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7:33 AM
I don't have 20 points on chat.stackexchange but I need to know how can I check in linux if file has changed in 1 hour?
@Jasiufila man find
@Tak lol
7:50 AM
Anyone here to answer a mysql question? : )
@Robik Good day.
Hi @Tek
@Robik How are you doing? I haven't been here in a while :)
8:43 AM
<?php echo "hi" ?>
almost done with this project. short and to the punch, just the way i like them.
@mapet <?php $chat->addMessage( $chat->getUsers()[0], "Hi") ?>
@Robik what does addMessage() default to? Yo or Sup?
8:58 AM
@UniqueKey NULL
haha, rude method :D
It doesn't throw a MessageNotFoundException?
Or No as default would be better
@Aether I don't know :P
9:24 AM
Hey guys, anyone here I can ask a real php noob question?
> Don't ask whether someone is here or can help. Just ask us.
I have this code - $facebook = new Facebook(array(
'appId' => '12345679812346',
'secret' => '1234568789',
'cookie' => true,
how can access the appid property?
something like $facebook.appId in c#
If you are developing Facebook app, you should learn PHP.
I know
but I was making a rails app, and it was causing too much probs on deploy
so I'm switching to php
@Robik I'm not sure how that would help to access a property on a Facebook object.
9:28 AM
Read some baasic tutorials ;)
and I'm struggling with some simple syntax and under a tight dealine...
@Robik I think the question wasnt how to access the value from the array, but rather how to get it once its inside the fb instance, so rtfm doesnt really apply here
@Gordon :)
My bad :D
@Robik what @salathe said
9:30 AM
@user597264 Maybe $facebook->getAppId() ?
@Robik it looks to be that method -- github.com/facebook/php-sdk/blob/master/src/…
assuming of course, it's that SDK being used.
It is that sdk..
thanks v much, off to read the manual now
**once I get this project in
@salathe Yup. I checked Facebook-php-sdk repo in github and I've found it. :P
@Gordon, this with find works, thank you
@salathe Do you really think PHP sucks ? :(
9:34 AM
@Jasiufila np
@Robik Yes, PHP sucks. But it's also amazingly super awesome.
i saw that, @Gordon :P
@salathe Thanks. I thought it was serious.
And secound part my command is find -mmin -50 -name 'filename' , can I check in bash script if this file was found or not? with if ?
9:36 AM
@Robik @salathe i'm reminded of:
With true or false
huh. didn't show inline. ah well.
@Unique_Key yes, exactly
in the end, it's a bit like windows back when it rightfully blew. it was easy to use and most people knew how to be productive with it, so it didn't matter that it crashed every two seconds.
10:38 AM
This is strange.
Until 2 minutes ago, my account was suspended. Searching for a reason, I couldn't find any.
@Robik - sssh! They might do it again! XD
your SO account?
What if that process is automatic?
I gonna be suspended! :(
10:58 AM
@salathe No, just chat.
@Robik - Maybe if you say sorry... lol
@StackOverflow Please, don't do this :(
1 hour later…
12:15 PM
@ChristianSciberras You probably wrote something that got many flags or something like that ;)
posted on July 05, 2011

Latest PECL Releases: PDO_CUBRID CUBRID mongo 1.2.0 hidef 0.1.9

If anyone wants to help me with this that would be awesome:

12:51 PM
Reflection allows me to find the public properties (non-static) of a class.
@Tek ;)
But I don't see it giving the data type.
Of course, this is quite sensible.
class Field {
    public $validators=array();

For the purpose of my designer, the "data type" of ->validators is "validator", to which the designer cooks up an editor.
Reflection of properties works well with simple properties, but not object properties. Or properties holding collections.
My only hope of a fix is to make use of reflection on the property's docblock, with the hope that it is in the form of @var datatype Sentence., where datatype is hopefully validator.
As you can think, there's a lot of room for error.
And I don't like it, at all.
Just because you design it to hold an array and declare it so, it doesn't prevent someone doing $field->validators = 'hello';
So Reflection can't know it will always be an array.
12:58 PM
@Aether - That's not the point though.
The designer app is eating its own dog food.
so unless someone imports a mucked up form, this situation shouldn't happen.
I see.
Anyway, this gives me an idea, I could do it the @KamilTomsk way; call a function which returns an array of editables.
So you're trying to recover metadata about your design using reflection.
@Aether The problem with data types I have, is that an editor for array of images is different from an editor of array of validators
Yet, both are arrays :D
So when you call your method for the editor on the array, you could check whether each object is an image or a validator (depending on the editor you are using)?
1:04 PM
might have forgotten cachegrind dumping enabled >_>
@Aether yup
@UniqueKey The worst thing I did similar to this is attempting to update wordpress while rebuilding apache and php.
God bless backups :)
@ChristianSciberras So you say "For the purpose of my designer, the "data type" of ->validators is "validator", to which the designer cooks up an editor." Is the problem that your designer is having trouble determining which editor to use?
@Aether Yes
@ChristianSciberras gg, man XD
But I could use a method inside the class which returns what the designer editor to use.
1:13 PM
Could you make the assumption that all the elements of the array are the same type, and check the type of the first element?
@UniqueKey EasyApache is....too easy :P
luckily i forgot it on for just 6 hours or so, but it still skyrocketed up to 2GB
@Aether That's a no-go, 'coz of empty arrays.
and there are only three sites running on there :S
@UniqueKey once forgot a cctv camera recording on my 15gb netbook ;)
1:15 PM
What does it do in the case of an empty array? You could check empty($array) and deal with this case seperately.
Was "debugging" the cabling by wiring the netbook in the middle.
as long as it's small things like that
@Aether - An empty array is still edited by the same editor.
I see.
1:16 PM
The editor is decided on what the should be being edited, not the actual contents.
But yeah, Kamil-style ought to work. :)
I don't think I understand Kamil-style. :P
@Aether lol
Where's he gone to anyway?
Would that be something like:
$editables = array(
    'validators' => array(...),
    'images' => array(...),
1:19 PM
Last I saw him was lurking in the C++ chatroom.
As the output of a function.
class Validator {


class Field {
    public $name='';
    public $validators='';
    public function designTime(){
        return array(
            'name' => 'string',
            'validators' => 'array of Validator'
1:34 PM
The last message was posted 32 days ago. :/
fopen() Return Values: Returns a file pointer resource on success, or FALSE on error.

I'm getting a return value of true (boolean) for a CSV file. Anybody see this before?
Is it really a boolean true?
var_dump returns "boolean true"
if (($write_handle = fopen("testTags.csv", "w"))!= FALSE && $read_handle = fopen($filename, 'w')!=FALSE)

boolean true
resource(3, stream)
So nested T_T
@AdamLynch Look closer to: $read_handle = fopen($filename, 'w')!=FALSE
1:47 PM
file_name is "C:\\Users\\Adam\\Desktop\\Book1.csv"
Ah, so it's not returning true at all :)
ok I know what you are saying is happening
but I don't see it yet
@AdamLynch your code assigns the result of fopen()!=FALSE to $read_handle
Try a bit more :)
ya parantheses solved it
1:48 PM
in your case, it would be waaaay cleaner to do the fopens before the if statement
stupid mundane error strikes again
I just had to drop in to share this
A: Header redirect not being called

mithunsatheeshinstead of header("Location : new.php"); you can use echo "<script language='javascript'>window.location='new.php';</script>"; i think this may work.

have a nice day
So what? That guy is JS fan ^^
All of those answers suck.
@salathe yeah I know. It's only a quick script which will only be used by me. I only need it to run through and check some values
1:50 PM
"My car is broken, so I can't get to work." "Swim along the road, then."
@salathe How could I improve mine?
Everything suck.
@TomalakGeretkal the value of the Location header should be an absolute URI
and you don't explain why his code was broken, which is the question being asked.
@salathe Wow, and they haven't suggested rebooting the client pc yet (could have been a virus!)?
posted on July 05, 2011

On the Voices of the ElePHPant podcast there's a new episode interviewing Nicholas Zographos, the head of the Pittsburgh PHP User Group. Cal's three questions revolve around Nicholas' work with the group: How many members do you have at a meeting, on your mailing list and what do you do to bring those members closer together. What is your meeting structure? How do you handle the variety of

@ChristianSciberras again, that doesn't answer the question ;)
1:55 PM
@salathe - That was entirely intended.
@ChristianSciberras yeah, I see that now. This is why I don't answer very many questions here.
TRWTF was that he didn't use jQuery.
@salathe My answer mentions that.
@salathe And it also mentions that HTTP may not like the space before the colon.
@salathe What more do you want?!
@TomalakGeretkal a) only after I mentioned it, b) "may not like"... come on c) an answer. :)
@salathe Actually I did add it before I read your response ;)
@salathe Though I did copy it from ETWW-Dave
2:02 PM
okay, well good luck with your answer
@salathe "May not like" is accurate. Plenty of servers might accept that header! It's a wild world of HTTP non-compliance out there.
@salathe Thanks!
plenty of servers don't care about absoluteURIs there, that's not the point at all
@salathe It's completely the point. "Why isn't this working for me?" "It may be that your server doesn't like spaces before the colon."
See you later
That's not what your answer says at all.
Yes. Yes, it is.
I'm sorry if you feel unable to understand it.
I teach English classes on a Friday night; feel free to come along.
"I'm not sure how fussy HTTP is about"
@salathe vs @TomalakGeretkal showdown. Got my popcorn ready :D
/me takes a seat next to @ChristianSciberras
/me K.O.
2:09 PM
Can I share the popcorn?
Can i have some Pop-Corn?
@Robik I'll share my share with you if @ChristianSciberras lets me share :)
I'm K.O'd
You can get more popcorn from the machine outside.
And corn from the nearby field.
fills the room with corn and cranks the heat.
2:14 PM
/me collects corn
hope this works
Yum, yum.
notices the pop-corn filling up every corner of space
Tooo.. much... pop.....coo.......
takes cover as the pop-corn bursts the windows open
2:18 PM
We don't have windows here T_T
Do you think that penguins eats pop-corn?
posted on July 05, 2011

The Ibuildings techPortal has posted the summary of Day 2 of the Dutch PHP Conference from Marco De Bortoli with some of his experiences from this year's event. This year as part of the Ibuildings team I attended the Dutch PHP Conference for the first time. What can I say? Well, it was an unbelievable experience; I enjoyed every moment spent there. [...] There was also the high quality of t

sure, they heat it under their fluffy bellies.
then try to beak it and end up sliding into water
when using "new SimpleXMLElement()" and you get " String could not be parsed as XML", what does it conside bad XML? What can't it parse?
@AdamLynch it can parse valid xml
I'm trying to get it to parse a Soap response I've stored in a csv
@Gordon pretty sure it's valid
2:23 PM
simplexml says it isnt :)
yeah... hmm. Even though it was another PHP script which sent the soap requests and saved them. weird
@AdamLynch if you are on linux you likely have xmlint installed. its a command line tool to validate xml
on windows @Gordon
trying to validate online
ahhhh I'm so stupid today
I'm getting it to run through a CSV full of XML requests & responses except some have strings stored in them detailing errors. Of course "ERROR: This request would return a SoapFault exception because the ...." would get me an error
2:56 PM
Apart from "I know PHP" and "PHP runs on every server ever" what are the good reasons for using PHP ?
What advantage does PHP have over every other web language
Because PHP sucks ?
It's a bloody serious question -.-
@Raynos A question that's been anwered numerous times
@Raynos we had that already, didnt we? PHP scales from a simple webform to the largest social network on the planet
Anything scales -.-
Ruby on rails scales
3:05 PM
apart from that: its easy to be productive with it (though not necessarily in a pretty way) and its widely adopted and demanded (ranks #4 in tiobe)
There is nothing inherit in PHP that makes it scale
I dont think its anymore productive then any other tool
RoR only scales with significant effort
its only as productive as you are familiar with
php is shared nothing by default
you need to scale it, add more servers
And yes widely adopted and demanded is the only positive I can think of
The same applies to Java or .NET
or Django, or Sinatra, or that HTTP server you wrote in C++ and are still hacking on
If you cant throw hardware at something and make it scale then you shouldnt be in web development
3:07 PM
huh? these are frameworks. why are you comparing apples and oranges?
when you say PHP scales it must be with reference to some web stack
java isnt shared nothing. it has shared application memory. you cant just throw another server at it and expect it to just work.. with php you can.
Java doesn't scale out of the box?
i didnt say that
it takes more effort
I'd expect most web stacks scale out of the box these days
anything less feels stupid to me.
3:10 PM
i cant speak for 'all webstacks'.. check for yourself.. all im saying is that php is very easy to scale and be productive with. it takes very little effort.
and php has connectivity options galore.. want soap, can have. want mysql. can have, want tokyo tyrant, can have.. etc. all out of the box
"out of the box" ?
3rd party libraries are out of the box ?
PHP has a mysql driver build into the language?
Scaling isn't a personal concern to me. That's just an architecture choice. It's good PHP has that architecture by default though
So apart from having one of the most feature bloated standard libraries what else does PHP offer me
3:15 PM
@Raynos its not feature bloated. you can enable and disable those if you dont want them. they are extensions to the core. its modular
Ah that's nice
isnt that enough already? i mean, what you are looking for in a language?
we've got easy to get in, easy to scale, widely adopted, in demand, feature packed.
What I like about PHP is that I have a variety of "ways" to spit out a webpage. If it's quick-n-dirty I can spit out something real quick, even mixing layout and PHP code. But, it also has capabilities to develop with proper separation of concerns. Just because you can write bad code in it doesn't mean you have to.
@anasanjaria Hello
3:20 PM
+1 to "easy to get in, easy to scale, widely adopted, in demand, feature packed" That really sums it up
+1 to easy to get in, easy to scale, widely adopted, in demand, feature packed
.. and has one of the worst MVC frameworks in the industry
i could throw in "lots of frameworks" and "tons of 3rd party applications" if that is of any interest.. though of course, quality of those varies
@teresko Which one are you referring to? Which one of the ten thousands available?
@teresko yea, which one? :P
3:22 PM
where to start ?
smarty ? cake ? symfony 1.x ?
@teresko which is not the language's fault
@Robik yeah, cake is horrible
3:24 PM
@teresko Never used any of those ^^ And you aren't forced to do either, if you don't like them ;)
I thought symfony is one of best FW avaible T_T
@Robik it is horrible even when the scale is based on other frameworks
@Robik sf2.. sf1 has it flaws
Has anyone of you already tried Symfony 2?
I heard much awesome about it, but never tried
havent tried yet, but have seen already few signs of the flaws
the DIC implementation looks scary
3:25 PM
posted on July 05, 2011

Nils Luxton has written up a guide you can follow to get the latest (non-production) release of PHP - v5.4.0alpha1 - up and running on your machine in your WampServer instance. I wanted to do exactly that, and at work we use WampServer so we can easily switch between PHP versions (and it also makes enabling/disabling extensions and options very easy - if you develop on Windows, check it out

Looks like PHP is getting an OO way to specify session handlers: wiki.php.net/rfc/session-oo Got +18 -0 until now
at last
@Feeds why would i want to use wamp server with 5.4 when 5.4 has a built-in webserver?
@Gordon The built in one currently isn't usable yet. has a nasty subdirectories bug ;)
and i don't see no feed
@nikic ah.. well.. alpha :)
3:31 PM
bah who wants subdirectories
oh, I think I blocked it, because someone (I'm looking at you Gordon :P) didn't want to remove that bad feed provider...
@Gordon I'm already in a language, I already know how to scale, it has enough features, and the only problem is my language is not widely adopted
I dont think widely adopted is a good reason to switch to PHP
Can one somehow unblock Feeds again?
I want something else
@nikic i said i'd do it when it gets ten votes.. but after two weeks (and i think not even now), it only had nine.. and since the quality was tolerable in the meantime, i didnt remove it. apart from that.. you can still bug @ircmaxell to do it.
3:33 PM
always indecisive ...
votes where?
@salathe stars
@nikic dunno how to do that. check faq or meta
I don't see anything to do with Feeds there (maybe I'm blind)
@salathe i unpinned it after two weeks
which was already two weeks ago or something
@Gordon Found out how, unblocked it
3:36 PM
stop confusing me
Jun 13 at 15:08, by Gordon
ponders removing phpdeveloper.org from Feeds because of the continous stream of low quality messages
did I "vote" for that?
@salathe cant see.. click on the permalink and see if its yellow
if it is then you did
I hadn't, I did just now :)
@Gordon well , you have alredy 10 votes there
3:41 PM
Yay! Let's burn feeds!
@teresko yeah, but almost two weeks after i said i would consider the votes.. technically, the voting is closed.. not that there is any rules.. the two weeks was completely arbitrary
But we all hate phpdeveloper even more so then w3schools right
@Robik the voting wasnt for all the feeds. just for php-developer.org
well, i dont care.. do you want me to remove it now or put up another vote?
i have it in my twitter anyways
speak! :D
Bye @Feeds\PHPDeveloper
@Gordon KILL IT muahahaha
3:44 PM
only if it's replaced by an active, high-quality feed :P
@salathe there is planet-php in it and php.net
im open for suggestion re additional feeds
I know
@salathe , so your argument against removal of a low quality feed is " there is no high quality feed to replace it with"
@teresko not at all
@teresko its not like its totally low quality. they had a few low q posts, but imo they improved again
3:46 PM
I guess sarcasm doesn't come across too well, even with a tongue-poked-out-smiley-face
anyway , it kinda depends on what kind of feed do you want to see there , @Gordon
i would suggest sebastian-bergmann.de/blog ( the guy who makes phpUnit ) , but im not if it would fit the .. emm .. theme
sebastians blog is aggregated on planet-php
there is also a planet just for testing topics. we had that in here but that would lead to lots of duplicated posts then
well .. i kinda dislike random aggregations
they usually have the 80/20 rule going
@teresko it isnt about what I want to see here. If that was the case I'd re-add DZone :)
@Robik too high volume
IMO, any feed fitting here should be php related and cater to any level of knowledge. yes, that might be boring and yes, there might be posts i find superfluous or downright wrong, but who cared. I mean, I can tell @Feeds about it and maybe it will even stir discussion
@Artefacto is already in place
@Artefacto too high volume!
we've got Planet PHP php.net/feed.atom, PHPDeveloper.org
@salathe Not really, it's around 3-6 a day
the atom feed is the same is it?
3:55 PM
@Gordon no, that's the svn commit feed
oh, i see
@Artefacto ahh it's just the php-src commits, that's okay
do you want them as posts or via drop down?
last 100 days averages ~5 each :)
@Artefacto +1 for adding src commits to feeds
3:58 PM
@salathe do they come all at once or divided over the day?
add docs commits, and translations commits, and php-web commits
drop down?
@Artefacto ticker thingie
@Gordon divided
as posts please, the ticker/notification/whatever thingie is annoying (for me)
lets see how that works out
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