, but I guess I explained it more with text rather than with a number or a percentage.
@JoeSaad If youre clearing the previous API call, or replacing it with the new response, then it shouldnt be wasting memory at all
I see lots of applications that re-call a dynamic resource / api every 10-30 seconds
depends on how often you need it updated
@MisterSirCode how do i clear the previous api call..
Very well put together portfolio IMO
@JoeSaad If youre storing the API in a variable, then its as simple as setting the variable to the updated api call or undefined
@BeerusDev Thanks, I got reccomendations from friends on what I could use, and I kinda slapped that together in a few hours, but it works for its purpose
4:32 PM
It has to be a variable outside the callback of setInterval even then, if it's a single variable, it's not an issue anway.
The only way I could see that being a memory issue, is if you were storing every api call
like pushing it to an array
or straight up initializing variables after runtime (Which people actually do for some reason, but Ive never found a good use for it myself)
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do i need to do something different?
1 message moved to Trash can
@MisterSirCode this is what i am doing:
setInterval(async()=> {
   const notifs = await fetchMyNotifs()
   commit('MYNOTIFS', notifs)
}, 30000)
4:34 PM
Im not sure what that commit function is doing, but it looks like youre clearing the variable anyways
once a function finishes execution, iirc, it just clears all memory contained / created during execution
@MisterSirCode it's a commit for vuex store
well, chances are, that API doesnt store every call to it, so you should be fine
I find the best way to test that sort of thing, is to spam calls to information or spam a method to see what kind of resource usage its creating
Leave the app running for a few hours, and see what kind of memory profiling youre getting from it
Thats what I would do
debugger; statement should be disabled by default
@JoeSaad it's not an issue, but could be done better
and there are no memory issues there (unless commit is storing them somewhere), notifs will be gc'ed
@JBis what other way would you suggest? Thanks in advance
30000 is a long time so you should be fine, but with network calls you never know. If fetching takes longer then you may have two network calls going out at once
4:48 PM
the commit basically calls a mutation method to mutate the store
instead usually you do a recursive setTimeout
i haven't used that before.. looking it up now
CSS Grid or Flexbox?
What do you all usually use?
@BeerusDev they serve two different purposes but I use flexbox because im too lazy to learn grid
That's what I usually use. I'm trying to learn grid at the moment. I know it depends on the application, but I think the idea of layout-first as opposed to content-first is very useful
4:53 PM
honestly, considering flexbox can act as a CSS grid, I dont think Ive ever once needed to use it
Flexbox is just plain easier
flexbox is only 1D though
@BeerusDev wdym?
Also found this for grid which is extremely helpful grid.malven.co
function foo(){
     const resp = await networkRequest();
     // whatever
    setTimeout(foo, 3000);
setTimeout(foo, 3000);
@JoeSaad ^
that way if the network requests gets stalled it won't repeat requests
never thought of that
4:56 PM
Items in the flex box container can only be laid horizontally or vertically
thanks @JBis i'll use that then..
@BeerusDev yes, but you can use it for 2D in some ways
Yeah, I dont think Ive ever actually come into a problem with CSS Flexbox
definitely never needed grid for anything...
grid you'll have a lot more control in 2d then flexbox
most of the time, if I ever needed a grid feature, it was usually for something simple like a grid of content boxes
but again, flexbox can do that automatically with 3 rules
so hence Ive never had a specific use case where Id need grid
maybe one day I will
@JBis Like, could you provide an example?
For a second I thought he meant 1D like flexbox is like 1D noise, where the only thing you can control is the Y height. However, flexbox can control both axis' of the 2nd dimension
so Im not seeing where grid would be "more 2D" then flexbox
5:06 PM
1D is a line.
& 2D is more tabular
It makes no sense to talk about grid / flexbox in terms of dimensions
Im still confused
They're both 2D
They just work differently
@Cerbrus Thats what Ive been saying
So, ultimately, what can grid do that flexbox cant
Im just curious
5:08 PM
Grid can do things Flexbox can’t do.
Flexbox can do things Grid can’t do.
Um... but what exactly
This seems like a good read
Oh I see
its not 1 dimensional... it can only move columns or rows at a time
Coulda just said that lol
Hi, I have a question if I append files in a array and then upload that array with ajax to my controller, will my controller recognize that array as array of files or just as array of strings?
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5:12 PM
@SantiagoRamirez well for one, that depends on your controller, but if the array is made of File Objects, then it should send object constructors in the same form as files
@MisterSirCode I upload the file through input type="file" so the array should be an array of object files is that right?
By 1D for flexbox, I meant it in the sense that flexbox has columns aligned in a row, and grid has columns and rows giving it more of a 2D effect
do I only need to control the layout by row or column – use a flexbox
do I need to control the layout by row and column – use a grid
you can, however go against that ofc
Files are not an exact "type" however, so itll probably just send an object, now how you parse that object exactly kinda depends, so youll have to do a little more research into it
I think it's a little misleading to use the "dimensional" terms for that
but meh
5:26 PM
anyone use live server with vsc?
5:48 PM
nvm, i thought it was live share
@BeerusDev Yes, Ive used it, quite useful for virtual servers
I use it for editing my php and html files and verifying them before restarting my apache server
Do any body know how to make electron work offline with electron. If yes please reply on this ticket
I just installed it like half hour ago. I think its a neat feature
we have now come to the point where an SO question is referred to as a ticket
I meant question*
1 hour later…
7:20 PM
General doubt about some wifi AP feature. Say we connect to a public wifi (for the first time) via an android phone. The act of connecting makes the phone open a webpage on the browser...I wanna know how that is done. What is the feature called so I can hit it up on google?
Usually these public wifi just have SSID, and no password. After connecting... the user is forced to do some kind of a signup...
@deostroll It's called Captive portal and it's done by taking advantage of the insecurities of DNS and HTTP
when a device connects a request is made to an HTTP site. For iPhones it's http://captive.apple.com. The router will intercept and redirect this request to the authentication page. The authentication page either asks you to pay or accept terms and conditions or whatever and adds the devices mac address to a list of authenticated devices. Once the device is on this list, the router will cease redirecting requests and allow you to access internet.
You can take advantage of this by simply changing your mac address to an already authenticated one. While it'll cause some issues, you'll be able to access the internet without paying/accepting terms.
Also, this has nothing to do with JS.
More info:
A captive portal is a web page accessed with a web browser that is displayed to newly connected users of a Wi-Fi or wired network before they are granted broader access to network resources. Captive portals are commonly used to present a landing or log-in page which may require authentication, payment, acceptance of an end-user license agreement, acceptable use policy, survey completion, or other valid credentials that both the host and user agree to adhere by. Captive portals are used for a broad range of mobile and pedestrian broadband services – including cable and commercially provided Wi-Fi...
7:37 PM
i mean
the page you redirect to could have js on it
tis tru
Invalid command! Did you mean: ban, bees, hans? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍.‍.‍.‍
add a command that posts a picture of extra large can of bush baked beans (open of course)
|| man learn
7:47 PM
Invalid command! Did you mean: ban, jan, map? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍
that used to work
Invalid command! Did you mean: ban, jan, map? Try help for a list of available commands.
7:48 PM
Invalid command! Did you mean: asians, aliens, adocs? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍
Oh my
7:57 PM
Does...James have a type?
!!echo stahp
Invalid command! Did you mean: reboot, random, backup? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍
Invalid command! Did you mean: reboot, macaroni, popcorn? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍
macaroni, totally macaroni
1 hour later…
9:18 PM
What is JS?
@TobyHarnish Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. If you have a question, just post it, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. If you want to report an abusive user or a problem in this room, visit our meta.
Is JS hard to learn?
Can you import python in JS?
Do you need a compiler for JS?
9:23 PM
Can anyone give me some tutorial where I can start learning JS?
Missing args
Can someone answer my other question "can you import python to js"?
JS can run JS
it can't run python
if given the right permissions, node.js can call python
or anything else you can do from cmdline
9:39 PM
posted on March 05, 2021 by Prudhvikumar Bommana

The Stable channel has been updated to 89.0.4389.82 for Windows, Mac and Linux which will roll out over the coming days/weeks. A full list of changes in this build is available in the log. Interested in switching release channels?  Find out how here. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. The community help forum is also a great place to reach out for help or learn a

9:55 PM
Is it bad in React to be constantly repeating prop names? eg <MyThing foo={foo} bar={bar} test={test} x={x} y={y} />

It seems repetitive to have propName={propName} all over the place. Cheers
isn't there a shortcut for that
like just {foo}
I dont know, thats why I'm asking :)
been a year or so since i messed with react
try it
worst that can happen is it fails
I know with boolean fields you can just use the name <MyThing booleanField />
Without any brackets
One minute pls while I try ...
No it says '...' expected
Ah, right
so you can have an object that is the properties and just spread it to it
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