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8:00 AM
@rightfold There is no plain Java DOT tool, is there?
Oh nice. Insta-dupe-vote doesn't "work" if the OP forgets to add the or tags on his Spirit question.
Maybe a mass retag exercise can give me a gold spirit badge to fix that (j/k)
@R.MartinhoFernandes you can add "wives" to the exception
@StackedCrooked is coliru broken? getting "internal server error" if I try to compile anything
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 10 mins ago, by Cupcake
A lot of males around here have female avatars. It's a little weird...
Not naming the names ...
8:19 AM
Later I try it with make_pair, but as mentioned in the comment of the top-post: I found out it's not reliable that all the entries of a map are unique. — user3085931 2 hours ago
Breaking news: maps don't have unique keys after all!
@melak47 ok, it's rebooting now
:D (finally I can get some work done :P)
hm, it's taking a long time to boot
ah, it's up now
works for me now :)
8:49 AM
@FredOverflow I don’t know.
9:05 AM
@sehe And end up with people asking me when was the wedding? No, thanks.
Learned my lesson.
Ok, so apparently the physics exams is not as easy as the previous years. I'll have to study physics. Fuck me.
@Chimera Yeah. I'll go over it next time. I still need to solder in the on/off switch and the power connectors.
@Rapptz lol setters
They imply mutability. Fail.
I'm nearly dead
9:11 AM
Hallo Bartuq.
eight fucking hours of moving stuff yesterday
started at 7pm, ended 5 am
Did you try enabling optimisations?
It may optimise out those moves.
@BartekBanachewicz WTF did you carry it yourself?
9:13 AM
we just have a lot of fucking stuff
"a lot"?
"of fucking stuff"?
@R.MartinhoFernandes ow
Sounds like Poland's biggest sex dungeon.
There is a problem with this, should read std::string strSomeString = "Hello World"; — Konrad Nov 26 '08 at 11:10
9:14 AM
lol what the fuck
@R.MartinhoFernandes seriously
@BartekBanachewicz I know the feeling
we rented a minivan
I have no idea when I got all this shit, but I have a fuckload of it
and it took 10 I think rides
note it's the third day
9:15 AM
WTF. And I thought I was a hoarder.
Okay you have a lot more stuff
and we're barely past "dump the stuff in the corridor"
we've been moving furniture yesterday
you have a large corridor
Who do you have so much stuff?
9:15 AM
All you need is a bed, a desk, a computer, a few monitors, a mouse and a keyboard.
ahaahaha hahah yeah no
Hint: you can have more than just what you need
sorry for shitphone
a lot of those are blurred because fucking HDR enable
Nike basketball.
9:17 AM
Doe maar duur.
so what you see is around 1/10 of what we have brought
@BartekBanachewicz looks very very unsuitably packaged
You weren't going on a camping trip or boy scouts weekend
Enable HDR, make shit photo. How hipster.
@sehe we've run out of boxes
we had around 20 cardboard boxes
Buy more boxes?
9:19 AM
20 cardboard boxes? That’s a lot of place to hide in.
A: Is assigning a value while using it valid c++?

haccksNo. This is not valid. You can't modify a variable and use latter in the same expression. It invokes undefined behavior.

> flippy
flippy bird
@sehe let's just say this move was a bit of an emergency
I give my pig a bird.
9:20 AM
this is my room
well, the half of it that's not covered with stuff
That room looks Polish.
Terrible lighting
@rightfold i have to take the drapes out
@CatPlusPlus well it's pretty big
Screw lighting.
Lightning is what you want.
9:22 AM
Lightning races in clouds.
I have to take the fucking drapes out anyawy
@Rapptz I wish assignment were statement like in Go and Python.
and buy a bigger blanket
> In fact, the day after you hand something like that in an engineer from Intel comes to your house to euthanise the branch prediction circuits on your processor.
@JohanLarsson no, rather small
also yeah the job
I need a new laptop :D
9:24 AM
@BartekBanachewicz No it wasn't. You've been talking about this for some time. So, it would appear you failed to plan for it :)
Something that's done in a hurry is rushed; it's only an emergency if it could not have been done any other way
and I don't think surface will ship in time
@sehe Admittedly we were stumped by the sheer amount of things once we starteed moving them for real
so cont. I think I'll buy the Yoga Pro 2
^ please recommend alternatives ITT ^
budget fairly unlimited
I recommend whiskey
that's going to be my work PC, but I want something smaller than 15" that can replace my iPad, too
Wait what
Your work PC will be a tablet-sized thing?
@BartekBanachewicz MacBook Pro
9:28 AM
@rightfold thought about it, but not-flippable screen kills that for me
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yoga is 13.3"
@BartekBanachewicz Everything is better than a laptop with three screens. vOv
I'm going to have external screens/mouse/keyboard anyway
Mac Mini
@rightfold wait what?
> that can replace my iPad, too
9:29 AM
@BartekBanachewicz the laptop in that picture has at least three screens.
Anyway, irony level: over 9000.
your jokes are so fucking dumb I am literally puzzled how the hell do you come up with them
Q: How does the "Fourth Dimension" work with arrays?

QuestionmarkAbstract So, as I understand it (although I have a very limited understanding), there are three dimensions that we (usually) work with: The 1st could be represented by a line. The 2nd could be represented by a square. The 3rd could be represented by a cube. Simple enough until we get to the 4t...

@BartekBanachewicz Yeah, it's clearly four screens.
9:31 AM
4th Generation Intel Core I7-4500U Processor (1.80GHz 1600MHz 4MB)
Windows 8.1 64
13.3" QHD+ LED Glossy Multi-touch with integrated camera (3200x1800)
Intel® HD Graphics 4400
8.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz
@R.MartinhoFernandes kinda ^
Not enough RAM
not gonna run VMs on that one I guess.
Work without VMs? Nonsense I tell ya
to get 16GB I'd need to buy 15"
9:33 AM
fuck me how lazy can you get?
@davidhaskins You could make each dimension have size 1 and get away with a very low memory footprint ;) sizeof(char[1][1][1][1][1][1][1][1][1][1]) == 1FredOverflow 14 secs ago
having smaller form factor is more important for me than 8GB of additional RAM
that's why I said "recommend alternatives", not "buy a mobile workstation instead"
Why does -Wall -Wextra not warn about unused template parameters?
Too noisy.
Try -Weverything
9:34 AM
Clang has an unused function warning.
@FredOverflow blewrg that kind of “multidimensional” arrays sucks.
If you want to know about noisy lol
3200x1800 screen gonna look nice anyway
char[1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1] please.
C# ftw.
9:35 AM
There are many uses for unused template parameters, the most obvious of which is having them be explicit instead of deduced.
Another one is pure tags for distinctness.
A warning for that in a common use set makes no sense.
I might buy a Dell instead, but dell only has 12" :/
I could also buy a vaio
they have 15" with flipping screens
@FredOverflow You should have been at the unconference.
@BartekBanachewicz I thought you didn't want 15".
9:39 AM
(Also, don't buy Vaios)
fuck you MSVC, give me move ctors >_>
@FredOverflow Do students know what side effects are?
@rightfold Oh god I hope so :) End of second semester.
as soon as you have a unique_ptr in your class, you're fucked.
bloody hell
9:40 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Can I use UB to travel back in time?
@FredOverflow That’s undefined.
@Xeo So unbelievably powerful.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I maybe could get 15" if the hardware and price really made it feasible. Vaio 15" are still pretty light and have flippable touchscreens. They also have 14" ones.
@Xeo Does it still not generate them automatically?
@Xeo C++11 support they call it.
9:40 AM
@FredOverflow I ate Heinz ketchup yesterday.
Q: How to load a xml file ! c++

user3636909I need to load a *.xml file using that functions std::ostringstream s; s.str(""); s << "*.xml"; How can I do that Thank you.

"price really made it feasible" when talking about a Vaio?
Are you on coke?
ahahha vaio
9:41 AM
@BartekBanachewicz okay, life lesson learned
@R.MartinhoFernandes 15" are typically more cost-effective than 13.3"
in general
Vaios aren't cost-effective.
I'd like 12-13, with small 14 being passable
How much are Vaios now a days?
@Rapptz unclear what asking
9:42 AM
Also fuck money really
It has to be good, I don't care about the cost that much
My company is mostly paying for it anyway
So yeah, not Vaio.
@R.MartinhoFernandes fuck this, I'm doing a piecewise_construct into the map, instead of giving this dumb struct a move ctor
@R.MartinhoFernandes alternatives then :v
No, wait, get a Vaio so I can "told you so" when you come over and bitch about it later.
well people bitch about all brands of laptops
9:43 AM
some people pitch
Vaio have an upside of having a stylus
Yoga doesn't have support for it.
"It has to be good" and then picks a Vaio
Did you guys know Macbooks are over $2k
I learned this a few days ago
I knew they were expensive but not that expensive
Overpriced lolple shit hardware
they aren't overpriced
9:45 AM
How delusional can you be?
How hateful and blind can you be
show me a laptop with comparable specs
Not as delusional as you honestly :v
I did
My girlfriend asked me to too.
@CatPlusPlus ikr
Because she wanted to buy one
@FredOverflow 0:44:39 Möglichkeit zwei isn’t there a problem when _alleVormerker is modified after returning the unmodifiable wrapper?
9:46 AM
How else did I find out?
@CatPlusPlus I am not picking. I am wondering
I searched and found comparable hardware on a laptop for $800
Which she dismissed because "it's ugly"
@Rapptz Don't worry, you cannot buy the magic sauce.
@Rapptz Exactly.
$1200 of ugly.
if you want a powerful hardware and just that then sure.
Apple computers have the whole shebang around it, too.
How can you justify >$1200 for looks alone?
That's the price of another computer
9:48 AM
not looks god.
Too bad the whole shebang around them is even worse than them being overpriced
I would differ.
Apple uses top quality materials and components not only for the main hardware parts, but also for everything else that goes in the laptop
some people consider that excessive
and some people looking for quality are more than pleased
Exactly. That's why they break just like all the others.
No, not really.
9:49 AM
I need Unix-like OS and Linux on laptops sucks so it’s about the only option for me. :F
Apple's marketing is impressive. I gotta admit. :v
How many macbooks with broken hinges have you seen?
Dunno. Two?
For piecewise_construct I need to add a ctor the dumb struct
this is annoying
I have owned many laptops and I've never gotten broken hinges.
9:50 AM
From the same person, actually.
so increadibly annoying
@Rapptz right, when someone picks a device that you consider overpriced he must be an idiot led by apple marketing
@rightfold I'd rather deal with Linux problems than OSX!
I saw a non-MacBook with broken hinges: my old Toshiba after I tore it apart in a final attempt to rescue it.
There is no way in one million years that I will ever consider an Apple laptop to not be overpriced.
I'm sorry, it's just improbable
9:51 AM
then you're dumb as fuck
or maybe not dumb
btw you can run a LiveCD and see if there's any problems, it's likely that there aren't any
When you can buy two laptops for the price of one macbook then there's no way to not consider it overpriced.
insanely prejudiced
@BartekBanachewicz No -- I'm just smart with money.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Bad experience?
9:51 AM
@Rapptz you keep telling yourself that :thumbsup:
@rubenvb Not for me, luckily.
@Rapptz two shitty laptops, right.
@rubenvb The only Vaio experience is bad experience
But Vaios were hip in my university.
you can buy two shitty cars for a price of one!
9:51 AM
I'm happy with my Vaio
@BartekBanachewicz lol and I'm prejudiced.
And the source of much "hahaha, sucker".
who would buy an expensive car!
I bet you're one of those people who thinks higher price = better.
It's a 2011 heavily modified thing, but still kicks ass in its plasticky case
9:52 AM
buy cheap cars they are CHEAP
right you know they also have engines but CHEAP
Who would buy an expensive car that isn't in any way proven to be any more resilient than cheaper ones
That's a terrible comparison, btw.
Cheap cars are quite good.
and cheap laptops aren't
9:52 AM
Cars is a very bad analogy for this. Especially for the point you're trying to make.
which would prove my point even more.
@BartekBanachewicz Wait what.
w/e really
btw you would be anyway, because cheap thing breaking is not given
cheap laptops suck very much
9:53 AM
Using a non-fitting analogy proves your point even more?
150ccs of logic, stat.
And you might get much more mileage out of two cheap things than one expensive thing
Because hell expensive thing NOT breaking is not given either
I'm past being dumb enough to say "OMG only dumb hipsters buy overpriced apple things"
But the cheap laptop may not even do what you want.
But higher price = better.
I know how terribly stubborn I were back then
9:54 AM
It's a proven economic law obviously.
So I don't really think you can talk anyone out of that
@Rapptz That’s false.
Counter-example: Windows is more expensive than Gentoo.
that just takes realization and admitting to being wrong
Yeah no
9:54 AM
@rightfold I'm the robot.
don't worry you'll get there someday danny
@rightfold I am being sarcastic.
can we go back to the topic
I understand your concerns about Vaio
The topic is "you suck at buying things"
@rightfold You mean it could be changed underneath? Yes.
9:55 AM
however, Sony has, on paper, the best-fitting hardware
@CatPlusPlus It breaks just as bad.
so is there any brand that's not shitty like sony but does similar devices?
@FredOverflow Yes.
@BartekBanachewicz Sony doesn't make Vaios anymore, btw.
Vaios were so shitty Sony ditched them
9:55 AM
Buy Alienware. They seem to be right up your valley.
@CatPlusPlus Yep.
@R.MartinhoFernandes they are listed on sony.co.uk/com
@FredOverflow Are the pre- and postconditions checked at runtime?
@BartekBanachewicz Yes, because they have some deal with the company they sold the brand to.
Vaios were not even good for making money selling them.
@Rapptz I thought they have mostly gaming stuff, which would imply being heavy (even the smaller ones have nvidias, right) and having non-touch small resolution screens. I'll check them in a moment though.
9:56 AM
I was also being sarcastic there.
@FredOverflow Why is empty a function and not a field?
I think I've lost my sense of sarcasm.
The joke is that Alienware shit is known to be terribly overpriced
And just like Apple, for no reason other than brand and markup
@CatPlusPlus they are also apparently the only brand offering 14" with 16GB of RAM
9:58 AM
@Rapptz sexy
and with nvidia GPUs
Also lol what a horrible idea to put it there.
It's broken anyway
Might as well
@FredOverflow where did the package-visible constructor go? :[
yeah, GTX 765m/2GB, 16GB RAM, i7 -> goes for $1700
hmm that's with hybrid hdd though
9:59 AM
I can probably find an 8 GB equivalent for $700

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