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3:47 AM
Q: Google Maps Javascript API get accurate location

Rahul DesaiI am using the example available here. I would like to modify it in such a way that, when I zoom in, I'll see the exact building/house when I am right now. I Googled if there is an accuracy option but it seems obsolete since the current version (v3). Can anyone please guide me on this?

4:06 AM
Is the IndexedDB in Firefox persistent?
4:53 AM
I want to create Burndown Charts in my scrum application. can any one suggest me any open source chart ?
@underscore thank u, is it open source?
not sure
please check
@underscore hmm ok
@underscore seems to be not open source js.devexpress.com/Buy
5:02 AM
Hi. In angular js, when using a promise library $q.when() as in here, what are we saying?
5:27 AM
Using Google Maps Javascript API, can we plot the map for specific lat long?
5:39 AM
@Feeds that's deep
1 hour later…
6:39 AM
Deletion votes on his previous questions might also be appropriate.
6:51 AM
Hi in liferay 6.2CE when i deploy portlet getting this "Not updating Guestbook because version 6.2.1 is newer than version" Why does this error occur?
@surya Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@CapricaSix thank you, ok.
7:02 AM
hi all
any one aware of encrypt a string at client side javascript & decrypt at server side(Servlet)??
7:32 AM
client side encryption? try crypto.js?
@argentum47 thanks for the quick response.
Why would you need to do that, though?
onik oink I don't think its being maintained by google in the recent geological past. So be aware of security issues.
Yeah exactly
7:57 AM
Gotta love the OP's where the only right answer to them is when it's the solution they want, even if it's an X/Y problem and impossible.
As I was asking: how are functions treated as objects?
most things in JS are objects.
Yeah I know. I was asking how. I mean Under the hood
Mercy help me
A: Ui-router setting configurations using directives

AsikI have done the router configuration using directive. Check the following code. Globally assigned one reference variable for stateProvider as $stateProviderRef and set the configuration use this variable. //Router Configuration var $stateProviderRef = null; angular.module('myApp', ['ui.router'])...

Some people can't be helped.
like all functions defined are treated as :
window = {
  function_name: def function() {},
8:00 AM
functions are created from Function, which is an object with properties
Oh yes, but why do they treat them like that?
It's not how it treats it. It's how it IS.
Perhaps do you mean, why is it implemented like that?
I have no idea.
8:08 AM
I never thought about it. Because Brendan Eich decided so, I guess?
Ah, i see conventions
I mean, the language has to work somehow.
I don't know why that way instead of a different way. Considering JavaScript was pretty ugly starting out...who knows...
8:20 AM
@SecondRikudo haaaiii
Are you still doing bluebird?
I would like to start promises, It would be kind of you tell me what programs do it write?
8:27 AM
So what do you mean "what programs do it write"?
I mean like, Write a program to add two number :D , that sort of.
SO is like some kind of ....
what's the word...
oh it is a spelling mistake for I.
when you keep getting abused, but you keep asking for it?
8:32 AM
no SO is not for that.
But if I am larning a new thing, I should have something to write. Like I am also learning node.js with socket.io , I aim to make a bot in a chat room
Masochism, that's the word.
8:43 AM
@argentum47 Write an application (needs both server and client side) that will get story chapters asynchronously, and load them, in order, to the DOM.
Story chapters can be in whatever format you want.
Ok. its a cool odea
No libraries allowed aside from bluebird
@m59 umm why did you say "when you keep getting abused, but you keep asking for it?" which part was abuse! just asking.
hi all
9:01 AM
9:13 AM
Morning Folks
I have gone to mobile view in chrome for iphone 6
i have to go for previous page
i couldn't find a way
10:00 AM
@towc xkcd.com/1446 They're getting closer
10:29 AM
hey Stackoverflow, has anyone faced an issue with the fullscreen mode on iOS 8 where your app starts behaving weird when you lock your iPad and then unlock it? I saw a couple of questions asked but no definite answer anywhere. My JavaScript just starts acting all incoherent once I unlock my iPad :\
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hi there
@DipaliPatil Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
This is a simple date picker javascript.
How to increase the number of years
Do I need to create a form so that the picked up date gets saved into database or I've to use ajax....
hey guys. Does anyone know how can i embed existing .svg file inside <svg> tag?
10:44 AM
@BikerJohn you can't, svg is the container, the tags contained in your svg (such as g, rect, & so on) can be added in your svg... but svg INTO svg will not work (as far as i remember)
!!define test
!!urban test
how can I update the value of a variable by click on button
For example: Present = Present +1; on click of button
Database is mysql
Cap's dead :-/
!!ban cerbrus
anyone knows how i can add a node into a html collection?
i have this :
    var children 	=	element.getElementsByTagName("input");
    children[3]		=	element.getElementsByTagName("select")[0];
children[3] is undefined (there are 3 inputs), so i try to set it manually as the "select" item...
10:46 AM
^ Not sure if an honest attempt at mindjailing me or not :P
hi too all
what is this
That's CS trying to trigger the cthulu easter egg
10:51 AM
@Julo0sS children is not an array.
@SecondRikudo yes, i noticed... :/ so how can i manually add a "node" in this ?
cs means counter strike
@Julo0sS Why?
well, i need to add the "select" after the "inputs" in this html collection
then you can work with InnerHTML and work with property string...
10:53 AM
@Julo0sS formNode.elements <- all inputs in a form
yes but i don't need all inputs... i need the "inputs" AND the first "select"..., i know that this first select will be "element.getElementsByTagName("select")[0]" so how can i put it into the "children" html collection (after the inputs) ?
Select is an input..?
@Julo0sS [].push.call
@SecondRikudo cannot push into "children" cuz it's not an array...
10:59 AM
i tried
@SecondRikudo children.push(element.getElementsByTagName("select")); children.push is not a function
That's not what I said.
I said [].push.call
@SecondRikudo so you mean children.push.call(element.getElementsByTagName("select")[0]); ?
final: children[3].push.call(element.getElementsByTagName("select")[0]); ?
@MirkoCianfarani No
[].push.call(children, element.getElementsByTagName("select")[0]);
11:07 AM
HTMLCollection doesn't have an indexed property setter.
BUT, after that, i can deal with children[0],[1],[2] so it is indexed...!
wth is that :/
@Julo0sS It's magic a host object
@JanDvorak x)
mysterious prototype that still I not observe...
No, apparently it's not possible because children is live.
You can try converting to an array with [].slice.call
is it possible to merge 2 html collections?
so i can do
children = ...
childrenSelect = ...
childrenBoth = merge(...,...)
11:13 AM
hi every body
@Julo0sS Array#concat
I am using databales for pagination
@JanDvorak this is not an array ... :/
but getting error Cannot read property 'mData' of undefined
@Julo0sS then turn it into one
11:13 AM
what could be the error
This is the code I am using
... or call array methods over it anyways
    "sDom": " ",
    "bPaginate": false,
    "bInfo": false,
    "aoColumns": [
@SpringLearner Have you googled this
Cos I don't think you have
ha ha
do you think I did nt
I have gone throgh all the suggestions above
all of them?
11:16 AM
yes and the next 3 pages also
all 295 000 of them?
one page isn't "all of them"
I didnt say all of them
What did you learn from that?
2 mins ago, by SpringLearner
I have gone throgh all the suggestions above
click on the link
what ever it says I have gone through
I never said next pages
I have autopager installed. Even without clicks, I can see more than one page of results
11:19 AM
then you must be genious
If your answer isn't in the first 2 pages of results, you're asking the wrong question
like Font Awesome, is there a library for emoticons?
y u no use texts?
11:26 AM
emoticons are more expressive I believe
@JanDvorak won't be able to use it as i need then... brb, i explain when back :)
Do you prize expression of information over conveyance of information?
11:28 AM
I am building a "Where am I" app and thinking of putting an emoticon next to the Where am I button
@Sippy both actually
whats wrong guys? :)
Am I doing anything wrong here?
@RahulDesai >:-(
@RahulDesai щ(゚Д゚щ)
11:30 AM
i cri evertim
@RahulDesai ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<div class="satisfaction">
Lol wat
@Sippy no
I am not asking the wrong question
I need that class :P
The right response to what I said was "What question should I be asking?"
11:31 AM
@RahulDesai ;-)
if(document.querySelectorAll('.satisfaction').length == 0) {
console.log("Can't get no...");
damn it, stop that :P
@RahulDesai ???
@Neil trolol
firing emoticons at me? o_O
11:32 AM
ok then tell
@RahulDesai ;-)
@RahulDesai >:-(
@RahulDesai I disagree.
omg they rotate
@RahulDesai :>
11:35 AM
@RahulDesai That's actually pretty nice
I'll disable rotation
@RahulDesai >:-(
No table flips, not good enough
its for a touch device so doesnt make sence
Table flip? so you need the table first
11:36 AM
@RahulDesai *it's, *sense
mah bad
@RahulDesai *my
waaaaaat :P
11:37 AM
fix that shit :P
that's what happens when you Java
@SpringLearner english, please
@JanDvorak english only
11:39 AM
Java is like Pacific Ocean
plus Antartica to me
I have never been to the ocean or Antarctica .
21 hours ago, by Kendall Frey
@NathanArthur probably different array instances
If you go to the transcript
Did that Nathan Arthur guy just star every suggestion to his problem? xD
Lets say I have.. {'tag2','Tag1'} and {'encode':'tag1','encode','tag2','encode':'tag3'} How can I select all the element of object2
Hi , I am going through extjs tutorial. I see return { constructor.... , function () ....}. Why return is used in this way ?
11:49 AM
@SecondRikudo Is there any downside to setting z-index to some ridiculous integer for something like a navbar?
@Sippy Yes, unexpected results and unmaintainability.
@SecondRikudo Is there a better way to enforce "Always on top" functionality?
In this example, Bar is on top of Foo even though Foo has 999 z-index
This is also the solution by the way.
Assuming two siblings, one holding the nav and the other holding the content, just make sure the sibling that holds the nav has a higher z-index.
Makes sense, thanks
Simpler example
11:56 AM
@SecondRikudo wow!
you are the man!
Oh damn, adding positioning breaks everything.
Will have to remember to start with it next time then I guess lol
@RahulDesai Take note that I didn't take browser compatibility into account
This is only tested in chrome
@SecondRikudo Works in Firefox and thats what I need

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