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6:00 AM
Oh wait...
it's just sum.. not sum of squares... oops
clearly I'm not thinking straight...
So to clarify, we have: {a, b, c}, where a, b, c ∈ R+, a + b = x^2, a + c = y^2, b + c = z^2, and we want min(a + b + c).
If it were a set of three integers, I could just brute force it in Haskell and filter it.
@GManNickG Correct.
damn, why am I not getting any answers? :(
@IntermediateHacker probably wrong time of the day - everyone's asleep?
This room is usually dead at this time. But we're all awake for some reason...
And I'm assuming that "positive numbers" does not include zero.
6:04 AM
@Mysticial yeah. I'll check later.
Right, usually.
Non-negative would be the positives along with zero.
Can a complex number be positive?
According to Wikipedia, parity only applies to integers.
So I think a, b, c are going to have to be integers anyway.
Scratch that, nevermind.
Math does not come easily to me.
Not at all.
6:07 AM
Doesn't this define an ellipse of some sort?
@GManNickG almost
the terms need to be squared themselves
Actually, you need the power to be even to get a "closed object"
so power 2 will get you an ellipse or circle
power 4 will get you a slightly different shape
Ah, the block for me is that what I wrote above is incomplete. Not only is it the case that a + b = x^2, a + c = y^2, b + c = z^2, but x, y, z ∈ N.
Odd powers will get you some non-closed hyperbolic shape
why do people say java is more portable than c++
6:10 AM
posted on April 13, 2012 by Anders Schau Knatten

In which I explain why some coders are opposed to unit-testing with test-doubles due to the overhead of virtual functions, admit that they are sometimes right, and present a zero-overhead solution. (Sorry if this posts looks like a lot of code. It’s not as bad as it looks though, the three examples are almost identical.) [...]

That's a big question... Is it answered anywhere?
@newprogrammer You can run a Java "binary" on pretty much any computer.
You can't transfer my x86-compiled C++ program to an ARM processor.
Of course the ability for a program to run on pretty much any computer doesn't necessarily mean it will run equally well on all of them.
Is the Java bytecode format defined in the Java spec?
@Maxpm: I don't know if it's in the Java spec
But there is an official document somewhere that talks about it
6:13 AM
i believe it's defined in the java virtual machine spec
Clojure looks sweet.
What are your favorite hipster programming languages?
@Maxpm: What's a "hipster" programming language?
@Insilico Not very poopular.
@Insilico I think he means startup languages that no one/very few people know about
6:21 AM
@Maxpm hahaha
I'm keeping it.
@Maxpm: Maybe it's a Freudian slip? :-P
@Maxpm, ever hear of Dart?
I haven't tried it personally, but it's by google, which is interesting
Oh my god. This is beauty distilled: http://stackoverflow.com/q/10029651/85371
Shame if they get it deleted
@sehe We can undelete it if does go down. Just hope a mod doesn't touch it.
6:36 AM
@Mysticial Nah. I'll let nature have it's course. Just an observation. All good things come to an end
@sehe You're part of nature. :P
@GManNickG Well then, let's just hope bad things come to an end a bit later :)
@Maxpm: I think I've solved your math problem by the way, let me write something up and check.
@GManNickG poopular!
@Mysticial Damn. The Q is closed, I'd like to add get --mirror as a viable answer :)
6:46 AM
Which question?
You're reply is pointing to my "burned" comment
2 hours ago, by Mysticial
And it's hard to get a lot of rep from just one post...
^ That might be by design
@Mysticial The one I linked.
@Mysticial No it's not. Hover it: it doesn't show 'This is a reply to an earlier message'
It's just what happens when you type @Mysticial
Oh right... it just defaults to the last one.
@Mysticial In a way. It's a shady feature but I guess it doesn't hurt. :)
Wait, so how would a mirror help?
@Mysticial It would if the site was sufficiently hyperlinked. That way, you could just get 'all' the stuff (only 500,000 or thereabouts pages with unique GUIDs) and then simply filter out the actual data of interest
6:51 AM
hmm... that's a good point
Mar 16 at 21:07, by sehe
(do note the posted zipfile download. That was 2 seconds of wget --no-parent --mirror http://www.wide-language.com/ and half a minute of getting it on my VPS server :))
Wow, this question (which I made the OP ask) still doesn't have any answers... even after appearing in the newsletter... I guess any Intel engineer who answers it will need to be shot. :)
Q: C code loop performance [continued]

Dan LeakinThis question continues on my question here (on the advice of Mystical): C code loop performance Continuing on my question, when i use packed instructions instead of scalar instructions the code using intrinsics would look very similar: for(int i=0; i<size; i+=16) { y1 = _mm_load_ps(o...

@Mysticial I didn't know Intel was such a terrorist employer
Nah, any big company... While I was interning at MS before Win7 was released, they said the same to me. "U spill Win7 - Off go ur head!"
@Mysticial Well, I wouldn't take any legalese in such bad spelling srsly :)
6:58 AM
I wonder who trusted that C# guy with a supercomputer.
@Mysticial Anyways, the CPU is already out in the wild. I suppose you're right that there is code of conduct to protect IP at Intel, but I doubt whether he'd need to be shot :)
@Maxpm He probably believes in the one who believes in himself.
@Mysticial I believe he does, unbelievably
I believe I believe so.
7:05 AM
7:17 AM
what's new?
good morning all
8:07 AM
@Maxpm @Mysticial Done: gmannickg.com/?p=40
Not the prettiest method but it works.
8:43 AM
@GManNickG You're crazy... I'll take a look at it tomorrow when I'm actually (somewhat) awake.
8:55 AM
does bison 2.5 need any dependencies?
nvm. I've decided not to care
$ pacman -Qi bison | grep "Depends"
Depends On     : glibc  m4  sh
Your system may vary.
The robot uses Arch. Hero!
Then I just build a win64 version of Bison for our friendlly neighbourhood puppy.
@DeadMG: you want bison-2.5 without Cygwin? I got the hot stuff.
9:18 AM
Isn't it a bit mean to confront a cute puppy with a bison? I mean, what's the poor bison to do when the puppy pees at its legs?
12 hours ago, by R. Martinho Fernandes
The Ravenous Bugblatter Puppy of Traal.
You should be concerned about the bison, not the puppy.
Damn edits.
@RMartinhoFernandes I didn't get the references in that (supposing there are any, because without it certainly doesn't make sense to me), but I was concerned about the bovine, not the canine. I just waited before I added that in to let one of get fooled. :)
This is a list of races, fauna, and flora (as well as creatures without category) featured in various incarnations of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Races Aldebarans The popular anti-teleport song claims that "Aldebaran's great, OK", but the Aldebarans are better known for their liqueurs (sold at Milliways), and fine wines (as Trillian prepared for Zaphod after deactivating all the Heart of Gold kitchen synthomatics). Altairians Advanced species known for their intense hatred of rabbits. It will take less than thirty of their dollars a day for hitchhikers to see the universe; so ...
9:41 AM
Q: Need to call non exported functions of DLL

UsmanI need to call (get) non exported functions of DLL. Unlike PE export table, non exports do not have any table having entries for these. More over all disassembler like IDAPro and other debuggers only show exported function names with decorated names (After Shift+F3 in case of IDA) and show all ot...

is there an alternative to inkscape to pull vector graphics out of pdf's?
@user1131997 ...?
^Last night in Germany.
@Abyx intersting topic about using non-exported functions from dll
@Abyx I thought , it's rather impossible
9:42 AM
@user1131997 noobish topic, FTFY
@rubenvb There's a command line tool for dabbling with PDFs. Is it "pdftk"? Something like that, anyway. And, of course, a lot of 3rd-party tools and libraries to buy.
@Abyx even with the answer:
I solved the problem myself after usage of of DIA SDK .

I collected the function address from there and then via assembly rotuines I am able to call the function directly. Thanks everybody for comments.
@sbi not really an alternative is it :-P
@rubenvb That command line tool? It's free.
@sbi Oh, anyone got hurt?
9:45 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes The driver of the train and two construction workers are dead. (Apparently it took all night to cut the bodies out of the wrecks.) A dozen or so travelers injured.
inkscape is a powerful GUI that can extract random elements from a pdf. I don't see how a commandline tool compares...
@user1131997 just read something about
@Abyx Kris Kaspersky? for reading
@user1131997 sort of... probably there are better things to read
@Abyx could you help me with advice, what are the better things to read? thank you very much!
Q: What's the difference between recursion and corecursion?

user1131997What's the difference between definitions? recursion corecursion In wiki, there is few information without clear code for good understanding these terms. But, could you give very simple examples, which explain these terms. Why is corecursion the dual meaning of recursion? Where it's dual? ...

9:57 AM
crap, the pdf is just an image, no vector graphics to be found :(
@user1131997 dunno, I don't read such things, so I can't advice any. You can find some at openrce, tuts4you, and of course exelab.ru .
@sbi Oh, that's sad. It didn't look that bad in the picture.
@rubenvb In our tests here, we use a command line tools to extract images. It was written here, though, and isn't to be published. :(
@rubenvb Acrobat's Preflight tool will tell you that and many other things.
ah, if Innkscape can't do it, I don't see how Adobe could. It seems to be an image with an OCR layer on top (searchable text). I found a similar image on wiki
@RMartinhoFernandes No? Well, the first car (which is where the driver sits, too) has it's front completely folded, and is derailed.
@rubenvb Preflight does not extract images, but it can tell you what images there are, so it would point out that the whole page is just one bitmap, and no vector graphics involved.
10:04 AM
Ok, I suck at trains.
@rubenvb That's typical for scanned and OCR'ed images. A PDF page is a single (compressed) images of the scanned page with the OCR'ed text hidden underneath the appropriate letters.
@RMartinhoFernandes I'd rather suck at breasts, than at trains.
Allegedly, this is a recording of what went wrong again with the latest North Korean rocket.
@sbi Yeah. Fortunately, most modern scientific papers are decent pdfs with vector images
@sbi I was afraid someone would crack such a joke.
Being serious is a bannable offence. ... alternatively, Being bannable is a serious offence. :D
10:16 AM
OMG, there's no joke in the topic.
I misread it.
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: Being serious is a bananable offence. [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq]
There, fixed.
He accidentally said 'banana' when he meant 'apple' in a press conference.
Triggering a tsunami of online jokes
CMake is a serious offence
and wxWidgets is horrid
and everything else sucks
I think you're preaching to the choir :)
10:26 AM
@Tony welcome to the real world
meh, the real world can suck my dick
WxWidgets apps take a century to compile on my PC.
well, on mine they compile, but half the friggin libs are missing
I'm looking for WX_mono
doesn't exist
do you have a dynamic link build?
I've never managed to statically link wxwidgets. always get errors.
i'm trying to get the lib files for another project I"m attempting to compile, which uses this wxWidgets crap
however, half the libs are missing
10:36 AM
build it yourself? Takes ten minutes.
all you got to do is run make or vcbuild or whatever with the right args
I know, but it doesn't produce the .lib files I need
there's no file called wx_mono or wx_dbgrid
and wx_scintilla
ohai puppy
@sbi what a party!
10:47 AM
@TonyTheLion those are 3rd party plugin library things
wx_scintilla is used in notepad++.
wx_mono probably needs all of mono
which I'd say is huge
11:08 AM
I have offered 2 bounties! Look at my profile at SO, I'm awarding reputation for my 2 question ( look at bounty section of my profile on SO ) ! :)
time to start re-writing my Wide implementation
why on earth did I write in all this custom memory allocation stuff?
Ah, @DeadMG: I have a win64 bison-2.5 build, if you're interested.
yes, I am
chuck it up on dropbox or something and I'll grab it
let me get it on the MinGW-w64 sourceforge site
@DeadMG Something about speed?
11:15 AM
me << nubcake
You output nubcakes? Yes, that makes sense. You seem to post that often.
I probably should build it with -static though
or get a libgcc dll alongside the exe
I stepped through the assembly of my lexer function and discovered that MSVC did not at all understand wtf was going on and inlined the grand total of nothing
this made me sad
11:19 AM
I intend to change the identifier rules from [a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9]* to [a-zA-Z0-9_]*[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*
so you can have identifiers that start with (but are not exclusively composed of) numbers
Though that probably needs some more work.
[a-zA-Z0-9_]*[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_]* maybe.
fucking rekonq... log in to SF
@jalf Because I dislike not being able to call my stuff "3D" and "2D".
11:21 AM
so 2l6724 would be an identifier, yay
eh, you can abuse any lexical convention
so is _l_____
that's gonna look nice in a monospace font :)
@jalf 26724l is a valid C/C++/C# constant.
11:23 AM
hope it works
it runs at least, but I don't know in how far it actually works.
I will inform you soon
@rubenvb And woe be upon thee if it doth not worketh.
seems to be fine
TF? That user<prime-number> that most of us have ignored just went into the JavaScript room to spam with links to his C++ questions.
I validated all the flags.
11:26 AM
So one of the few users I have blocked has spammed the JS room with C++ template questions. How appropriate.
@rubenvb Thou art thy luckieth! It worketh!
actually, it doesn't
Bison doesn't seem to have noticed that it's not in the same place as it was before, and the path to some dependent file hasn't been changed
it still wants to find /home/ruben/bison-install/share/bison/m4sugar/m4sugar.m4
It be thee oopseth!
Has anyone given the robot some fancy kind of oil, lately?
11:30 AM
Obviously, I'm bored again.
it's probably working enough for my purposes, though
I can't stand the idea of using Bison as my final parser implementation, so I'mma just use it to check my grammar
oh yeah
that whole must have a union as return from all functions thing
it's, well, icky
Yeah, I agree. I was just taking the opportunity to link to that site.
I know
11:42 AM
The fact that bison is primarily aimed at C is a big annoyance.
I think I decided that it was a fundamental necessity of the operations of the LR algorithm that it cannot cope with static strong typing
"I think I decided..." — a puppy about to discover the advantages of documenting decisions and rationales. Watch closely, any time now...
I bet laziness is going to win.
@RMartinhoFernandes That's why he will discover documentation sooner or later. In the long run (he's just a puppy, remember, and can't know that), not documenting things is just too much work.
@sbi What? I remember fully why I decided that :P
11:48 AM
@DeadMG "I think I remember what I thought I'd decide."
@sbi FTR I've seen this particular movie before, with the same characters. I know the ending.
@RMartinhoFernandes Don't spoil the tension!
I decided that LR cannot cope with static strong typing because it fundamentally depends on pushing the results of any parser rule on to a stack and dealing with the results of unknown rules.
when you import a function, you have to name the module it came from, right?
if you use something like __declspec(dllexport)
it suddenly occurs to me that I built this in and then I don't actually recall ever doing it
I don't think so.
You just declspec it and then link.
I should ask the LLVM dllimport/dllexport primitives, since they're what I'll actually be using
11:53 AM
Oh, I thought you meant the MSVC thingies.
Nevermind then.
that stuff is just a shortcut to the underlying PE loader system
@DeadMG ah, so maybe I need to disable rpath
which is what I really need to address :P
but in any case, LLVM does not accept a DLL name when either importing or exporting
Do I need to look into the bison thing or not?
it's fine thanks
11:54 AM
now that I've changed some of this grammatical stuff around, I might be feeling a tad better about it
need to check if that variable definition constructs are still good or if I left them in a broken state, though
I decided to leave variable definitions as always of the form var := expr;
When I see a bug like https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=54547 it just makes me smile. I wanna ruffle PHP's hair and say "aww, don't worry buddy, you tried".
> Maybe this should be Won't Fix to keep it consistent with 9223372036854775807 == 9223372036854775808 (with number literals).
I wish I'd started using source control earlier, still got an old version of my lambda grammar in here :(
> Are PHP developers really that absent-minded that they cannot write actual number literals when they want them (i.e. leave out the '')?
> Please stay polite with other developers. Please keep in mind that PHP is loosely typed, this is a root principle of PHP.
> How about you staying polite with your users by actually fixing your bugs? Can you imagine how much time is wasted worldwide as a consequence of your shortsighted "design" decisions?
Yay. Bugtracker mud fight
12:08 PM
haha nice one
@RMartinhoFernandes lol
@sbi Schadenfreude :)
@StackedCrooked ...beste Freude!
There's no Freude like Schadenfreude :D
> I hope you understand that it is not viable to remove a handy feature from PHP, just because it fails under certain edge case conditions.
A "handy feature", he said.
12:13 PM
damn Bison
y u no tell between (ident) and (ident) { shit } :(
Thou shalt not take my name in vain.
I'm the lord Seth, not Oop Seth, mind you
@RMartinhoFernandes 'just because' ... 'certain edge conditions' - hah. As all know, edge conditions are irrelevant to program reliability.
Also, I'd say "twentysix" == "26" is welldefined, like "Vingt-six" == "twentysix". Now, IMO "XXVI" == "26" might be an edge condition
That bug tracker entry is hilarious.
> I want to marry it, lather this thread up, and have my way with it. I want to have little threads everywhere that are as funny as this xD
@RMartinhoFernandes If only they didn't commit the sin of being serious
@sehe I never take PHP "programmers" seriously.
Assume that the $hash is loaded from a known safe string value from a database
and contains a real MD5 hash. Now, suppose the $password is "ximaz", which has
an all-numeric hex-encoded MD5 hash of "61529519452809720693702583126814". When
PHP does the comparison, it will print "Allowed!" for any password which matches
even the first half of the hash:
I love that one.
12:27 PM
Maybe PHP needs a ==== operator.
@RMartinhoFernandes That one would be called "really, really equal" then?
obviously, it needs to be =n, where you can pick how equal they should be
Is there a way to block PHP like disabling Javascript?
cause if it sucks that bad, I don't want it running on my PC
12:31 PM
PHP doesn't run on your PC.
PHP doesn't run on your PC
It runs on the server.
it runs on the server
Woah, I won both!
I'm eating
12:32 PM
I'm dancing
Yes. There is a button on the top right (or top left) of your browser. Most often, it show a 'cross' sign and will prevent further php to run as a result of your actions
lol win
@DeadMG I'm cheating
@TonyTheLion I'm wanking pranking
12:33 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Y u always act like you don't understand
@TonyTheLion Upload a video or it didn't happen.
And make sure you're dancing to this one.
@RMartinhoFernandes The minor delights of a robot: I "typed" faster than you do!
at least he can have delights from minor things :P
12:37 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes I am not going to click on that again. I did so once, and the amount of brain bleach required to scrub my brain of this almost cauterized my cerebrum.
@TonyTheLion Yeah, what else has he got?
I always knew the Star Wars movies were based on Grease
12:49 PM
hi guys
I wish to ban (identifer) as an expression, but that would involve duplicating the whole expression tree
Why ban that?
@DeadMG you could always use a preprocessing step - LOL
because then I can have (identifier) { stuff} as a 1parameter lambda without Bison bitching
Didn't you say you had a function keyword?
Or did you cut it?
12:53 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Perhaps he even remembers why he cut it
I do have it and I can introduce it back if I want
but I'm trying to cut it
not that I object to having function(stuff) { stuff } as lambdas
I'd just rather cut function as it's the last use of that keyword I have left
no idea how C# manages with (stuff), I read their grammar and it didn't yield any hints
There's a =>.
@DeadMG Maybe they rely on the => not existing anywhere else?
Bison complains at (stuff)
and I don't have (stuff) { anywhere else

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