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6:40 AM
Hi everyone I am a newbie learning vuejs through tutorials I got an error while using composition-api in vuejs can anyone please help me
6:51 AM
Anyone please guide me as it is a basic example which I was doing through tutorial
7:23 AM
@AnshVarun glad to hear it. :) Things types of problems are always tricky to solve if you don't know what to look for
does it load anything?
Yes @Neil
@G.Lakshmi I don't know then. Seems strange to me
Ok @Neil
you should look into the proper way to import a module using vue
see if you can't find differences between the way they do it and what you're doing
the tutorial is probably just a little old is all
these frameworks seem to change once a week nowadays
8:16 AM
Yes the tutorial is based on downloading i used cdn thats the difference
2 hours later…
9:55 AM
Hi guys! I have a question on WebRTC. developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/WebRTC_API/…
There r 2 canvas where 1 of them is to display the streaming video from webcam and another one it displays the captured still photo.
But why sometimes it work and sometimes it doesnt?
I'm applying the above tutorial in my project , with the same layout and codes. But it won't work. Does it have to do with http/https? My project doesnt use HTTPS, it uses http instead....
Check your console.
10:16 AM
Can anyone please help me with this stackoverflow.com/questions/60274793/…
10:54 AM
can anyone please help me here
Hey guys, any JS script that can after the download à la mega store the zip on the computer and unzip it to a folder?
Having unexpected issues trying to add an unassigned prop to an object, .e.g: `obj.prop`. This happens with dot and bracket notation.
Just checked MDN's "Working with objects" documentation (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Guide/Working_with_Objects) and it indicates that this can be done (subsection: "Objects and properties").
I could only add the property while assigning a value at the same time.
Any ideas why this would be the case?
Can repro the issue in JSbin as well, so most likely misunderstanding the MDN documentation. Always thought this was something you could do. Looks like there's a fundamental I need to check back in with.
If anyone can explain this behaviour, let me know!
11:15 AM
Anyone with vue js knowledge please?
@UncaughtTypeError, in HTML5, you can use data-my-property. Adding custom properties, such as <a someAttr=""...> will make the doc invalid. Best to use data-.... See here
@G.Lakshmi Yes, some of us do. By the way, you could have asked your question directly ;)
Yes I had asked I am learning vue js through some tutorials and I got an error when I wrote a basic script can you please help me out @Selbor
@Seblor can you please help me
Can I get usb device information like size free space and type using js?
I am not sure why you are importing scripts with the script tags. Does import statements not work ?
@JoãoAiresdeMatos There is a USB API, but is experimental and only supported by a very limited list of browsers : developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/USB
11:29 AM
I didnt downlaoded any vue only using trying to use through cdns @Seblor
@Seblor other than that there is anything?
@G.Lakshmi I don't understand your current setup. How have you created your project ?
@JoãoAiresdeMatos Unless you are in a NodeJS (server) context, I don't know any more
No @Seblor its just a basic example of composition-API just that code I had written
@Seblor I'm trying to figure out what languages I need to use to get all features, I don't have anything at te moment so I could go with nodejs
Just I want to print capacity:3 in the web page thats it @Seblor
11:32 AM
@G.Lakshmi This is not what I asked. How is your project structured ? do you not have a project with a package.json file ?
No @Seblor
@G.Lakshmi Then I am affraid that you cannot create Single File Components
@JoãoAiresdeMatos Then if you are not limited to web technologies, what is your end goal ?
@Seblor i am just a beginner and folloeing vue mastery tutorials in that he just wrote this code and displayed capacity:3 on the webpage Now I am trying to replicate the same first but getting error can you guide what should I do now for getting my requirement
@Seblor I want to create a webApp that will download a huge zip file (30g) as thinking about downloading it à la mega, then unzip the result to a usb device
@G.Lakshmi You should follow the installation process from here : github.com/vuejs/composition-api
11:38 AM
@Seblor I did theat also but getting like this npm WARN deprecated [email protected]: This package has been deprecated in favour of @vue/cli
npm WARN deprecated [email protected]: request has been deprecated, see https://github.com/request/request/issues/3142
npm WARN deprecated [email protected]: CoffeeScript on NPM has moved to "coffeescript" (no hyphen)
^Z.................] \ fetchMetadata: sill resolveWithNewModule [email protected]
[2]+ Stopped npm install --global vue-cli
nyros@Nyros-Dell:~$ npm install @vue/composition-api --save
Please help me
@G.Lakshmi This is just a deprecation warning. Untill you know how to fix than one by yourself, you can ignore it, I guess
Now it is installed right ? @Seblor
@G.Lakshmi It should be. I suggest you try to understand how JS and Vue works through basic tutorials instead of directly jump into the big things, or you will constantly be lost
@JoãoAiresdeMatos I am afraid this is way too broad for me to give you any help on what to choose
@Seblor Right now not looking for what to choose, just seeing if it's possible or not and some possibilitie
@Seblor I actually coming from the basic tutorials But it is installed right but why I am not getting the basic webpage
1 hour later…
1:11 PM
@BenFortune How do I check my console?
Sorry Im totally new, please excuse me for asking some basic questions
browser console?
depending on the browser, but pressing F12 will usually help you out
@VentusZXC f12 key usually opens up the developer tab in most browsers
console should be visible
1:14 PM
Yeah i opened it but what should I look out for? As per my previous question
WebRTC sometimies cannot capture the photo even though my webcam is on
in the console you usually look for errors first
You can check for any JS errors and also look at the Network tab for any failed calls (they'd be in red)
if there are errors on the page, you usually see an error icon next to a number
Oh I can see it!
click on it
1:15 PM
Type Error: canvas is null
there you go, that's a start
click on the text and it should jump you to the code that fails
to the line to be precise
Yeah, but I have no idea ..... because it worked previously
null means no value?
what does that mean?
It's not being set
1:17 PM
just because it worked previously doesn't mean you didn't have that same problem before
So its value is nothing
did you change anything and now it doesn't work anymore or does it sometimes work, sometimes not?
javascript can recover from some errors
and after refreshing it works again
it sometimes work, but after i clear the cache it wont work
might be a loading race condition
1:19 PM
@VentusZXC go to the network tab and find the "Disable cache" checkbox
Where on the page do you have the JS code? It should be just before the closing </body> tag
make sure that's checked, then refresh the page
make sure your script gets loaded after all the markup in your page
You might be calling the canvas object before the DOM has loaded
gimme a sec
1:21 PM
searching for an element on the page before it is loaded is a very common problem
doesnt work ...
@Neil when i disable cache, i refresh
@VentusZXC that's the point, you wanted to disable the cache so you can spot the problem :P
if you want to pretend it isn't there, then definitely don't disable the cache :)
let me read the previous msg
1:30 PM
@Alex that is not correct.
in js, unset variable gives undefined
null is a value, just an object with specific purposes
usually used to "clear" a variable
which ironically setting a variable to undefined doesn't clear it from memory
Oh apparently I did some stupid mistake
it is solved now ;)
welcome to the wonderful world of programming, where most mistakes are stupid mistakes
1:45 PM
But still I have another big problem which we discussed last week, convert base 64 into image and send to server
im gonna work it out . fingers crossed!
Why does it happen when I edited the typo in my code, it worked and seconds later when i restart later it doesnt work again. and when i check back the code, the typo is still there
@VentusZXC cache
but i checked the 'disable cache' box
@KarelG Thanks for the clarification. Forgot about undefined
Been in C# too much
@VentusZXC you have to leave the developer section open
once you close it, it won't disable cache any longer
1:58 PM
I stayed up late and got to school tardy
@Neil Oh! So I just need to refresh the page isnt it?
@VentusZXC leave developer tab open with disable cache activated and f4, yeah
Or.. Just press Ctrl+F5
Refreshes and deletes current cache
I use that specifically because I use github pages and firebase, both which sometimes dont update the page for css / js edits
Or update your HTML a couple times, adding a space with suffice
that should force a browser to get the new data
2:13 PM
Okay got it. Thanks!
Is there such a thing ? PHP code to Python code converter
Neil's approach is more convenient one imo
@VentusZXC le google it?
yeah i just did
such thing exists XD
considering you can convert C# to C++ to C to VB and such, it wouldnt surprise me
all sorts of languages transpilers out there
sad Im not able to code anymore
Come to my job. We'll have you coding in no time!
my codepen login is long forgotten and Im using a temp computer
Well alex, im only 14
Im not even legally allowed to work here
2:28 PM
Yeah, unfortunate, but Im not even that good at JS
Well, we can have you working i-legally
You can't spell illegally w/out legally
Just to have interest in this stuff is great
Keep at it. These chat rooms provide a great learning experience
@TaylorS you're 14 ? Wow!
2:30 PM
I keep thinking I know a little. Then I learn I know nothing
really? I thought kinda everyone knew me at this point, mostly because of the drama in meta that I caused a couple years ago
@alex that tends to happen to me alot
Meta === Drama
I feel like I know js, and then... Poof I see an expression in JS with function parameters and relative variables and Im like: WhAt ThE hElL
Alex thats strong
Forgot it's JS and we want both value + type to equal
Really, it's more like...
Life === Drama
And Meta is a subset of Life, so it will also have Drama
but you forgot,
if (Meta === Drama || meta === drama) {
need those capitals if your using ===
2:33 PM
Ahhh, yes
oopsie, I was using && and not ||
Oop gtg class
science rn
See ya
3:19 PM
posted on February 18, 2020 by Nicholas C. Zakas

Early on in my career as a software developer I thought my primary contribution was writing code. After all, software engineers are paid to ship software and writing code is a key component of that. It took several years for me to realize that there are numerous other contributions that go into shipping software (if...

4:12 PM
Hey guys, can I have resumable downloads with FileSystem API that continue after closing down the browser?
@JoãoAiresdeMatos you could look into github.com/webtorrent/webtorrent
4:31 PM
Torrent tool in the browser?!
Written in pure JS, no less
Not many people use WebRTC, but it can do a lot
Who writes all these libs? By the time I get home from work, I have enough energy to eat and crash ;)
It's fun for most open source contributors. It's like playing a video game for some people. I put a lot of garbage on github as open source. It's not particularly useful, but I enjoy it
i enjoyed that kind of stuff for... about a year
but then it got to the point where i was like... i code for 8 hours a day then go home and code some more, only i'm not getting paid... why am i doing this
@Alex open source is fun - the part that's tiring isn't the coding it's the frustration of working on things you don't care about or not making an impact. Open source is a bit like the opposite of that because you get to pick.
+ it's a great career booster, 9/10 times you are better off doing 6 hours of work instead of 8, being OK and not awesome at your job and instead doing open source for another 2 hours.
4:45 PM
Yeah, I don't do as much coding in my free time anymore. I noticed that the more I contributed to personal projects, the worse my mental health got.
Being a core team member in big open source projects is just spending ~40 hours on it. Then it's a great career boost.
I've been getting into three.js lately, though. I'm gonna make an interactive solar system with a UI for information on each entity (I have the earth rendering, with a textured sphere that rotates on a semi-accurate axis, and the camera zooms into it), then I want to consume an exoplanet dataset and expand the solar system to the galaxy, kind of.
I've been toying with either procedurally rendering the exoplanets as an artistic depiction, or just give a regular sphere as a representation, because obviously we don't know what they actually look like
based on something unique to each so that if it's viewed at a later time it still gets the same end result
@BenjaminGruenbaum Hmm. Thinking in those terms makes it worthwhile
4:53 PM
So, some of the exoplanet data sets actually have data on different elements detected on the planet, and the aprox temperature, etc. There's different pieces of data that I could totally see being used to render them
but it's still fake
so I dunno if there would be value
Yeah, I find coding for full 8 hours is impossible. So I do frontend stuff + graphics
I flew 8 times this year thanks to open source and stayed in nice hotels meeting interesting people and learning a ton. So I definitely think at least for me open source was worthwhile. Not to mention the impact it has on job offers and job searching.
How did that happen?
i'd rather avoid meeting interesting people
Some people only go around talking about open source and don't actually do anything productive, though... cough, dodds, cough
4:54 PM
I flew around to speak at conferences and attending summits mostly. They pay for your travel and sometimes an honorarium.
Wow. What have you written? I'd like to see some of it
(Sorry, I'm totally out of the loop)
It'll be wayyyy over my head
Benjamin is probably the most high profile dev that stops in here
Fount it
Okay. Let me go sob a little
Benjamin has written Rx for JS?!!
Good grief
You don't have to work on high profile libraries to contribute to open source
4:58 PM
I most certainly haven't lol.
You can just build things that you think are fun, and then open source them
I open source all of my personal projects as MIT
Even if nobody will ever see them
I just like to make things, and then make them free
I have contributed a bunch to Rx a few years ago and collaborated a bit on the tc39 observable proposal - but I certainly haven't written it. Rx was written by Erik, then the JS port was written by Matt and rewritten by Ben a few years later.
Pathetic me: wrote a few jQ plugins
Nothing impressive there
4:59 PM
sobs some more
but still fun
I haven't been involved in Rx for years. Also - it's really not a competition, contribute to parts you care about and love.
I know. But we should push ourselves, achieve greater things than we think we can
Measuring up contributions isn't really something people building things are too interested in :]
Just have fun, is the main thing. If contributing to open source isn't enjoyable, then don't force yourself to do it
5:00 PM
@Alex push yourselves and build things you care about :]
ndugger.. 11 repo
I have a talk about it somewhere I can probably dig it up if you want.
even though I have over 60 by now, mine still arent as impressive
@TaylorS I put a lot of my other work into github orgs I created too. There's a ton scattered allover the place
@BenjaminGruenbaum Funny thing: my heart's in filmmaking/screenwriting
5:00 PM
and I've archived a lot of them
Hence why I say that
you probably make those really nice looking projects with good code
I just throw together Whatever + whatever = whatever and call it a repo
@Alex then mix that and programming? There is a ton of interesting ways to disrupt that space and build cool things.
Been "just paying the bills" for 20+ years
plus or minus the few repos that I use for storing images
yes IK... I host with github.. leave me alone
Wish I could do a JS based screenwriting library
5:01 PM
@TaylorS I call "throwing together whatever + whatever" basically "my job" :D
@Alex Go for it. I bet you can have a prototype in a month.
Screenplays have very specific formats
wait, that hasn't worked in years lol
Would throw a server on it to store the scripts
Then you'd have something you can put out there
The main piece is the rich text editor
How would you even start?
Ya know, I want to write a js library that can do visual effects like this one I asked about here: graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/133867/…
But I know that aint ever going to happen
there are things I want to create that I know I cant
Thats the tough part
I'd start with an open source rich text lib and customize it
Dialog requires the name to be centered and all caps
A button for that + an autocomplete on the name
5:05 PM
Yall, wouldnt it be amazing if we could... push elements outside the border of the window
Yeah.. Nevermind
Im insane
dont listen to a word I say lol
But still, being able to push things out of the border.. even a little, would be useful for custom confirmation dialogs
Cool idea
Considering the evil people out there, Im sure those ad websites would just get worse
their little malware "enable notification" popups
if they could move OUTSIDE of the border... oh god
See what you've unleashed now? :)
I am curious as to if an element can move outside the border of an IFRAME
I want to make an illusion with that now
Been working w/ iframes for a while now
They're tricky little beasts
Detecting and responding to when the remote content has loaded into the iframe
5:11 PM
I bet if I made a page with an animated square moving out the side, and then I made it a dataURL..

Then I made a second animation brighter with shadows and border tricks, I could create a wierd illusion of the block moving OUTSIDE of the iframe into the actual doc
That was fun stuff
Alex, Try transferring data back and fourth between the iframe and the doc without any SENDING js, just recieving JS
I dare ya
Ive done it
Woof. That's another level
The trick is URL Variables, if you sandbox the right data, and constantly refresh the URL on the iframe every couple seconds or so, you can actually send data right to it
change localstorage entries and access it from another page via URL variables and iframes
In my case, it was a payment system in the iframe
5:13 PM
all just neat little tricks
payment system?
sketchy, I wouldnt ever trust an iframe with a payment program
Yeah, it's a credit card processing company
Id sandbox it all serversided with php
It's a way around being PCI compliant
Show their page which takes cc info
and just visually render data and post/send sandboxes values back and fourth
Oh ok
That moment you see a 10 year old in code golf asking math questions: codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/199722/…
Didn't know about sandboxing
Been using CSP but to put those on an iframe. Wow
5:17 PM
sandboxing is different in every scenario
its useful for preventing exploits
For example, try creating your own custom sandboxed eval() in js
to make it safe
thats how JBis's JamesBot works
it has a sandboxed eval to prevent hacking and/or exploits
in my idea, I tend to think of sandboxing literally as a sandbox, closed off area where you can create and destroy what you want without consequences
In other cases, sandboxing just means creating a seperate thread to do work
its not always an "exploit preventer"
anyways, I gotta do some work, Ill be on and off the chat for a while
Hi guys. I have a question about mongoose. Can anyone help me with populating data?
See ya, Taylor
Same here. Gotta do some work
Well ill be here, just sorta "half" afk
on and off
5:23 PM
I mean I have two models: User and Post. User has a field posts: [{type: ObjectId, ref: 'Post' }] and Post has a field author: {type: ObjectId, ref: 'User'}. I have created random user and then random post. How can I automatically update 'posts' field after creating and saving post model into DB?
@entithat wouldnt that work better in the SQL or Database Chats?
I dont want to use SQL :(
quick question: I have an API call that takes a few seconds, so I wrap the function calling it in async/await
so this returns a promise
That isnt a question?? whats your question?
the weird part is that the promise starts off as pending, then, after less than what it takes for the API call to finish, it's set to fulfilled
but the value is "undefined", while, in the Network tab, the server hasn't even responded yet
once the server responds, i get what i should be getting (some defined response :p)
is there something i'm missing here about promises?
i'd expect that the promise would only read as fulfilled if the server actually responds
5:34 PM
Well async function need and await for the API to actually load its code
so make an async function and an await calling a function of the api
it wont return until the api is loaded
as far as I know
i uh... think either you didn't read my first sentence, or i'm not quite understanding what you're saying
Im saying, in your async function.
put an await statement
that calls part of the api (a dead debug function or something)
and it will stop the code from returning/continuing until that function has loaded and been called
and everything in the function was executed
there's already an await statement in my function
"I have an API call that takes a few seconds, so I wrap the function calling it in async/await"
so there shouldnt be a problem, Im a little confused on your issue
... i... i also think that there shouldn't be a problem, but there is, which is why i'm here :l
5:37 PM
what exactly do you want to actually happen rather than whats currently happening
the promise should be fulfilled when the server responds, not before
unless i misunderstand what promises are or how they work, i believe that's standard promise behavior
i uh...
precaution: im like the least experienced in this room, dont expect me to output big-bad responses of a 20 year JS god lol
i... kind of think you're not taking the time to read what i'm saying :l
like I said, Im not good at this, just attempting to be useful rather than a baby faced 14 year old who cant code
um... ok.
5:40 PM
perhaps wait for the room owners to come on
theyre usually on
very experienced in this sort of thing
@KevinB don't know if you remember, but yesterday i asked a question about a weird API call that was behaving badly (to which you asked if you could see some code)
it turns out that the endpoint i was using was "api/analytics" (writing some data-stuff)
and the reason it wasn't showing up in the network tab, but i was still receiving a "Network Error" is because...
... my ad-blocker was blocking it :l
6:00 PM
Sounds like something an adblocker in Firefox would do
Firefox has gone way too far off the deep end
Can webpack be sped up in Google Cloud Build through syncing a cache to cloud storage?
I suspect anything built is unnecessarily being built over and over anew each build.
i am using firefox, but it was blocked by a plugin (not firefox's anti-tracker stuff)
uBlock Origin
@Paul Im pretty sure googles firebase automatically detects changes and updates only changed files
and data, and arent going to "cause extra updating"
When I deploy sites with firebase or google cloud, it always updates any changes, not files that are the same.
6:21 PM
You know what term I hate with a burning passion? "Disrupt X space"
You're not disrupting anything with your startup, you fool
Or, another one is, the "X of "Y", like, "the Facebook of coffee" kind of nonsense
Deplorable marketing
We repeat what we've heard and think sounds cool. Conformity
It doesn't sound cool, it sounds like you don't know how to articulate your business, so you try to piggy back off of someone else's success by name-dropping
sounds to me like neither. if [x] represents "a revolutionary change in domain [Y]", then, if you think some company represents a revolutionary change in a domain, saying "the facebook of [Z]" seems pretty... like... appropriate?
i pretty much agree with you when it comes to "disrupt", though
Be yourself and speak from the heart, whether in business or personal stuff
When I hear jargon, in whatever field, I want to run for cover
Especially PR stuff
They all sound the same
"We've heard the feedback of the community and are implementing changes. Thanks for your patience. We care about you."
(Not picking on SE, just in general)
6:42 PM
ah, yeah. i agree with that too
i guess the difference is i don't see "i'm the [x] of [y]" as jargon—like that's something i say when i'm talking shit to my friends :)
Yeah, that's not jargon
also, related, one thing that i hate (though it's not as egregious) is the usage of "reach out to me" or "just touching base" etc. in every-day vernacular
Yes, headhunters do that
it's not jargon per se, but they're phrases that come from "business culture" (if that makes sense) and i kind of associate them in the same way
It's annoying b/c it's meant to endear someone to us. Doesn't work. Just say what you need to say w/out prefacing it with this
6:45 PM
yes. i think that's a perfectly succinct way to put it—i'm going to use "it's meant to endear someone to us" next time i'm describing my distaste for these phrases
It's what George Carlin would have hated. Marketing talk. Folks go to years of school to learn how to manipulate us
post traumatic stress disorder ;)
Operational exhaustion... "sounds like something that happens to your car"
Pre-heat the oven... there are only 2 states an oven can be in: heated or unheated
Grew up on Carlin so have a 6th sense for nonsense
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