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12:03 AM
/me screams... they banned Codemiko from twitch rage
3 hours later…
3:29 AM
Okay, dark mode in chrome on mobile is neat
Only wish the address bar section and my Android buttons were dark to match
document : Example #1 chinese language ・ Documentation problem ・ #80651
Thank you @JoeWatkins for the suggestion
3 hours later…
6:20 AM
hi guys im having a problem using pdo. I want to send null in db table as null is allowed. i used the condition nullif it adds the value if string is null but wont send value is string is not null.
if($_POST["operation"] == "Add")
        $statement = $connection->prepare("INSERT INTO teams (First_Name, Last_Name, Password, Team_Lead) VALUES (:First_Name, :Last_Name, :Password, :Team_Lead)");
        $result = $statement->execute(
                ':First_Name' => $_POST["First_Name"],
sorry i meant it sends null if the string is empty but wont send value if string is not null
nevermind i figured it out nullif should be in the statement
NULLIF('Team_Lead',' ') will always return 'Team_lead'.
Also, morning.
i removed nullif from the array and added it to the statement in values. its working good now
Good Morning :)
By definition, written like that it will always return 'Team_Lead'.
> Returns NULL if expr1 = expr2 is true, otherwise returns expr1.
7:33 AM
7:53 AM
@DaveRandom Gosh, how old are you? That show is ancient, but its also great I watched it last year and loved it.
8:41 AM
@mega6382 He protested loudest when they invented sound film.
2 hours later…
10:56 AM
@mega6382 I am 36 :-P I'm/it's not that old...
11:17 AM
@DaveRandom sounds like you're about to become grand-grandfather
11:37 AM
Hey. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to simulate payment after someone has itens in the cart? A simple way, not complicated, since it's only for school
What do you mean by "simulate payment"?
it's when you make it look like you put your card in the machine but there wasn't really any penetration
Buy the itens in the cart... Simulate because no one is really buying ahah
First step: invent your own currency
11:46 AM
if it's for school, a button that says "Buy Now" on it is probably enough
you don't want to collect fake payment data, or worse, accidentally collect real payment data
Probably more than that, if he has to calculate more than one item, vat, shipping ..
yeh, but that's about how the basket works, not the payment mechanism
@samayo cart is already functional. Just need to simulate payment
you can just omit the card details form and have a "buy now" button that takes you to order confirmation
no need for anything more complicated than that, imho
yeah, i agree ^
11:49 AM
@DaveRandom Its from 18 years before I was born, so yeah its pretty old :D and so are you, grandpa
@mega6382 Hey, respect your elders.
@mega6382 ffs.
@DaveRandom Order confirmation, like some form?
like think about when you buy stuff on amazon
you have the basket, the payment details, and when you click OK it takes you to essentially the basket that is no longer editable, and has an order ID associated with it
all you need to do is not include the payment form
payment form is just a data collection/validation step - skip it
Or add pre-defined card info(fake obviously) that cannot be edited to make it look like a real payment page etc
11:54 AM
yeh that's true, you could have a pre-populated read-only form and just discard the data
but also I feel like the assignment should probably specify this...
So using some kind of API is out of the question in this case?
btw @DaveRandom what are you using now that CentOs is dead
it's not out of the question, it's just not a thing you should be doing unless you actually want to take payments, which you do not
You were the one to recommend me that and it was really good distro.
ever, under any circumstances
11:56 AM
Why is that?
in the same way as you don't ask people to lend you their passport
card details are private information which has a very specific purpose
they should be protected like your life depends on it, and users should be reminded of that at every opportunity
people cannot be trusted to input "fake" details into a "fake" payment form
I see... Thanks for help
Btw, does anyone here use VIM?
and then you shove them in a database for no reason, and 6 months later someone finds it somehow and then you accidentally stole a bunch of people's card details :-P
@DGF :q!
@DGF Simulating payment? Clicking BUY NOW button raise modal window with gif inside which lives for 2 seconds within setTimeout function and write out in same modal after that: Congratulation, you've successfully bought items costing $someAmount.
12:01 PM
I'm starting the use VIM, I kinda know the basic commands. Like go top/begin page, go end/start line, split screens, page down/up, copy/paste, etc..
but I wanted different items costing $otherAmount damn it
I noticed that the Authorization header is missing in $_SERVER. I've been looking ways to access it but couldn't manage it yet.
PHP_AUTH_* constants
I've come across this piece of code:
I'm still in the fase of learning programming. But I feel like I should be learning VIM as well in this fase, since I feel like as sooon as start to learn it better
12:02 PM
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP:Authorization} ^(.*)
RewriteRule .* - [e=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%1]
but I don't know how to implement it, especially since there are already rewrite rules in my .htacess.
@DaveRandom Amount should reflect cart. He said he had functional cart already.
My current .htaccess is:
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L]
that is what you actually want, I suspect
@DaveRandom Unfortunately, apache_request_headers() or getallheaders() doesn't work.
define "doesn't work" - return nothing or does not contain the header you want?
if the latter, I suspect the problem is that the client didn't send the header...
12:06 PM
@DaveRandom what kind of stuff you use on VIM, like plugins or other stuff? Information on what to use on VIM is so "divided"
I know this chat is for PHP, but since VIM is an text editor (which can be use for php) it fits the purpose ahah
@DGF I don't tbh, I only ever use it for basic editing config files in place on servers and stuff like that, if I want to do actual text editing work I generally do it in an IDE or editpadpro
occasionally N++ but I get on better with epp
@DaveRandom They are not defined.
what PHP version are you using??
that should exist under mod_php since like PHP4
@DaveRandom 7.1.4. I'm using AWS Lightsail. Bitnami stack.
@Tpojka Yeah, nice idea, but I don't want to use bootstrap. Will probably do something more simple
12:12 PM
ah idk anything about that stack
@DaveRandom Can't help me then T_T
What am I doing wrong?
if ($Type != 'PhoneCall'){
		if ($urlsType != 'Javascript'){
this works
if ($Type != 'PhoneCall' || $Type != 'Javascript'){

this does not
@DGF You don't need to, nobody mentions twitter bootstrap.
@Tpojka css and js?
As you can see.
12:17 PM
@CupOfJava maybe you want && and not ||
> && and not ||

@mega6382 But I don't want AND, I want OR.
@CupOfJava Apparently not, if the first example works. Nested ifs are logically the same as &&.
@IluTov I know, I used the first one because it works. When I use the second one it treats it like neither are there
@CupOfJava That's why you should use if ($Type != 'PhoneCall' && $Type != 'Javascript'){, that will be the same as the nested if.
12:23 PM
@IluTov I'm not trying to get the outcome of the nested
@CupOfJava If it can only one or another make 2 different ifs
if it can ony be one or another
@CupOfJava What is your goal?
@CupOfJava || doesn't make sense as it will always match. If the first one doesn't match ($Type is 'PhoneCall') then the second one will always match ($Type is not 'Javascript') and vice versa.
You are using $urlsType and $Type in one case and $Type and $Type in the other
@Tpojka && && ! ||
12:28 PM
Give me a minute I'm setting up a paste bin
@DGF learn git too, if you haven't yet
$Aray $arry $ari?
Vim is nice if you're editing files on a Linux terminal environment for whatever reason. The only people I know who use vim as their regular editor are either figurative geniuses or they're masochists and like making life difficult for themselves.
12:37 PM
@DGF As someone who likes VIM, that's absolutely not what you should be focusing on at first ^^ Your fingers will probably out-type your brain for at least the first few months of programming. And to be completely honest, you can get most of the benefits of fast-typing by getting used to ctrl (+ shift) + (arrow|home|end|pg).
@CupOfJava PHP doesn't have name conflicts with parameters, local variables assigned from arguments. Spelling a variable different ways multiple times is confusing. Also for the love of all things holy, please format your code correctly with spacing.
One of the things I'm really missing from MacOS, they have cmd + left/right for home/end which was extremely convenient. Dedicated home/end buttons are kind of a pain, especially on a laptop keyboard where they are weirdly placed.
Mind, this isn't python where indentation results in an error, but your code is intended to be read by humans... so make it readable. This is in regards to the lack of spacing in function scope. I don't want to have to count braces to know when function scope is out.
@CupOfJava this is clearly an && situation
@CupOfJava try && and if does what you want
@Tiffany Don't know much about git, just heard a few times about it. But will look it up
12:43 PM
@DGF definitely learn that first
Git version control makes life easier, but git is the best flavor of version control atm.
@Tiffany @IluTov But if you master VIM you can code really fast, for what I understood
@IluTov I'm sorry for doubting you. && fixed it
@DGF you won't be coding fast though. Most of your work as a programmer is figuring out code, then typing it
@CupOfJava 👍
Also what IDE are you using that you can't type quickly? o_O
12:47 PM
@Tiffany Yup, that exactly. For the most part, if you wanna type fast, learn to actually type fast and get used to using ctrl (jumping words) and home/end. I think that's gonna get you 80% there, and it works in every program, not just vim.
I remember years ago when I was learning programming from college classes, I would turn off autocomplete because I found it annoying. After working as a programming for awhile, autocomplete is extremely nice, it does save keystrokes and it does help me remember the names of stuff just by typing a few letters of the thing. It's something that vanilla vim lacks.
@Tiffany I'm using Sublime text
@Tiffany It was more or less that way because it's easier for me to test it. I see what you're saying though.
@DGF Coding fast is unrelated about typing fast or getting code on screen fast
What I mean is that you can jump between code fast, with no need to use the mouse
12:49 PM
It's about understanding the problem before writing any code
if I want to go to some line of code I just type :20
goes to line 20
All IDEs do that
ctrl+g :20 in phpstorm and several text editors I have used
@DGF ctrl + g, 20, enter. Yes, it's slightly longer, but vim also adds some overhead to typing (a/i to start, typing, lots of esc, etc).
@CupOfJava bad formatting is a pet peeve of mine, almost to the point that I'll nope out of looking at code if the formatting is bad. Yours wasn't the worst, but it could definitely be improved.
@IluTov Interesting. I've always used Ctrl+A/Ctrl+E.
12:50 PM
ctrl+b go to definition
ctrl+shift+n find resource
IDE != Text Editor right?
it's more than that
also alt+f4 to speed up your machine
@DGF learn the keybindings in your IDE ;) also if you're a student, PhpStorm is free to use for student projects, so take advantage of that

find string: Ctrl+W
find line: Ctrl+_

is everything I need from minimalistic editor.
@PeeHaa lmao
12:53 PM
I cannot stand nano for some reason
@Tpojka a few of my coworkers including my boss use nano. I only know of myself and at least one other person that use vim.
But also our dev environment isn't local :(
@PeeHaa Probably because it doesn't come preinstalled in Ubuntu.
I keep trying it on new machines which don't have vim, but I just cannot get used to it
@Tpojka yeah, nano is way easier than vim
@Tiffany wait, so you use VIM?
12:54 PM
@mega6382 Way. I just need those two commands described above. Anything more complex is not going to be solved with nano by myself. And to be fair, with line number and string search you can pretty much a lot.
@DGF I use vim for simple stuff on our dev server, yes.
Like quick changes
@Tiffany ahm, not for general use
@Tpojka That works on MacOS? Huh, never knew that. The nice thing about cmd is that you press it with your thumb which makes it easy to also hold shift, and your right hand is completely free to press the arrow keys. cmd + up/down also works, which goes to the top/end of the file.
Never got to replicate something like that on Linux... Still makes me somewhat less productive when typing...
The switching between ctrl/cmd is super terrible
12:56 PM
@Tpojka yeah, and ctrl+_ with ctrl+v and you can go to the end of file, these three things are all i need from my editor in terminal
@PeeHaa I have gotten used to it now. I have become quite fast with ctrl/cmd/option/shift combinations
@DGF there was one point where I was making a lot of changes in vim and I was reaching a point where I wished it had autocomplete, which was when I realized I needed to go back to my IDE to work on code. The dev environment is a Linux terminal with no GUI so vim or nano are the only way to edit files.
How do you keep from pressing Ctrl+w in a browser though if you're not paying attention :P coworker was working in nano, closed his browser window by mistake, lol
@Tiffany I think you can have autocomplete on VIM with some plugins
@DGF with plugins, not going to install superfluous plugins on a server
I'm not sure I even have access to do so
Hmm... right
@DGF Note that most IDEs also have VIM plugins (basically just replicates VIM keybindings).
1:02 PM
Though, my environment is something from late 90s-early 00s, most places use local VMs or containers as their dev environment. My employer is slow at switching.
@IluTov Didn't know that, that's nice...
@Sara Thanks! I'll announce it right away. This weekend I'll fix the submodule initialisation to avoid any problem in the 8.0.2 release
@IluTov Does it hide the close button too?
Did you guys take the JetBrains survey?
@DGF Leave vim, use butterflies.
1:08 PM
Off-topic, I dreamed about eating breakfast food at a slightly more upscale diner, and I've been craving breakfast food since I woke up.
@Tiffany Its 6PM and I haven't eaten anything all day :(
@mega6382 go eat something? Assuming you're able
Actually I am trying that OMAD thing, and so I have my eating window at 9-10 pm.
Regex delimiters not validated correctly ・ PCRE related ・ #80652
Hey there, a customer of mine has an old PHP 5.4 app (85'000 lines PHP code) that I am thinking of upgrading to 8 (not refactoring for new features, just to make it runnable on newest stable). Can anyone who has been through that level of change in one go speak to what amount of pain to expect (ideally expressed in units of time ;-) ). Of course I realise this question may be hard to answer without any knowledge of the code, so I'm also happy to just hear about other people's experiences.
1:20 PM
@Sam Don't go directly to 8. Make incremental changes, first aim for 5.6, then 7 and so on. I would not advise going for 8 anytime soon for such an old codebase.
@Sam Look at tools such as the php-compatibility CodeSniffer ruleset and Rector that will be able to help you see the magnitude of changes required and perform many of them automatically.
@Sam I think moving from 5.4 to 5.6 will be painful, from 5.6 to 7 should be relatively easier. It really depends on the code structure and quality otherwise.
@mega6382 Why are incremental changes better?
@Sam I would recommend to go straight for PHP 8 for the reason that you can use the newer features straight away. However, going for PHP 7.4 as an intermediate step is also a good idea. New versions of PHP brought many new features that help to make the code easier and better. The amount of work is proportional to the quality of the old codebase not the changes that were made in new releases. PHP has quite good backwards compatibility.
e.g. I had an old project that I needed to upgrade from PHP 5 to PHP 7 and the only thing that I had to change was to replace ereg usages.
With PHP 8 there might be more changes because of the warning to error promotion
so if you are scarce on time go for PHP 7.4 and then work on fixing all bugs for PHP 8
I would presume that such an old project is in dire in need of refactoring one way or another. I don't think you can avoid that. If the project is really bad you might even be better off scrapping the current code base and rewriting it again but I presume that it's not going to be possible in your situation.
There might be some PHP 4 leftovers, e.g. Magic strings, mysql_* API instead of PDO or spaghetti code that doesn't use OOP and autoloading.
1:36 PM
@Dharman Because there will be less breaking changes in-between version change. And they will serve as checkpoints. So, if at some point you don't have enough resources to continue this then at least all of your effort won't go to waste. Because if you try to aim for the latest version and can't make it for some reason then the new changes would be of no use and you still would be on 5.4 and would have just wasted a ton of effort.
And also the incremental changes follow the "Boy Scout Rule": "leave the code better than you found it"
Yeah, so I would focus on the most important parts first.
Thanks guys!

The way I was thinking of doing it was simply to go through the list of breaking changes, and trust that that would fix all issues (will it?). Going from 5.5 upwards would allow to me to pause at any level, but yes I would love to reach newest stable, and yes the step after that would be to take advantage of that for refactoring.

Thanks for the pointers on tooling too!
@Sam Have you got any idea what to expect in that old project? Was it really designed on PHP 5.4 or is it an even older PHP 4 legacy?
(erm thanks whichever gender is appropriate, sorry!)
@Dharman the original code was 5.3
I assume it is a web project, correct? Does it use databases?
1:42 PM
Yes, internal web app MySQL 5.6 works
Does it use PDO already?
@Sam I go by the pronoun "Your Majesty", so please address me as such :P
:-D No PDO
I wouldn't hit PHP 8 directly from 5.4, you're going through 2 major releases which both had breaking changes, and PHP 8 has a couple of things which can be hard to detect, TypeErrors, new ValueErrors and numeric string comparisons are the 3 notable ones
Does it use the mysql_ API or the mysqli_ API?
Because you'll first need to migrate away from the mysql_* API if it uses that
This is probably where you will spend most of your time. Rewriting code to use parameter binding .
1:48 PM
Don't forget about PHP6!
We already forgot PHP 6
A static analyser could help with the afore mentioned issues, I know there is a psalm pluging for the wonky numeric string comparisons
PHP 5.4 is PHP 6 :p change my mind
No need, you are correct
@pmmaga yes, that is the most important one. If you can get there then there will be no need for 7 or 8 :D
The real name for PHP 6 is "The Ascended PHP" :D
sorry telco will reply asap
1:54 PM
something I wish I knew of when I was refactoring a 5.3 code base
I am not a fan of these automatic refactoring tools
It works for simple stuff, but not for some major refactoring
I don't know how well rector works, but Danack said positive things about it, and the author of the tool is an exceptional dude
But for simple stuff I can also use auto-formatter. Like CS fixer
I think making a branch on the codebase and trying rector is worth a shot, in my opinion
see if what it does is a good starting point to continue refactoring
1:58 PM
Yeah, but I wouldn't expect it to rewrite mysql_* code to PDO and use parameter binding correctly
there was so much usage of mysql_real_escape_string in my last code base
god, I forgot how terrible that shit was
Over 90% of uses of eval() are terrible
maybe even over 99%
Over 100% uses of eval are wrong
yes, most likely
so are 73% of statistics
2:11 PM
60% of statistics show that 100% of statistics are wrong.
2:36 PM
Good morning!
Thanks again for the feedback! General takeaway: doable, but serious work, tools may help.
Sounds like Altamira wall.
3:01 PM
> Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function function_exists()...
What a great way to start the day!
4:04 PM
@Derick That seems unlikely. Source?
@Dharman And this is why we use create_function
create_function was just eval under disguise and that is the reason why it was removed
Yes, but it is not eval
IMO create_function was slightly worse.
@cmb Looks like there's one more missing skipif in dev.azure.com/phpazuredevops/PHP/_build/…
4:25 PM
can you please confirm, doc is now on git (I mean git not only a mirror) so I can commit there ?
@RemiCollet You must commit to git.php.net and not GitHub which remains a mirror
But yes the docs are on git
@Girgias thanks
@NikiC Any chance you are familiar with a bug that might manifest on PHP 7.3 where function_exists doesn't exist?
wait you mean that isn't a thing you caused by buggering about with something?
4:31 PM
It might be, but function_exists is one of the first things we do, meaning before we've done much of anything to bugger something up.
@NikiC oh right! Fixed now.
We are running it in the auto_prepend_file slot.
@LeviMorrison does it appear in get_defined_functions()? if not, is anything else notably missing?
i.e. question is whether it doesn't exist or it is not being invoked correctly
I haven't been able to reproduce it yet. A customer reported it.
I just checked and it deffo appears in the get_defined_functions() list on 8.0.0 on my machine
4:39 PM
They claim it happens ~2-20% of the time.
perhaps opcache?
well that's not insignificant
disable opcache is a very easy stupid test to do
4:53 PM
I'm going to ask them to upgrade; they are on a version that has some known potential memory corruption. We tried reproducing it but we hit the memory corruption and never their issue. Can't reproduce it on the latest, so I'm hoping it's just a nasty combo where memory corruption isn't being detected and isn't (directly) crashing their app.
5:03 PM
sounds reasonable
5:26 PM
	'01 - bear',
	'02 - apple'
What function should I look into for sorting that array by "bear" and "apple" instead of "01" and "02"?
probably start with explode()
Yeah that's what I thought
@LeviMorrison Doesn't sound familiar
"Some kind of memory corruption" :)
Wasn't there some sort of array_walk function but for sorting?
you may also find usort() helpful @Shea
lol yes that
don't forget that sorting functions operate by reference
5:29 PM
@NikiC Yeah, I cached a function pointer but between requests it didn't get reset (I wrote the rinit/rshutdown functions to do it, but never actually called them )
@LeviMorrison oh nice :)
For this specific memory corruption to be the cause of the thing the user reported would be... unusual, but hey, I did a good-faith attempt at reproducing it on a number of versions and failed, so asking for an upgrade is fine :)
@DaveRandom that's the one, thank you
function sort_part2($a, $b) {
	$pieces1 = explode(' - ', $a . ' - ', 2);
	$pieces2 = explode(' - ', $b . ' - ', 2);
	return strcmp($pieces1[1], $pieces2[1]);
Easy peasy
5:44 PM
something like that should work yes, but here's a little magic for you:
How about I add ` . ' - '` incase $a or $b dooesn't have one?
fn($a, $b) => explode(' - ', $a)[1] <=> explode(' - ', $b)[1]
@Shea ah, now if the format isn't well defined that changes things
you need to normalise the data before comparison
if that is complex, it's probably best to convert the array to a normalised form before sorting
e.g. a normalised form for your example data might be:
	1 => 'bear',
	2 => 'apple',
wtf kind of set contains a bear and an apple btw? :-P
I am afk for a couple of hrs
idk just things that start with a and b lol
What is that syntax called?
spaceship lol
Oh I know about that duh, it just through me of. I didn't get use to using the shorthand way to define functions
6:47 PM
MySQL BIGINT UNSIGNED value in prepared statement treated incorrectly ・ MySQLi related ・ #80653
7:34 PM
@Tpojka I'm 2 much noob 2 understand those comics T_T
@Tiffany bread, scrambled eggs, bacon
I'm gonna start learning Laravel in a few months (second semester), but I want to get ahead. Any references on Books or something?
8:02 PM
Attempting to turn off the PHP inspection plugin in PhpStorm, waiting on PhpStorm to "save project" thumb twiddling commences
As for why I'm turning it off, it's a temporary thing for a ticket, it's more of a hindrance than a help right now because 9/10 of the suggestions it's giving are out of scope for the ticket
8:19 PM
@DGF Start with reading the Laravel docs from the beginning/installation page. Try to build a simple blog or todo site. You'll learn a lot just from doing that than reading. Of course, reading is good, but if you're brand new you'll learn significantly more by getting your hands dirty.
What would the action of adding a backslash to a constant be called? Escaping constants? e.g. changing CURLOPT_AUTOREFERER to \CURLOPT_AUTOREFERER
Namespacing constants?
If you're in a namespace and you don't import the constants or give the full name it will first check in the local namespace for such a constant
@GrahamS. That's the plan, build a simple website using Laravel. What I had in mind is doing that white the help of some book (if there is any good book)
1 hour later…
9:39 PM
@DGF Nice, good luck on your first Laravel project. I would recommend "Clean Code" by Martin Fowler if you haven't read it yet. It's not Laravel-specific, but it is on par with the Bible when it comes to good coding practices.
@GrahamS. "Clean Code by Robert C. Martin"
Also not sure how the two relate :)
@Tpojka Haha thanks, Freudian slip.
@DGF I would recommend installing and enabling xdebug in IDE.
That's great step in learning.
After you finish installation like that, you'll have good experience and hell of a good environment for writing code.
10:01 PM
But first, learn git
two weeks spend developing and now it seems that node ffi-napi has a bug that I can't work around ...
@GrahamS. @Tpojka Is "Clean Code by Robert C. Martin" good? I searched and it didn't mentions Laravel
@Tiffany I feel like I'm not gonna need that for a while, but will do that ahah
It's about programming principles and concepts.
Did you read it?
And found it helpfull?
I have. You can learn much from examples there. Examples are in Java but can be applied to any (high level) language.
10:13 PM
Not going to bother fixing message. Ignore.
@Tpojka okay, thanks!
@DGF You won't make mistake if you go through this.
10:28 PM
@DGF The book doesn't have anything to do with Laravel, but as someone who has been working with PHP, Laravel, and other frameworks professionally for the last 8 years, I can proudly say it is one of the best books I've ever read about programming concepts.
@DGF Those concepts will stay with you for the rest of your life or until they are obsolete (which I don't think is anytime soon).
10:47 PM
@GrahamS. yeah!
None of those resources will help somebody who just starts writing code
@SalOrozco mmm basic or Advanced ?
its basic modern php
That's how you should be writing your apps. Try to stay away from frameworks if you can. Still learn how they work.
Anyway, the guy in that book pretty much holds you by the hand and goes step by step how to set up an application with no framework.
> Try to stay away from frameworks
It's very good
I read of cqs +1, And for security aspect ?
11:05 PM
frameworks are good
@Dharman depends how it's used
The problem it's mixed domain aspect with framework aspect ...
If It used with right separation I agree, but the major are very invasive ...
@GrahamS. @Tpojka thanks, I will take a look
I bought a physical copy of Patrick's book, my only annoyance with the physical copy is the background scaling for code snippets. I have to squint to read them. The gray background is too dark. It's problematic because I prefer reading physical books or e-ink because my eyes are bad, but computer books on e-readers are generally terrible.
Usually my only solution is a physical copy, unless the e-reader version happens to not-suck.
I only ebook 😁
I can't wait to get LASIK. Hopefully my eyes aren't too far gone for it.
11:18 PM
What's LASIK?
I ok I saw...
I got the pdf
Laser corrective surgery for eyes
If you want a copy
I have the PDF already, I bought it when it was on pre-sale. Not the point though.
@BruceOverflow they cut flaps into the corneas, shoot a laser into the eyes which fixes vision.
@Tiffany I want that also, but you need 2 years with your eyes not getting worse
11:58 PM
cut them out and wait 2 years?
@DGF eyes change less after age 25. They still change, but the time differential is easier

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