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1:43 AM
@MangaD Wow, didn't expect to see actual homophobia and transphobia here.
If you're gonna dismiss my entire being as just "deviant primal hedonistic activities", then I guess I'm just gonna tell you to go fuck yourself.
2:10 AM
Sounds like a strawman fallacy to me, but nothing I wouldn't expect.
2:27 AM
It is not a strawman to call homophobic bigotry by its name.
Where did I suggest this?
> dismiss my entire being as just "deviant primal hedonistic activities"
Saying that being homosexual is not a condition to be proud of is not dismissing homosexuals as worthless people or unworthy of dignity.
Being proud of being homosexual is like being proud of your hair color, it does not make sense to me.
It's more like being proud of you in the face of adversity. It's about reiterating your identity in the face of people like you who write essays about how homosexuality is wrong.
It's a defiant cry. "I survived, bitch!"
Why do you need to reiterate your identity? I do not go around telling people about how I am heterosexual and proud of it. Why would I? And what good would that do? And how is it related to your survival? And why do other people have to acknowledge your lifestyle as exemplary or desirable, and not the opposite?
It's not a lifestyle. It's a part of who I am. It cannot be changed.
That is fine. Nowhere in my post I say that it is wrong to be homosexual.
2:40 AM
But everything about homosexuality somehow is?
If there's nothing wrong with being gay, then why write this?
Why not just shrug and let people live?
The problem arises when you assume that education and environment have no effect on determining someone's sexuality and gender identity, and then you go around telling children that it is ok to be something that is harmful for the survival of the species and their mental health.
Is there any study that says that homosexuality is an innate biological condition and not an acquired one? If it is acquired, why would we encourage it?
A lot of studies suggest that homosexuality has a biological origin. Not necessarily only genetic, but also conditions during pregnancy.
Some research also suggests that gay people, by helping others raise kids, actually improve odds of survival for the whole group.
Could you link me to references please?
Yes, I agree that there may be a biological predisposition. However, see:

> the genes similarities they found could only account for 8 to 25 percent of same-sex sexual behavior.

2:57 AM
Yeah, as I said, it's not just genetic.
And not just biological either.
Anyway, there have always been gay people, even back when it was illegal to be one, and you could be killed for being one.
Why would anyone choose to be murdered?
Homosexuality didn't just appear out of nowhere.
Nowhere I say that homosexuals are unworthy of respect
I just don't like the promotion of it
So you don't want them to be accepted?
How is that not thinking they're unworthy of respect?
Define accepted
2:59 AM
Not having to justify their damn existence, and also having access to the same rights and privileges as anyone else
They have had freedom to exist ever since WW2 if I am not incorrect.
But if same rights and privileges means marriage and adoption, then I disagree with that.
There we go
In western countries
It is not respect to restrict rights
They were imprisoned before WW2 but not after
Marriage should not be perceived as a right, but a service to the community because it is necessary for its survival (i.e. procreation)
3:03 AM
In my country, Canada, homosexuality has only been legal since 1969. In the US, some states started legalising it starting in 1963, but it has been nationwide since 2003.
@MangaD You don't have to marry to have children.
Homosexuality has been legalised in Portugal in 1983.
That is correct, but children raised by a single parent fare worse than children raised with both parents. And marriage formalizes the bond between the parents, so that it is legally recognizable and adultery may be punished.
People can enter relationships without marriage, you know
People can have children together without necessarily involving the state or the church
Like I said, marriage makes their union officially recognized by the community.
A community decides whatever it wants
I know plenty of people who have children without marriage. The children are doing fine.
Those relationships aren't somehow less valid.
Sorry but I do not deal with anecdotal evidence. :P
3:07 AM
Also people who don't have children aren't somehow less valid
We do not exist on this planet to just reproduce and die
Holy shit do you realise how depressing this worldview is? To think that you are nothing but a bag of genes on legs?
I think you are detracting from the main point.
Why do grandparents exist?
If the goal is procreation, why should people live past fertility?
If too many people in a community do not have children, or if children grow with separate parents, the survival of that community is threatened.
Come to think of it, what about infertile people?
What about immigration?
Can't a community just get people from outside?
Community replacement.
Imagine more and more arabs entering your country whose population is in decline
3:12 AM
Yes? Some of my closest friends are Arabs.
After a few decades you may see a change in culture and laws that you do not want to see
Ah, racism.
Somehow I was expecting that too.
I mean, you would lose your lgbt rights eventually
Do you have white supremacist talking points too?
Or is that still a work in progress?
You are missing the point.
Islam is anti-lgbt by nature. If your community defends those rights but cannot survive on its own, the people that you are importing will one day end those rights because they disagree with them.
This is just one example of many cultural and law changes that would happen.
3:15 AM
Do you think all Arabs are Muslims, and that all Muslims are radical bigots?
Do you know of any Muslim who supports LGBT?
I also know Catholics who support LGBT people
I also know atheists who are raging bigots
Religion isn't really a good way to determine if someone believes in equality or not
People will just use whatever their book says to justify their preexisting hatred
Does supporting LGBT people include supporting homosexual marriages?
Because marriage is a social construct, it's whatever we want it to be
Ok, then I am not informed on the existence of those people and their percentage.
3:21 AM
But like, your point is that you're scared of The Other coming over and somehow destroying your culture, so you want to outbreed them, and LGBT people go against that because they're not contributing.
No, LGBT propaganda goes against that, not the people themselves.
That's just a convenient deflection so you can tell yourself you're not actually advocating for harming people.
How so?
How would end homosexual marriage harm homosexual people?
Any system of thought that somehow presents LGBT people has not deserving the same rights as anyone else inevitably leads to not considering LGBT people actual people.
No difference. No special treatment. Same rights as everyone. That is the plan.
No double standard.
I believe in true equality, and I think anything else is fundamentally wrong.
The problem here is that I do not consider marriage to be personal, but the social recognition of the union between two people that contributes to the survival of the community.
3:25 AM
Your worldview really is depressing.
Like, if you deny gay people their right to marry, do you think that's gonna turn them straight?
Do you think they'll suddenly decide to have children?
It feels like pointless punishment. Like you're doing this out of spite.
No, but why should society care about their union?
I am not saying they cannot live together.
Because marriage comes with its whole set of fiscal and legal characteristics?
And what is the point of those characteristics?
A couple marry so that they can be considered a single legal entity for the purpose of ownership, tax, etc.
Marriage is a legal construct
That's all it is
Denying that to gay people is saying they're not allowed to own things together
But also, there's a lot of symbolism around it
If two people love each other so much they want to involve the government, well I say let them
Then, if I am to agree that should be the concept of marriage, what about polygamous relationships?
3:31 AM
I have issue with polygamy because traditionally they involve a single man and multiple wives, and I don't like the fucked up power dynamic in those. But otherwise I'd really like it if polyamory had legal backing.
But also, a polycule would probably be way better at raising children than a couple, because there's more people to share the load
It takes a village to raise a child, after all
Well, at least you can stay true to your logic, unlike some people. But in that case, you have to admit that the current legislation is not treating polygamous people equally, and thus it is discriminating.
So the LGBT movement should include these people, if its train of thought is the same as yours.
Yes, but the solution isn't to scale back everyone else so that everyone gets fucked equally
Also men and women ratio on the face of earth is 1:1, so if some men have multiple wives, some men will have none. So this arrangement fucked up men as well. It really benefits rich and powerful men, which is unjust.
The LGBT movement definitely includes polyamorous relationships, and open relationships, and anyone who thinks love isn't just one man + one woman
The point is for everyone to flourish
Is the movement advocating for the legalization of polygamous marriages?
3:36 AM
I didn't say polygamy
I said polyamory
They are different things
Yes but I meant polygamy.
Polygamy is inherently unequal, so no
So people can have multiple partners but not marry all of them?
Did you not listen to me talk about how equality is the whole point?
@EtiennedeMartel How so?
3:37 AM
The husband has power over his wives.
It's a hierarchical relationship.
@TelKitty Well, a lot of people are single even with monogamy, so...
@EtiennedeMartel How come? What about a marriage between 3 men?
Polygamy comes in two forms: polygyny (one man, multiple women) and polyandry (one woman, multiple men)
Polygyny is much more common in history, hence why "polygamy" often refers to just polygyny
Ok, but for the sake of inclusion, let's allow every union regardless of genders and number of people involved.
Because like you say, marriage is about ownership, tax, love...
And it is perfectly possible that 3, 4, 5... men want to live together and own the same things and love each other and so on.
And I think that's beautiful
A pile of gay dudes living their best life
Then why is LGBT not advocating for that?
3:45 AM
Okay, okay, you seem to think that this "LGBT" thing is a hive mind.
Some of kind of nefarious international movement with a unified agenda
Instead of just a bunch of people trying to get more representation
It's a big tent. There's a lot of people under it. They might not all want the same things exactly. They might not agree with each other.
It is an international movement with an agenda.
People in the movement may have different opinions on things, but in the end your personal opinion does not count to get laws passed.
It is at best an alliance of many different movements who sometimes align
This is not some grand conspiracy. It's just people.
And only certain opinions will be promoted, thanks to the money being poured in by billionaire organizations.
Do you think that about Jews too?
What do you mean?
3:50 AM
Just trying to check how many conspiracies you subscribe to
It is not a conspiracy to say that the LGBT movement is being funded by billionaire organizations.
The "movement" does not get funded. Individual charities get funding to operate.
@MangaD That's mostly by choice. It's a bit like not eating meat because one feels like it and forced to not eat meat because meat is scarce.
Wow, 36 M$ in a decade
So much money
Do you know how little that is?
3:56 AM
Also I think western societies are biased against single people. Sure, it is not illegal to be single, but single people have been mistreated, especially by the media.
Well, that is only the money for religious issues, there is more.

> Some particularly important pride parades are funded by governments and corporate sponsors and promoted as major tourist attractions for the cities that host them.

@TelKitty That is interesting. Can you give an example?
How many movies are about single people who remind single throughout that movie?
Yeah, they cancelled the Montréal pride parade last week because the organisers were too incompetent to hire enough people, I'm pissed
@TelKitty Since you mention that, how many movies don't have any romantic / sex / kissing scene? :P
Are you trying to agree with me? :p
4:02 AM
That is quite true, and very often it is just including casual affairs.
And misrepresenting how irl relationships (should) look like.
@EtiennedeMartel Well... who are the organizers? Who are the spokespersons? Who elects them?
They're just people who wanted to organise a festival for LGBT people
But apparently there is often government and corporate money involved, if what Wikipedia says is true.
Yes, because corporations like the publicity it gives them, and governments give resources to minority groups all the time
I can't see why.
Because they need the help?
4:15 AM
LGBT people still face more violence than straight people
Why do they face more violence?
Because there's still plenty of homophobia
In western countries?
That little essay you wrote, there are plenty of people who use those same arguments to justify violence and harm against LGBT people
You might have written them as innocent questions, with good intentions, but you are still contributing to a climate of fear and distrust towards them
4:26 AM
When it comes to ideology there will always be conflict and violence. If you want to tell my kids that "it is ok to be gay" or "it is ok to be trans", I will oppose that. Not with violence, but with words.
But there is always a minority that is brute and will use violence.
Then you are saying that is not okay to be me
I am pretty sure that some LGBT people would beat and humiliate someone like me.
I am saying that it is not ok to indoctrinate kids. This topic is too complex to be giving simple affirmations such as that.
It's okay to be you, it's not okay to force others to like you or to be like you.
Kids don't know what sex is, they are still learning about how the world works, and then you come in and suggest that being gay or trans is cool.
Possibly inspiring them to lead a path that I wouldn't like them to take.
And that could cause them severe mental problems (especially true for trans)
@TelKitty Exactly this.
4:40 AM
And btw, I got banned from a Discord server for questioning what kids are being taught regarding LGBT. I did not even say it was bad, I merely questioned and linked to the Drag Queen Story Hour. Then immediately some radicals started saying I was trying to insinuate something and ended up banning me.
Generally, I don't go around touching the nervous of sensitive people.
But then again, it depends on your goal - if you want to lay low, remind silence. If you want fights, go around provoking people.
I really wanted to acquire information though, the Discord server was related to learning the language of the country that I just moved into. I wanted to know about the education in this country.
Because I want to know what I am dealing with.
And apparently it is the most promiscuous country in the world and people are quite firm in their beliefs regarding these things.
Which worries me because I just had a 16yo girl sending me unsolicited nudes and telling me she'd do a bj. :)
The smile is sarcastic obviously.
5:03 AM
And she had a few boyfriends, or "friends", with whom she broke up with eventually. She has severe depression and ADHD and cannot keep up with her school studies. I wonder why...
And this is far from being an isolated case.
But let's pretend none of this is happening and just call anyone who raises issues with sexual education homophobic and such.
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Since yesterday its possible to have a first look at the program of Meeting C++ 2022 A first view on the talks and speakers of Meeting C++ 2022 by Jens Weller From the article: I'm excited to release this update for Meeting C++ 2022: the talks and speakers for this years conference! As you can see in the talk listing, this is still an ongoing process, getting the

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12:01 PM
That's a dumpster fire and a half you got going here
just a wee bit yes
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Emotion clouds judgement. -Telkitty™
I got actuators working upon object recognition. The problem is that camera resolution is low, object recognition doesn't work well in different light settings. There are whole bunch of different problems.
Hopeful thing is that I got whole bunch of other sensors - infrared, ultrasound, vibration sensor, lidar on top of the camera. I can purchase more - various gas sensors for example. If a snake can catch a prey, so can my robot act reasonably well with blur vision :p
At least hopefully ...
1:27 PM
lul, I just read some of that, I thought this was lounge<C++>, not YourMothersFacebook<C++>
1:43 PM
Yeah... that was bad
Well ... with a room's description 'Actually Love<C++>', what do you expect?
not that

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