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9:07 AM
@sehe so I ran into a problem with thread_pool - I put the server into the game plugin and the plugin blocks the main thread due to boost's initialization:

if (entry_event)
::WaitForSingleObject(entry_event, INFINITE);

because the game pre-loads the DLL before calling an externally defined function. I resolved this in the past by using io_context instead of thread_pool and calling io_context.run manually. Any ideas?
1 hour later…
10:30 AM
thanks jerry coffin
11:03 AM
Hi, I used the for loop but it did not work
oh no, I get it. The vector indexing begins from the right side lol not left
11:54 AM
Hi everyone!
I'm learning about templates.
I know about specialization with such a syntax:

template <typename T>
class Base{
void print (T x);

class Base<int>{
void print (int x);

and it looks clear: first empty parentheses describe adherence to template, and the second ones - specify certain type.
But now I have encountered implementation of remove_const
where there is the next syntax:

template< class T > struct remove_const { typedef T type; };
template< class T > struct remove_const<const T> { typedef T type; };
12:22 PM
Is this class partial specialization?
I'mma guess there's no answer for stuff like this 😅
@Lapys I'd start by looking at source myself
but be wary of designing around implementation details
12:37 PM
Lol. Guess there's not much of a clean front-end for stuff like that.
No worries, thankfully it's not a requirement 👍🏾
6 hours later…
6:16 PM
X f(){
    X x;
    X y;
    if(&x == &y){
        return x;
        return y;
Would it be possible to perform NRVO in this function ?
X is a simple class (only default constructor defined).

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