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12:11 AM
there's some for you
12:28 AM
Woo hoo! I have internet again!
@mdsumner Thanks... but that wasn't a request. :)
1:03 AM
4 points from 11,111 rep
and yet, I lack two questions to accept to get me there
@AriB.Friedman You could ask one question, get one upvote for it, and then downvote someone's answer...?
@joran Isn't the week of snark here already? I could just downvote a random person's answer!
@joran I know, it just is something easy I can do to make the world a little better
7 hours later…
8:06 AM
CrossValidated? Too localized?
More like do-my-work.
Didn't want to jump to conclusions before taking 10 deep breaths.
OK, do-my-work
I added a comment. I think the question is too broad and he/she's unlikely to receive a full blown answer. There's a lot of stuff on ANOVA in R out there, you just have to search for it.
very overly broad
c'mon guys lets close this sucka
am not in a sympathetic mood. its only taken 14 comments and edits to get this guy stackoverflow.com/questions/11981810/… to actually show us his data, revealing that his 'month' column is the name of the month rather than anything numeric. Raaage
2 hours later…
10:00 AM
@mdsumner hahaha "Serial upvoting reversed"
@JoshuaUlrich Yes, I've found they're strict about serial upvoting nowadays. About 5 upvotes seem to be safe.
Happened to me, too. :)
10:19 AM
What's serial upvoting?
Probably not something I do... serial downvoting, yes...
2 hours later…
11:59 AM
Has anyone ever tried putting some text onto a curve, circle or ellipse so that it "snaps" the underlying shape? If I were to write some text on a circle, the text would appear curved, for instance.
Paul Murrell has some many crazy things in the grid documentation and his book that the answer almost surely converges on a firm "probably"
2 hours later…
2:09 PM
Just watched @jeromy-anglim's Simple Reproducible Analysis video. Nice job!
2:19 PM
Joshua's dump can't get no rep. stackoverflow.com/questions/11986574/… I think the function's really neat.
I'm going to have video going on the extra monitor most of the day, what 'R' talk, videos, or webinars should I play?
No particular subject to learn; just to have on and see if I 'pick-up' something.
Depends, what are you looking for'
Maybe you could check out UseR! conference talks.
I think there's quite a few things on Rcpp by Dirk and Romain.
Ahhh, yes. I heard there are some good ones.
I <3 Rcpp :D
I just wish Rprotobuf setup was more 'windows' friendly
2:24 PM
@Thell You should send that wish to Microsoft, since it's easy on any other OS.
Are there any videos yet from this years useR! ?
I think there are. Lemme check if they're posted online.
I think Szilard put them together at some point.
Hum, it's just a demo. r-bloggers.com/RUG/2012/08/…
hrrmmm... I bet someone could talk @DirkEddelbuettel into posting the Advanced Rcpp Talk somewhere....
'Cloud Computing for the R Environment" sounds like another good one.
I haven't used elastic-R yet, opting for dedicated AWS EC2, but it has almost pulled me in a time or two.
2:41 PM
Aye, that's gold mine. I have access to a super computer that can fire quite a lot of cores in one go. It's a pleasure to watch the diagnostics while your simulation's running :)
I can just imagine, RStudio Server with an automagic distributed backend instead of requiring parallel or setting up pthreads manually; even nicer if dynamic fault tolerance was built in.
@RomanLuštrik how many cores do you get to play with without having to slot dedicated time?
The machine has around 700 cores, but the snowfall package I'm using has an upper limit that I can't circumvent. I think it's around 35 cores.
Supercomputer is free most of the time, so there's little waiting time. They let a single user load about 60%. Which means you split and send in multiple tasks.
ohhhh! Rebuild the package!!! That's what I did to parallel for a while to test with 256.
Then dropped back down to 128. I always find it annoying though that you really don't get your limit.
Hum, I haven't thought of rebuilding. I'll give it a go.
OMG! I could have a ton of fun on that. Could get my calculations completed for a project in less than a day I bet. /me sighs and dreams
2:48 PM
But that computer's not cheap. If you're not from the faculty it's about 60 €/h.
Ouch. That's why I stick with EC2... When you can spot-price it just can't be beat.
But getting a solid block of time across multiple systems w/ spot pricing is hit and miss.
@Thell What are you talking about? All my slidedecks are on my site.
@DirkEddelbuettel Not you speaking though... right?
@Thell If you build an RProtoBuf library for Uwe / BDR to use ... we can instrument RProtoBuf to build against.
@Thell Trust me, you don't want that recorded :)
2:58 PM
@Thell trust him. @DirkEddelbuettel gave a 10-minute "lightning talk" at R/Finance this year. ;-)
And we at R/Finance are /way/ too lame to organize video recordings.
I asked for it two years in a row, alas still no mas.
I apologize for my excessive lameness...
@Thell Were do you live?
I'll record your talk next year with my phone. How's that?
@DirkEddelbuettel NW Arkansas
3:00 PM
Szilard used a Macbook Pro when I spoke at UCLA / LA RUG ...
I should've gone to useR
But I was wrapping up my research... which went really good so it was worth it.
Those nose-ringed Ruby programmers with the MBPs are up to something... We should ask old man Ryan to help.
@Thell Tough luck...
Yeah, a short drive to Memphis... ah well. Well, if someone had recorded something :P
Then I could learn/work at the same time.
It doesn't work so well having Ruby/Python talks/lectures going on while trying to code R
@DirkEddelbuettel Did I read on the mailing list recently [Rcpp] that Romain was taking less of a role recently?
3:17 PM
Is this a joke: "By the way, I try with the 'image' function but I found a easier way to do it in excel with "conditional formatting". :) Thank you all"
3:36 PM
Lack of convergence...My model estimated for the very first time...Lack of convergence...When your log likelihood maximizes...Next to mine
I think
Q: How do I round to 1, 1.5, 2 etc instead of 1, 2 or 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 in R?

Niek de KleinI want to round numbers to the closest half or whole number. So I want to round 4.2 to 4, 4.3 to 4.5 and 4.8 to 5. I tried a few things with the round option: > round(4.34,1) [1] 4.3 > round(4.34) [1] 4 > round(4.34,0.5) [1] 4.3 > round(4.34,2) [1] 4.34 So I only know how to increa...

is the better duplicate
HAHA! SmartDraw spam email Subject: Men are from Mars. That chart is from Uranus.
3:52 PM
@BrianDiggs, I've noticed that plyr answers almost always get more love than base R answers. So, I try to balance the scale
@GSee plyr = sexy, base = old maid
@GSee The same is true for ggplot/lattice/base (although sometimes the OP asks for one of those options specifically)
@GSee Fair enough. I could be accused of being a Disciple of Wickham, so I do tend to prefer those answers. Really, there are good points in all three questions' answers.
In this particular case, I think loading a package is unnecessary. The code in round_any is exactly the same as the other answer... f(x/accuracy) * accuracy (where f == round)
@Thell He was doing a lot of other stuff, but is around.
4:19 PM
@JoshuaUlrich I hear one gets lucky more often if one uses Hadley's packages. Is that true?
@DirkEddelbuettel I wouldn't know... I'd have to use his packages.
hi, guys. what's the purpouse of this chat? I mean: what is it supposed users wirte here?
@GSee Thanks for the reminder on my deprecated function.
@user1584009 R is a statistical programming language r-project.org
@user1584009 General hooliganism.
'cause I like very much R, although I'm a noob with it... @JoshuaUlrich, you're the one who contributed to some packages or do I rembember wrong?
4:29 PM
@user1584009 That depends... did you like the packages you think I contributed to?
My guess is that very few of the people in this room have not contributed to a package
@JoshuaUlrich are you kidding me? :D they're great, and I have to really thank you and other guys in this room because of their packages contribution
@GSee guys, you're the best!
did anyone tried yuima by stefano iacus and his team? it's available on r-forge
5:02 PM
Can it really be more trouble to type "R duplicates" into google than it is to post a question on SO? Is it snark week yet?
ya know... someone should just admit naming 'R' 'R' was not the best idea when it comes to modern web searching. Sorta like 'go'...
I dunno @Thell, Google is pretty smart
After we train it, yes... Not so much when you use someone else's session info though.
I'm a little surprised I'm having trouble finding a duplicate of the dupilcates question
@GSee Have you tried using recursion?
5:13 PM
I tried anyRecursion which was much quicker
Hi @Bob
How's your system?
5:42 PM
Bye Bob
5:59 PM
Sorry @GSee, I am still on work. I came in by mistake and that is why left immediately.
I'm afraid "?" will probably not work for you
Never mind. I got it to work. Would you like me to update my answer?
You can probably figure it out using a combination of "Edit 1" and "Edit 2"
actually, you don't even need "Edit 2"
guys, I am really sorry but I'm going to cross-post something which had not much success on R-SIG-Finance (= 0 answers). May I or question will be closed soon?
It's about multivariate apply.rolling()
6:15 PM
@user1584009, If you'd sent reproducible code, I bet someone would have sent a response.
@GSee but... the only missing thing is 'X', which could be whatever multivariate time series one desires, it doesn't seem to me so... unfriendly
pardon, 'function' too
Why do you have to use apply.rolling? Won't rollapply work?
BTW, you posted on R-help, not R-sig-finance
it works, but it does not align time series at the end of application; rollapply's got an argument which allows to align the output on the right/center/left (one can also use rollapplyr() instead of the original one), but every time I tried to use it it never worked as I wanted. This is the reason why I usually write my own apply.rolling() for multivariate time series, like the code I published there.

Maybe I'm not able to use rollapply() properly?
See above about reproducible example
6:30 PM
uh... above... where? I see just my old post on R-help (right, I remembered it was on R-sig-fin, sorry)
oops, I misunderstood your answer, you mean "Provide reproducible example"
ok, I'll do
is it better on R-help or on Stackoverflow?
great. thanks. Otherwise, we're just guessing about why you're having problems. Afterall, the examples section of ?rollapply shows examples using multivariate data
SO, I guess.
That way we can close it if we don't like it
just kidding ;-)
I stop posting now, I will follow your suggestment to better analyze rollapply() examples (although I'm quite sure to have studied them before posting on R-help...). See you later :)

P.S.: I'm noob, what does 'SO' mean?
:) Stack Overflow
7:09 PM
anyone here have some familiarity with the WGCNA package?
7:59 PM
@joran next week ... soon
@Justin :)
Now that its almost over, I figure being extra nice will lull them into a false sense of security
then we can release the man talonz
8:35 PM
Great knitr dzslides example
Good use of data and of active presentation of data using vimeo within a slide.
8:48 PM
hrrmmm; I guess that slide wasn't really the first as that would've been yihui.name/slides/stat585x-shipping-yihui-xie.html#5.0
9:17 PM
so tempted to post on meta: "When does the week of snark begin?"
@AriB.Friedman no, no, no; it's "snark week"... a play on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shark_week
For messing that up, does @AriB.Friedman need to be put in the snark tank? ;)
@joran No, we need to keep them hungry for the newbs.
9:55 PM
I only consent to being put in the snark tank if the snarks have friggin laser beams on their foreheads
10:32 PM
@AriB.Friedman relevant
@Justin Have a gold star. It's shiny. It attracts snarks.

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