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12:01 AM
@Tony String literals are of type const char[N], not char[N]. That conversion is only allowed today because a lot of really old C code relies on it.
oh yea that makes sense
why are my chat messages in wrong order, is something wrong with the chat?
solved, just reloaded the chat
so is there a way to change string literals?
@JamesMcNellis What does "yst" mean?
@AlfPSteinbach I think Jeff and his minions were too lazy to spell out "yesterday" in the chat date code.
hi tina
12:44 AM
@tina sorry, no can do
@tina i'm logging out soon. but re your project, one think that could help others help you if you explain whether you're analyzing Someone Else's Code, or whether you're designing a system (part?) from scratch.
@tina also, could help if you explained where you got that "call stack" idea from.
@tina is this correct: you have all the source code for a working system?
@tina ok. regarding "call stack": that's where you run the system in a debugger, single-stepping or setting breakpoints. The call stack at any time tells you which functions called which to get to current point. You can use this gain some understanding of how things work, but it's not good for UML.
@tina debugging -> call stacks at various points of execution -> partial understanding -> test hypothesis -> more debugging -> so on -> better understanding
@tina no, in re-engineering effort UML is just a tool to describe your understanding, it's not a goal of its own.
@tina no you wouldn't. those aren't on the level of inner workings. i have to go, but simple way of looking at it is, if a tool (like a certain kind of diagram) doesn't help, don't use it. it may help with someting else. then use it for that. :-)
@tine ok, bye
4 hours later…
5:19 AM
hi, anybody doing computer vision, patter recognition, augmented reality applications?
@sara, @tina: may i suggest that you get together in learning UML.
sorry, it's been many years since i actually used UML, so, not best (or even good) advisor...
@tina hi
UML issues?
7 hours later…
12:52 PM
@sbi: I forget who suggested NB for the title, but I was the one that included it and always meant to take it out eventually
1:17 PM
@Roger I suspect it was @GMan.
1:30 PM
the idea did appeal to me :)
one rendition of the room title just had "NB memorial", so those of us who shared his frustration knew without too much fuss
earlier you said he could be abrasive, and that's true; but was hoping that wasn't what people remembered first (he's still on top of the c++ tag)
Guys, if any of you have a good puzzle to share, visit the Puzzle room!!!
you could at least link it if you're going to spam
I am not spamming
1 hour later…
2:56 PM
quiet here, today
@Fallen Post your SO links on their own line:
Q: [C++] Seg fault on call to boost::ip::tcp::resolver::query

Fallencode and everything in the link below: http://pastebin.com/RKY6erJY sry i pasted it on pastebin, since i suck at making it in code tabbing here. hopefully i provided the usefull info, thanks

Makes a preview.
A few hints from me:
- format code using the `101010` button atop of the edit window
- see the help (right to the edit window) for more formatting info
- reduce your code to as little code as possible that still reproduces the problem, >70 lines is quite a lot
(Markdown again being Letdown here.)
- include the code into your question
Usually list items need to have an initial blank line

- test
- ing
but not even that works here :(
@Roger: I was referring to 101010.
See, now it does make it code.
This really needs improvement. Badly.
oh, I was looking at your list; at least '-' is understood that way conventionally
3:07 PM
I didn't even hope that the chat would support itemized lists.
(Well, I can accept that. What pervert would chat in list items? Oh... Never mind.)
you did :)
@Roger Yeah, but I'm a C++ programmer by heart. We are anal.
like that comment the other day; "system("clear") doesn't work on windows" ... "why would you use windows?" ... "... linux offers absolutely nothing not on windows" ... "apparently it offers clear :) (but I never mentioned linux)"
actually, I can probably find it
Q: What am I doing wrong with my bind function here?

nakiyaI wrote my bind function which returns a nullary functor because I don't have boost. Though this code compiles fine, it does not behave as I expected. When I input 2 as the number of numbers and try to enter them, the program terminates the first time I hit return. And, when I debug, it segfaults...

@Fallen: edited for you, but you really need some more text than just the code
3:28 PM
@Fallen: make sure to accept that answer if it solved all of your problem :)
maybe to help give you some insight, I wasn't going to upvote because it's more like you just dumped a bunch of code and then said, in essence, "please help"; but you did run it through gdb and certainly showed effort diagnosing, so I did now
ye, i did
@sbi: how often do you check synonyms?
I think one of the reasons the moderators/admins are feeling an overload is users aren't checking them, which, given the recent new limit (that makes it worse), I don't know how to improve
4:27 PM
@Roger I have almost no idea what you're talking about.
That I know: There are synonyms for tags. Once can propose them on the tags pages.
What I don't know: Does this have any consequences? What would I need to check (and how often would be appropriate)? What new limit are you talking about?
the consequences are if that synonym is accepted, 1) existing uses of it will be renamed, and 2) new uses of it will be renamed automatically
the page that shows only the synonyms you can vote on is stackoverflow.com/tags/synonyms
(it includes ones you've previously voted on)
I check it about once a week, but I'm interested in tagging
there was recently a limit where only those users with a score in a tag could vote on synonyms; and since many users don't have any score for niche tags, fairly obvious tags will just sit there until a moderator looks at them (increasing moderator load, which was apparently already a problem for synonyms)
e.g. someone that sees the [adl] <- [argument-dependent-lookup] suggestion can't vote on it without a score in the [adl] tag, and it only has 10 questions so far
(which means the synonym probably isn't that important, but surely this is a clear-cut case that would have value for people both searching and posting questions?)
I imagine the process is confusing, as you said, for many users, further reducing the pool of people interested in it and thus making it less of a community thing :(
I wanted to ask: do you think it will be possible to write a language parser with C++ templates ? (let me explain)
With C++0x's string literals you can write "int x = 0; print x;"foo
look at boost.spirit
with template<char...> int operator"" foo();
yes, that would be possible
4:40 PM
I wanted to give it a try, but neither msvc++ nor g++ support user-defined literals yet
yeah, I'd say it's a bit early for that kind of thing, and I'm not sure what value you expect from it
you also need a _ prefix for UDLs
I thought of compile-time SQL
you can write it as a regular function, it just can't be evaluated at compile time, and later convert it to a UDL
like "UPDATE x SET b = 5 WHERE a = 1"_sql which would generate a SQLStatement object
That's my question: is it possible to evaluate it at compile time ?
Oh nevermind, I misread
you can't get access to string literals in templates, currently
that's why UDLs pass them as a series of char template arguments
(which are integers and a basic use of non-type template parameters)
4:43 PM
struct IsUpdate : false_type { };

struct IsUpdate : true_type { };
so, you could use sql<'U','P','D'...> with variadic template support :)
yeah, that
I'm also interested in constexpr
to be honest, I'd be generating c++ code for this
It would be really great if you could parse an SQL statement either at compile time or at runtime, using the same function
e.g. parse "UPDATE..." in a python script to generate sql::update("tablename").blah()... statements
and that approach does work well with 03
4:47 PM
I can't find constexpr support in gcc.gnu.org/projects/cxx0x.html
I saw that :)
Looks like someone found out about the 30-day limit the hard way!
did you see the comments on the question that sparked it?
4:50 PM
@RogerPate Where? Do you have a link?
Q: No implicit conversion in overloaded operator

GMan's Fand1 + 4 works but 4 + d1 doesn't even though 4 can be converted implicitly to a GMan. Why aren't they equivalent? struct GMan { int a, b; GMan() : a(), b() {} GMan(int _a) : a(_a), b() {} GMan(int _a, int _b) : a(_a), b(_b) {} GMan operator +(const GMan& _b) { ...

@James @Roger Yeah, I just remembered that posting with GMan identifiers and had already found it. (I commented first, BTW!)
@James: I was surprised C99 has true as 1 instead of _Bool(1)
5:11 PM
quiet here, today
(That worked very well three hours ago, so why not try it again?)
@RogerPate I had to look it up to answer that. I've never actually used a C compiler that supports C99, so I don't know much about it.
5:36 PM
Q: Propose a new 20k reputation privilege

Jeff AtwoodRight now, the maximum privilege "unlock" is at 10k reputation: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/privileges We're considering adding a new 20k reputation privilege, but having a hard time figuring out exactly what it should be. Two guidelines: I would like it to be more than cosmetic -- I'd pre...

5:50 PM
@Roger Interesting question!
1 hour later…
6:50 PM
litb got his name back :P
@Roger How did he do this?
7:14 PM
a moderator changed it for him
I flagged for it, dunno if he or anyone else did too
7:26 PM
@Roger I wouldn't even know how to flag for something else than a question, answer, or comment.
7:40 PM
@sbi: you hit "flag for moderator attention" on a question/answer and state why :)
7:54 PM
@Roger Ah, now that you say this... I think I've done this myself once.
8:07 PM
BTW, does any of you guys know why the first of the starred messages on the right pane always keep the same?
there are two types of stars, "interesting" and "pinned"
I have been playing with starring and pinning, but somehow got lost in the maze of "usability".
pinned messages are at the top and that state can only be changed by room owners
Who pinned them, how, and can we change that?
Ah, Ok.
I pinned two of the current ones, someone else did the third
8:09 PM
Might have been me, when I played with it. Unpinned now.
I had pinned two of James' messages after retyping them to be shorter (so the interesting ones can be shown)
but I unpinned them (yesterday) since it had been about 2 weeks since he posted them
So a yellow star would indicate I pinned, a black one, someone else did. Stars in black outlines are pinned. Is that right?
could probably consolidate the paste/test-case messages into a single one, keeping it shorter; those are general advice for asking questions here
Don't be vague, be an ace; write a proper test-case! Paste at codepad.org, ideone.com, or here (if short).
Thank you. I think I got it now.
Good now?
looks good :)
8:13 PM
Now if we could only get someone to fix the Letdown in here, I might start to feel comfortable. :)
(I had read that by James, but forgot about it...)
Obviously, working is bad for my mental health. I should stop.
I'm referring to "James thanks mate you saved my month!" (should've linked that instead)
Ah, yeah, that might be how I had found the other one.
Can you recommend an offline flash player? It's late Friday night here, and my dev head is having a skype telephone conference, so I need simplynoise.com, with music underneath. But having to go to that website to get the noise is annoying. I can download their swf file, but then I'd need a local player. Oh, and this is Windows.
the default video player here handles what flash I've thrown at it, but that's mostly been videos and I don't know how well it works with interaction
if you're on windows, check out media player classic — I remember using it for that and don't remember any problems (even with interaction)
for simplynoise (I like it too), you should be able to find something to download instead; I like SN's thunderstorm track
but pretty much all ~20 GB of music on my computer gets used for background :)
(used to be 40GB, but I resampled everything to 128k)
8:28 PM
The problem with downloaded noise is that I would need to mp3 players to mix it with music the way I do. :)
iTunes says it's 3244 items, 9 days, 17,71GB. (I nowadays import with 192, but it's mixed quality.)
Music is fine as long as it is very quiet, and noise is loud. Otherwise it's distracting.
I've been using an ipod and an mp3 player with an SD slot, so smaller size became important
I don't care too much about fidelity and use cheap headphones/speakers anyway :)
My wife used to have a nano, which I sometimes borrowed. Lost that ability with the wife. But I had my company buy me a notebook anyway, so I always have all my music with me.
Plus lots of disk room to enlarge it. :)
yeah, disk is cheap, but I'm still only on a 160GB drive
Fidelity is nice, but as long as I put it background to brown noise...
My Notebook has 300GB. I find that annoying, because I needed to put my VMs on an external drive.
9:00 PM
Ah, now that I have written a test case for this new piece of code I'm going to write for a new application, it seems the test can't find some of our apps needed for this test, even though they are in the right folder, and from the other application the tests can.
Time to call it a day an go home, I guess.
sounds like a good question for SO :P
@Roger ???
(BTW, James and I are discussing volatile and threads over at stackoverflow.com/questions/4168735.)
9:23 PM
@sbi No we aren't. :-)
@sbi "it seems the test can't find some of our apps needed for this test, even though they are in the right folder, and from the other application the tests can" sounds like a good question for SO :P
9:44 PM
Definitive answer to that question: make sure your thingamadoodle is whatdyacallit.
10:27 PM
Why isn't QString compatibility with std::string enabled in the downloadable VS Qt libs? That's very annoying.
enabled? as in disabled by default but you can enable it? probably for backwards compatibility (but I don't use either Qt or VS)
is there a problem with getting VS to work with code if it's enabled?
Well this is a lib file you can download and it's not enabled in the lib. To enable it you have to download the source for Qt and compile it yourself with a flag set.
Which can take a while (2 hours+), depending on the speed of your PC.
perhaps whoever compiles that lib doesn't like the compatibility and wishes to discourage it — could be anything, you'd have to ask them
10:51 PM
huh, its a SO chat room. i guess i dont get around the site enough...
@John Is that a new gravatar?
Beaker? No, I've been beaker on SO for a long time
I like to explode things, ya know...
@John Are you talking to me??
(I've had not even half a beer. Why am I not getting anything?)
@sbi: about my gravatar? Yeah, were'nt you asking about my gravatar?
@sbi: do I even know what a gravatar is? lol
It's that picture you put at gravatar.com that we see next to your name.
Ah, is that thing on your gravatar named "beaker"?
Then your answer would start to make sense...
10:58 PM
@sbi yeah, that's beaker :)
Is it a picture of Beaker (the muppett character) blowing something up in a lab?
Ah, Ok. Haven't seen the muppetts in 30 years.
Well, niether have I. But I still like to explode things. :)
@JamesMcNellis @John I'm sorry for having messed up. I am very ashamed. <blush>
Speeking of beer, it's beer-o-clock here in Chicago. Peace out everyone & have a good night
11:00 PM
@John Cheers!
11:56 PM
Hello there ladies.
This just in: many smart people on the stack, too few of them come to play here. We need to organize events.
That's right, you heard me.
OMG. Yes.
there are no ladies here, and if there were, any female programmers smart enough to use c++ would also be smart enough not to reveal themselves in misogynistic geek forums
Like, puzzle submission deadlines, here. Or somethin.
If you want events, go to the C# room. C# has event s.
@RogerPate Damn. :(
Maybe instead of event s we can have boost::signal2 s.
11:59 PM
LOL. The day I will fall to C# will be the day I give up my left brain.
I mean the left half of my brain. I have only one brain.
Ever since I played Plants vs. Zombies.

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