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12:00 AM
i get the same :( it only shows -lresolv -liconv -liconv -lm in the final link process
maybe start from scratch in a container? dockerfile +bash script
i use this as the configure ... seems sop:
`./configure --with-libxml=/usr/local/opt/libxml2 --with-iconv=/usr/local/opt/libiconv --with-sqlite3=/usr/local/opt/sqlite3`
The compact property assignments makes my brain hurt >.< I mean... why
the kids these days who are high on other languages, are bored of having to type everything out...
which reminds me, does anyone have any notes on why 'struct's would be a good idea in PHP for github.com/Danack/RfcCodex/blob/master/structs.md
12:24 AM
@Danack Nope, I am actually with family in Idaho, so I missed out.
@Ja͢ck None, you should not have to muck with those.
Yo, PHP guys
I am not guy. I am apache attack helicopter.
Why doesn't this text-align selector doesn't work?
woa, double negative
why doesn't it work
12:26 AM
is what I meant
to say
You can press up to edit your messages. Or maybe type a complete sentence...
@LeviMorrison yeah, it did feel wrong for exactly those reasons; somehow the ./configure doesn't add those linker flags automatically, but only happens for xml2 and sqlite3
@Danack iknow
Been a long 4 years
12:29 AM
Any idea though?
text-align doesn't work in my editor either
very odd
I'll call CSS HQ
3:43 AM
@Ja͢ck Are you using pkg-config?
not purposefully ... any way to tell it's being used?
granted, it's been 5 years since i've touched php-src, and my dev machine has been wiped out in between
4:31 AM
configure:3949: checking for pkg-config
configure:3982: result: no
guess not, then
1 hour later…
5:33 AM
@Ja͢ck span is inline by default (not block) so it expands only to the width it's using.
5:49 AM
necessarily so
3 hours later…
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10:31 AM
Feb 2 '16 at 15:29, by Danack
we got further this time
10:47 AM
I give up
Happy birthday @JoeWatkins!
11:21 AM
I should go back to learning Korean in Duolingo again
11:52 AM
Madainn mhath!
And yes, you should. I'm doing Welsh next (After I finish Gàidhlig)
You'll be able to pronounce that really long Welsh town
Some of the Welsh words I've seen and heard pronounced, they sorta translate exactly to English, except it uses different letters that sound the same in English... hard for me to explain, but it's kind of like pronouncing ghoti like fish
12:26 PM
tbh the single biggest thing (for me) to remember about welsh in order for it to make sense is that W is a vowel that makes a sounds somewhere between O and U
Y is also a true vowel in welsh, we pretend that it isn't in English
@Derick What would you think about speaking with Dmitry next time about the tracing JIT and the current state of the development of JIT?
@MátéKocsis insert hilarious troll comments here..... we really should evaluate whether shipping it in PHP8 is actually a good idea or not...I know he's working on it a lot still, so don't want to discourage him, but at the same time...that's a whole load of complexity for not much actual gain yet...
I thought the gain was upwards of 20%?
not for web apps, unfortunately :/
@MarkR maybe, if your business is 'mandelbrot as a service'.
12:33 PM
@Danack haha :D :D
I was running 10,000 requests per second through PHP yesterday using swoole in production.
I'll take all the performance gains I can get my hands on
Because all tiny performance gains are completely free and don't require any trade-offs.
I'd not call 20%+ tiny o.O
Please test it against an actual app before saying that you get any actual performance gain.
It's possible that every non-maths app is going to see a performance drop, as well as having the downside of making the engine a lot more complicated, which will make it harder to do other opimizations.
I saw some benchmarks (earlier) and in some cases some apps were slower with JIT (by just a small margin)
12:39 PM
@MátéKocsis for the record, my spidey-sense is more going off at the types of bugs that we'll see, where there are approximately 3 people who might be able to fix them.
And once again, I strongly recommend reading: amazon.co.uk/Systems-Bible-Beginners-Guide-Large/dp/0961825170/…
@Danack Yes, is unfortunately seems to be a likely scenario :/
1:17 PM
Anyone wanna buy me some fags? I am going quietly insane here
1:29 PM
This is your chance to quit ;)
I really don't understand how it is that people don't understand that is the worst thing you can possibly say. Like genuinely want to come and find you and punch you in the face rn.
1:45 PM
It was tongue in cheek of course! Didn't realise it was the worst thing I could say though, I could talk about your mum... or @PeeHaa's
also you can't cross the channel so ner ner
1:59 PM
I'd be prepared to swim tbf
nicotine starvation is srsly the worst thing ever
and the last thing I need rn
I am well aware that it's not a good thing smoking is bad etc etc etc but seriously, now is not the time to quit, I did 14.5hrs yesterday, 12 the day before, at least 14 today, probably the same until Sunday. It is in everyone's best interests that I continue smoking at the moment :-P
@DaveRandom right. shows you how addicted you are. and how much it controls you :)
correct. It's not like I am unaware of that :-P
Is it anything like avoiding the one-eyed gopher for the same period of time?
@DaveRandom you gotta take the power back! get in control. stop smoking today!
@Jimbo is that some really weird street slang for heroin?
@Gordon it's like you want me to hunt you down and kill you
2:03 PM
germans are like that
@DaveRandom You've never heard the one eyed gopher? Waxing the surfboard? The five finger knuckle shuffle?
@DaveRandom no. I just want you to quit smoking and get your life back ;)
and your sense of smell and taste
fine, thanks, but this time of genuine actual emergency is not the time for me to be setting out on a task that will make me unable to think straight for a week
it only takes about two weeks til the sense of smell and taste comes back. It was a revelation to me when it happened.
sure, I'm not disagreeing with that. I am, however, disagreeing with the idea that I should deliberately and unnecessarily increase the pressure on myself at a time when I am already under the most acute pressure I have ever experienced in my working life
come on. stretch goals!
2:09 PM
My current "stretch goal" is to manage not to throw myself off the roof before the end of the week.
srsly, I am working every single hour that I am not asleep for a bunch of ingrates, and probably won't get any overtime for it.
tl;dr don't push me :-P
ok, no pushing. but can I poke you?
I mean yes, but I would argue that's pretty mean spirited
2:24 PM
@Ja͢ck It's not required, but installs of many pieces of software work better with it.
PHP has pushed more and more things to pkg-config over the years.
2:46 PM
use function Convert\ {
That trailing slash pains me.
You haven't used bash enough then :)
at least that does something useful.....this is completely redundant, right?
Well... { isn't a namespace separator, Dan!
...........................................................................computers were a mistake.
you were a mistake.
2:52 PM
@Danack If I am sorry for anything I ever voted on it's that fucking slash
Such stupid
Mornginss all o/
I'm not sure about anything any more
everything is looking like dancing cigarettes
@MátéKocsis So far, he has declined to be interviewed :-)
@Danack That's what I discussed with Sara in an upcoming episode (in two weeks)
Derick, you time travelling again? /s
3:04 PM
Hello sorry to bother anyone. I seem to have a question about Zend 1.12 FW. The docs do not really specify an answer. The question is - "How exaclty bad it is, when a file parsing is made inside` _init()` of a controller". I am gathering experienced opinions on this matter, because I want to tell my lead that it should not be done.
@EugeneAnisiutkin ....it can be done safely....but I'd really want to know why it's being done, and probably come up with a better way of doing it.
Kind of sounds like someone hasn't gotten used to autoloading yet...
> Zend Framework 1 will reach its end of life on 28 September 2016
that might also be a point of discussion.
Though....if it's a big app, it might be difficult to change cost-effectively.
@Danack, It's being done because file being parsed is plain text, and contains some valuable info that is later passed to a view. But... that kind of breaks AJAX requests a bit
In that case...don't talk about things being 'bad', as it will make other people defensive. I'd suggest just making a work-around (e.g. loading the file through file_get_contents and handling that data better) and then showing that you have this problem, and can fix it in this way. If they still refuse to change, then they are probably nuts.
@Danack You are correct, there other ways to show the problem I guess. Am I correct in understanding that if I make an AJAX request to say /module/controller/action it still goes through the _init() of that controller?
I have no idea. I know nothing about Zend 1 other than it was end of life 4 years ago.
3:17 PM
Maybe someone else knows? My understanding of Zend docs on this matter may be wrong
add a debug line to it and call it with an xhr request?
Should be faster to test than to ask
@PeeHaa, the simplest soluton is not the most obvious one. Thanks. In fact xhr does go through _init() and creates a problem. Actually a very big "file mismatch" problem. I will have to disscuss that with my lead, it really needs to be fixed
If there is a difference between xhr and non xhr the problem is most likely somewhere else
Strong gut feeling
@PeeHaa, nope. _init() in Zend 1.12 executes any way, if a controller is accessed. That actuallly is in the docs. Putting file parsing there in the first place was not very good I guess.
... are out of tree builds of PHP not supported anymore? I keep getting this:
> libtool: link: `ext/standard/basic_functions.lo' is not a valid libtool object
But only on out of tree builds.
3:36 PM
@Danack The podcasts aren't live broadcasts silly.
You should do a live one. Seen as we're all meant to be staying at home, you seem best placed to throw together a giant zoom call of the internals team
@Derick So you don't sit behind a microphone waiting for someone to press the play button?! :-O
@MarkR I am thinking of it!
@salathe :-þ
@salathe You don't know the half of it. He keeps people in a locked room for 2 months after they record with him, and only feeds them if they repeat their entire interview word-perfectly time after time whenever someone hits play.
That's basically what I assumed happens. :)
3:44 PM
Ever wondered why Nikic is on so frequently? It's not because he contributes so much, it's because he somehow keeps finding his way out of the room and Derick keeps trying to make it harder to do before inviting him back.
@Ocramius looks like it. Let me restart shit if I can
@Ocramius ugh
Thanks @Derick!
no - no root
3:46 PM
No need to report bugs, there are no bugs in PHP
it looks like it's under heavy load
Meanwhile, here's something fun: https://github.com/Ocramius/ProxyManager/issues/574#issuecomment-601253477


Looks like a nice regression :D
@Derick All the contributions from people bored during covid-19? Probably not, but one can hope.
@Derick It feels like bugs has been falling over a lot recently
Why would __get be called? I thought they changed that so it had to be manually unset?
3:49 PM
Not sure who has access to it. The wiki is silent about it
> libtool: link: `Zend/zend_language_scanner.lo' is not a valid libtool object
Arg. Why only for out of tree builds? What's different? Sheesh.
@MarkR guess not: Doctrine is also full of bug reports around this kind of stuff... Anyway, will try out some stuff :)
@MarkR I can adjust this on my end, after bumping the requirement to PHP 7.4.1 :+1:
@salathe Yep. Has been slow for the last week
			/* Skip __get() for uninitialized typed properties */
			goto uninit_error;
@Derick / @cmb on a scale of "hardly noticeable at all" to "all the waking hours in the day, and then some"... how much work is being an RM?
3:52 PM
@salathe 2020!
@salathe Depends on how many security issues there are... and how well they've been merged
I was really hoping i'd be able to get the release information changed into XML before 8.0 was out :-(
@salathe the required work is not much; maybe 3 hours a month. Of course, to get started might take a while, and also the optional bug/PR triage can take arbitrarily long.
For post x.y.0 releases, about 1½ hour for the RC, and ½ hour for the announcement. The alpha/beta/RCs are pretty quik, as there is very little manual work. I was usually YOLO on them.
@MarkR dang - that's quite messy :-\
3:54 PM
the 7.4.0 was about a day
Oh well, as long as I can unset() everything now, we should be OK
cool, thanks guys (especially @PeeHee)
dang, write-once failing? :S
Guess it will be /** @psalm-readonly */ for another decade then...
Does it have BC concerns other than the keyword?
3:58 PM
doesn't seem like it. From what I understand, some folks would prefer

class A {
private $b;
public get $b;
private set $b;

Or something similar. IMO that is very different from declaring immutability (type level), heh
I think most people would prefer accessors, but those are different beasts
@Ocramius @MátéKocsis is going to listen to the concerns around the lack of cloning and likely to revamp it later I think.
@PeeHaa +1
I see... I'm not too worried about cloning: don't mind calling ctors, heh
Also..... 'immutable' ftw. Your all wrong.
4:01 PM
@Danack "You're"
I'm what?
@LeviMorrison mostly for PHP 7.4
Yeah, I can live with that. Will need to adjust some stuff here, and prevent PHP 7.4.0 installation
4:09 PM
"require": {
  "php": "^8",
Not yet, but soon :D
waiting for alpha-1, I suppose
@NikiC can you help me with something? T_METHOD_C in zend_compile.c uses zend_conat3(), which uses memcpy to create a new string from a ZSTR_VAL. Aren't oparray funciton names internted strings? zend_concat doesn't test for that. Is the code safe? I have a crash by a customer that uses METHOD and we free that string and then boom
@Ocramius Does composer support blacklisted versions?
No, it would just be a "^7.4.1" in the "require" section
and yeah, it would need to be a minor (due to dependency requirement changes)
@LeviMorrison shameless self-advertising: github.com/Roave/SecurityAdvisories/blob/master/…
4:45 PM
@Ocramius Yep, it's failing :/ No problem, I'd like to retry in for 8.1 but by first addressing the concerns with cloning + possibly getting rid of some of the restrictions
So Danack is right :)
4:58 PM
Q: How to sort a poker hand to find the straight both high and low?

SherifLet's say I have a deck of cards represented by an array like the following. $cards = [ "AS" => ["sort" => 14, "suite" => "S", "value" => 11], "AC" => ["sort" => 14, "suite" => "C", "value" => 11], "AD" => ["sort" => 14, "suite" => "D", "value" => 11], "AH" => ["sort" => 14, ...

Anyone have a good solution for this? I'm kinda stuck on it.
5:12 PM
@Sherif why do jqk all have a value of 10?
it should be 10,11,12
maybe for playing black jack with also...
regardless, their value in a deck of cards is 10,11,12
if you want to rewrite their value for a specific game, fine but it should be 10, 11, 12
Those values are apparently listed as 'sort'.
I'd suggest having a special case for Aces.
@JBis The values and the sort order are separate
5:16 PM
there are two possible straights with an Ace. A K Q J 10 and A 2 3 4 5.
You dont want to have to deal with K A 2 3 4 which isn't a valid straight
@Sherif so what do values represent?
The face value of the card.
because you said poker, as apposed to blackjack
Let's not worry about that detail.
Let's just focus on solving the sorting problem.
> I'd suggest having a special case for Aces.
Such as?
5:19 PM
hard code the two straights and see if they exist
(not in your sort function but in your function that checks if there is a straight)
That's not an elegant solution. If I wanted a hack I would have already done it. I'm trying to keep the sort function generic enough that it can deal with both cases.
First, the sort is generic. I haven't suggested changing it.
Yes, but the problem is the straight function determines a straight by checking that all sort values are no more than 1 magnitude apart.
That won't work if Ace is 14 and 2 is 2
Its not the best solution because it isn't easy to change (since its hard coded). But i don't see that as an issue because poker isn't changing and an A is special. It can't be represented by normal means.
This problem isn't unique to poker.
It works the same in Black Jack and other card games as well.
5:22 PM
@Sherif so do that check and then before you return false check if ace straight exists
Straights don't exist in black jack
No, it doesn't, but Ace is both high and low in Black jack.
It can be 1 or it can be 11
unless you want to store the value as an array and aces have two values, but i think thats a mistake
@beberlei It's creating a new string, copying from the function name. I don't see how it can be unsafe
@NikiC alright, we keep trying to find the fault
@Sherif you can map your cards to available values. And then have the ace present twice in it, once with 1, once with 11.
and map that back eventually if you need to figure out what cards to select
5:25 PM
@bwoebi How would I do that here, exactly? The sort function takes the "sort" member of the card and sorts by that.
If sort has multiple values how will sort work?
@bwoebi this potential issue with that is you have to code it to choose one value and stick with it
you do not sort your cards directly, but just the available values
K A 2 3 4 would be valid if A could be a 1 and 11 at the same time
@bwoebi huh?
@bwoebi I want it to sort A, 2, 3, 4, 5 in that order, but anything else it should keep A as the highest value in the sort.
Actually, I think I just sort of answered my own question.
Thanks for the rubber ducking!
@Sherif ...so a special case?
5:33 PM
@JBis Two special cases. The straight function checks for the low straight and the sort function calls the straight function to determine if the Ace is low based on a low straight.
So the sort order is always correct.
Ok, I give up, I need help.

So I have 2 objects, created from JSON/PHP, and both are converted to PHP.

I need to see if the first object keys in both match (in order to CANCEL the write, else it just creates copies of the same account data:
 $userDataStreamMerged = (object) array_merge((array) json_decode($originalData), (array) $userDataStream);
You know json_ has a parameter to make it sane right?
Whole code here: https://repl.it/@skylerspark/CWS-CDN

its a bit harrd to explain, but basically Im writing both to JSON, copying the current data and the new data to add
just work with arrays, don't treat them as objects unless you have a really good reason
5:35 PM
@DaveRandom That is just never :P
@PeeHaa wdym
What parameter
@PeeHaa not without JsonEncodable anyway
sometimes you want ref semantics
> assoc

When TRUE, returned objects will be converted into associative arrays.
Im very new to PHP, What do you mean, what does the "parameter" do, and where do I use it
If you are new to php or anything for that matter always refer to the manual for the thing you are using
It might just prevent you from doing things in a weird way :-)
5:38 PM
Does that parameter help me in the way I want, Im wanting to merge 2 pieces of JSON, and detect if they have matching first keys, I dont think you know what Im asking for
I already used JSON decode too
I thought of using an If statement, then forEach, but now im just stuck
> I dont think you know what Im asking for
because once the Users.json file has multiple accounts, I need to make sure accounts with the same name cant be written
Could it maybe be the other way around? :)
But I dont know what your giving me
Assoc just sounds like it does exactly what the main function doesc
Ahh crap my idea fails 'cause recursion
5:40 PM
it converts json to php arrays
@Tay Yet you are blaming me for not understanding
._. I havent blamed you for anything
I just dont know what your showing me
You are casting stuff to array instead of doing it the right way
™ ®
then what should I do.
Read back
5:41 PM
Im very confused here, You showed me the docs for the function
Im looking to merge json from within php except for matching names, how is that... related to assoc?
I am not known for giving people a bite size solution when they are doing other things "wrong"
All I can find is this crap everywhere: https://phppot.com/php/php-json-array-merge/

All its doing is taking the two JSONs and putting them into arrays.

I need to actually COMBINE them
And yet you fail to even follow that solution
Which does exactly what I have been telling you for the past 10 minutes
5:45 PM
how can I follow a solution I never even bothered to use because ITS NOT THE SOLUTION
I dont want to just throw every json call as a new array key
yesterday, by PeeHaa
Give a mean a fish and he has food for a day, give a man a direct answer and he will have security holes for the lifetime of the project :P
@Tay see, its not empty
I am telling you there is a better way to do it. You response is "ITS NOT THE SOLUTION"
lets start over

screw the whole "merging JSON" thing, how do I compare every 1st set of keys in $originalData to $userDataStream https://repl.it/@skylerspark/CWS-CDN
Ill figure out the merging JSON thing, it sorta works atm, I just gotta figure out how to combine the arrays
So basically, how do I tell if the first key: "sirCode" (the username) is the same, and write based if thats true or false
So it doesnt create THAT ^
(I hope the image isnt too big, I cant tell on here cause of the proxy)
@PeeHaa could be XY problem
5:51 PM
More like YZ, he wants to solve X with Y using Z, when Z isnt even what I want to do, and Y is missing
@Tiffany Neh it's worse :-)
I love how "showing a docs link" and telling them to look at a term, even when they ask what that term means, is "helping"
Your not addressing the main question peehaa
I ate an edible a couple hours ago, but I'll give it a try
why are you copy pasting "assoc", and thats it, I dont even know what to do with that
@Tay Last thing I am going to say about this is: stop assuming I don't understand the problem
5:54 PM
why... (array) json_decode($originalData)
Look at yourself for one second instead
Ok, dont bring irl into this peehaa, Im asking about code
json_decode is already returning an array
that's what peehaa means
I think
@Tay PeeHaa has no obligation to address the main question.
Tiffany, thanks
Now I have something I can solve.
5:55 PM
assoc is the name of the parameter, and if you read further into the link he provided, you should've been able to put the two together :P
Copy pasting a word and saying its a "solution" is not how you act
@Tay Don't tell me how I should act please
@Tay Complaining about help is not how you act.
Also, Tiffany, um, Its not an array, if you remove (array) and run the code, it will push the error that argument #1 is not an array
then there's not enough information to be able to help
5:57 PM
@DaveRandom I might have a fun little project for you to help me with soon :P
because I suspect an issue is somewhere else in the code...possibly
At least I think it is little :D
If you are up for lending me a hand sometime soon that is
Well, the only issue with the current code is that it pushes a whole new json set.

Rather than pushing { "key" = "word" } and { "key2" = "word"} as { "key" = "word", "key" = "word"}, it just pushes the two strings together
Other than that, all im asking is to compare the first two keys, so "key", and "key2" and if they are the same, cancel the operation

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