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yeeeep, delete and start over :)
is it a bad answer?
Nope, That's the way.
9:01 PM
ok great
@ColdFire we actually did it with this project to.... after first spending a couple of hours trying to understand how we could solve it
@PetterFriberg i see nice
9:05 PM
@petter, The API did not return this stackoverflow.com/a/39430517/4099593
How come it was returning deleted posts on ya calls?
@BhargavRao it really was mostly a bug.. hence it should not, but sometimes did
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@Queen fp
9:21 PM
just testing : )
Test it with a NAA
Hiya @TinyGiant
Aloha welcome SOBotics...
Pinged ya to tell that this's almost ready meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/312246/…
9:22 PM
BR is working on a bot to that notifies stuff in chat
can you make it use a websocket?
Using SE API :/
well you could attach websocket to : ), but why @Tiny
9:24 PM
Well yeah, I mean can you make it output a websocket that I can listen to?
I guess I could just listen to the new answers websocket, and compare the question vs answers dates
ahh yeah that would be nice BR... give Tiny the info through a socket to also have a web interface
Hmm, Haven't thought about that. But I guess, that's possible.
Perhaps tuna's and petter's java knowledge can help
9:26 PM
Sure it's not that hard and @Tuna knows the right lib : )
A: Facebook SDK doesn't load...all.js GET failing

dacoolmikeguys mine doesn't work as well it has errors like this and I'm bad at coding I tried disabling my antivirus still didn't work. enter image description here

YEah that you would understand directly that it is naa
@TinyGiant Guess we can try that.
Can we add "enter image description here" to a VLQ regex?
Well then you don't have to worry about API rate limiting and such
9:28 PM
yesterday, by Bhargav Rao
Tl;Dr for @tuna - I'm almost fed up of refreshing NATO, so I've written some 30 lines of py code for me to get NATO posts from users < 50 rep. Petter asked me to get it out in public and help <10k rep users also. I decided to use Java coz, I can learn Java :)
This's the TL;DR for the project ---^
@TinyGiant you like the new questions, right?, BR is already ok on API calls (no problem with rate limit)
Java is not really worth learning. Trust me, I've tried.
@JanDvorak Might be there in FireAlarm, the Low Quality post detection bot. But I'm not sure.
so basically BR should implement a socket you can listen to and give you all new answers to old question on this... this is not so difficult
The main problem is @BhargavRao you need to find a place to always run the bot with fix ip
9:31 PM
I'll try to read about creating web sockets on Monday. I'll keep that as the next FR. :)
[ NATOBot ] python How do I include errors for my data in the lmfit least squares miniimization, and what is this error for conf_interval2d function in lmfit?
@PetterFriberg 300 chars is the limit there.
Any post with <300 chars can be oneboxed and the full post is visible
I would try that as a start, one box it and then after 100s edit to link
Then you can have fun starting to identify the fp...
Gotcha. I'll try that tomo afternoon.
Fine then, I'll go and sleep. Finished the day early today. 3:10AM... :)
Bye all
@PetterFriberg hmm?
@BhargavRao Cya
Oh websockets
9:47 PM
@Tunaki meeh can't be that hard... if no lib you go brutal
A copy-pastable example in Java gist.github.com/Tunaki/620cda297b92082664cc
cya bhargav o/
Lib used: Tyrus, reference implementation of the WebSocket API
Yeah Tiny was interested in having new questions to old answers, so @BhargavRao would just need to implement that and put bot on fix ip.
Q: How to categorize/flag arrogant "We're not here to..." comments?

knbSometimes I see responses in comments such as "[So you want us to ... | We're not here to...]" [do your homework | review and correct your code | ... ]. These come across as quite arrogant. Admittedly, often it is a deserved response for, (as an extreme example) sloppy posts from new users, f...

9:50 PM
hence Tiny would connect to BR and BR would pass the json..
ha I had a comment also
@Tunaki you can pass yours I can delete mine
That will be shot down
Meeh it had my vote...
gn guys
10:09 PM
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@ColdFire cya
@Queen fp
10:30 PM
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@Queen fp
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@Queen fp
Yeah : ) "rude" regex
@Queen tp (wrong command before)
11:22 PM
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@Queen tp rude
11:45 PM
@burn stop
11:58 PM
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