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1:51 AM
@SlamJammington 3v4l.org/v4sYv also... it should interpret it correctly. But like Danack said, there might be an error somewhere in your code. Maybe something wrong with $date.
2:23 AM
> Whatever nothing makes sense and what I thought I once knew I dont and what
I used to believe or not I don't now and what I wanted or thought I did I
no longer feel and I no longer feel anything besides anger and stress and
anxiety and depression and becoming emotionless and dead inside and out
Do not smoke the brown acid, kids.
2:48 AM
@Girgias I'm not able to find a PHP meetup based in London, and PHP UK's website says the event for Tuesday is TBC
I'm guessing you were going by what occurred last year?
Blurgh, I need to figure out where to hang out as well...
I presume "go to a pub" but I probably should have ideas on which
this guy will probably know: linkedin.com/in/craigwillis24 or Derick....
7 hours later…
9:35 AM
@Tiffany LMK if you find something, I'm moving to London this weekend, and would love to attend a PHP event :D
10:14 AM
@Tiffany They have not been as regular as they used to be. THis is the meetup group: meetup.com/phplondon
@Tiffany We usually meet at the Rack & Tenter the day before the conference/day of workshops: openstreetmap.org/node/4518611096
@Tiffany And let me know if you want any London tips or have questions about anything, including transport.
2 hours later…
11:56 AM
Anyone have any advice on how to use git bisect when a branch has many commits that don't compile? In particular, is there a way to automate the doing the git bisect skip?
12:16 PM
You can manually checkout a different commit where you are confident that it will compile.
There's also git bisect run, but that is fully automated.
12:32 PM
@TimWolla apart from there doesn't seem to be a way of automatically telling git, "this version does not compile, pick another commit to test".
Perhaps make || git bisect skip?
1:12 PM
2 hours later…
3:26 PM
@PeeHaa Finally got all of my color grading issues fixed and shortened some of the last battle. youtube.com/watch?v=nWMIaROe3co | Also pushed out video 2 last night; much shorter: youtube.com/watch?v=NJnFHT4O1fw
@azjezz PHP UK is in February
But it's a conference, not a meetup
@Derick so that would be on the Monday, February 13
ah, the 13th...
I'm not sure what happens on the 13th :-D
I'll be at home, working on PHP, I suppose. Or making/finishing my presentation
3:44 PM
@Tiffany hope i make it 🤞
4:05 PM
Can someone tell me why this regex does not work on my server but works on the regex playground?

preg_replace('/\/[a-z]{2}\//', '/', 'https://domain.com/ru/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php');

It should remove the language path from the url

using the same regex here https://www.phpliveregex.com/#tab-preg-replace
it works...

as seen here
IF i would just use str replace to search for the language abbrevation it works but the result is not what i'm looking for
@Derick I've been kinda planning stuff for the 14th. Ian will be at the speakers dinner, and I feel weird if I attend.
But means that if DaveRandom is to give Girgias routers, we'll have to meet up a bit earlier for that exchange
Or DaveRandom just shows up earlier for the exchange :P
4:58 PM
I would appreciate some assistance navigating too :P The last time I went to London was 10 years ago and that was for one day, and that's it in my life.... because it's London, and Im from Yorkshire
Well for you @MarkR easy, just use your contactless card to tap in and out for transportation
Oh, just debit card?
CityMapper used to be the best app, but it's hit or miss now with Google Maps
@MarkR Yup, easier then buying an Oyster card and recharging it
Good to know
Also I'm supposing you'd arrive to KX (King's Cross) with an LNER train? From there you can take a Metropolitan or Hammersmith and City line tube/train to Barbican
5:03 PM
I haven't checked trains yet, although I suppose I should book ahead. I've got the time off, just need to settle on dates
I mean, that's where my friend coming down from Leads always arrives so
Thanks. And yeah I suspect driving in would be something of a fools errand from what little I know
so likely a train
Why would you want to drive into London :D You could, but you've got to deal with ULEZ (and Congestion charge) depending on if you drive into the inner ring made by the North/South circular or into the City respectively
And London's public transportation is pretty good
Compared to American standards, yes :p
(Jokes aside it is fairly good other the signalling issues that happen from time to time)
5:09 PM
I plan to use Google wallet. I'm told most stuff is contactless. Leigh explained how payment for transportation works, and it seems reasonable
@Tiffany The pre-speakers-dinner event is in the Rack & Tenter - it's where I usually catch up with Rob anyway! And you're of course most welcome.
I would still argue CityMapper is the best app stull.
> Busses are tap your card once when boarding, flat fee for the whole journey. Underground is tap on entry/exit, but there is a cap on how much you get charged if you use it all day
@Tiffany I don't carry cash, at all. Haven't for 5 years. Contactless everywhere (except for some public toilets)
@Tiffany You know more about my capital than I do :P
@Derick do you know what time it's at?
5:10 PM
also, FWIW, if I would attrive at KX, I would just walk to the Barbican. It's only 30 minutes.
@Tiffany Whenever I show up - 3 o'clockish.
It's unofficial
@MarkR I know Londoners, lol
@Sewer "does not work" is not a good description. Does that preg_replace() return the string unmodified? If so, try the u modifier? Or does preg_replace() return null? In that case, use preg_last_error() for further information.
@Derick okay. That seems like a good starting point for whatever I plan to do that day
@Tiffany If the weather is nice, you should go for a little (or long) walk near Parliament Square and stuff. Happy to give you some pointers of nice things to look at. I also find walking in the sun great to kill jetlag. Then again, it might be chucking it down :-D
and -1c
5:13 PM
I don't care about coldness, you can always put on more clothes.
Should I pack thermal clothes? I'll have my jacket. But I can pack some thermal pants/shirts
Rather, I'll just watch the forecast as it gets closer
February is usually chilly the places I'm familiar with, so I imagine London is similar
Yup, check the forcast. It could be -5 or 15
I mean, valentines day, sods law it'd be -5 and raining
I'll be there a few days, so I can pick one of the warm days. Maybe even the Monday.
5:20 PM
How many days are you over?
assuming I'm not exhausted after the conference. But that's usually social exhaustion. A walk would be pleasant.
@MarkR fly out from Austin on Sunday, arrive Monday morning, leave Friday
I usually walk to and from the conference (2hrs each way). But I am nuts and walk loads :-)
@Tiffany Are you going to attempt to drive any while you're there?
Don't drive in London, only idiots do.
If you want to go out of the city → train.
I always wonder how I would make the transition to driving on the wrong left side of the street.
5:22 PM
My endurance is improving, but I still have limitations with my hip. Ian and I hiked a 3-3.5 mile trail near Albuquerque, up and down hills, and my hip was fine.
@StatikStasis nooooooooooo
That would have to be a different trip :P I won't be there long enough to justify driving anywhere
@Derick I would definitely do that there. Our mass transit in rural areas (most of the US) is crap, so we're used to driving everywhere.
Not here.
Even in some urban areas, public transit is crap...
Have not owned a car in London since I moved here 13 years ago. Definitely don't miss it.
Yeah- so I've noticed from shows, Internet, etc.
Are you originally from the UK?
I guess you mean, moved to London from some other area in the UK.
5:25 PM
Derick's Dutch, so Netherlands, I'm assuming
I'm originally from the Netherlands, lived there for 25 years, then 5 in Norway, and now 13ish here.
Like Peehaa... cool.
I am both Dutch and British — dual national.
That's cool, dual citizenship.
5:26 PM
Very useful for travelling since this whole Brexit debacle.
I've always wanted to come to the UK and visit Ireland; they apparently make up the majority of my ancestry.
My wife is acquiring passport stamps by the dozen... and being questioned all the time.
(she's only British)
Citizenship is a very powerful thing, and often undervalued to those who have it.
5:27 PM
I'm not looking forward to bringing my ADHD medication in, but it should be fine
I'll have all the proper documentation
@Tiffany This is what has kept me from traveling to Japan.
Banned there.
@Tiffany Have you had issues with the shortage?
So, I reason that for a tech conference, I'm going to need it. But touristy stuff, I can probably get by on an energy drink.
@Tiffany You should be able to use the automated gates at Heathrow with your US passport. You should be able to avoid talking to anybody
@StatikStasis a little, but not as much as most. I use Vyvanse.
Oh okay. A friend of mine switched to that from Add due to the shortage.
5:29 PM
@StatikStasis I've found out that an energy drink mimics my medication pretty closely. It's not a replacement, but it works good enough if I'm unable to take my medication.
Thankfully, I only take 1/2 my dosage each day, so I usually have 2-3 months supply, which helps in instances like this; but most of the time helps in me having to worry about filling it promptly.
@Tiffany Same... but not as long.
Be careful. British energy drinks are 240v
@Tiffany gov.uk/uk-border-control/at-border-control — "You can use the UK/EEA immigration lanes and the automatic ePassport gates if you’re from: …, United States"
LOL! @MarkR
@StatikStasis Lolol, especially filling it on time XD I almost forgot this month... managed to get it in before I ran out
@Derick I need a stamp though, right?
5:32 PM
@Tiffany I've always wanted to go to the UK to visit some of the cozy bookstores I've seen. I would probably stay in one of those for hours.
You're here as a tourist so nothing under "When you cannot use an ePassport gate" applies.
Interesting, okay. Though, I kinda want a stamp for bragging rights but I'll have to weigh out if it's worth it
@StatikStasis there are ones like this in the US though
5:34 PM
@Tiffany You don't want to queue if you can use the ePassport gates. It's either waiting hours or minutes.
@Tiffany Maybe we can get you a tatty souvenir tea-towel as a momento instead :D It's the British way
@Tiffany I've probably romanticized the UK ones in my mind though. Don't rob me. =P
@Derick fair, thanks for the tip
@MarkR I already have a bunch of tea-towels at home though.
It being British wouldn't be enough to justify getting one
@Tiffany You in a couple of weeks =D pbs.twimg.com/media/BFkUTveCEAEYpJt.jpg:large
I might get myself a top hat just to say hello in it :D
5:41 PM
@Tiffany I wrote the following to my sister with regards to traveling from LHR into London town::

Take the Elizabeth Line from Heathrow to Liverpool Street. You can go through the ticket gates with your contactless card. Make sure you take a Elizabeth Line train, and not a Heathrow Express train! They should go every 15 minutes and take about 45 minutes to get to Liverpool Street. Sometimes you might have to change at Paddington, but otherwise all trains should go to Liverpool Street.
Elizabeth Line costs £7. HEX £27 or so + tube fare.
You can also take the picadilly tube line, but that takes ages (and is £5.50)
@StatikStasis oh geez XD
Or how about... a top hat with my phpyorkshire elephpant taped on top
The ushers at the venue wear top hats
@Derick I forwarded this onto Ian. He was there last year, and we'll be traveling together. We can amend his knowledge of traveling. I tend to let him figure out logistics because I get lost and overwhelmed pretty easily.
@Tiffany OK! :-)
elizabeth line is shiny and new
wouldn't have existed last year
5:47 PM
@Derick people are whining about it: bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-64373366 though....
They must have caught some uncaffeinated people. I hear everybody raving about it.
We would need to get to the hotel eventually to drop stuff off. We're at Travelodge London Central City Road
me too
i think all speakers are
Thanks for the info :D
@Derick Any opinion on the travel lodge vs the ibis?
5:51 PM
Don't think I've stayed in the ibis.
The TL is well, a TL.
The last hotel I stayed in claimed to have an overnight dinner service, when I tried to use it they said the chef had gone home and there wasn't any food served... ended up driving around until 12:30am eventually finding an open tesco express to buy donuts and a sandwich. Not a 4 star experience.
@MarkR I want to see this! I still want one of those elephpants.
@Derick I love how the judges and attorneys still wear the white powdered wigs.
@cmb I tend to interchange double-L/single-L without thinking about it. I think my phone autocorrects to single-L for me.
6:07 PM
I don't really mind either way, but writing that "cancelling is mispelled" is somewhat amusing (it's spelled correctly, but still mispellt).
@Tiffany you're probably unlikely to even speak to a border agent. They do "intelligence based searches" aka look for people flying from south america. But you might want to watch how to use the passport gate, as figuring those out after a flight can be stress inducing. youtube.com/watch?v=V00e8l--hso&ab_channel=HomeOffice
Jan 27, 2021 at 18:46, by Danack
@Tpojka "misspelt" just to annoy everyone who doesn't use obsolete English spellings.
6:28 PM
TIL that it's obsolete. :)
Aug 24, 2016 at 8:53, by Danack
@DaveRandom spelt vs spelled. Learnt vs learned. Spilt vs spilled. What are the rules?
I personally use the t-ending when it's more 'verb-y'.
7:11 PM
1 hour later…
8:16 PM
@cmb I usually use the two "L" version of cancelling, even though in America "canceling" is what is used most.
1 hour later…
9:21 PM
@Danack What annoyance? Non-native speaker mistake, maybe. Annoyance not a chance. Funny. :)
9:50 PM
@Girgias Is this right?
$x = FFI::new("int[2]");
$x[0] = 10;
$x[1] = 25;

$input = [$x, 1];

$output = array_reduce($input, fn($carry, $value) => $carry + $value, 0);
object(FFI\CData:int32_t*)#4 (1) {
The sum is 25? This is from your RFC: wiki.php.net/rfc/saner-array-sum-product.
10:03 PM
@LeviMorrison seems to be, but doesn't make sense?
@azjezz I think it's decaying to a pointer, and moving to the next element (hence 25).
It's just odd enough that I'm double-checking.
nope, not the case
otherwise this would be 4, not 25..
In any case, the RFC adds a warning and changes the behavior, which seems fine to me.
> Warning: array_sum(): Addition is not supported on type FFI\CData in %s on line %d
Maybe there should be more code comments in the RFC explaining this strange behavior.
@LeviMorrison yea, that's good
10:54 PM
@azjezz Why would that be 4 for that example? You are still adding only one, because the $input contains 1 in its second element.
@TimWolla i was referring to the previous message by Levi, i honestly have no idea what is going on there lol
It is pointer arithmetic.
Fun, you can totally segfault your PHP process with that :-)
@TimWolla i think anyone using FFI is expecting that to happen at some point :P
11:12 PM
@azjezz You only do one addition in your array_reduce ;)
Adding more elements to the FFI array won't change that.
@LeviMorrison doing 2 additions gives a result that makes even less sense than "25"

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