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12:08 AM
@Karl not
@Kylar Welcome back!!
4 hours later…
4:13 AM
I am a totally noob in Remote EJB patterns, I always use local EJBs in a single project to inject my Facade services. How does a Remote EJB works? If I have a method that returns an object ClientData, how can I access this object returned by injecting in a different servlet in another server in a different classpath? Should I duplicate the code? How the other servlet received the object reference? How does the other servlet even gets the EJB class reference to inject using @EJB inside a servlet?
I'll appreciate it if anyone could have a look at my question: http://stackoverflow.com/q/25847887/2139684

it's about db4o
@Hamid omg I want to close that question
@Unihedron Why?
Its unclear what u are asking
And opinion based
and quite opinionated... "am I right?"
I tried to clarify it... Please outline your problem better
4:26 AM
Alright I didn't know that. But can you help me with that problem? I'll edit it.
Of course, you already did that. Now, can you help me with that problem?
Hamid, throw some code and a concrete question, then ppl might be inclined to help you
4:47 AM
hey ppl !
4:58 AM
@Hamid If I knew what the problem was, I would had helped.
heya @ItachiUchiha
3 hours later…
7:59 AM
10 hours ago, by Karl
Dead chat...
8:13 AM
@ItachiUchiha Go answer some questions :)
I have been commenting on questions
people ask strange questions
Then... read my answers and up/down vote them :)
have you been answering questions lately ?
Yeah, of course.
Our bot now has uptime stats!
in Room for Low Quality posts on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 1 min ago, by Sam
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8:30 AM
@Unihedron review this
9:13 AM
Java still rules.
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10:30 AM
10:53 AM
How you?
wbu ?
Kylar didn't reply after
14 hours ago, by Karl
I woulda earned my keep…I would have carried your bags, your lady...
Hope he didn't take it the other way :P
11:20 AM
I hope @Kylar didn't take it the wrong way either...
The issue with my computer continues….
Plus my Mac is acting up...
11:43 AM
I'm back
11:54 AM
@ItachiUchiha Who is the OFFICIAL owner of this room?
@Karl Stack Overflow.
@Karl there are multiple owners of each room
@Unihedron I guess its time to gift Kylar with what we were thinking. What do you have to say ?
@ItachiUchiha I would like to make @Kylar a room owner, let's gather around and promote him when he's back. From the website it says he was last seen 5s ago.
OK….Somebody made comments about a user posting code way too often in here. In Java & Android, they give you a link in the description to Pastie so people know where to put long code, and it might help if something like that was here too.
@Karl Let's create the guidelines for this room then?
12:02 PM
Important: Please use English only. Drop your long code in pastie.org. and save images in imgur.com.
They have that in the room description.
Well, we can't change the room description right now without building a consensus.
Personally, I don't think there was a problem and the comments yesterday was by somebody who was over sensitive to the situation. The code he was posting was about 10 lines long each time, It's not like he was taking up the entire screen with each post, and he was having conversations with others between each posting of code.
@Unihedron I guess everyone will agree :)
Maybe, it was the day before...
@Karl While it may not be a big problem, the room is not for two.
12:05 PM
@Karl Long code's are automatically clipped by Chat room
Noe of the codes were long enough to be clipped, but somebody was complaining about how often he was posting code clips, which was part of the dominant conversation at the time.
I agree, this room is never for exclusive use by a few people, let alone two, but...
still, code's make a room look messy
this is the reason, most of the rooms have the guidelines to past code on something like pastie
which IMHO, is a good thing
It does show code evolving...
I agree, with long code...
FTR: I am NOT trying to start an argument here...
Help build the community consensus on what rules should we have - Stack Overflow Chat - Java - Rules Planner
12:12 PM
I like that!
Hello frnds.
Hey there, @NirajJani!
i'm new learner in java.
Welcome to the world of Java, where your dreams may or may not come true!
Yes. i do some codes from site javatpoint.com
is there any other things which i also should learn for java.
12:16 PM
Question: WARNING NON-JAVA material: While trying to separate the heat sink from my AMD CPU, the CPU got ripped out of the motherboard's locked socket because the thermal grease, pre-applied at purchase, and included with the CPU, turned to a solid I think it's AMD's fault the CPU got damaged, and not because of abuse. [I had to take the CPU to a pro to separate the two, and he said he's never seen a grease do that.] Am I wrong for thinking that?
I didn't know there was a limit to the length of comments...
2 hours later…
1:54 PM
1 message moved from Java Sucks
@uni plz move this msg
2:22 PM
lolz you had send it to the room :P
@Unihedron Have you stopped working on Minecraft ?
Why is Bart rejecting your edits ?
It wasn't a good edit, adds no value to the tag.
I didn't expect it to be approved anyway.
2:57 PM
would anyone mind taking a look at: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25655458/im-getting-errors-on-line-1-about-the-brackets-and-the-comma-i-have-alrea

My answer was accepted because it 'worked' but I would be interested in why it was necessary. :)
@GuyFlavell I think it was a panic accept. I have no idea how a compilation error is related to values().
2 hours later…
4:46 PM
Anybody alive?
5:06 PM
I try not to be
Eh all
Hey @Kylar
Hey @Karl
I didn't offend with my comments before, did I?
Not at all
I'm kind of in and out
if I don't talk, it's probably because I went AFK
BRB, Updating
5:13 PM
Hiya @Kylar!
How was the vacation?
Nice and relaxing
Lots of hiking
caught a shark
can any one tell me the output of this program?
public class TestString {

	 * @param args
	public static void main(String[] args)
		//System.out.println("Hello World!");

		String s1="sudheer";

		String s2="sudheer";

		System.out.println(s1.equals(s2)+ " " +s1==s2);
"true false"
true true
s1 == s2 should be false
5:22 PM
String is immutable
but they're different references
never use ==
@Kylar Mmm, sharks.
@Kylar compiler optimization on compile time, "sudheer" and "sudheer" refer to the same "sudheer" in literal pool
@ASR: why not just run it
Mmmm the strings are interned
@Kylar i run it, i know string basics :)
compile-time is interned, otherwise if you concat them, do .intern()
5:24 PM
i just want to share
If I ever saw an == in code, I'll freak out and kill you
@Kylar if (false == isKylarMad())
@Kylar i have face this question in interview today, not able to anser
5:25 PM
@ASR Ah, well it's a tricky question
because if you do this:
String s1 = "foobar";
I should seriously go apply for a job like now, all these "interview questions" makes me happy
String s2 = "foo" + "bar"
boolean same = s1 == s2;
@Kylar That's still going to be evaluated on compile time.
It's the same principal as why people write this:
Oh that's right
you need to break it into two lines
String s2 = "foo";
s2 = s2 + "bar"
5:27 PM
== for ref comparision and equals() for content comparision
return toString = "[" + a + "] + [" +b + "]";
@Kylar or this:
String a = "foo";
String b = a.concat("bar");
Speaking of string manipulatiom, I'm teaching a group of people string manipulation and file io today? Any good advice or examples to show them?
then b == "foobar" -> false
@KalaJ learn regex
@Unihedron except if you .intern() them both
hmm I didn't put that in the curriculum but I could for the next class. Thanks
5:28 PM
@Kylar that's exactly why it exists
It's for fucking with people
.intern() I mean
@KalaJ seriously, don't
never use == with objects of any kind
Ahhh... I miss my system !
In my OOP classes my teacher wrote this puzzling one-liner
it has ++, --, ? and misused arrays
5:29 PM
Just don't.
Can you share it?
I dont have an IDE on this system :(
I don't have the "question" with me anymore, but were it within my power I would take every duplicate of that, find the person who designed the "puzzle" and tie them on a tree.
It's for people to learn...
One of the best ways to teach is to break the rules and have students figure out what is wrong...
5:31 PM
Anyone who writes long code with purposefully misused operators deserves to get thrown under the cliff.
I mean, it's not like .equals() will be deprecated any version of JDK soon.
Use that..
Long code? How is a one-liner LONG code?
@ASR This question has to do with the Operator Stack !
Anyone who uses java's 'Goes-To' operator deserves to be shot too
5:32 PM
8 mins ago, by Unihedron
@Kylar compiler optimization on compile time, "sudheer" and "sudheer" refer to the same "sudheer" in literal pool
both mine and Kylar's answer is wrong
10 mins ago, by ItachiUchiha
String is immutable
Get over it, it's not like it ever matters. You'll never really compare strings with ==.
yeah but this question has not to do with ==
And if you do, we should shoot someone
5:33 PM
it depends on the Operator precedence
@ItachiUchiha what does
@ItachiUchiha Well use brackets, they help with readability anyway
output to System.out.println(s1.equals(s2)+ " " +s1==s2);
here s1.equals(s2)+ " " +s1 will be compared to s2
Ohh yeah, that's a bad example
Yeah ! :P
5:36 PM
@ItachiUchiha Even if s1==s2 evaluates first, you'll still want to keep them in brackets.
We were all wrong ;)
it just prints "false"
yeah coz for java s1.equals(s2)+ " " +s1 acts as a String :P
these examples remind me of college days :)
yes, it evaluates to new StringBuffer(s1.equals(s2)).append(" ").append(s1).toString() == s2
on compile time
@Unihedron Nice Rules :D
add yours, i'm not completing the rest
it's 01:41 I have school tomorrow, dream code on! Bye!
5:41 PM
Bye !
6:23 PM
There was a day or two ago a question that had that issue. The person was trying to test interning string constants, but made the + and == error. It almost got reflexively closed as a duplicate of the "how do I compare strings in java" question
Can anyone look at this and tell me if this is the generally accepted away of reading and writing a file in Java in the simplest way for beginners?
Have you guys watched the trailer for Unbroken ?
I don't normally program in Java, so I just to check it
*just want to someone check it and see if it's alright
For any java version >= 7 I'd use try-with-resources
6:30 PM
@Kylar Hilarious..
2 hours later…
8:19 PM
I'm back
2 hours later…
10:02 PM
Dead chat...
2 hours later…
11:45 PM
Fear not, I'm here!
Okay still dead.
That's what she said
Explain what

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