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12:00 AM
I'm just waking up and haven't gone through the logs yet, I think i saw metion of operator(), but has there been mention of rolling arrayaccess operator[] in or nay?
very early it was discussed @MarkR, but it's not part of this RFC. it would have a unique signature and involve deprecating/removing an existing feature so i purposefully avoided it with the understanding that once this feature was in place that'll be a natural evolution of it.
"The magic methods can be implemented with parameter and return types to narrow the type accepted " - Should be "the operator method" or similar.
okay, updated @Crell. I think that does a better job of putting the method name vs. symbol stuff in a logical order/place
Thinking about the $left argument... all of the examples look like they're variations on if ($left) { do something } else { do something the other way around }

If that's such a common idiom, does it make sense to automated, and/or at least have a recognized recommended pattern for dealing with it?
what do you mean? like pythong does with op and rop?
12:10 AM
Throwing it out there, but I get a meh feeling about $left. Now it exists it'd probably prefer something like OperatorPosition::LHS / OperatorPosition::RHS or someting like that
@MarkR oh! that was on my list and i somehow forgot about it
Maybe; I was thinking more like if it were possible to auto-flip the arguments. Or just some standard pattern we can expect to see. I'm just pondering how to reduce the amount of double-length methods we'll see.
it'll only be that way if the operator isn't commutative for that object
New order at the start makes more sense, thanks.
but i get your point. don't know what the solution might look like.
12:17 AM
Here's the big one: Reflection. You don't touch on reflection at all. I've been doing a lot with reflectio lately so it's at the front of my mind.
ahhh.... that's... a good point
If I do (new ReflectionClass(ComplexNumber::class))->getMethods(), what do I get? What should I get?
(I could make a very good case for the operators being included or not.)
you'll get the operator methods too as if they were functions
as the patch is now
That should be made explicit. And I'm not sure if that's the right answer.
right, im not either
12:19 AM
make it public function operator+ then it's what would be expected.
i forgot how this would affect reflection tbh, so need to do that before bringing it back to list
Similarly, in the examples you hint/imply that` $cmplx->'+'(5)` is a thing. But it's not said explicitly. Is it possible to call an operator dynamically?
@MarkR In reflection?
@MarkR True, but that could get in the way of the future-scope for non-typical infix operators.
Also, it's kind of oddball that static methods and non-static are both returned together. Operators being included is even weirder, and makes yet another filter you have to apply to a list of methods to know what you're dealing with.
@Crell yes, it is. An operator method, ultimately, is just a method.
@Crell why?
12:21 AM
@bwoebi That should be made explicit, then. (I'm OK with it, actually prefer it, but it should be made explicit.)
I don't think you need to filter operator methods usually
@Crell I honestly don't know, I haven't tested that. you probably can with at least the call_user_func but the parser might choke on $obj->+ or $obj->'+'
@JRL $obj->'+' is fine.
@JRL That needs to be checked and made explicit in the RFC.
good to know
12:22 AM
I wonder if you could partially apply that... -)
@Crell probably getting annoying with the required $left param…
fn($i) => $cmplx->'+' $i; - Is that a thing?
@JRL is it possible to leave the $left param out in the definition? (e.g. on commutative operations where I don't care)
@bwoebi Hrm, yes. Though... do I need to pass the $left explicitly if calling as above?
@Crell huh? you mean fn($i) => $cmplx + $i simply?
12:24 AM
Er, probably. I should have said this: fn($i) => $cmplx->'+'($i);
(I don't know why I'd want to do that, just testing the limits.)
More likely, you'd be closing over the operator.
Anything that proposes a syntax that allows for:
fn($i) => $cmplx->'+'($i);
I will vote against.
@bwoebi no, it requires exactly 2 currently
it would actually have to be fn($i) => $cmplx->'+'($i, false) … which is anyway … why would anyone ever write that…
but that's really just an artefact that parser allows arbitrary literals there since PHP 7.0.
I'm thinking of cases where you want the operator to be dynamic based on user input.
@Crell that sounds like a terrible idea
12:29 AM
sounds like a job for a function to me
i mean, that's my gut reaction, but maybe i just can't imagine such a scenario?
I can't think of a use case off hand, either. That doesn't mean someone won't come up with one they want to use it for. :-) Probably something with a complex UI.
perhaps i should just make the operator implementations inaccessible on the object
just avoid that whole thing. the point of this is that you access them with an operator
@Crell yeah, maybe if you have an AST with an artithmetic calculation. then you could just do $op1->$operator($op2, true)
If so, that should be made explicit in the RFC.
@bwoebi That's the sort of thing I'm talking about, yes.
12:33 AM
@JRL I don't think there's good reason to avoid this. Except maybe to satisfy some purists.
Purists vote. :-)
really it's about reflection. if it's accessible via -> then it should be returned with getMethods(). however, if it isn't then reflection needs to be updated with something like getOperators()
and personally, i'd want to prevent seeing $obj->'&'(...) in the wild
if you can still get it via reflection you could still grab the callable that way
That also begs the question of whether attributes are allowed on operators, and if so, are they a different attribute target.
attributes are allowed on operators currently yes
right now, operator is a new keyword that has separated parsing, but is in essence an alias for function
Can operator be a conditional keyword, only having meaning when proceeded by function? Similar to yield from.
12:44 AM
@JRL So it uses Attribute::TARGET_METHOD, and there's no way to specify an operator-only attribute?
@Trowski currently it's standalone in the method def, so, no. (I mean it's public operator +(), not public function operator +())
@Crell correct
(where obviously modifiers are redundant, so they can be the starting keyword @Trowski)
Hm. If it's going to be a different reflection object, I would expect it to be a separate target.
Also, there's no discussion of visibility. Does visibility control make sense on operators? That's debatable, IMO. (And either way, should be explicitly mentioned in the RFC.)
haha, you're not wrong, but i kind of marvel at all the places in the engine this project has taken me
12:46 AM
@bwoebi public function operator +(…) seems acceptable if it avoided operator being a keyword.
@Crell operators must be public, and will produce a compile error if marked private or protected. should add that to the RFC
In that case, don't even have the modifier. It's pointless.
@Trowski well, I added it to the semi-reserved list, so class consts, class methods and such can still be called operator, just not top-level funcs, consts and classes
class Complex {
operator +($other, bool $left) { ... }
@Crell well, they can still be abstract
12:47 AM
typo, sorry
OK, so allow abstract. But "You must specify a visibility of public or it errors" sounds like 6 wasted characters for no value to me.
oh no, you can ommit public
it just doesn't allow anything else
Then why have it at all?
what do you mean? it's part of the method modifiers in the parser, along with abstract. are you saying it should error if you explicitly mark it public?
12:49 AM
All of your examples include it, which implies it means something. If it doesn't actually mean anything, why is it there?
oh, i thought i had examples with both, but maybe i removed all the ones that omitted it
If it's easier in the parser to leave the option in there, then the RFC should have something like:

Operators must be public. As they are backed by methods their visibility may be specified, but only `public` is legal. For that reason, the RFC recommends developers omit the keyword as it is redundant.
the example under "Operator Order and Retrying" omits it
@Trowski Is your only gripe that there's an interface in Amp\Pipeline called Operator? :-D
but yes, like i said i agree that needs to be added to the RFC explicitly
12:51 AM
@bwoebi T'was. Now it's called PipelineOperator :-P
they also error if marked static @Crell
just fyi
Makes sense. Also something that should be noted.
@Trowski ah, that's why I could only find it in my local checkout :-D
(So, operators are methods the way enums are classes. :-) )
@Crell yes, good analogy actually
12:54 AM
@Trowski oh, it's been 4 min haha
they are "methods" in the engine because that avoids changes to structs and so on. but they are not intended to be used the way normal methods are.
I'd say that, like with enums, anything that doesn't make sense should just be hard-blocked. (Like data modifying magic methods were hard-blocked on enums.)
And then document that list.
@Trowski this pipeline repo as a whole feels like "advanced usage" … like, no idea what I'd use it for :-D
I mean, it's hard to see here, what exactly the difference between a trivial Generator is (which will just suspend to a fiber while doing IO) and the amp\pipeline equivalents, just judging by the examples here
Like for example, does it provide a backpressure buffer I can set,so that it buffers up to 5 values before not continuing.
but still something trivial like that can also be achieved on a simple iterable, instead of on the pipeline. (and all the other pipeline functions as well … why is that on Pipeline and not just on iterable?)
Can you enlighten me a bit @Trowski?
1:12 AM
okay @Crell added that section under the area for the operator keyword
working on Reflection tonight, and i'll update the RFC once i have an implementation
Hm, that location seems odd. It's in the middle of a list of reasons for the operator keyword, just sorta randomly.
I'd make it its own section later.
Text looks fine.
@bwoebi Iterators only allow requesting one new item at a time, while Pipeline allows multiple concurrent calls
ooo that reminds me, I've been holding this in since Friday... if amp ever gets C extension support for boosties, it should be called "ampcellerator"
@bwoebi See Amp\Pipeline\concurrentUnordered and concurrentOrdered.
@MarkR :-P
@kelunik so, basically like $futures = []; $results = []; foreach ($iterator as $val) { $futures[] = async(fn() => $results[] = doSomeThing($val)); if (count($futures) > 10) { [$key] = race($futures); unset($futures[$key]); } } all($futures);, but just expressed with pipelines? something like that sounds like it largely should just be a simple function with signature (iterable, int)?
1:32 AM
@bwoebi Not sure what your question is there. That map could be implemented like that?
@kelunik That the whole pipeline wrapping looks overblown to me, instead of simply using iterable as arg
@bwoebi For consumption of a pipeline, yeah, you could do that. Pipelines are about creation of the iterator source in a way that can be async. The pipeline source (iterator) gets a future when a value is emitted, so it can carry on doing something else while the value is being consumed. Pipelines also abstract operations on async sets, similar to ReactiveX.
@Trowski hm. Dunno, maybe I'll someday find a proper use for this…
1:53 AM
@bwoebi Mostly it exists for being able to emit an iterator value without awaiting for the value to be consumed and the ease of using the operators for transformation and concurrent consumption.
I won't argue that with fibers, probably 80%+ of the time a regular iterator or generator will be fine. And that's fantastic. :-)
2:36 AM
oooh, hah! I just noticed @salathe changed his avatar :D
mornin \o
2:52 AM
i have been writing documentation for the past few days, and honestly, it's so tiring!

kudos to the PHP doc team
If anyone wants to give me an early feedback: php-standard-library.github.io/#/components/channel ( most components are still undocumented )
3:35 AM
@SaifEddinGmati Some feedback on the site, but not the content: you are using way too many empty lines, lol.
 * @var Channel\ReceiverInterface<string> $receiver
 * @var Channel\SenderInterface<string> $sender
[$receiver, $sender] = Channel\unbounded();

Psl\invariant(true === $receiver->isEmpty(), 'Channel should be empty');


Psl\invariant(false === $receiver->isEmpty(), 'Channel should not be empty');


Psl\invariant(true === $receiver->isEmpty(), 'Channel should be empty');
This is excessive to have an empty line between every single line...
4:18 AM
i feel like it makes it easier to read, but i probably can change the line-height instead. thanks 👍
1 hour later…
5:31 AM
my god messing with reflection is monstrous, lol
i guess given what it does that's expected
yeah, i don't think i'm going to mess with trying to do the implementation for that prior to voting, i'll just document in the RFC what the changes should be
5:57 AM
hmmm. it seems that the zend_enum.stub.php doesn't work
because zend_enum.h isn't included in the generated zend_enum_arginfo.h
6:13 AM
well that's lovely. i suppose this was never tested, but the build process is wrong.
6:44 AM
I have an PHP function which buys a Simcard charge for the users
when the user clicks on that button twice really fast, that function apparently runs twice and buys two Simcard charge for the user .. even if that user doesn't have enough balance credit in his account
I tried to implement "Semaphore" for it by adding a condition on the way of that which says:
> Adding a condition beginning lines of function's codes that checks if there is a "waiting status" transaction then return false otherwise inserts a waiting-status transaction in the database and keeps the rest of the buying process
but sadly still buying twice happens .. it looks both requests run exactly at the same time .. any solution?
7:24 AM
1. Prevent them doubling clicking really fast client side e.g. javascript
2. tag each request with a random ID generated at page load. 2 of the same ID = double submitted.
3. Use table locks to query and update the data.
I can do that, but firstly I'm talking about an Android application that takes time to get published on stores (currently fraud-people are attacked us) and secondly it seems like a hole in the backend side
@MarkR ah ok, good
i have the OperatorPosition enum finished @MarkR
@Shafizadeh you should be using transactions on the database for things that involve money/currency/credits
That's correct
OperatorPosition::LeftSide and OperatorPosition::RightSide
@Shafizadeh you're doing begin transaction on the relevant database? that provides a table lock.
what database are you using
MySQL .. innoDB engine
7:30 AM
@JRL naming may need some discussion to get it right.
It's row-locking :-(
how are you beginning the transaction?
@JRL Not impelemented trasaction yet in the code .. I'm doing that ..
okay, well a database transaction should solve that issue. it's why accounting software performs operations in transactions.
@MarkR Possibly. For the case names? Or do you think the enum name will generate opinions as well?
for the case names I considered Left/Right, LHS/RHS, LeftSide/RightSide, and LeftOperand/RightOperand
@JRL If I do $a + $b and $a->operator+ gets called, does that give LeftSide or RightSIde?
7:33 AM
Yet the operator's position is actually on the right side...
$a + $b
....^ to the right of A
the operand is on the left side
so then, OperandPosition instead
But you said the enum was OperatorPosition
So that change would seem like a good start
7:37 AM
yep, good catch
7:54 AM
Hmm, apparently it is very, very bad if you call zend_object_release on an enum case pointer
You get a segfault, and you get a segfault, and you get a segfault!
8:11 AM
segfaults for everrryone \o/
i thought the function was going to copy the pointer and return that, but apparently it returns the pointer directly off of the class_entry, so releasing it literally removes the case from the class definition.
9:16 AM
i think the enum build stuff in php-src is really, truly broken
has anyone attempted to create an enum for internals yet?
9:40 AM
have you seen this?
i added a new enum to zend_enum.stub.php and it produces a build error
/home/jordan/Projects/php-src/Zend/zend_enum_arginfo.h:58:34: error: implicit declaration of function ‘zend_register_internal_enum’; did you mean ‘zend_register_internal_class’?
when it's building the new zend_enum_arginfo.h from the stub file
or are actual enums supposed to go somewhere else than the enum stub
i can fix the build by manually adding #include "zend_enum.h" to the top of the generated zend_enum_arginfo.h
@JRL hmm, have you included the zend_enum.h into the file where the arginfo is used?
yes, it's used in zend_enum.c which definitely includes the .h file
or wait
no it doesn't
well now i can move on to the actual issue, which is that passing a case that from zend_enum_get_case_cstr() appears to segfault the type checker
passing it to a user function that is, from the engine
10:00 AM
I for one am glad I mainly develop in languages where segfaults are not a thing unless you really screw up
pastebin.com/8J0PB0Jb <-- the last line segfaults on an instance_ce = instance_ce->parent
I don't see instance_ce = instance_ce->parent in that?
it's deep in the call chain of executing the user function
coming from zend_check_type
the actual segfault is in instanceof_function_slow in zend_operators.c
when it's checking that the passed type matches the parameter type of the function
My initial thought would be check if left_val has a value
ah okay
it must be in how im copying to the &params
this particular segfault only happens when it gets copied once with one case, then gets recopied with a different value
which it is supposed to do. it does the first pass, then replaces one case with the other for the second pass (left side then right side)
i think it's the ZVAL_OBJ(&op_pos, left_val); on the second loop i simply do ZVAL_OBJ(&op_pos, right_val);
but this must leave the zval in some kind of broken state
needed to use ZVAL_OBJ_COPY instead
1 hour later…
11:25 AM
Good morning
11:45 AM
Hi can anyone help in this question : stackoverflow.com/questions/70247791/…
12:12 PM
@rowoc Probably not. There's a lot of context missing in this question. Unless somebody knows exactly what you're talking about because they were in the exact same situation it's unlikely somebody will be able to help.
12:33 PM
@cmb github.com/php/php-src/issues/7730 Apparently the problem is that RecursiveRegexIterator also filters directories. That means if you're in the root directory and filter the sub-directories by a regex like \.php$ they will all be excluded. That makes the entire iterator pretty useless.
12:57 PM
@IluTov well, you need to flatten first: github.com/php/php-src/issues/7730#issuecomment-987890645
oh, actually not sure since it's about RecursiveRegexIterator, not RegexIterator
@cmb I think it's implemented fine, although its usefulness is questionable. grep.app/… GitHub seems to agree, there are only 21 usages of this iterator.
And half of it is unrelated.
1:34 PM
> "usefulness is questionable"

Isn't that most of SPL?
You have a point there
I already love the condescending tone of people on Github issues <3
(not that it was any better on bugs.php.net)
I am thinking that with a core autoloader if one might not make SPL an optional dependency, might break a lot of stuff tho
@Girgias The exceptions it provides are heavily used.
Sure, but it would still be bundled, you could just make a minimal build without it
And all of the iterators are also used
Okay maybe not all
2:21 PM
Rename Standard PHP Library (SPL) to Substandard PHP Library.
@salathe votes yes
It always surprises me why the Laravel crowd always wants to do their own thing... instead of collaborating. phpreleases.com
It happens enough that you really shouldn't be surprised anymore.
github.com/php/php-src/blob/master/sapi/cgi/… – now imagine it would have been fixed ;)
2:50 PM
Dec 8 '20 at 11:19, by Danack
@Derick imo, because Laravel is turning into a platform rather than a library, and by grabbing Faker, it's a massive landgrab against the symfony platform.
what could cause stream_get_contents to never return, on windows? using the pipes of proc_open
grabbing "Faker"? Not sure if I follow that?
I meant the first bit more - that Laravel is a platform, and doesn't want it's users to investigate the rest of the PHP world.
Laravel: The new Wordpress.
The Faker stuff was an example of the Laravel people being shit people by claiming they were continuing a project, when they were actually doing an aggressive takeover against the maintainers wishes - marmelab.com/blog/2020/10/21/sunsetting-faker.html
2:57 PM
Ah, but Symfony has some history of that with ramsey-uuid
And refusing PRs that make a Symfony component easier to use outside of Symfony ecosystem. I'm saying that a new API providing benefits only outside Symfony is a bad idea.
@RemiCollet What is php-process? pctnl?
@PatrickAllaert who cares ?N
@Derick lol... I guess that's what I get for not pushing harder for prototype-meta.php.net
It's part of the doc of Ibexa
and was just wondering what it is
3:01 PM
nobody should care about package name, so this doc is wrong
@PatrickAllaert Ibexa no longer exists :-)
if you need "foo" ext, install php-foo
@Derick huuh?
@PatrickAllaert ibexa.co/blog/… -- they got bought
@PatrickAllaert (btw, php-process package provides posix, shmop, sysvmsg, sysvsem, sysvshm), but this layout may change (and have changed in the past)
3:03 PM
ok, kind of bundle... thanks @RemiCollet
@Derick Wow, didn't know, but being bought doesn't mean not existing anymore
Sure, but the entity itself (and more interestingly, their shares) won't exist.
They were required to buy my shares...
Or rather, I am required to sell the new group my shares.
@Derick Can you be legally forced?
Which is causing a few issues, like me no longer having a Norwegian bank account, or having any online access to that stock account. Had to jump through a whole lot of hoops (in Norwegian!) to get this all sorted.
Yeah, it's common that minority share holders are "Forced" to sell their shares if a company gets taken over.
to be honest, I never thought I'd get any money back for these shares, so it's a pleasant surprise.
Ok, wans't aware of that. Hope that was intere$ting
It pays for a bit more than a beer :-)
3:08 PM
@Derick Is the xdebug process still send an email, get an invoice back?
For support yes, for cloud, I now offer Stripe. I will be working towards making this more streamlined, and also, FWIW, there is an extra line on the "Business" column now. Thanks for the suggestion.
@Derick Oh good, i'll take you up on that
3:24 PM
@Wes too many bytes to read (pipes are blocking on Windows; there are some workarounds in place, but that issue has never been solved); try wether 'socket' instead of 'pipe' works (available as of PHP 8.0.0)
@Danack Now it seems I got the language police involved :-)
3:35 PM
@cmb blocking_pipes option?
@Wes not sure what you mean. I'm referring to proc_opens $descriptorspec where you can try to use 'socket' instead of 'pipe'. That doesn't work in all cases, but might work for you.
should be documented …
What's the language police?
How to name regression tests for GH bugs? Use gh12345.phpt instead of bug12345.phpt?
i am only able to poke at it, copy pasta fashion. i don't get sockets, pipes
unless they are green and have carnivorous plants in it that is
simply replacing my $specs with that didn't work :B
that exhausted my knowledge
i guess i'll just print the output to a file
4:19 PM
sorry cmb i don't get it
i'll use amp or redirect to a file... hopefully that'll work
5:01 PM
yeah, you may need to workaround (see devblogs.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20110707-00/?p=10223 for some explanation)
5:28 PM
@cmb bug_gh12345.phpt maybe? still worth indicating clearly that it comes from a user bug report.....for x years time when we move away from github.
@cmb well, am i going to encounter the same issue if i do 1> out.txt 2> err.txt ?
@Danack Well, in the case at hand, it's not comming from a bug report, but rather from a PR which fixes a bug. But I'm fine with bug_gh12345.phpt.
@Wes you mean on the command line, or via proc_open? Is amphp involved?
via proc_open, yes
proc_open(".......... 1> file1.txt 2> file2.txt")
i mean, i am going to use exec or shell_exec or whatever appears to be working -.-
5:49 PM
@cmb i have a question about proc_ on windows as well :D

this example seems to work as expected on windows: https://github.com/azjezz/psl/blob/2.0.x/examples/shell/concurrent.php#L16-L23 ( takes 1 second to execute all shell commands ), but i'm using pairs, which should block, so why isn't it blocking? i want it to be non-blocking, but i also want to know why it works here ( execute function: https://github.com/azjezz/psl/blob/2.0.x/src/Psl/Shell/execute.php#L148-L195 )
6:00 PM
@SaifEddinGmati there is a hack for non-blocking pipes on Windows. That may not work if there's too much data (see devblogs.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20110707-00/?p=10223). We did some experiments with larger pipe buffers, but without any outcome. After all, the only clean solution would be overlapped IO, but that's hard (if not impossible) to integrate.
Thank you.

I'm not sure if using sockets would be better as it stats some programs might not support it ( nodejs ).
@SaifEddinGmati That's why @DaveRandom wrote amphp/windows-process-wrapper for us. :-)
@Wes :D
6:16 PM
@Trowski i will just add "if not working properly on windows, use amphp/process" to the docs 😛
@SaifEddinGmati lol, that works. Async processes are pretty easy, so long as you pretend Windows doesn't exist.
@Trowski i already have a info element that it's not a replacement for amphp/process or symfony/process, but rather exec, shell_exec, and system(): php-standard-library.github.io/#/components/shell/…
Seems like a reasonable feature set for PSL.
6:46 PM
@Derick this is actually something I have strong feelings about, namely, that avoiding having everything be in a single repo, and so theoretically looked after by 1 group of people, is a mistake to be avoided. In this case, hosting it under a subdomain point at a separate site would be good......but that should be done only when there is a person paid to look after infrastructure.
Also, that interacting with an echo chamber of people is likely to have annoying responses.
7:20 PM
hello world :D
@Tiffany testing a new compiler?
new computer :P
What kind
7:41 PM
system76 lemur :D
slowly setting it up
Is this an upgradable laptop
8:07 PM
hey @IluTov are you around?
@SalOrozco not sure, presently, I know there's 8 GB RAM soldered, but I picked out a 32 GB RAM stick, putting it at 40 GB total
but it's a shiny new dev machine so I'm excited
i'm unsure what the preferred way to free the pointer you get from a call to zend_enum_get_case_cstr would be.
@IluTov LOL. Of course. github.com/MarkBaker/EnumHelper
8:22 PM
I just tried with zend_objects_destroy_object. OBJ_RELEASE caused a segfault on its own.
waiting on the tests to complete
8:49 PM
@JRL Looks like you don't need to release it at all. Just add a ref if you assign it to a zval I think.
ZVAL_OBJ_COPY should be adding a ref already
still getting memory leaks from Zend MM
though i suppose it's possible that the leak is from a different object, i haven't been able to get gdb to cooperate on this one
9:02 PM
@Tiffany is this from work or you buy your own?
@SalOrozco paid for by new job, but I get to keep it
it's mine to own :D
Same job or you got another job?
new job, new company
well, the one I accepted a few weeks back, but I start next Monday
more money
9:08 PM
This is the time to move on
it's bittersweet, first job I've quit since I was 19
why you quit
Didn't believe in the product?
better tools
What they have
local dev, PHP 8, and a workstation that has more than 8 GB of RAM lol
plus I get to use the git GUI I prefer
9:12 PM
oh you couldn't use whatever you wanted in your other job.
a few coworkers and I had to write up a short essay to get phpstorm licenses
explaining how and why it would help us do our job
You gotta adapt as a dev
even if you are a manager
i mean adapt to change
git GUI would have been near impossible to get approval for
9:13 PM
The manager
was old school
the one I had to convince for the phpstorm licenses, a little, but not that much, he was a cool guy
I mean that genuinely
What code editor did they use before phpStorm
it wasn't really the dev managers that had to be convinced, but the people above them
the people running the company
Eclipse, though some devs used other stuff like vim
9:16 PM
My first teacher into programing
well not programming
It was a HTML class
Proudly told the class that all you needed was notepad
I mean, it's true, technically, but it's like comparing a manual tool to a drill
Exactly it can speed everything up
code completion
I cannot look at code with out the highlighting.
lol same
When i learned html and didnt know anything about js or php
I edit all my HTML in XML Notepad
9:19 PM
i would look at files that had js all slimed down.
It was scary lol all this code with no spaces or structure.
I have so many stickers, and now I have a laptop to put them on
and system76 sent more stickers ...
I have all kinds of stickers on my laptop
When i put them on i didnt even know some of the technologies.
now i do
Yarrr it be a tad windy outside.
9:42 PM
Same over here and on top of that it has been raining for 3 days straight
@JRL I am now, what's up?
@IluTov I was going to ask about the preferred was to free the pointer that's returned from a call to zend_enum_get_case_cstr(). I am getting memory leak warnings from Zend MM. Using OBJ_RELEASE() appears to segfault. The object is copied into a zval using ZVAL_OBJ_COPY, and then that zval is copied (by value) into a params list to send as an argument to a user function call.
the basic gist is that i want the engine to provide an enum case as an argument to a user function call, but experiencing some issues with zend mm
@JRL Try GC_DELREF(). The string shouldn't be released. It's still ref-counted though.
on the zend_object returned from the get case?
9:54 PM
ty :)
10:25 PM
It's -5 C here
10:52 PM
show off
@cmb I would argue it's not so much a hack as just a model that is incompatible with PHP (or anything which abstracts threading away)... window messaging-based async is actually bitchin fast if you build apps that way from the ground up
it doesn't really work unless you have absolute control over the master/worker threads though
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