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10:04 AM
I have a problem with my useSelector in redux... the problem is that when it finds a new value, it redraws the whole component, and not only that component, but also it's parent.
10:32 AM
@Markus redrawing the component on value change is normal if you didn't take measures with f.e. dependency lists in useEffect / Callbacks and so on, parent rerendering thought might be simply from the render algorithm or a data / layout dependency
or to be more concrete... "it could be anything"..
mmm... :(
Should I use reselect or something to prevent rerendering?
That depends on the problem. If it's a problem with deep/shallow comparision of the value returned by useSelector that might help, or another trick with useMemo
I don't think it's a deep/shallow problem... or when a value is updated but not changed it doesn't rerenders. the problem is that is just doesn't rerender the span that holds the value but the full component when the value changes.
goddammit I can't write! >...the problem is that it just doesn't...<
10:51 AM
Can't realy find documentation about it.. but AFAIK thats how things work.
at least with intrinsic elements
why not create a separate component for your span and value and only update it there?
maee... most of what I have seen, it's only the text that's changed that get's rerendered, but for me it's a whole bunch of stuff...
the worst thing is that when I try to mimic my project in a test project I don't get the same behavior
Normaly I have the dual/inverse problem that a child component updates but the parent doesnt. ^^
also, if a bunch of things change there might be realy a problem with the data dependencies
function Parent() {
  return (
      <OtherStuff />
      <Child />

function Child() {
  const value = useSelector(...);
  return <span>{value}</span>
if you have problem with other parts, separate the code in components too, that might help to find dependency problems
it's not like you need to commit to production, for testing/debugging it's at least a possibility to try and clean out that component as much as possible
that's more or less the way I have it... and when value is updated OtherStuff gets renderd and also the div (but it's not a div)
did you check the components that use Parent? maybe they introduce a rerender (f.e. due to a key property)
11:06 AM
My is quite a lot more complex though, because I generate the components from a json... so it's hard to say exactly what's the same and not...
sorry, lunch
priorities :)
1 hour later…
12:29 PM
Just realized that my component is located within a route (browserrouter), and the whole route gets rerendered... if I remove the router for a while, then it works as I excpect
1 hour later…
1:43 PM
omg I managed to recreate it!
2:07 PM
Im a bit confused about this processor, I'm looking for one with min 2.5 ghz to run autocad. The spec is Intel Core i5-1035G1 CPU @ 1.00GHz / 3.5ghz
This is completely off topic. But I understand / 3.5ghz means it should be fine because it will bump up the clock speed when an app needs it
Just the @1ghz clock speed put me off cpubenchmark.net/…
2:20 PM
I'm guessing that you can only run 3.5 for shorter periods of time... but I don't know if it's either 1 or 3.5, or if it can run at 2.5 for a longer time as well...
I'm still having problems working with JavaScript async techniques. All I'm trying to do, is make a JSON object a global variable after I perform an xmlhttp request. I've poured over the solutions, particularly the callback technique. I can get the callback technique to work, but, all it really does, is keep my JSON object local, to the callback function. No help. I need to make my JSON object global.
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use a Promise
2:36 PM
@Markus yeah from reading up on clock speed, it seems some newer processors run at a lower base speed but boost to higher
probably with pretty heavy fan running as a result
@BrianJ basically every desktop and mobile processor supports this since 15 years (intel speedstep, amd CoolNQuiet as early technologies), but you actually needed activate in bios, install drivers, set the energy profile (or cpui governor for linux)
nowadays they all support ist buuuttt... there are other problems like TurboCore, Single Core Boost and that stuff.. cpu @ 1.00GHz / 3.5ghz, could f.e. mean 1Ghz when idle - 3.5ghz single core boost.. especially single core boost stuff doesn't work multicore
2:52 PM
If anyone has any experience/knowledge of SharePoint (Master Pages) please take a look
soo.. you also need to compare single core / multi core speed and stuff
personally I found cpu.userbenchmark.com to be a good source for cpu benchmark and comparision.. since it often has more info about multicore speed / pirces and so on
@Markus gz, and found the problem?
I remember the first time I used "gz" in WoW, someone correctly guessed I used to play GW. Apparently it's not too popular
in the early years of WoW maybe, but later on it got pretty fast gamer jargon
like gg
Probably just happened to run into someone who also learnt it from GW, that was probably 2010 or so
3:08 PM
hmm, pretty sure I used it befor 2010 in other mmorpgs.. I did play gw2 tought.. maybe it's stuck from there
or maybe my friends from that time who did play GW.. funny thought, I was realy thinking it was normal but I'm often meeting people (especially non gamers) who don't know it's short for gratz/congratulation
in turn I don't understand half the shortforms of "generation sms"
Ha, I'm 24 and decided I consider myself old years ago when I didn't understand the new stuff anymore
3:25 PM
I'd expect that occurrence to be a lot less common now, with how many different good games there are out there, back then there were very few online communities, and they tended to stick to themselves
it wasn't common to just hop into voice chat with a group you'd never gamed with
Voice chat itself wasn't even as common, I'd say
It was common in what i played before wow
@KevinB also, job interview test was easy - just created some tables, queried them, displayed data in a table. Took 30 minutes (15 minutes was to figure out MS SQL) out of 90
at least, within the groups i played with i guess
Before WoW I mostly played GW or single player games, and it would've been sad if I was in a voice chat by myself
Now I just play CoD and chat with guys I've known for 12 years
3:29 PM
UT99 was my primary before wow, with some wc3 dota and tower defenses between
kept playing ut99 on the side of wow with my same sniper/camper group till i got tired of trying to make it work on newer and newer hardware
pretty sure the whole group has moved on to new stuff now days
stopped receiving emails for our meetups a year or so ago
That's always the hard part of having friends on Steam, PSN, Battle.net etc
it used to be a weekly thing, every sunday morning we'd join up and hang out on the server
ahh... UT... railgun jumpshots galore
good times
uhm.. or was that quake3
UT had snipers, rocket launchers, ricochet disks, flack cannon, goo cannon, and... pistols
oh, and the impactor
shock pulse rifle
we only played with snipers
then snipers probably.. railgun was Q3, played UT mostly only on LAN parties and that was not soo often
but those games didn't have chats right?
3:39 PM
I'm confused why my carousel is so skinny. I want my accordion to be on the right, so that my carousel can grow.
If anyone can help, that would be great
you can just F12 his image JBis you didn't know that was a new feature?
looks like it's as wide as it can be, given the width of the accordion
@KevinB Maybe I can enlargen the modal
3:43 PM
the accordion will grow too
it's 60% width
I was going to say enlarge the modal, have the button collection and accordion in one column floating right
With a smaller width than the left column
OK thanks everyone I'm going to ... 1) Make accordion 2/5 and 2) Enlargen Modal
Let's see how that works out
Why tf do sites still have a "remember me" check mark? When in the history of the internet have you wanted a site not to remember you? And if that was really the case, you would just logout when you were done manually.
i mean
given that people actually like what firefox is doing, it wouldn't surprised me that there were people out there that wouldn't want the site to "remember" them
People don't like cookies for certain reasons
3:50 PM
3rd party cookies
and remember me functionality utilizes those
@bigchungus, the question you linked to, is certainly a pertinent one, the poster has exactly the same issue I'm having. I'll have to take a closer look at his solution, but, his callback technique looks the same as mine. Still, at the end of the day, the JSON object is just local to the callback function. I need it global. I see later he suggest a "closure". I'll have to read up on that.
@KevinB do you not like it?
not at all
3:54 PM
I just wish someone would provide a complete, readable example, no fancy code gymnastics, to show how to read in a .json file, do whatever technique necessary to return the result, and then create a globally accessible JSON object.
it's done nothing but cause headaches due to people using firefox who don't understand the by default things firefox turns on
@CodeSchlocker what are you trying to do this with
it causes about as much problems as people who are still using IE11
most people won't see a difference
3:56 PM
I need to manipulate the JSON object. The object is an array of activities. One of the specific things I need to do, is pair up the activity code, with the activity name.
Create a fiddle
Not familiar with the process of creating a fiddle. I think you need Visual Studio? VS is way to complex for me.
codepen.io same difference @CodeSchlocker
I am confused. Do you not have any code? How do you have an issue without code
I have code, thanks @bigchungus. I started to paste and copy it here, but, my computer is acting funny when I tried to open Notepad++.
4:02 PM
@KevinB Assuming you are talking about "Total Cookie Protection", I don't really see how it's an issue for anyone but tracking companies.
@bigchungus So sorry. I didn't mean to drop off right while you were helping me. My Windows 10 desktop just froze up on me. You know, being Windows 10. All of the sudden, I couldn't swap Windows. Stand by.
It's not only firefox btw. Safari does some 3rd party protection stuff too AFAIR by blocking cookies that come from origins you never visited (main request).
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For posting large code blocks, use a paste site like like gist.github.com, hastebin.com, pastie.org or a demo site like jsbin.com
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		/* This is how to get the result of an XMLHttpRequest
		   into a global variable.							*/

		var jsonObj;

		function getObj(jsonString) {
			return JSON.parse(jsonString);


		function getFile(url, callback) {

			var httpRequest = new XMLHttpRequest();
			httpRequest.onload = function() {

			httpRequest.open('GET', url);


		jsonObj = getFile( "activities.json", getObj);
I got it @bigchungus. I'm so illiterate, LOL!
@JBis I don't know what feature causes headache, as i haven't researched it, but it's always firefox when someone has some issue with getting logged in somewhere or staying logged in
that used to be a uniquely IE thing
4:12 PM
I really need to watch a tutorial video on Fiddles. They look so cool.
Well at least in my experience I haven't had any issues with FF cookies
FF used to be the browser for the "privacy aware" people.. some probably still use some blocker addon which silently collects the usage data while breaking pages and cookies ;)
or dunno.. setting private tabs default
I use FF with AdBlocker. No idea what info it collects.
I've only been heavy into web development for about, well, I guess 8 months now. I feel like I have to learn about 300 concepts, and 300 techniques, all at once. Fiddle, I guess, is my latest
4:29 PM
@JBis not sure about that one, I've read about some occasionally like Ghostery and so on or crappy Antivirus Plugins from Avast/AVG and so on.. if there is data, someone wants to collect it
I use getadblock.com. Which I think was the original one. I'm sure there is open source alt that is just as good.
but there have def been some nefarious ad blockers
I'm using NoScript on one of my older pc's tho.. simply because the risk of a chain exploit is too high. Ever since developing web stuff I turned that off and removed it from all my pc's that I work with and instead apply a "do not visit dubious sites" rule
Sometimes I get a dubious popup here or there with "your pc got infected, download this antivirus" or some stuff.. but most of the time thats just typical injection in hacked wordpress pages and stuff, no actual bad payload
It's pretty hard to do real damage from simply opening a link
most of the time it's just annoying pop ups as you said
@CodeSchlocker its just an online IDE, virtually not very different than say VSC. Just lets you run and test your code
ye, as long as you do system/browser updates (mostly automatic) the chance to be one of the unfortunate souls to actually be compromised by a zero day / chain exploit with zero day is pretty low
4:38 PM
@bigchungus I went to codepen and copied my code to a fiddle there, I think. Is there any way to make a fiddle act like a server? That is, is there anyway I could copy my activities.json file over from my server, and actually be able to act on it?
4:52 PM
@bigchungus. I see now, looking at Codepen, that would be an "asset". And it is a Pro feature. I'll look into it.
Don't pay for it, just use the free version or VSC
5:08 PM
@bigchungus I'll try to get back into VS Code. I tried it with Python, and, it proved a nightmare. I haven't delved into it's html coding capabilities. The environments are what killed me. I just didn't understand the environments in relationship to Python.
So, you can use VS Code to simulate getting files from a server? That would be awesome. Looks like another tutorial video for yours truly. Learning web development is like drinking from a fire hose.
lol what
it's... a file editor
if you want to simulate getting files from a server, setup a server
if you need a webserver it isn't a webserver
@KevinB, I have one. But, just testing some code with an IDE like VS Code, could simplify some things. Maybe....Who knows?
I'd try anything right now, to get out of my current concept/technique rut.
5:19 PM
i'm sure it's possible with extensions, if it isn't baseline
webstorm has webserver built in
yeah but it's webstorm
@KevinB lol
I'm all for dockerized WebServer and using either VSCode (f.e. Remote/Container Dev) or WebStorm for dev on a mounted project..
wordpress has a built-in user system, page editing, a plugin system, themes
it's wordpress
wordpress is so terrible
i mean, wordpress it self isn't horrible but what people try to use it for is terrible
5:35 PM
kinda like jquery
5:59 PM
hmm.. jQuery is still pretty useful without plugins
wordpress on the other hand..
if you need anything more then a couple basic plugins, don't use wordpress
you shouldn't try to transform a blogging platform into a full webapp using plugins
Debatable, first of all I'd say that wordpress is not a blogging platform. Thats simply the initial setup, both the theme and plugin system are meant to modify it while maintaining few core features like editorial stuff.
6:27 PM
What makes it a mess are the plugins and design decisions that favor flexibility over security. But thats mostly a mess in other systems too, if it's Drupal or Typo3 or dunno.. something not php'ish.. you install the wrong plugin and your page explodes (or joins a botnet..)
Dumb question, but with inspect element say I want to see the dimensions of a banner/header is that possible?
@bigchungus most of the time yes, some will show it when you hover over the element in the inspector, or search for the "calculated" tab somewhere in the css inspector part
that should always contain all (modified) properties for an element
@makadev disagree, wordpress is a blogging system
it's been attempted to be used as other things
Calculated or computed?
at least in my chrome it's computed.. my firefox is in another language so the tab is translated.. no clue how it's original en
probably computed too
6:37 PM
I run edge
Runs just as well IMO and uses less than half the memory Chrome reqs
edge should have something similar, even the old ie11 dev tools had a computed tab for the elements^^
well.. I'm still on my working mac.. installing edge would be weiiiiird
My bad I had already found it haha
Wish I had my mac still.
Some idiot that was pledging my fraternity spilled water all over
@bigchungus did he get in?
^ good question
6:41 PM
lmao yes
6:59 PM
Is there a way for me to go to the next line (currently in VSC, but in general) without sending the text/code on that line down on it

I have seen videos of people able to go nuts without use of a mouse (preferably w/o changing key bindings)
uhm... arrow keys?
Obviously, but its time consuming
Just wasn't sure if there was a different shortcut
Like for example my cursor is inbetween Example & </a>
end enter
Thank you so much
Knew it was achievable just wasn't sure how
Been getting in the habit of keeping my mouse away from me
i use arrow keys, i have a few... incorrect habits with typing
that i gained through coding
like "?" entirely with righ thand rather than using left shift
7:09 PM
More natural with right haha
same with . and ,
i just move my right hand over the shift key
Thats what I do, it just feels more natural to me
@KevinB who tf uses left shift for question mark
uhm.. you use the right shift key?
yeah, so i type those symbols with 1 hand
7:10 PM
You use the left?
I always use left xD
all right
100% incorrect and inefficient... but it's what i do
not while typing sentences though and chat
only coding
7:14 PM
i see some people use caps lock instead of shift for capital letters
Excuse me
That should be illegal
well.. I'm broken in that regard.. I actually learned touch typing, but thanks to gaming/linux/IDE's my left hand is always in the left corner ready to WASD / TAB or ctrl+space.. and same for typing/chatting..
mostly typing with right index finger and 3 left fingers.. :<
only use one finger from your right hand?
I feel like all 10 of my digits are at some point utilized
na, pinky and ring finger for arrow keys
oh for arrow keys
Thought you meant just for normal typing
I was like.. uh
7:18 PM
when im really hacking i even throw in my feet sometimes
hope you always wear your skimask
i do use a footswitch at home
Abby from NCIS
slept on
it's my PTT key to keep my hands free for gaming
is a mouse and keyboard really better for gaming then a controller?
i've only used controller with my playstation
7:21 PM
you can be way more precise with a mouse, and a keyboard gives you more keybinds
And even more keybinds with a nice mouse
i guess yeah
and... you can plugin a controller if you want to use one
i do for some games
pc master race
7:23 PM
particularly games that were built for console
like outerworlds
ye.. using controller for mostly anything that is not shootery
Or doesn't require a flick movement
but I think it's also a thing of what you learned / are used to
I used a thumb scrollball for several years.. and it was awesome for shooters, like fast turns and high precision
Scroll wheel for fps shooting is op
Bind it and put on a semi rifle. Holy crap
I mean a trackball
7:28 PM
like the logitech M570 (ball used with thumb) not the one with the index finger
hehe.. got some time to get used to it but it's pretty awesome.. hand is relaxed since you don't need to move it and you can flick the ball for very fast movement without acceleration support while having sensitive default settings.. basically if you can flick the ball to hit the "Window Close X" on an application you can do so in a game ;)
also.. in difference to mouse I never had a cable break.. or empty batteries, which was my biggest problem in my "gamer phase"
sadly the new ones are all bluetooth/battery and look ugly, yet cost as much as a high precision gaming mouse.. or cheap imitations which break easily..
7:59 PM
Does vertical-align not work on an image element?
jsfiddle.net/85b3fnkj/1 can't get anything in the navbar to vertically align in the center??
|| mdn verticle align
you mostly never want to use vertical-align
use flex or grid
i'd use flex since i don't know how to use grid and its 1-d
flex works miracles
it does
8:11 PM
fixed already
and grid works miracles but in 2d
8:30 PM
jsfiddle.net/85b3fnkj/2 I set a height for the navbar, but need to make it responsive. Usually height should be set to auto for responsiveness. Is this were I would use a ::before or ::after
8:40 PM
@bigchungus in this case I'd probably just build 2-3 navbar layouts (mobile/desktop or mobile/tablet/desktop) and switch them with mediaquery depending on the device width
adios yall o/
9:11 PM
Lol I gotta start reading the whole sentence
@makadev so the way it is now is fine at least when it is not in a mobile view. with the media query in css is it possible I can have it so once it reaches the width of a mobile device, the headers are within an accordion or their own drop down of some sorts
9:24 PM
Also, how can I reset the device emulation in developer tools does anyone know?
click the button
I was doing that and it didn't reset
it would just close it and when I would reopen it it would be what I left it at
Fixed it though
9:53 PM
How do I get GPS location in js? Longitude and latitude.
|| welcome JBis
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|| mdn Geolocation api
@JBis thanks for the help!
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11:30 PM
posted on February 24, 2021 by Prudhvikumar Bommana

 The Beta channel has been updated to 89.0.4389.69 for Windows,Mac and Linux. A full list of changes in this build is available in the log. Interested in switching release channels?  Find out how here. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. The community help forum is also a great place to reach out for help or learn about common issues. Prudhvikumar Bommana

11:40 PM
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How to import an angular project from github?
I want to import an angular 11 project but I don't know how to import it, without having to copy all the components
11:53 PM
posted on February 24, 2021 by Ben Mason

Hi everyone! We've just released Chrome Beta 89 (89.0.4389.69) for Android: it's now available on Google Play. You can see a partial list of the changes in the Git log. For details on new features, check out the Chromium blog, and for details on web platform updates, check here. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. Ben Mason Google Chrome


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