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Q: Are all generative AIs banned?

Mr DeveloperI recently came across this answer. [The answer has since been deleted - screenshot here]. The answerer's profile acknowledges that We are an AI Generated response community, we are real humans who want to help people. The answer has an explanation and code at the top, while at the bottom, a bo...

Q: Stack Overflow is adding a 1st party targeting cookie

SlateWe have created a new 1st party targeting cookie, “prov_tgt”. This cookie collects the information we will use to serve targeted course advertisements. You can find this new cookie in the list of targeting cookies Stack Exchange uses with your consent. In accordance with our policy on when we req...

Q: Collectives: The next iteration

BertholdThe Collectives product is moving into a new stage of iteration and development. This post and the companion posts linked below are meant to offer a holistic view of Collectives, why it’s a focus for Stack Overflow, and how we’ll be working closely with the community on how it will keep evolving....

Q: Tag Disambiguation - [cdk], [ncurses-cdk], [aws-cdk]

StephanThe current cdk tag is aliased to ncurses-cdk. aws-cdk already exists. The acronym of CDK has been used by multiple projects, but AWS Cloud Development Kit is a major toolkit on the AWS ecosystem that is gaining adoption. Assuming CDK means Curse's Development Kit is no longer appropriate, as thi...

Q: Show OP engagement history statistics on questions

shsMotivation It is a frequent occurrence on SO that OPs do not engage with the responses they get. They do not vote, do not accept and do not comment on any of the sometimes multiple answers they receive. This is frustrating to respondents, because, after having invested time and effort into writin...

Q: Why is there no downvote feature on comments?

lsdevelopmentOften on SO, you can see comments that are clearly not useful or just provide false information. Comments like ‘Have you not put any effort in research’ just discourage people from asking, on a question and answer site. The only option is to flag it, but those flags are declined by moderators who...

Q: Proposal for updated guidance for [kubernetes] tag

MaxThe kubernetes (K8S) tag wiki currently has the following usage guidance: KUBERNETES QUESTIONS MUST BE SPECIFICALLY RELATED TO SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. Configuration and deployment is off-topic here. A good rule of thumb is, if it happens outside the pod, it's probably off-topic. If it's about code...

Q: Stack Exchange question ban

Seb St JohnstonI have a Stack Exchange question ban, and I am unable to revoke it. What can I do?

Q: Inadvertently posted answer using same technique as existing answer

DanieldRecently, I posted an answer to an old CSS question which uses a modern technique to enable something which - to the best of my knowledge - previously wasn't possible to accomplish properly with CSS. Before I posted my answer, I sifted through the mountain of answers and couldn't find an answer u...

Q: Why do I get a downvote each time I post a new question?

weirdgynOver the last few months I have noticed that every time I post a new question I got a downvote the day after I posted the question. This is not an explicit user downvote... it seems something automatic or maybe I don’t know how to check it. My last question shows this behaviour:

Q: How would Stack Overflow allow me to answer questions?

roshiniI am an experienced Java developer. I have posted a couple of answers in the past. Although they were not upvoted, they were also not downvoted. I have posted the answer because it had helped me solve the problem. Recently, I have faced another problem which I couldn't find an optimal solution th...

Q: My question (closed as dupe) got a correct answer as comment only - can others see this?

MarcI wrote a question to a specific Xcode error message in a very special case (Swift Package) which was almost immediately closed as a duplicate, because there was already a general question with the same error message, but which didn't cover Packages, and none of the 10 or so answers was addressin...

Q: How to update a Stack Exchange profile

chris thomasI can't find an option to update my network profile. It has outdated information and I'd like to change some things. How do I do it?

Q: Strange deletion warning trying to clean up old questions (that aren't mine)

Karl KnechtelOccasionally I encounter old questions that got popular, but which are actually pretty bad. One common case is that the question Needs More Focus due to really being two questions in one, each of which has a better, properly focused canonical. (For example, it might have been a debugging question...

Q: Stackoverflow Sitemap 404 error

Stellan CoderRobots : https://stackoverflow.com/robots.txt Sitemap (mentioned) in robots.txt : https://stackoverflow.com/sitemap.xml Sitemap error : 404

Q: Why did the cookie disagree popup start to be delayed by several 100ms

HaraldFor several days now I notice a delay when opening the cookie-disagree popup. Before it felt instantaneous, now there is a noticeable delay of nearly a second --- enough to wonder whether the click failed and to re-click. Can anyone explain what changed? Before all is set and done, over one secon...

Q: The session is frequently timing out on Firefox

Artyom VancyanMy account is getting automatically logging out, or the session is timing out, and I have to log in every time. The issue is caused only by Firefox. I also use Chrome, where there is no such issue. I prefer and use Firefox as a default browser and would like this annoying issue fixed as soon as p...

Q: Password change or reset applies to wrong address

Corentin SchreiberI have two email addresses associated with my StackOverflow account: an old one which was used to create the account, and a new one. When log out and I try to log back in, the new email address is always rejected, while the old email address still works. When I try to run password recovery with t...

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@TylerH this is first time I did it and it's obvious that it's against site policy. I was hoping question will simply be closed.
(And meanwhile nobody will start to answer these questions or decide that there is no good solution on SO)
and yet people are still free to do so
@KevinB considering 10 years old 0-veote, 0-answered, this is basically internet mess to clean. Though SO is place which is supposed to have the highest standards on the internet on cleaning up mechanisms.
I've seen enough auto-translated SO clones which is new level of garbaging the internet.
i don't see any value in caring about a 9 year old post with 300 views
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