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1:00 AM
@JBis I think I actually remember that.
Was that when some kind fo random controversy was happening with SO?
it was with whats the name and such
4 hours later…
5:37 AM
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!! :D
5:59 AM
6:13 AM
HI any one can help me in this i am struggling stackoverflow.com/questions/69732633/…
hello there
2 hours later…
8:00 AM
shitty day innit
8:12 AM
kinda sunny at my place
9:01 AM
how's it hanging
nothin much, just a slow day at work
sup with you Mw?
9:17 AM
I got scheduled for just 4hrs of work today which sucks
working on my app during the other houres
what job?
garbage collection
and how's the app going?
it's going well actually, had some filter/db dillemas but thats how I learn efficiency which is important
I have a job interview octobre the 28th
9:43 AM
4hrs is bad or good?
I need more but it was my decission to go 0hr contract for a while. Might need to get a different job soon
how s the app?
do you have an api?
everyday i come to work, something diferent is broken TT^TT
@MwBakker oh nice, what position are you applying to?
9:52 AM
@grrigore im turning it into a REST api and nearly finished
except you know, I can't fix it ('cause is not something i can fix) and i have to give explanations and get "yelled at" TT^TT
@qki it's at an IT company that does mostly the hardware side so it's more aimed to field-work but they seem to also be in need of someone who can make software
cool, I hope you nail the interview!
@MwBakker Congraaaats!!!!! I hope it goes well!!! :D
9:58 AM
thanks guys thats very sweet
though I wasnt searching for this job they offered me and its in my hometown
thats convenient :D
it is but my gf now lives elsewhere so I might prefer a remote job or still the 0hr contract for a while
10:11 AM
good luck
thanks grrig
10:28 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Oct 27 '20 at 13:14, by asim
@JBis How about we kill john wick's new dog and leave a note with raghav's bio which proves he killed the dog
any scripting nerd?
10:51 AM
what kind
well bash maybe
I need to run some bash commands
sounds nerdy indeed
11:43 AM
how can I check if a keystore is ok using keytool?
@grrigore I know a command that will significantly speed up your computer.
rm -rf ~/so_much_pr0n
keytool -genkeypair -dname "cn=myname, ou=mygroup, o=mycompany, c=mycountry" -alias business -keypass password -keystore /working/mykeystore -storepass password -validity 180
@twiz not found
@grrigore I probably don't know, but how are you defining "ok"?
as in it uses the right "cn=myname, ou=mygroup, o=mycompany, c=mycountry"
alias, storepass etc
For an android app? wouldn't you need to actually sign+upload the app to know for sure?
11:49 AM
forget it :D
i'm trying to write a script
and it's kinda complicated
why are you using bash anyway?
i really don't know
I mean cp is a bash command right?
What's wrong with using bash?
no cp is a binary that you can execute, bash is just 1 of 100 scripting languages that you can use to execute it
nothing wrong with bash but it's not exactly beginner friendly
or readable
I need to run some commands
and bash came up first
what I want to achieve is not that complicated but yes I lack experience with it
11:58 AM
you can also write such scripts with kotlin m8
but you need kotlin installed
might give it a try
anything works
most of my scripts are in python
whatever you prefer
gotta execute some keytool and cordova commands
and some npm ones
12:18 PM
doesn't matter
you just say "perform this shell command" the script language is not relevant
as long as it can hook into a shell environment so to say
yea I've seen py can do that
12:31 PM
hello peeps!
12:47 PM
hi peop
1:10 PM
hi poep
high poets
1:24 PM
truly high poets
1:57 PM
lots of fine words
2:19 PM
@MwBakker I approve of step 3
Jan 31 '17 at 9:59, by Tim Castelijns
\o marcus sullivanus
2:34 PM
gotta go, bye everyone! :D
later G
cya Q
2:55 PM
@Tim 😂
2 hours later…
4:29 PM
what up dawh
just trying to balance work with island boy remixes
4:45 PM
right up my alley
5:02 PM
Android dev summit '21
Like, Comments & Share
posted on October 27, 2021 by Amy Gu

Android Studio - Chipmunk | 2021.1.2 Canary 3 is now available in the Canary and Dev channels. If you already have an Android Studio build on the Canary or Dev channel, you can get the update by clicking Help > Check for Update (or Android Studio > Check for Updates on macOS). Otherwise, you can download it here. For information on new fea

5:14 PM
hello everyone
who are work on FaceDetection with camerx google vision api ?
@Nitesh the Rothschild family
how to get only facedecated image nothing else ? @MwBakker
if you mean to crop the image to face only during capture then unfortunatly AFAIK this is not possible with google camera api's
but perhaps there is a method to do this without me knowing about it
for cropping _after_ capture I have the following source:
5:32 PM
posted on October 27, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Arif Sukoco, Android Studio Engineering Manager (@GoogArif) & Jolanda Verhoef, Developer Relations Engineer (@Lojanda) We know it can be challenging to run Android instrumented tests at scale, especially when you have a big test suite that you want to run against a variety of Android device profiles. At I/O 2021 we first introduced Unified Test Platform or UTP. UTP all

posted on October 27, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Jeremy Walker, Developer Relations Engineer This year’s Android Dev Summit had many exciting announcements for Android developers, including some major updates for the Wear OS platform. At Google I/O, we announced the launch of the new Wear OS. Since then, Wear OS Powered by Samsung has launched on the Galaxy Watch4 series. Many developers such as Strava, Spotify, and C

yes i want only face dedcted image nothing else
posted on October 27, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Don Turner, Developer Relations Engineer Introducing Jetpack Media3 Today, we're launching the first alpha of Jetpack Media3. It's a collection of support libraries for media playback, including ExoPlayer. This article will explain why we created Media3, what it contains, and how it can simplify your app architecture. Why another media API? We

posted on October 27, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Eric McCleve, Google Play Academy Programs Lead At Google Play, our goal is to help developers and marketers reach and resonate with over 2 Billion users who visit our platform every month looking for high quality content and services. Having a great store listing experience can be a huge benefit in helping achieve user acquisition goals for your app or game. To hel

posted on October 27, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Alex Musil, Director of Product, Google Play At this year’s Android Developer Summit, we shared new features we’ve been building to help power your growth on our platform, including enhancements to trust and safety, tools to boost your app quality and improve monetization, some updates for games, and an exciting new app marketing certificate. Watch the whole se

posted on October 27, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering There are over a quarter billion large screen devices running Android across tablets, foldables, and ChromeOS devices. In just the last 12 months we’ve seen nearly 100 million new Android tablet activations–a 20% year-over-year growth, while ChromeOS, now the fastest growing desktop platform, grew by 92%. We’ve also seen Foldable device

@MwBakker this method is image capture after croping . but i want only capture code not need croping code @MwBakker
not exactly sure what you mean with that sentence but here you go:
Q: Crop Image with face detection in android

Priyank JoshiI needed a demo where any image can be cropped with the face detection function. FIXED But after few surfing hours I didn't come to a single demo, so I prepared a single demo with conjunction of few demos that I found online. I have prepared a demo to crop the image. My demo crops the image r...

5:56 PM
posted on October 27, 2021 by Android Developers

Sagar Kamdar, VP of Product Management The app experiences that you as developers build help people around the world in ways we couldn’t have imagined, and at Android Dev Summit, happening over the next two days, we’ll talk about that spirit - focusing on the user, understanding their needs, and then building experiences to delight them. We just wrapped up the keynote, and over the

@MwBakker i try do it
good luck
@bluetoothfx not subscribe?
no meet up?
6:22 PM
@MwBakker but here is use static image . and my image is capture image by face dedated @MwBakker
but an image remains an image
not sure what you mean about the difference in your matter here
do you mean to auto capture on face detected?
yes . i want auto capture image on face detacted @DaveS
@Tim no I don't want any email
lol @Tim I got your joke now ;)
i have use camerax for face dedact
6:28 PM
okay, I have no idea, I've never done it, but understanding how to ask the question in English should help you find the answer
good luck
@Nitesh then don't use the word 'crop' it's a different thing
this is not possible because FaceDetector is use in croping time so not same thing @MwBakker
@MwBakker that means ?
if facedector is doing the cropping (thus recognizing the face and cropping it, I suppose) then what exactly do you need
6:37 PM
i need only face decated image nothing else
he needs an onFaceDetected event that will tell the camera to capture and save the image
with cameraX automatic @MwBakker
@DaveS can you share me code
ok im sorry but then I can't provide any assistence in it
@Nitesh dial it back a notch, buddy
code starts at 1$ per line, variable rate, additional fees may apply. Retainer is 20,000$
6:40 PM
11 mins ago, by Dave S
okay, I have no idea, I've never done it, but understanding how to ask the question in English should help you find the answer
11 mins ago, by Dave S
good luck
is the fovi lounge trash now?
it showed as a top result when I filtered on 'trash' I thought why not
live a little
without any experience of your specific case I personally would approach it this way: 1) find whatever code is responsible for detecting the face.
2) dive into that code and see if you can intercept the process by adding an event of capturing the image to it
6:42 PM
no freedom of speech, at least we have freedom of moving messages wherever we want
dare you to move this message to the staff room
which one is that
7:05 PM
where can I vote for Tim
I know he absolutely does not want to be a mod, so I would love that to happen
given this place is not a democracy, I'm sure we could find a way to force him into Moderation
Yeah but he'd just not do anything
@Mehdi exactly my thought
Ron Swanson would approve
7:26 PM
same as Ricky LaFleur
> Vegan chocolate, ...., may contains traces of milk
8:17 PM
Hello, Mister Woke has joined the room
Trying to set a record?
Record set
8:34 PM
8:49 PM
Dave what do you use for API request in flutter?
That a starting library?
I wonder if I should use retrofit
Things I know from Android - dagger and so on
Or choose a more fullter like approach
I just picked dio, any http request lib could probably work just fine
how you get the data is less important than how you handle it after getting the response
but if retrofit isn't well supported it may be a poor choice
9:28 PM
I'm back!
No new record
better luck next time, bet this ban is longer
@DaveS true
I'll check it out
10:32 PM
narrator: that was a lie
10:45 PM
11:39 PM
@Jordy Please do not "update" any more jokes of that nature. You can hold whatever opinions about gender/sexuality that you like, but they do not need to be discussed on this site in any way. Nor should you make jokes about them, regardless of your intentions, as those can be easily misinterpreted.
posted on October 27, 2021 by CommonsWare

Each time Google releases a new developer preview, I rummage through the API differences report the high-level overviews, and even the release blog post, to see if there are things that warrant more attention from developers. I try to emphasize mainstream features that any developer might reasonably use, along with things that may not get quite as much attention, because they are buried in the

We don't need to joke or make comments about bans, either. I would prefer instead that everyone learn from others' mistakes.

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