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12:03 AM
Still no variadic templates though. :(
@LucDanton It looks to me like we're in the "coast" part of the cycle, though I'd say they are making more progress than they have during the previous slow development times. Hard to guess exactly when the next major upgrade is likely to happen though.
12:18 AM
AFAIR VC team tries to push for more frequent releases.
There's shred of hope.
@Mysticial Hmm...I'm thinking the points I lose to rep cap should go into a special account where even if they don't count toward my rep, I can still give them away as bounty without losing the rep they did let me have. (e.g., I lost 290 points to rep cap yesterday, so I should be able to give out 290 points of bounty without being penalized on my own rep).
That rep goes to Jon Skeet.
@CatPlusPlus Lately it seems to go to MrGomez. Have you checked his daily scores for the last couple weeks? Some of them are astoundingly high.
Bounty hunter.
@CatPlusPlus Yes, exactly.
12:31 AM
Mmh adding v.push_back(1); to my program breaks GCC. That's a new one.
@LucDanton: Crashes it?
> Internal compiler error: Error reporting routines re-entered.
@Moshe Cool post! Found one typo: "OMGPOP did a decent job os securing their"
@LucDanton What?
@EtiennedeMartel Likely errored out while reporting it had errored out.
Aka double fault.
Karma's a bitch.
So I have a question guys
Where can I find a developer with some experience rolling out applications across some cloud services, so that I can pick their brain?
1:16 AM
I heard they lurk somewhere in the Silicon Valley.
Surely they lurk in some IRC room somewhere too, right? ;-P
It's been surprisingly hard to find somebody with actual experience in this regard
And I'd rather talk to somebody who knows more than me before I just start coding
I've written applications, I've written web applications, I've written database-driven enterprise applications, but I'd really like to find out what questions I should even be asking before I start a project that is meant to be spread out across multiple server instances running on someone else's boxes
No expert, but it shouldn't be much different than a project meant to be spread out across multiple boxes of your own.
Yeah, it's essentially distributed stuff.
Doesn't make it simple though, eh.
1:30 AM
If you know what sort of load distribution options are best for you, maybe
I'm not even sure about that
From what I heard, DNS-based load distribution to different IP addresses is a good option for a stateless service
Reminds me of the words of the great Ted Dziuba: teddziuba.com/2008/04/im-going-to-scale-my-foot-up-y.html
But what are all my other options? What are the popular options when it comes to databases or data stores?
Depends on the DBMS.
For balancing HTTP, haproxy is fairly popular.
I think I can get by on a key/value store, at least for the aspects that are most likely to scale crazily
But then I don't even know what the questions to ask are
I heard Twitter ran for quite a while on MySQL.
1:33 AM
Still does
They still do
They just open-sourced their fork of MySQL
Redis has replication built-in.
I'm an old school relational database person, so can't say anything beyond that about k-v stores.
I very highly favor relational databases myself
If your data is hosted using a cloud service - either in some database you run yourself, or something abstracted away like Amazon's S3, how ridiculous is it to have your application's code querying that database from some other VPS node before responding to the request?
I have all these questions, and I'm not even sure they're the right ones
I say, start by shipping something.
Never used anything like S3. I prefer my data where I can touch it.
If it works, then you can start worrying about that.
1:36 AM
It's true, and I've written applications that way
That's what I would say to myself :-P
But if things DID explode, right now I don't know how I could switch to larger distribution in a week or less
And maybe if I did know how distributed webapps worked a bit better, there would be one or two small changes that I would make while I was writing it that would make my future self able to cope with spreading the app around
I just need to find an experienced distributed solutions developer, get him drunk, and let him ramble on for an evening
As I said, you need to fucking ship something.
@EtiennedeMartel I agree
Your answer is correct
Ensuring that you can run another application instance and just slap a balancer in front of the two, if necessary, shouldn't be too hard.
Make a quick prototype. Scaling is irrelevant until enough people actually get to use it.
1:41 AM
You're not wrong
I guess we could compare that to YAGNI.
I just wish I could find more resources on the basics of how people start splitting their service across many nodes
Not that I'd use them right away now, or ever, but it's something I want to have in my brain
@TehShrike fixed.
Thank you. :-)
Also, as an addendum, if I can get it to work with Charles, I can spoof the server.
And perhaps send requests confirming the hash.
1:44 AM
@EtiennedeMartel Also, thanks for that link, it's very accurate :-D
@TehShrike That guy is both right, wrong and a jerkass all at the same time.
anyone know any fast algs for n choose k mod p
I know a good point about writing scalable applications at this point. But I still know very little about spreading applications across multiple nodes.
And I know even less about the options offered by various cloud providers.
2:00 AM
@TehShrike Read the post please. ;-)
Charles is a network proxy tool.
Lets you see what network requests are being made.
If you share a Mac's WiFi with an iOS device and run Charles, you can see everything the device is doing.
@Moshe Oh right, sorry. My mind was in Ted Dziuba mode, not Moshe mode :-x
If only they had named it "iOSWireShark" instead of "Charles" the confusion would have been avoided ;-P
@TehShrike It runs on Mac, so yea.
@TehShrike Actually, you've given me an idea.
I can try Wireshark too.
Man, this Ted Dziuba guy likes to talk some shit
I feel like I need to read 50 posts or so before I'll have a good idea of how to convert from Ted Dziuba inflammatory post to useful facts to incorporate into my knowledge base
But at least it's entertaining, so I guess I'll keep reading :-P
@TehShrike Mine or Ted's?
@Moshe Ted's. I read all of your post that you linked to - I haven't started down your archives yet
2:08 AM
@TehShrike Ah, thanks. :-)
Glad that you seem interested.
If you find anything to discuss feel free to ping me here.
If you want to read some of my ramblings, they can be found at joshduff.com :-o
Some random posts that might be accessible/interesting are joshduff.com/203/profanities-and-other-funny-words and joshduff.com/252/…
@TehShrike Just found the second one. I like.
This post is fucking hilarious teddziuba.com/2011/07/…
I have classmates like that business dude.
I think that every programmer has talked to at least a dozen people like that business dude
It just seems unavoidable
Ideas are cheap, but the people who only have ideas don't realize it
2:16 AM
Yea, I know.
They think that their ideas are worthwhile, they find an implementer
I couldn't even tell you how many people have told me their "ideas" :-P
If they're someone I know personally, I smile until they're done and then try to break the truth to them
Otherwise, I smile and think about my Hero Academy moves or something, I guess
I need a new username! I grow tired of Maxpm and SyntaxColoring.
@ScottW duh
@TehShrike If someone wants me to sign an NDA to hear what they ate for breakfast, I run the other way as fast as I can.
Does anyone actually use /opt?
2:22 AM
@Moshe After hearing it a few times, I can usually see the BS coming before it gets to NDA territory
But, yes, definitely.
If they can't grok the FrieNDA, they're not worth dealing with
Related: I hadn't seen this before, but it is awesome friendda.org
I... I must request a link to the original Yahoo question
I can't bring myself to believe that was real
Disclaimer: even if provided with a link to the original question on Yahoo Answers, I will assume that the asker was trolling >_<
2:45 AM
Anyone familiar with the more uncommon datatypes in C++?
Such as?
I need something that's more precise than a double... however, what I've found says that 'long double', in MSVC++, is just a double.

Do I have anything to work with?
Or should I move my stuff over to a different computer/compiler so I can use more precision? =/
Use a big number library?
Oddly enough, I'm about to release an open-source arbitrary-precision library for C++
Infinite precision right there.
2:47 AM
Is there a Big Double ?
I've never admittedly used any Big things in C++ before... only time was one time, in Java...
@StefanZuefeldt It's easier to find Big Int classes
@StefanZuefeldt gmplib.org
I used Rossi's BigInt class, and created a wrapper for it that supports fractional numbers
They also have a C++ wrapper to make it easy to use.
Hmm, thanks, Ethan... I'll check it out
*sigh* gonna take some rewriting... and not even sure if its worth it
2:49 AM
I'll just say this
@TehShrike Boost is currently reviewing one, is that you?
If you are dealing with financial numbers - anything to do with money - and you are using floating-point arithmetic at any point, you are living in a state of sin.
Hehe, thankfully, no...
Well then, it could be worse.
besides, I'm not even out of College yet...
2:50 AM
The software I write in used to use double precision floating point numbers for money all over the place
@TehShrike I bet that went well
@StefanZuefeldt Well my software was originally written by college graduates, and used by professionals to run their businesses!
It's better now :-P
So congratulations on knowing more than most college graduates
As cliche as this sounds, (yeah, I know..) I intend on going into the video game industry...
so hopefully I won't deal with (much) financials...
Do you watch Extra Credits?
Hmm? No, I've never heard of it.. what is it?
2:54 AM
It's mandatory viewing, as far as you're concerned! penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/…
(part 2 of that episode is here penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/… )
I'll check it out...
sigh stupid FPE's... this is what i get for trying to come up with something clever.
Thanks for being super helpful...
Extra Credits is a high-quality web series made by a video game designer and writer and artist.
Have you picked a game engine to develop your first game in yet?
I'm not a game developer, but from the game developers I've talked to, that seems to be the first step
1. Pick a platform
2. Write something for that platform
3. Release that thing
4. Repeat
...Yeah, not exactly...
I know I should, but...
I know, I know, I'm not doing exactly what's suggested, but I just prefer to usually work directly with DirectX.
though I suppose (if I do it right) it would give me a better edge in the 'engine development' side of things, if only a little.
Hey, if you've got the chops, I wouldn't worry about it too much
Heh, thanks...
3:02 AM
With most people, delivering A Thing is pretty tough. Existing platforms get you closer to creating A Thing.
If you can deliver a functional fun game of any type using DirectX yourself, congratulations on being cooler than most people.
@StefanZuefeldt do you follow Shamus Young?
If you'd like to know, my current project consists of continuous amounts of integration of polynomials, repeatedly generating a constant, and then integrating, generating the next constant, etc... which eventually leads to a lot of division, which then leads to my FPEs, considering the original constants are... normally < 10.
And no, I don't. Who is he?
Oh man, how do you know so much already, without knowing who the other smart people are?
Damn... 29 votes over the repcap... I don't think I've ever done that by "normal" means... (As in days where I didn't pick up 50+ votes on a single answer that made the hot-list and/or got linked.)

Partially because I tend to stop after I hit the cap...
Damn, nice!
@StefanZuefeldt just start at the bottom here and work your way up shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?category_name=programming
3:05 AM
@TehShrike Always willing to learn about the smart people at least =)
Reading the rest of his posts is optional, but not a bad idea
He is a game critiquer and also an experienced 3D developer
Oh, nice! Thanks, I really appreciate all you're giving me, in terms of both advice and help.
He writes for laymen, mostly, but he writes his technical posts to be useful to people like us - technical people without all the experience he has
Also, he's a really good writer.
No problem. I really value all the amazing blogs in my RSS feed at this point, and I'm happy to help other people work their way to that useful situation
Aggh... have an assignment due in 2 hours. haven't started because i've been exploring other things XD. I'll save the link, and check it out later. I gotta go!
If college was actually useful, there would be a class for developers where all you did was talk about which blogs were essential for programmers to follow, and which posts were required reading
@StefanZuefeldt Good luck! :-)
3:08 AM
Thank you... Its just a little openGL though... should be no issue...
Good night!
At least Microsoft knows that people hate IE.
I'm more concerned about functional correctness than speed improvements, though.
3:23 AM
@Maxpm Well, at least their marketing agency does...
'sup Plebes
anyone know of a possible renewable source flexible enough to make into aromatic polymers of our choosing?
I'm sick of all this dead dinosaur's shit polystyrene, I want me some soy polystyrene
so you know that game programming contest coming up? 2 liberated pixels one cup? something like that? anyone planning on doing it?
3:47 AM
Is it possible to set enum values in .cpp?
4:01 AM
@Pubby You mean like enum { x = 0}; ? If so, yes.
@JerryCoffin I mean enum { x }; in the hpp and give x a value in the cpp
Sounds impossible.
@Pubby Pretty sure that won't work.
I guess I can use consts instead
Off the top of my head, making an enum a non-compile time constant would probably break alot of switch statements.
4:03 AM
@Pubby Yup, if you need to do that, that's probably the way. Just remember that by default, const will also make it local to that particular TU.
One more thing, is there a way to use GLint without including gl.h?
@JerryCoffin So extern const, right?
@Pubby I suppose if you wanted to badly enough, you could write a little header of your own with typedef int GLint;, but I'm not sure what it would accomplish.
@Pubby Yes.
The problem is that GLint might not be int
I'm trying to avoid bringing in the huge header just to use it
I suppose I could static assert if the sizes differ, but that's not fun
Why not just use a intmax_t or ptrdiff_t?
I highly doubt GLint is going to be larger than the cpu's native size.
4:14 AM
GL typedefs are there just for kicks, because no implementation makes them different from what you'd expect.
4:25 AM
ClassName * items;
items = new ClassName[capacity];
hello, I have a problem. I would like to know if I can pass arguments to the `ClassName` constructor
in the above code
No, you can't
what will I do
Use std::vector
I havent learned about that yet
it's ok, I'll figure something out
What a good opportunity to learn it then ;)
4:28 AM
I reading a book
I'm just practicing what I know
5:18 AM
Spam flags:
Q: Best place to buy swtor power leveling?

user1305894wanna buy swtor power leveling service, but I don't know which website is more reliable, can you help me?

i have stackoverflows in C++
how can i increase the stack size
Try decreasing the amount of stack you need.
I am trying to go for speed here
I have lots of RAM I'd prefer to utilize
The stack isn't meant to be gigabytes large. You should be putting it in the heap. What exactly are you doing?
memoized n choose k mod p function
for large n
5:27 AM
Make a large table, and allocate it dynamically.
unless you know a better way to handle this sort of thing
because if I use other methods of calculating n choose k mod p i run into overflow problems and inaccurate answers
this seems to be the only approach (recursion) thus far that will actually work
Yeah, you don't want to be doing linearly deep recursions.
Linearly deep? That looks exponential.
it's linear
as far as I know
Oh, guess the memoization makes it linear
5:30 AM
to calculate high n it must first calculate all lower n's
@Pubby Depth is linear. Run-time (without memoization) is exponential.
Ah, right
well, maybe exponential too because at each point it also splits off a new k terem
anyways, do you guys know of a better method
"n choose k mod p" is not easy to compute efficiently. The best approach probably is to do it with prime factors.
well p is prime
and lucas theorem turned out to be a bust, so
5:34 AM
Prime factorize n!, k!, and (n - k)!.
i already tried something similar to that and it gave me wrong answers
@JohnSmith Then you were probably doing it wrong.
no, it was using code straight from a SPOJ
it applies modulus to numerator and denominator and then modular inverse
problem is that sometimes the numerator mod p and denominator mod p can be 0
giving the wrong answer
@JohnSmith Don't just trust code you get from anywhere.
as opposed to num/denom mod p
5:35 AM
Also, modular inverses don't always work.
couldn't get this working though
so i am not sure if this is better
*actually, with a prime p, it should work regardless. But in any case, if someone got a method to work, but you didn't, you should probably try again. Because it probably works.
I quite literally used the same code
and it gave the outright wrong answer
Then you should ask the person who did get it to work.
modBinomial(144,6,5) should be 2 for instance, it yields 0
Just saying that "someone getting a method to work" doesn't mean it probably works
It means it worked for whatever particular parameters they used, perhaps, but the function's still wrong
5:40 AM
Then you should question the person who got it to work.
Yes, but in the meantime I'm still trying to get the bloody thing working quickly
I'm not gonna know where the bug is...
so, otherwise, how can I increase the stack?
There's a way. But I've never had the need to, so I don't know how.
Q: How to increase the gcc executable stack size?

Jeff LeonardI have large Boost/Spirit metaprogram that is blowing gcc's stack when I try to compile it. How can I increase gcc's stack size, so I can compile this program? Note: There's no infinite recursion going on, but there is enough incidental recursion to exhaust gcc's stack.

Portable way is to use heap-based explicit stack
5:46 AM
but I'm still gonna warn you that increasing the stack is the wrong way to approach your problem.
well I have 16 GB ram and all I care about is speed, and there is not a lot of literature online explaining a better way to solve this problem
nor has anyone I asked really known
so, increase stack size it is
I'm well aware that "change the algorithm" is the ideal solution but all I care about is time right now
fair enough
augh this damn thing
even with the /F flag it's still crashing
made a question for it instead
i'll go the "Better algo" route
just have to figure out what that is
6:02 AM
There was a (now deleted) comment saying Lucas' Theorem isn't wrong. I have to agree. If you're getting wrong results, then it's probably a bug in your code (or wherever you got it from).
I know Lucas Theorem isn't wrong but it's slow
it's also inaccurate if n is sufficiently high because Lucas Theorem requires lots of mini combinatorics, and sometimes these throw things off because they require an alternate function
6:56 AM
@JohnSmith Kids these days... on the C64, we only had 256 bytes of call stack, and we did just fine!
7:07 AM
The only time I've "legitimately" run out of stack is when the compiler inlined a ton of function calls into a recursive function.
How can it inline into recursion? :S
@GManNickG I manually check for updates about once a week. And with that I ask myself why the heck I didn't set up a cronjob for it... goes set up a cronjob
@Pubby I had a logarithmic depth function that had 11 calls to a function that needed 2k of stack.
The Intel compiler inlined all 11 calls into the recursive function but failed to overlap the stack usage.
So each recursive call needed 22k of stack. When I bumped the datasize to 4 TB, the recursion depth reached 34 or so levels deep. And boom... stackoverflow.
With a 6 day repro time. That currently stands as the most expensive and time-consuming bug that I've ever fixed. (It took 4 weeks and tied down 4 workstations before I could finally trace it.)
I see, cool
No it wasn't cool... I estimate it cost $2000 - $3000 USD from just hardware depreciation.
Fortunately, I only took a fraction of it myself. But I feel sorry for the guy who had the big machine and was helping find this bug. Apparently he burned out two $800 sticks of server memory...
7:18 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes Sweet, thanks. It's nice when someone else does the hard work.
For myself, I only burned out a $400 USD motherboard - which was still under warranty.
@Mysticial Wait wait wait, you harmed the hardware?
@GManNickG Yeah, that's the problem when you subject machines to ridiculous loads for extended periods of time.
The problem was even worse in my case. The motherboard was initially designed for 95W processors. But was "recertified" for a newer 150W processor model (which is what I had).
We need a machine rights bill.
So the mosfets couldn't handle the load for such a long time. And they blew out.
7:23 AM
@Mysticial Every time I see you talking about something it always seems to be about pushing machines to suicide.
It happenned a total of 3 times on that same motherboard (and RMA'ed 3 times) before I finally bought a different (even more expensive) model which didn't have this problem.
@GManNickG Everytime? :P
@Mysticial Enough that "all the time" is a fair approximation. :P
Yeah, after having damaged/destroyed close to 5-grand of hardware over the past 4 years... (from a combination of overclocking + suicide-programs) I get a feel of what the limits are...
Sounds like something I'd like to try out myself.
You shouldn't complain of the machine revolution in a few years.
7:33 AM
Don't know if you've seen this one yet. But run that on a laptop fully-threaded for a few months. If it doesn't auto-shutoff from overheating, I can almost guarantee that it'll severely degrade if it doesn't burn out completely.
Q: how to achieve 4 flops per cycle

user1059432How can the theoretical peak performance of 4 floating point operations (double precision) per cycle be achieved on a modern x86-64 Intel cpu? As far as I understand does it take 3 cycles for an sse add and 5 cycles for a mul to complete on most of the modern Intel cpu's (see e.g. Agner Fog's ht...

@RMartinhoFernandes Ha. :)
@Mysticial: Yeah I did, it's crazy.
The answer I posted there uses only the CPU. It can get worse if you start using cache and memory at the same time. (I have some code that'll do that...)
@Mysticial: Do you kill GPU's too?
Heh, "Mystical, the machine slayer."
@GManNickG Fortunately, I know very little GPU programming. I'm afraid of the consequences for when I do.
GPU's pull more than the CPU, so it might even blow out the PS - which can take down the rest of the machine too...
So far, I'm not hardcore enough to overclock video cards for gaming... yet...
Well get on it!
7:44 AM
hard drives are still the most fragile though... Put a bunch of them under load for a few weeks and they'll start randomly dying on you... not fun.
Man, I had one of my hard drives die on me a few years ago, worst thing ever.
Yeah, that sucks. The worst that happened to me was when my SSD failed catastrophically.
I tend to save all my stuff on the desktop. And at the end of each quarter/semester, I'd clean it up and back it up.
@Mysticial crazy!
Of course the SSD was my boot drive...
Probably in another year or so, I'm might need to update my answer to include fused-multiply add support for Intel Haswell and AMD Bulldozer.
I already have a peak flops FMA code for AMD Bulldozer. But I don't have physical access to the machine I wrote it on to measure how much heat it produces...
8:06 AM
@Mysticial You can expect to hear from the fire department when the limit is exceeded
@sehe That machine is actually part of the this new toy that I get to play with:
Blue Waters is the name of a petascale supercomputer to be deployed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. On August 8, 2007, the National Science Board approved a resolution which authorized the National Science Foundation to fund "the acquisition and deployment of the world's most powerful leadership-class supercomputer." The NSF is awarding $208 million over the next four and a half years for the Blue Waters project. On August 8, 2011, NCSA announced that IBM had terminated its contract to provide hardware for...
So they'd be pretty pissed if I burned it out. Though it's supposed to be made to handle "anything" so its not my fault if I burn it. :P
8:21 AM
Ha, done with physics labs for good.
8:33 AM
Q: Should I be able to cancel my up-vote on a comment?

fretjeLike mentioned on uservoice: For something that can be done so easily by accident, there should be the ability to undo mistakes. I know that I have clicked several times on a comment up-vote without actually wanting to. I would suggest being able to cancel the up-vote (maybe only for a...

hmm... trying to do a regex that matches either a ';' or an end of string '$' so far I have /^\s*[;$]/
but that would not match ` ; stuff`
that is an string ending in an optional ';'
So, you want it to match "" and "; stuff" but not "stuff"?
What about "stuff ; stuff"?
8:36 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes yes
@RMartinhoFernandes not match
Or factor ^ out if you want.
[;$] matches for either ';' or '$'.
@CatPlusPlus but it gives me an error, at least perl does
It doesn't match the end of line.
(Also, I hate Chrome model.)
oh I see what you are saying, it's matching the character '$' not the end of string
8:39 AM
Yeah, character classes have special escape rules.
though, /^\s*[;$]?/ seems to be doing what I want
$ is an anchor only at the end of the pattern.
@thecoshman Try "$100".
hmm... me thinks just using two patterns is easier
Personally, I'd filter empties directly.
8:44 AM
so two patterns, /^\s*;/ and then /^\s*$/
just seems a shame I can't combine them together
You can. That's what | is for.
What are you trying to do?
8:57 AM
Automate his porn downloads.

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