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1:39 AM
Is swprintf standard?
2:00 AM
Ok, there's something really weird going on now. Damn Windows crap.
This is complaining that swprintf is not declared (used somewhere inside boost.asio). How is this possible?
2:18 AM
Arrgh. Screw this. I'm going to install Linux in a VM and get this done with.
2 hours later…
4:05 AM
@MartinhoFernandes Gparted.
Thanks. I've set up a VM now, so it's a bit irrelevant :)
Sup guys? Im war driving! Woo
4:26 AM
Lol driving around looking for free wifi
Just found a linksys
Hows ur vm? Do u have a dedicated box for vms?
Oh you should look at xenserver or vmware esxi. Both are free for basic use
Thanks, but I'm using the VM as a temporary solution only :)
Hopefully I'll have my other Linux box back online by next week.
Cpu overhead is tiny
Oh well you should run ur box in a vm permimantly
4:41 AM
I do it. Makes maintinence so easy
Allows u to expand
Or if u wanted to dry a dist upgrade; u could clone it and try it on thr clone first to work out the bugs
Where would I get the disk space for that?
Clones take up 0 bytes until you write to the disk
Its like a differencing image
Thing is, I'll be writing to disk, so it won't take up 0 bytes. Also, what's this expansion you're talking about?
I can't make my hardware go faster.
5:02 AM
I mean expand your servers. Aka if u need a redhat fOr whatever reason u can get it!
If u need windows u can do that too
What servers? I'm not serving anything. I just want a Linux box to write my code.
5:18 AM
Oh u domt have servers? Why lol?
Why would I have servers? I don't have anything to serve.
5:35 AM
Haha not even files?
I dono ive always had a server
Now that i have vms i can have 10 servers if i want!
All I have to "serve" is code. And it's all up there on BitBucket, GitHub, and Google Code.
Hi @Als.
Oh @MartinhoFernandes Hello
still here...grr..you are stalking the room eh
I huh... woke up at 21h or something :)
5:43 AM
What part of the world you are in?
wow quite early there
around 7am now
how is your sunday?
It's just starting, but it appears it will be sunny.
2 hours later…
7:54 AM
morning :)
1 hour later…
8:57 AM
oh hi
@DeadMG Mornin'.
Good morning gentlemen
@ManofOneWay Are you at work? :b
@sbi Actually, no! Have you heard this song? youtube.com/watch?v=vHO6rTgG_W0
@sbi It's actually quite good, even though it's some kind of communist song
9:05 AM
@ManofOneWay I dunno. ("This video is not available in your country. Sorry about that.")
It won't even tell me what the video is all about, and no links to similar stuff either. Damn them suckers!
@sbi Are you from germany? Those russians never liked you
@ManofOneWay Well, it says so in my profile, so I assume that thing outside the window is indeed Germany.
@sbi Let's hope so, otherwise it gets confusing =)
Oh, and I'm originally from East Germany, and that part of the country did have a somewhat complicated love-hate relationship with what#s now (again) Russia.
oh hello
9:08 AM
@TonyTheTiger Hi. About to bring up a hot topic? :)
Oops. A network hiccup made that appear twice.
@sbi uh, no, I'm still recovering from last night
got a little smashed off my face :P
@TonyTheTiger ??
9:10 AM
@TonyTheTiger I have been drinking with friends for three nights in a row. There's no reason to get drunk, though.
@TonyTheTiger Man, you c++ guys are crazy
@sbi +1
@sbi yea I know, I agree, but I did last night
@ManofOneWay What do you mean "you C++ guys"? Are you a spy from the Java room?
switch sucks, pattern matching ftw!
and for once, it was fun :) Though I am SOOOO not into the whole getting drunk thing
9:11 AM
@TonyTheTiger How's that?
@sbi Don't mention me and Java in the same sentence =(
@sbi A Java programmer who looks at other languages is hardly a Java programmer ;-)
@sbi how's what? Getting drunk?
@ManofOneWay you and Java :P
@ManofOneWay Would that blow your cover?
@FredOverflow Why not? Is a monkey looking at Beethoven's Fifth Symphony not a monkey anymore, just becaus it looks at a human artifact?
Because real Java programmers go "la la la, I can't hear you, there are no other languages, Java is the one true way, la la la"...
9:13 AM
true scotsman fallacy
you guys spoiling the quality service of this site cause its for programing disscusion
@TonyTheTiger See, I know how one drinks. (Did I mention I have been out drinking with friends for three nights straight?) I even know reasons for getting drunk. I even got drunk myself quite often. So I was asking: What happened to you that you needed to get drunk.
@JitendraPathak The chat is for us to socialize, and we will gladly do so about whatever topic we so desire
@DeadMG BTW, why are Scotsmen so famously fallible?
no idea
I think it just happened to be a scotsman in the first statement of the fallacy
9:15 AM
@sbi nothing special, just went out with a friend that I hadn't seen for a while
@JitendraPathak You open up your mouth and out comes a fallacy. You must be a true Scotsman. :)
@JitendraPathak What did you think this chat was for? Asking each other random C++ questions?
Java 7 was going to have nice collection initializers:
List<String> = ["hello", "world"];
But apparently, they dropped that, too...
@Man: I see that you are evading my interrogation. What did make you say "you C++ guys"? What kind of guy are you? And what are you doing in my swamp^Hroom?
eh, I don't care for such initializers
that's what lambdas are for
9:17 AM
What do lambdas have to do with collection initializers?
@FredOverflow There's two things I keep hearing about Java 7: Dropped features and glaringly obvious show-stopper bugs. Why is that? (I guess I'd need an Oracle to answer that.)
@sbi I don't consider myself a C++ guy in here until I've least answered some C++ questions on stack.
@sbi Time pressure I guess.
@DeadMG And if we write them initializers in curly braces, do you then care for them?
class collection {
    collection(std::function<void()> arg) {
collection c([&]{ c.push_back("Hello"); c.push_back("World"); });
9:19 AM
Nah, not terse enough. Too much push_backs.
meh, it's pretty close and you can perform arbitrarily complex initialization
I mean, something that ends in ); }); can't be that awesome ;-)
@ManofOneWay Whoa! You haven't a single tag in your portfolio, but many and tags! So you're not a spy from the Java room, but from the iPhone room!
So what's your take on C++0x's std::initializer_list facility?
9:20 AM
I mean, if you want to optimize that kind of thing, you can just add a push_back return value
class collection {
    collection(std::function<void()> arg) {
collection c([&]{ c.push_back("Hello")("World"); });
@sbi wow! Really????!!! So what do we do with people like that?
in my opinion, it's like ranged-for
they introduced a language solution when a library one would have done just fine
@DeadMG Kind of like Boost.Assign where you do List foo = (1)(2)(3); or something?
@DeadMG how's that a language solution? Are you referring to the lambda's?
@TonyTheTiger No, the initializer lists of C++0x
9:22 AM
@JitendraPathak To seriously address your concern: Look at the room's name. It's called "Lounge" for a reason. If you have any other question concerning the room, please first read the newbie hints, boldly linked from the right-hand panel.
std::initializer_list has special language support.
@FredOverflow yeah, kind of
@DeadMG oh ok
@DeadMG It certainly is a nice library.
@FredOverflow Yeah, that's the problem. It's unnecessary. Once you have lambdas, then simply passing one into the constructor is vastly more flexible
9:23 AM
@TonyTheTiger I dunno. But since he must have an iPhone, we could terrorize him by constantly making it ring - especially when it's sleeping time on his side of the planet! :)
@sbi it's kinda cool how you put boldly in bold to make it more obvious, hahah
@TonyTheTiger Well, that link is in bold, after all, isn't it? :)
@sbi sounds like fun :)
@sbi yes
@Dead, @Fred You guys are spoiling the quality service of this room by using it for programing discussions!
I can't help it, I'm an addict. I need to discuss programming.
9:26 AM
yes, you guys! How could you discuss C++ in this room??!!! We only talk about sex here :P
@TonyTheTiger Ok, it's decided then! @Man, do you copy? Please provide your phone number so we can terrorize you!
@sbi "anything" includes programming just as much as it does monkey sex
@TonyTheTiger kek :)
@DeadMG As usual, @Tony beat you to mentioning sex. Monkey sex, OTOH, has a new ring to it. (So far we mostly had apes in here, after all, and I'm absolutely sure <stern_look/> you would never confuse the two.) So you get +1 for being original.
9:28 AM
(For @Tony, the illiterate: That was a Pratchett reference.)
and I get to you give you guys the right picture, the monkey pr0n
@sbi We have most assuredly had monkeys in here too.
@sbi oh thanks! :(
@FredOverflow Where do you live? I could dig out the address of your nearest Programmers Anonymous.
@sbi wow, didn't know that existed? :P
9:29 AM
Which idiot flagged that picture?
@sbi oh noes!! Flag wars again!!!!???
I voted not valid
must be the Iphone dude
sorry, no picking, but there's no one else in here that would possibly flag two shagging monkeys
cause it's not even offensive
Really. These are innocent animals, doing what they do, innocently, since nature invented gender, ensuring the survival of their genes, just like your mom and dad did with you idiot.
@TonyTheTiger They aren't even doing it. It's still foreplay, I guess. :)
@sbi hahahah :)
9:31 AM
Now let's all calm down for a bit here!
@ManofOneWay we are calm!!!
@TonyTheTiger Yeah, nice! Now we can blame everything on the spy. How convenient to have him uncovered! None of us has to take any blame anymore!
@sbi lol! What else would we need to do?!!! Blame Java I guess, or talk about sex, but that's already done! So....
@ManofOneWay Ok, done calming down for a bit. Can I go back to being agitated again now?
@sbi He removed concepts from C++0x!
9:34 AM
Let's all have a moment of silence for FredO's programming addiction
@FredOverflow You, sir, owe me something to wipe my monitor with!
@sbi Of course. You're a gorilla , that's in your nature
@DeadMG You mean like sleep(60000);?
@FredOverflow Something like that, but Sleep for us Windoze users
capital S then
9:36 AM
@ManofOneWay Actually, I was waiting for this to come up. You uneducated monkeys ought to confuse chimps with gorillas. I suggest you go to a zoo and watch the two species. You will find that "agitated" is quite an understatement for the chimp colony's normal state, while you will have to wait quite a while to see any kind of excitement with the gorillas.
hahahh epic rant!! :)
And, of course, all this ignores that I'm a bonobo in disguise, and, as we all know, bonobos solve all social problems by wild, innocent, and extensive sex.
@TonyTheTiger Well, you wouldn't be able to blame sex coming up as a topic on anybody else, though, since we all know it's you who brings it up again and again.
you, innocent?
@ManofOneWay oh yea and if those monkey's really offended you, I suggest you go browse reddit for a few days and you will hopefully get to new levels of things you can handle
What's up with this obsession for monkeys ?
9:39 AM
@ManofOneWay We apes look down our noses on them.
@sbi I totally don't mind being blamed for bringing up sex.... but if you don't want me to ever bring it up again, then I can obviously do so
@DeadMG Assuming you're referring to me: Who said I was innocent? I merely said my sex, no matter how wild and extensive, is always innocent. :)
@TonyTheTiger No! Please don't stop! Otherwise we would have to find something else to tease you with!
@sbi LOL :P
@sbi I'd rather know less than more about your sex
Mhmm. Sometimes I don't understand this chat. On the right, our avatars are listed in the order of their last activity. Why then is @Jitendra listed before @FredO, when Fred has spoken only 10mins ago, and Jitendra hasn't spoken up since?
Ah! I know! Jitendra must have left the room for a moment! You get to the head of the list when you enter the room.
Maybe he had to go outside to puke? :)
@DeadMG Then why do you ask?
9:45 AM
@sbi I didn't. I merely insinuated that I find the idea of you and innocence mixing to be hilarious.
Did someone say my name?
@FredOverflow No. You must have misheard. Go on programming. Nothing to see here.
@DeadMG Well, the message I answered to did end in a question mark. Can we establish, as one of the foundations of communication here, that any message ending with a question mark can be assumed to be a question?
@FredOverflow Sie aus Deutschland sind, können Sie sich dieses Video ansehen? youtube.com/watch?v=vHO6rTgG_W0
9:48 AM
@ManofOneWay Did you think I lied to you?? :)
> This video is not available in your country. Sorry about that.
@sbi Pffft, but that would be the normal thing to do!
BTW, @Man, in a forum like this, Germans would use the informal "Du" rather than "Sie". But other than one tiny issue with word order, it's perfect German. I bow before you.
What is in the video?
@sbi How is "Sie aus Deutschland sind" perfect German? :)
@FredOverflow "...other than one tiny issue with word order..."
9:51 AM
@FredOverflow It's some communist propaganda, but good one!
@TonyTheTiger Of course, you were hoping for wild monkey sex!
@sbi I'm a tiger, I would eat monkey's, not watch them have sex! :P
@TonyTheTiger But you could have your show and eat them, too! (Or how did this saying go?)
9:54 AM
@FredOverflow Why would he want to have a cake if he could eat monkeys instead??
@DeadMG You are certainly free to not to bow to "normal" conventions here (or anywhere else, FTM), but you will find that using question marks to denote non-questions (or asking question and later denying having done so) will make it quite hard for you to communicate with the rest of the world. :)
When I see a question mark, I usually keep parsing for the matching colon...
@sbi I don't know that saying, but it sounds good! Pr0n before lunch :P
You're but a porn in my game of chess!
@FredOverflow Yeah, but you're addicted to programming, while we are real human beings innocently chatting away.
At least I don't program for money!
9:56 AM
@FredOverflow You're not good enough yet, eh?
@FredOverflow no you program for pleasure! :P
I won't sell my soul yet, my standards are still too high.
@FredOverflow Yeah, 13 hundred pages is quite a stack.
That was funny!
brb, gonna caress n3290 a bit...
Besides, the only reason you don't sell your programmer's soul for money yet is that either mom and dad still provide for you or you're doing something silly like washing dishes in a local pub. Nothing to be proud of if you ask me. :)
9:59 AM
mom is American you peasant
> Since iterators are an abstraction of pointers, their semantics is a generalization of most of the semantics of pointers in C++. This ensures that every function template that takes iterators works as well with regular pointers. This International Standard defines five categories of iterators, according to the operations defined on them: input iterators, output iterators, forward iterators, bidirectional iterators and random access iterators.
in Europe, we use "mum"
Oh yeah, that's the stuff...
@DeadMG I'll stop being pleasant if you don't stop to nag at me!
I'm a little surprised C++0x did not invent new iterator categories, btw :-)
10:00 AM
Anyone of you owning a mac?
@FredOverflow What? Mom vs. mum?
Doesn't Boost have additional iterator categories?
you'll stop being pleasant if I don't stop to nag at you?
@sbi No, I meant the standardese that one can actually understand.
@DeadMG So? I learned most of my English in the US. I'm entitled to Americanisms!
10:02 AM
when in Rome
@DeadMG I'm in Berlin. The English I hear in Berlin is mostly American. You were saying?
virtual Rome
@DeadMG You got that right. Every seen what a full-grown gorilla can do to a puppy?
@sbi A bonobo
puppies are faster runners
trust me
10:04 AM
@DeadMG Where can I buy "Effective Latin"? :-)
@DeadMG Are you, by any chance, trying to tell us this room is a virtual Rome? Because that would be so silly.
all I'm saying is that when speaking English, the English guy in the room might be the Expert™ here
@ManofOneWay I knew someone would bring this up. Now, with the bonobo's well-known reputation of having sex all the time, I'm not going to repeat my statement substituting "gorilla" for "bonobo". Otherwise, the puppy would get ideas.
@DeadMG What? I'd like to have a vote on that. Anyone raising their hand in favor of @Dead's ridiculous statement?
You're alone.
Now please stop wining. We like you anyway.
10:07 AM
@FredOverflow IIRC where the Standard use(d) only a single hierarchy where each iterator concept is a refinement of the previous one, Boost split that into two orthogonal concepts: it separated one-pass from multipass iterators on the one hand, and access (random access vs linear etc) on the other.
@sbi So what's new? :P
@FredOverflow I believe C++0x has a notion of single-pass vs multipass iterators now but it isn't as involved as what Boost do (or tried to).
How would you name a function that takes an array and returns a vector containing the array's elements? to_vector? array_to_vector? vector_from_array? vector? make_vector? Something else?
@LucDanton Well, Input and Output are single pass.
I'd go for a container_convert function that can lazily convert to any Standard container
10:09 AM
@FredOverflow Don't put the argument's type into it, that would prevent you from overloading it later.
Upon second thought, wouldn't that be called a vector's constructor?
I call it std::copy but it doesn't exactly do what you describe :)
Or what sbi said!
There is no vector constructor that takes an array yet...
std::begin, std::end?
std::vector<T>(std::begin(array), std::end(array)) indeed.
std::vector<int> vec(std::begin(arr), std::end(arr));
auto vec = make_vector(arr);
I like the second version better.
10:11 AM
@DeadMG After three days of heavy rain (really, almost non-stop) we now have only the odd shower today. The weather will continue to improve tomorrow, and sunshine will resume regency for most of the week, until the end of the week, where the weekend rain will take over again. This weather is a bitch. :(
@FredOverflow I also do, but only if I would need this quite often. Otherwise you would have to add the code of make_vector<>() to the picture, and that would shift balances in favor of the off-the-shelf solution.
@sbi I love rainy weather, it's nice and cool
@DeadMG I have seen British weather, so I know what you're talking about. (I once spend a winter in Portland, OR. I slept under the roof. I'm still in love with the sound of rain falling on the roof while I fall asleep.) This wasn't it, though. As I said, we had three days of heavy rain. In fact, I was just checking the news to see if any floods were caused by that.
But the US about to be going bankrupt is still dominating the news.
I think it's about damn time private creditors took some losses for their reckless lending
10:27 AM
@DeadMG I just fear that their losses will be nothing against ours.
I don't really think that's avoidable
I think that the current system, especially in Europe, is to pretend that everything is fine, the recession never happened and we can pay all our debts
but I don't think that's the truth at all, and I think that the sooner they wake up and refuse to pay back at least some, the better
Maybe someone in here could answer my question! stackoverflow.com/questions/6888862/…
What is that flagging nonsense?
I don't know why I got minus for asking that question
Q: Attention-grabbing questioners

DeadMGFirstly, I've been looking at some questions with broken tags recently. Take a look at What is the difference between Platform-Independent and Cross-Platform? for example. The question is about terminology and has absolutely nothing to do with C, C++, or Java, and I re-tagged it as such, and left...

10:32 AM
Sorry to say, @Dead, but flagging that was the deed of an asshole.
@sbi Could you please explain this flagging thing?
this is not someone's private repository of answerers for anyone to just come in and link any old question to get more attention to it
especially when the question is ten minutes old
@DeadMG Are you referring to me? I don't follow
@ManofOneWay Every message has a flagging link. You click on it, you get a dialog asking whether you want to flag the message as "spam, inappropriate, or offensive". If you do, then it gets presented to the whole of the chat for evaluation by everyone, I think, >10k rep. They all get a nagging little blue number over their avatar (close to where the number indicating replies is), to click on and decide whether the categorization is valid, invalid, or they don't know.
@sbi I see. Did I get flagged for linking to my question?
10:37 AM
I repeat: The whole of the chat. Everybody >10k gets nagged. We usually are very nerved about the guys in the Android room flooding us with such flags.
@sbi 'Nerved' enough to flap up your English :)?
@LucDanton ??
I don't 'getting nerved' is idiomatic English.
@LucDanton Ah. Might be Denglish. Sorry. I suppsoe you all know what I meant anyway, right?
Can't change it anymore.
@ManofOneWay Yes. It's not acceptable to come in here and link your utterly unrelated question to scrounge attention because it hasn't been answered in ten minutes
10:39 AM
@DeadMG Pipe down! You lost all sense of proportion. @Man isn't some guy who came here, dumped his link, only to never to be seen again. He's been here quite a while, participating in discussions, chatting, making this room a better place. Now he has asked a question, and he makes us aware of it. That's quite different from what we object to.
@DeadMG Then I it will not happen again
@DeadMG Since we are talking about everything in here, I thought I could utter my question. I guessed someone in here might know.
there is a part of the site for Q&A
questions go there
@ManofOneWay Don't let yourself be bullied. Yes, the question didn't have a c++ tag, and you could be more considerate next time. But that doesn't mean @Dead couldn't have politely told you so rather than flag your question. He wouldn't have dared flagging many of the regulars if they had posted that.
I'm not okay with drive-by linking but that's not what happened here.
@sbi No worries.
It won't happen again
10:47 AM
I'll add a note about drive-by linking (thanks to @Luc for that term!) to the newbie hints. They'll say something about it the next time I'll update them.
@LucDanton 4344 reps in 3 months, that's good work =)
I'd hate to think of it as work.
my answer to the D question on Programmers is impressively controversial
+12, -7
hello friend can any one help me related to asp.net iis 7.5 dotnet framework if you allow me then i will ask
is anyone alive here
@sbi Is it true you must carry your ID with you where ever you go in Deutschland?
11:02 AM
@JitendraPathak No, we're all asleep. Besides, you might want to read the transcript of the last half hour, starting here, before you post your question.
@ManofOneWay I honestly don't know.
Wow, someone flagged @Dead's message bragging about his answer! How appropriate. :)
humph, i don't find it at all appropriate :(
@DeadMG Did you down vote my question?
@DeadMG Wasn't flagging my post enough? What was wrong about the question?
look at the meta link that I posted
11:12 AM
Sorry to say, @Dead, but today you come across a real <censored/>. I upvoted the question (which I have no interest in) just to spite you in this.
there are two moderator suggestions- flag the message, and downvote the question
So a guy who has earned millions by selling electronic equipment and software to US prisons now explains why the stuff he sold is insecure, demanding that it be updated to prevent electronic jail breaks. Why do I think of forked tongues here?
> “Most people don’t know how a prison or jail is designed, that’s why no one has ever paid attention to it,” says Strauchs
Good that he didn't change that fact then.
Hopefully he has a solution available, at affordable rates too!
well, the whole Stuxnet thing was a big surprise to everyone
I don't find it that unreasonable
Ugh. Ladder Logic programming. I was old that it is old when I came across it first >15 years ago.
11:23 AM
help me to run website
> An attacker could also pick and choose specific doors to lock and unlock and suppress alarms in the system that would alert staff when a cell is opened. This would require some knowledge of the alarm system and the instructions required to target specific doors, but Strauchs explains that the PLC provides feedback to the control system each time it receives a command, such as “kitchen door east opened.”
I see a movie plot here.
never even heard of ladder logic
@JitendraPathak Weren't you the one who objected we weren't talking C++ here?
> He and his team recently toured a prison control room at the invitation of a correctional facility in the Rocky Mountain region and found a staffer reading his Gmail account on a control system connected to the internet.
@sbi Wow, I checked Wikipedia and that sounds like the worst way to program, ever.
@DeadMG Yeah, but you said pretty much the same about FP.
11:26 AM
no, I said I wouldn't want to structure my whole program that way
I find plenty of good uses for FP
hi what have I missed since I was last here?
any wars? any sex? any monkey business?
@TonyTheTiger Dead started a holy war, beginning with this message.
11:43 AM
You can just move the messages away, instead of flagging.
when I click on other people's messages, "move" is not in the list of commands
if "move" or "delete" or even "vote to delete" were on the list, I'd be much happier
There's "message admin" in the "room" dropdown under the topic.
The wonderful, consistent UI.
I have never seen that functionality before
@CatPlusPlus Oh, is that where they've been hiding it?
I was thinking about going meta and requesting replacing flagging with more power for the room owners, but I have a feeling that won't change anything, anyway.
11:48 AM
@CatPlusPlus However, this sounds like it would get my vote.
there already is such a question
I've been there and looked
the guy said that if you flag a message often, it will get removed and the poster banned for 30minutes
but I have never, ever seen that happen
even messages with like, six or seven flags
@DeadMG We've certainly seen messages being deleted due to flags.
It needs to have +6 flags, and counter-flag is -1.
A: How many chat flags are required to remove a message/ban a user?

balphaThese are the current numbers ("current" because they can obviously be changed, but there aren't any plans to do so; they have been like this for a while): The threshold is six, meaning the net flag count of the message has to reach six. Net flag count means the number of flags minus the number ...

damn! flags again

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